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Desc: Sex Story: A synopsis of tips for men on how to make good and exciting oral love with their woman.

The following are tips I've learned of women, their body reactions and their responses afterward of my oral loving to them.

Going down on my woman is a normal and usual part of my lovemaking. I enjoy it as much as being in her.

I also enjoy the idea that I can "Go the extra mile" for her and show my appreciation to her for her giving herself to me completely. In the many years, and many different women, ALL have shown deep appreciation to the way I have made oral love to them.

Most, saying that NO ONE has ever done it that nice, or that powerfully to them, or made them orgasm so very intensely. Even women that felt "so so" about having sex with anyone. I learned these things by many years of observing very closely... how a woman goes through her excitement stages. (AND, they ALL do.)

Simply stroking her pussy, or licking a couple of times around the clit doesn't hit it. That's BS to me. That's the lazy man's way out of SEXUAL RESPONSIBILITY to his woman. One and the same woman that cares enough about him to be naked in front of him and ready to give of herself.

ALWAYS keep in mind... This is from you to HER.

FIRST, you must care for the woman enough, going in, or she will sense it right away, and it will be no good.

This is NOT for God and Country!


FROM YOU TO HER. Your prized gift!

Its best if you REALLY know the parts of the Vagina. The outer lips, the mons (where the hair is), the Inner lips, the Hood ( Vulva area) (Hiding the Clit, or THE LITTLE MAN IN THE BOAT)

The ureter, where she pees, is just beneath this hood, and if you look closely, you will see the tiny hole there. Lick this spot also.

Then deep in the slit, and leading into the Vagina, is a bony feeling membrane, (This is also sensitive, ) and of course, the Vagina hole itself.

ALL of these parts play into making your woman scream.

Starting out by knowing these parts is key.

Certainly each woman is a little different in sensitivity, but ALL women I have gone down on, have thoroughly enjoyed what I do. ALL always looked forward to the next adventure.

I am always happy to oblige.

Hopefully, your woman is smart enough to have washed and done the woman things to get ready for you and your bed "session."

A good way of "Learning" her is to offer to trim and/or shave her. Its a real pain for most women to do it themselves, anyway. This can be a very erotic happening for both of you.

Lay her on the bed with her legs over the edge, or raised knees. Either is OK. This is best for your neck if you are kneeling on the carpet or pillow at the side of the bed.

Rub and massage her inner thighs up and down to her outer lips, for a while. This will make her relax, and she will enjoy it a lot.

Don't touch her pussy at this time.

Now, lick your way down those same paths on her inner thighs, little mini nibbles along the way.

Pay attention to her smells. THIS is YOUR woman. This is what she is all about.

Get user friendly with these smells.

Later, when she cums, there will be an additional set of smells.


As you are licking up and down her inner thighs, slide your middle finger (or two) into her vagina, S L O W L Y but firmly. Try to rotate this finger(s) on her upper wall in small circles.

If you keep trying, you will locate her GSPOT, and she will jump in excitement and pleasure.

THIS spot is as sensitive as the head of your penis, and pleasures her the same way. This is separate from the other vaginal sensations.

Remember this at all times.

Now, she should be conducive for further "work".

Lean down and "munch" on her mons... the hairy area. Chew it very softly Women love this.

Spread her outer lips, and examine what you see. First, there is the vagina slightly open, and above all there is the HOOD. Just under this hood is her clit. THIS is a mini penis.


Treat this as you would like your own penis touched or licked. Its even more sensitive than our penis head.

It is THE most sensitive part of a woman, and responsible for what is called a "CLIT CUM".


While you "Eat" your woman, you can accomplish all three, if you do it right.

Lean down and lick your tongue from her vagina opening up to the hooded area, and right into the little cleft just above it.

Twirl your tongue over this area, while GENTLY holding her outer lips apart. If she is human, she will start to moan and writhe. Keep going. Place your fingers near the hood and push it slightly upwards.

THERE is the jewel of her womanhood!

Lick her clit in circles, GENTLY suck on it, and run your tongue around it as you suck, You will also feel it harden, like a penis.

NOW, slide your middle finger back into her vagina, at the same time, remember to try for the Gspot area on the upper wall. It should be within two inches, and is usually about the size in area of a half dollar. It should be just behind the "hump" on her opening upper wall.


YOU will become her Patron Saint when you learn how to reach and pleasure this spot. Both with your penis and your fingers.

Do NOT stop the tongue movements on her clit. Just remember, it is extremely sensitive. "Screw" her with your finger(s) now.

Back off now, from her clit for a little while and pay attention to her inner and outer lips.

Lick them. Nibble very softly on each of them. They will be puffed and filled with blood like your cock gets when you're hard. Her juices will begin to flow.

NOW, back to start once again, and lick up and down her inner thighs again, BOTH of them.

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