No Butts About It!

by Ron Chee

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Desc: Sex Story: My SINdora loves "male pussy"!

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(SINdora loves "male pussy")

If you have followed the saga(s) of SINdora's female IN male, ass sex fixations you will know much about her anal fetishes. You will also be aware that I encourage her to pursue her kinks and fantasies. (A happy, horny and satisfied wife is a loving wife.)

If one has loved a person as much and for as long as I have loved her... there are few taboos in the lust department. SIN's most prominent erotic pleasure 'comes' from triple X films, stories of all naughty varieties and her own imagination.

Her clit stiffens at seeing or reading about attractive people humping and pumping, (reading about her own from my point of view included) male and female, male and male and to some extent all female. For the girl with girl scenarios she prefers to see them using toys and strap on dicks with and IN each other. She has had and done female tongues and fingers herself... give her a good feminine toy fuck to watch any time. That form of pseudo lesbian sex she has yet to try.

Her odds on favorite types of raunchy films are those with a minimum of inane plot and a maximum of graphic sex with no "socially redeeming value "whatsoever!

Of those, she prefers men fucking men. (Gay, pretty trans-sexuals or AC/DC works for her as does women fucking or fisting men in the tail. The latter sympathetically arouses her because I let her enjoy that side of her sexual aggressions with my tail!)

SIN's "straight female" arousal is ninety percent of her orgasmic pleasure yet she does have her delightfully dark side. There is no telling where our sexuality would have ended up if I had vetoed her first attempt at pushing anal beads up my ass years ago.

I had allowed two other women to administer anal experiences before SINdora tried initiating more and varied anal trysts with me over the years. I was forth 'coming' with my admissions about that thus giving her the courage to carry on.

She knew that she had carte blanche to keep SEXperimenting when I finally admitted having fucked (and photographed) my own ass, alone, just a few days after having met her. That confession did not 'come' immediately. We were intimate for quite a while before I felt that she could handle the facts of what I had done... out of sheer horniness for her.

At the time of my anal self-debauchery on film, we had only been dating a short time. I had no clue as to her deep hidden desires waiting to be divulged. We had not yet gotten naked together either.

I had showered and while doing so had fantasized what it might be like to be naked with her... if I was ever so lucky. Toweling dry I had a ferocious hard-on for the sweetly stunning, erotically mysterious slip of a woman.

What to do... fix it right there in front of the bathroom mirror or go stretch out on the bed for a more leisurely hand made whacking off, "good one"? Either way SIN' was about to be laid in absentia. That was a boner not to be ignored!

There was an eight ounce empty Coke bottle on the kitchen counter. Fleeting thoughts of SINdora poking the phallic end of it into her snatch made me even more in 'need' of her! I wondered what she (or any woman) felt while masturbating or fucking... particularly if the green glass 'erection' was filled with warm water.

I knew that women did that kind of thing... I had been party to it more than a few times out side of the porn movies I had produced and shot. The bottle was becoming more tempting and a personal curiosity. There is only one-way for a man to find out the approximation of what a woman experiences with such an object inserted in her private places. I was naked, HARD and the bottle was there. I'd fuck myself with it! I was desperate for my first piece of SINdora's ass! (If she only knew how frenzied I was for her! It wouldn't have mattered if she had the ugliest twat in three counties... she was too nice and too damned sexy in all other respects. I wanted HER!) Twat wise was I ever in for a delightful future surprise!

Tammy, my former "Hot Tamale" and her male anal fetishes were long gone and I had not been properly laid since.

I could insert the bottle into my ass and fantasize that SIN' was shoving it up me... or at least watching, with the same approval that Tammy would have shown. (In reality, I suspected that if SINdora ever got wind of this small, impromptu perversion she would run off screaming!)

I lubed the bottle, stretched out and worked it into my ass. "Tina" and "Tammy" had both toy fucked my butt, I had a good idea as to what it was going to feel like.

What I hadn't anticipated was the extreme pleasure that my "do it yourself" project would bring. I had to keep reassuring myself that I was NOT a closet homo!!

It felt good enough to want to see what was going on 'back there'. I stopped and set up a full-length mirror to observe my perversities in action. Then I had an additional idea.

I set up a camera and a strobe... I'd photograph my ass being fucked. With everything set I took pictures until I was spurting. I could see in the mirror and later on photo paper what SIN' would be observing had she been there.

The bottle was the eight-ounce size and I was amazed at how far up my erotically sensitive ass it would go. I had to stop the depth of my fucking with it out of fear that it would disappear and not be retrievable! (Be CAREFUL about what you insert and how far, that can happen!)

My tail hole was as distended as the bottle's bottom when I 'came'. It was straight in me as far as its base and I squirted straight UP! The camera caught it all! Technically if not aesthetically it was a dammed fine rendition!

As good as that oddball orgasm felt I was immediately embarrassed and ashamed of what I had done. Only sickos and perverts (maybe a gay pervert at that) would have done such a thing. I almost went so far as to rip the roll of film from the camera, effectively destroying the latent images.

Only because of business related photos on that roll I had to save and develop it. I'd destroy the trash negatives later.

I had another date with SIN' before I had time to process the seamy roll of film.

Later in the dark room and thinking about her I was horny and definitely fantasizing about the new miniscule beauty in my life. Film was not the only thing developing in there... so was my erection!

Studying the proofs of my own vulgarities proved too much. I liberated my erection, pretending that SIN' was there and peering at the home made anal porn with me. SHE jerked me off under the amber light. I squirted half way across the room with her help. She just didn't know that she had done it! (Yet!)

Something told me to print out and save the best of those ass sex photos. I am not a big believer in 'premonitions'... yet this one would not let me destroy it. "There will be a good use for me one day" it seemed to be telling me. I printed and saved it.

Months after our first intimate double orgasms on my apartment floor SIN' had run a strand of anal beads up my ass. After that and much pillow talk about her 'secret' fetish it was time to show her something special! I knew that I could trust her to keep my secret... she was trusting me to keep some of hers! (Whoa Nellie, that tiny woman had done some hugely erotic 'things' with her body before my time with her began!)

We had been discussing her female IN male anal interests. I blurted what I had done with the bottle because of my erotic mental images of her. (Horny images of unrequited lust that I had harbored after we met.)

She was riveted, hanging on every word. So far so good, at least she was not about to jump out of bed and flee naked and screaming down the street. She admitted, baring her soul and body to having similar fantasies about my ass. The 'bottle' idea was a great novelty to add to her libidinous fantasies. Oh my!!

I went to the filing cabinet and retrieved the eight by ten glossy of my bottle-skewered ass with a hefty load of 'come' flying from my dick. I handed it to her face down with an admonition, 'If you are not absolutely certain of me or graphic personal porn then please don't turn this over... I'll put it away or destroy it!' I did not yet know how extreme SIN's anal fetish might be... I really wanted into her pants right then and did not wish to blow it!

When she did snatch the picture from me to look at it, I was studying her face and body language from tip to toes. I hoped that her reaction would be "Yay" rather than "Nay" or worse, "Boy did you ever fuck up this time!"

SIN' gazed at the photo, her eyes darting from corner to corner. Her face remained placid with ever widening eyes.

Her nipples stiffened when she glanced at the live erection waiting for her and shivered. For a moment SIN' entered a trans like state. "OOH, this is YOU?" she asked a few seconds later. The look in her soft doe eyes said, "Please say it is!" A faint smile was playing at the corners of her mouth.

I had just witnessed my future wife's first psychogenic orgasm. She'd had a mini climax assisted by my ass and the flood of fantasies that the photo provided. SIN' had achieved hormonal excess! She is a voyeur.

SIN' climbed on top of me and sat down on my stiff dick. She placed the picture on the pillow where she could see it and proceeded to fuck and masturbate while absorbing the connotations the glossy lewd print provided.

I didn't know where to touch or grab her first. Should I hold her hips and help her fuck or help myself to her chest attractions swaying so enticingly? She didn't seem to need much assistance with the screwing and masturbation... I went for her tantalizing pink tipped breasts! Each a generous extremely aroused handful.

While petting and palpating her gorgeous tits my eyes flitted between her pretty face and our grinding groins. Watching and feeling our fucking and her masturbation I wondered; what was going through her mind with her eyes glued to that photograph of my ass.

I'd find out soon enough!

SIN' nestled her pussy against my pubic hair and stopped fucking. Her masturbation rhythm increased its tempo. She began jerking me off internally with her vaginal muscles while she took care of her own 'business' in hand.

SIN' is not an overly religious person but was invoking some diety's assistance. "Ooh, ooh, oooh GOD I'm 'coming'... oooooh GOD HELP ME!" Through clenched teeth and pursed lips she continued to moan... "Mmm, Mmmm, MMMMMM!"

Towards the end, with nipples as hard as bullets she began thrusting again. Her pussy slid back and forth. "Ooh Ron, 'come' with me!" she mewed. The inside of her heavenly vagina was as hot as Hell! No oxy moron in that observation... what a sensation she was providing (and still does). This moron was enthralled at her responses! I am so glad that she had fucked her share of men before I got my turn. SIN' knew how to orchestrate joint climaxes!

We felt each other 'coming' almost simultaneously. She stretched out on top of me to finish it... SIN' kept my erection well seated inside of her arousing little body.

She lathered my face with licks and kisses before resting her head in the crook of my neck. I petted her back... my hands 'coming' to rest on her tight little ass. She flexed her pretty butt muscles while I played with them.

In erotic repose SIN' asked if I had really taken the photo and had ass fucked myself because of HER or had I just said that for her benefit. I reminded her that the lewd and rude picture 'came' into being weeks before I had 'come' IN her for the first time. I had no earthly idea that SIN' had secret male anal daydreams when I did that. So, 'Yes, I had done it to satisfy my horny need for you, because of you.'

SIN' was suitably pleased and impressed. She was one hundred percent positive that of all the men she'd ever loved and screwed none of them had the balls to use their ass' for sexual pleasure. SINdora had finally found a man that was not afraid of his own sexuality or of hers!

I had never thought of it that way... all I knew was that my anal sphincter nerves were hard wired to my penis sensitivity and sensibilities. Yes, I liked it when the other two women had ass fucked me. SIN' indeed had free rein with me back there from that moment onwards! (Any time then or now that she needs it!)

SIN's eyes glittered and I felt her twat clamping my erection again. "Think you can 'come' once more?" she asked. "I have another fantasy 'coming' on if you can!"

The lovely nymph with my stiff dick inside of her knew from familiarity that I could drop another immediate seminal load into her talented twat. I had done that the very first time she had seduced me. What she was about to learn was that I could 'come' for her more often than that, in rapid succession.

I wrapped my legs around hers. This time we fucked each other. She didn't think that she'd 'come' a second time... SIN' just wanted the satisfaction of feeling me 'coming' in her again.

I slipped my arms around her back for better advantage and pulled her very tight. How I failed to crack her ribs while we slid in and out of each other I don't know. SIN' never complained... she was too intent on getting me off inside her pussy once more. (Damn but she is GOOD!)

Normally when she is building the foundation for her own orgasm SIN' is almost nonverbal. This time with no climax anticipated she chattered on about "how" she wanted to use and abuse my ass in the future if I'd let her. She was delivering some amazingly obscene thoughts. The dirty talk did as she intended it to do. SINdora was priming my pump for sure while we 'pumped' each other.

A few minutes of that and I let fly with another dose of liquid proteins into her sexy, silky catcher's mitt! (Thankfully she was on the pill at that time. The quantity of what she'd extracted from my penis could have produced enough babies to fill a nursery!)

SIN' smiled when I 'came' and said, "A couple of more minutes and I would have 'come' too... I didn't know that I was so close!" The ass sex fantasies that she had related had her clit unexpectedly aroused again and ultra sensitive. She was breathing harder than she had been, just moments before.

'Okay' I said, 'Roll off of me and lets 'do' you now!'

She looked at me and asked, "Really? Can you?... Aw, c'mon... I don't believe it!"

She slid off and rolled sunny side up. SIN' be'came' a believer in about five minutes. I slipped back into her pussy and angled myself almost straight down into it. My erection made clit contact with each stroke. (My older woman mentor "Tina" had taught that technique to me!) It takes a little practice but it can be done. Oh boy, can it ever!!!

SIN' began playing with her breasts, twiddling and tweaking her nipples and purposefully teasing me in the process. Soon enough she was holding her tits like a drowning person clinging to flotsam. My third orgasm was taking long enough to arrive giving her the time she needed to reach the second of those for herself.

Everything in the tangible world was long gone for SIN' except for the sensations between her legs. The planet could have exploded to ashes around us and she would not have noticed. The only sounds to be heard for a while were the soft squishing resonance of her pussy being serviced... IN and OUT, IN and OUT, IN and... !

SIN' lay very still and rigid, her legs tightly stretched out and her toes flexing. She was deep in concentration her eyes were closed. I kept quiet and kept fucking... I did not want to break her reverie. Something awe inspiring was occurring with her. Her grip on her breasts tightened... and then it HAPPENED!

Softly at first, almost inaudible then louder, "mmm, MMM, ooh, ooh, ooohmigod... ooooh YES... ahh, ahhhh, uhnnn... " SIN' was close to wailing. She transitioned from near paralysis to vigorous upward thrusting and wriggling.

She released her breasts and threw her arms around me. She pulled us together and me into her as deeply as she could manage. Her astoundingly perfect legs snaked around mine. (Jeeziz, for a half pint she is strong!)

SINdora was swiveling her hips, writhing in a circular motion. She was making sure that every millimeter of her clit, vestibule and vaginal canal received equal exposure to the loving hard-on within!

I got the picture, changed my penetration, and began doing as she did in counter rotation to her ultra erotic movements!

More quietly now she was saying, "Ohmigod, ohmigod, ohmigod... oh, oh, ohhh" over and over. SIN' was indeed 'coming'. Her vaginal spasms were unmistakable and inspirational. My wet pubic hair was contacting and teasing her clit unmercifully!

Her wildly energetic pussy was doing the same for me. She was kissing and nibbling my neck and throat. Every luscious inch of her body was involved with mine.

SIN' could feel me 'coming' with her and she let slip with fateful words, "Ooh God Ron, I love you!" She was in like-minded company... I loved her too and admitted it right then, thrusting a little deeper! I was more than enamored of the wet pussy with my cock in it... I was smitten by SINdora the person! That was also the very first time in her life that she had an orgasm with only a cock between her legs and not playing with herself to facilitate it.

'Well, Ron ol' boy... there, you've said it... now what do you do for an encore? Hmm?' At first I thought it to myself and then aloud to her. I had to run it through my besotted brain first to see what it would sound like. It sounded like something I needed to say... wanted to say. I could not prevent myself from saying it! Yours truly had fallen ass over tea cup for SINdora!

SIN' developed tears when she heard my part of the admissions of love. She whispered into my ear, "Encore? I dunno, we'll thinka something!" She stuck her tongue into my ear and sweetly fucked it with the tip.

Those were happy tears of hers and they were contagious. She wiped her face with her palm and then mine saying, "Lookit you... !" We couldn't have been happier with each other than at that moment, or so we thought. A life time of loss and heart break had 'come' to an end for both of us, right then and there with our genitals plugged in as testimony to our mutually established commitment! Our former sexual adventures and misadventures wouldn't hold a candle to what was to 'come' for both of us.

Since then, we have had many wonderful opportunities to express our delights both in bed and out. (The following few lines are dedicated to SINdora for her to read when she edits this essay!)

[SIN' Darling, you are far more than an adventuresome, inventive 'piece of ass' as you often refer to yourself. You are breathtaking and humbling! The love of my life!

Do you remember what you did the following night to kindle my "encore"? (And more love than I knew two people could foster!)

Let me tell the nice people reading and masturbating (I hope) about now and see if it jogs your memory. I am sure that it will, as first endeavors, particularly good ones tend to be memorable.]

SIN' had found an old rubber dildo that she hadn't used in a long time. The toy was slightly thicker than my living, built in dildo and about two inches longer. SIN' asked permission to fuck me with it. She didn't even know if it would "fit" up my ass... she promised to be very careful and would STOP if I didn't like it.

She wanted to see it going in and out to fulfill one of her many male ass fuck fantasies. She hoped that I would jerk off and 'come' while she was banging my "love hole". After that, she would stretch out and masturbate for me to watch... until she 'came'. Even though she is a reluctant exhibitionist, she is considerate.

I told SIN' that she had a deal... 'Any excuse to watch you playing with yourself is right up my alley.' Hence she could toy fuck my alley first!

I held my ass apart only to hear her declare, "Ooh, THAT turns me on!" She didn't know how far up me she'd dare go with that 'thing' in her hand.

SIN' inserted it and slowly probed until we determined she could get it all the way with no trauma. I told her that "Tina" and "Tammy" had screwed my bottom with larger toys... 'Go for it!' She did and eventually learned how to prod my prostate with the rubber dick with delightful squirting success.

Now - for you squeamish men and / or hesitant women ( Timid in that you'd like to tackle your man's ass but are afraid to try it.) Let me say to both, 'Please get over it'. I am a straight as any man can be but have learned long ago that my anal nerves are hard wired directly to my penis. My male "pussy" and yours is just another pleasurable sex organ that too many people over look. There's nothing "queer" about allowing your lover to unleash her hidden fantasies on it, or your own for that matter! (More than fifty percent of all straight women have secret desires in that arena. Less than ten percent ever get to act on them. Gentlemen, start your engines, lets fix that for them! Let's make it one hundred percent!)

If she does it even half right, a man will have as typical a male orgasm as ever. She will help you squirt the macho liquids from your dick for both of your desires.

To the men and women reading this, as the old T.V. commercial used to say, "Try it, you'll like it!" Ladies, screw up your courage and get aggressive... Men, if you love her you'll let her or you might even suggest it first! You may be'come' her hero if you have the balls to set aside your inhibitions!

Even if you don't know whether she has anal fantasies (she may be too afraid to let them out into the open, for fear that you may think she's a nut case or that you'll bolt and run!) it wont hurt to inquire discreetly.

Try to bring it up in casual conversation. "Hey Hon, I read (or heard) someplace that more than a few women have secret cravings to perform ass sex on their men. Do you know any women that are turned on by stuff like that? Just curious." If you see a glimmer of recognition in her eyes you may then take it a step further to see where SHE stands on the matter. Let me wish 'Good luck and good loving' if you do!

Another tactic would be to rent or purchase a video depicting women ass-fucking men! Let her watch it with you... you wont need to ask questions. You'll know if it turns her on or not. There is a video available on the Internet and at adult stores titled, "Babes balling boys". NO, I do NOT get a piece of the action if you buy it... all I get is a "piece" of my adorable SINdora. For those of you that have had some of her... not a bad deal eh? We have a copy of it.

That night with SIN' probing my prostate I 'came' all over myself and never needed to give myself a masturbating assist. SIN' asked why I wasn't stroking my dick. I told her that there was no need she was jerking me off from the inside.

She was pleasantly surprised when, seemingly out of the blue, I began squirting forcefully for her! All I did was to hold my dick straight up and let go like a fountain.

If anyone thinks that this is impossible, ask an urologist. He'll tell you that he does it every day in his exam rooms (with a gloved finger up some hapless man's ass) to extract semen samples. Prodding the prostate firmly through the anal wall will do the job.

Straight, gay or in between... a good friend up your tail is a Hell of a lot more fun!

SIN' is always judicious in her applications of female in male ass sex. She is careful not to over do it. She knew even at the beginning that variety is the spice that would keep me interested.

She'd had a wealth of sexual experiences before I 'came' along. SIN' custom tailored those prior events to suit our erotic pleasures as we grew closer. I brought my own to add to our lovemaking. We meshed in all the important ways.

SIN' had finally said, "Goodbye" to the man that had been her "piece on the side". He was her ace in the hole (her hole!) in case I proved to be less than she bargained for. He was history and we were lustily making our own history.

Aside from her physical beauty SIN' has an innate, guileless charm. She is as sharp as the proverbial tack whereas I am a Q-tip by comparison! SINdora is as honest as can be... hence her propensity for telling me about her former sex life.

She told me about that, beginning with the first time at age eleven that she had slipped a finger into her orgasmic baby pussy and onward through her swinging adventures. Including the man, she had been screwing on the side as a sort of "horny insurance policy".

All the while that she was banging him I knew about it... she told me up front.

Her attitude was and remains, "Hide nothing and it can't 'come' back to bite or fuck you in the ass!" Wasn't that a prophecy 'come' true on her part? Ooh yes it was!

After she had seen the photo of my ass with the bottle in it, he no longer held any sexcitement for her. He was never that imaginative in or out of bed. SINdora felt that with me she had finally met her match. She had 'come' home and has ever since.

SIN' waited about two weeks or so after first butt fucking me with her rubber cock before expressing a desire for more "male pussy".

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