Paula Lays Ron… For the World to See!

by Ron Chee

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, True Story, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Lactation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Ron's one and only turn at being the pornographer and a published porn star in his own production. ("STAR" is debatable!) I'll leave that part for you to decide. My lovely, horny wife SINdora says, "yes" with both thumbs up ... often with me UP her! <br>What say you?<br>Have fun with this one.

© 2003

(... another non-fiction turn on "tail" at SINdora's request!)

SINdora's first adventure into the realm of sharing erotic memories and deeds was a success for both of us. This you know if you have read "More SIN' for you".

It proved that we could trust each other not to flip out with anger or jealousy at hearing of the other's past personal sexual events. (Neither had to fear or resent the other's prior history or current intents.) It was becoming obvious that our intentions were solely to provide erotic mind imagery documentaries.

The result being wildly elevated libidos and orgasmic satisfaction.

The first recounting of my sex with Paula started the ball rolling. SIN' about blew a pussy gasket with the orgasm that earliest story provided for her.

The next to 'come' was a "tail" of SIN's first "swinging fuck". The process of audio arousal was being refined. She climaxed in my arms at the appropriate time... it arrived as she was describing her initial wife swapping orgasm with a man other than her spouse.

SIN' had been talking personal smut to me and masturbating. When her climax took hold she encouraged me to begin fucking her. SINdora had filled our heads with lust and I filled her with me. She invited me to share the apex of her vaginal inspirations!

One episode followed another. My second turn 'came' a couple of days after her first go at story telling. There was more to tell about Paula, more for SIN' to hear. (And all of it to read as soon as she gets home tonight!)

Red haired Paula (naturally flame red on both ends) had generously screwed me to insensibility a half dozen times at least when the call came from a publisher of underground very hard-core porn magazines and books.

The man was in a situation that needed a fast fix. A boy-girl set of graphic hard- core sex was to be shot. Another photographer had to back out of the assignment half way through. The deadline was looming. "HELP".

The publisher wanted a house for the location with a handsome couple screwing in every room if possible... in every position imaginable. Full length and close ups of each pose. "Think Kama-sutra with an attitude!"

I asked if he wanted, 'The ubiquitous 'come' shots included'. "Hell yes, at least three or four of those." He also wanted the girl to look like a horny, somewhat tarnished angel with her halo slightly askew! Paula filled that bill... so would have SINdora had I known her at the time!

The guy should be well-groomed, no facial hair but not so spectacular looking as to detract from the girl! Average size erection too. He definitely did not want a body builder, muscle bound meathead type, with an elephant's trunk between his legs.

The people masturbating over this extensive lay out would be average to sub-par lonely men and a handful of women with a handful of themselves. There was no sense in intimidating them with a male model with which they could not hope to compete. (No need to intimidate them into not buying the damned publication.) They had to feel, "If he can fuck her" they could have a chance with her too!

This was going to be a toughie... the few male models that I knew that could and would 'come' on cue was either gay or akin to Adonis!

I had to have the photos done and on his desk within five days! He'd make it worth while for me. Ditto for the models. He offered three times the going rate if I could pull his chestnuts out of the fire!

Not knowing whom I would film this with or where, I said, 'Consider it done' and rang off. Paula was scheduled for a nude and naughty finger and toy fucking shoot that morning and arrived moments after I'd hung up.

I sat her down... no reason for not asking her first.

With everything carefully outlined for her she said, "I'll do it if you can find a guy for me!" "Ah, therein lies the rub" according to Mr. Shakespeare. I had hoped that she might know of a male that would allow me to film him and her graphically, openly fucking. (In a manner of speaking, she did know of one.)

"Why don't we do it? That'd be a blast... me and you getting it on and paid for it too? Shit... wanna?"

I had the "equipment" for the project. (Personal apparatus between my legs and photographic as well.) We had the incentive... orgasms and money. The publisher had never met me, wouldn't know me from Adam's house cat and wouldn't recognize who was fucking Paula and visa versa.

It had been fun fucking my former wife Pam on film... why not?... Paula had just pulled my chestnuts out of the fire! She offered her modest house for the location.

I told the girl that the publisher wanted some 'come' shots, at least one or two of her getting a "facial", some women don't like that. That was no big deal according to her. She worked part time at a posh beauty salon and her specialty was giving facials. Paula giggled, "Hey, give a facial, get a "facial" what's the difference... let's do it!" Coming IN her face or ON it, according to Paula was all the same. She was a "swallow" after all... I knew that!

I kept two portable cases filled with photo gear ready for quick location shoots. Everything I needed from strobes, bounce light umbrellas, light stands, extra cameras and plenty of film was inside. Just grab them and go.

Within a few minutes, they were in the car and I was following Paula to her place.

If it wasn't for the pretty red head's enthusiasm, I would have been more nervous about appearing in a book with my dick in her! The late Andy Warhol had said that everyone would have his or her fifteen minutes of fame... I was just a little concerned that my dubious "fame" would be nude and erect for the entire world to see.

Wending through traffic I had time to rationalize that if my models could appear nude in print with no qualms why couldn't I? The thoughts of impending orgasms with Paula won out.

Arriving at her home my dick was imitating the car's shift lever... hard and pointing straight up from my center console. It felt to be permanently stuck in the 'drive' position. I couldn't wait to get set up inside and 'stick it' into her again!

Thinking about what needed to go into the photo set on the way over helped overcome my reticence at showing myself to any masturbating man (or woman) that might be looking at our pictures, eventually. I was rather sure that the only 'part' of me that anyone would notice was the appendage that connected me to ravishing little Paula!

At that point in the story SINdora looked at me. "You really have been published having sex with her? Ooh God I want to see those pictures... do you still have them?"

'Are you absolutely sure?' I asked. She was positive!

I hopped up, pulled the file and brought it back to the bed... my hard-on was bobbing and weaving as I walked. Inside the thick file was all of the incriminating evidence and some copies of the published book featuring Paula with my dick servicing and enjoying her.

Revisiting the story SIN' could now follow along, fucking page after pages of fucking. I had greater recriminations about showing these pictures to SIN' than the original "Paula" set. This was far more personal than the first she'd seen.

What my lovely lover was about to see could frost her ass and blow the lid off our relationship. Hearing about it was one thing but actually seeing me fucking another attractive woman was something else... the result could be destructive!

I was about to plumb the depths of SIN's delightful depravity. What she saw and heard didn't bother her... unless you take into account "Hot and Bothered!" She became unbelievably aroused by the whole (hole?) thing! I had worried for nothing.

Paula walked me through her house while I decided on which rooms and areas to shoot. I settled on the kitchen, living room, and bathroom the master bedroom and the rear, screened porch. Each section was spacious enough to accommodate equipment and two sexually engaged people.

I had a rough list of what to shoot and now had the "where"... if only I could 'come' enough times to finish it all in one day!

Paula stripped and slipped on a pair of sexy "fuck me" high heels then led me through the rooms one more time striking poses to review before we got down to "business". In the bathroom she put one foot up on the edge of the tub and played with her tits and snatch asking, "Look okay?" (At that point SIN' interrupted, "Look okay? Was she putting you on... she's beautiful, I'd fuck her if I had a dick!) To myself I thought, 'YOU are beautiful, her twin. I have a dick and can't wait until you are ready for me to use it in you!'

What Paula was showing gave me a damned good idea that I would 'come' often enough to fulfill my obligations to the publisher... or die trying!

Thrusting her hips forward Paula said, "Get down lower... can you see it better from there?" The IT being her exposed pink slit. She knew about camera angles.

'Have you done this before?' I asked. "Oh sure. how do you think I got pregnant in the first place?" and laughed. She was off 'the pill' when she'd suggested a "Polaroid Party" with her then boy friend... the result of her gestation was staying at grandma's house for the day.

We decided to start our filmed romancing in the kitchen, working and fucking our way through the house. The publisher would caption the finished photos on publication.

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