Little More SIN' For You!

by Ron Chee

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, True Story, Swinging, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Squirting, Lactation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: (The genesis of my wife's erotic non-fiction, 'tail' telling foreplay.) This details how we began trading our personal past sexperiences for each other's erotic pleasure. If only every couple could do this the world would be a better more loving place. Read and maybe give it a try with your significant other. Until we did, there was no way to know what would 'come'of it. You don't need to have been a pornographer or a porn model either.

(The genesis of my wife's erotic non-fiction, "tail" telling foreplay.)
© 2003

SINdora freely admits that when we first began dating ( but not yet mating) she was intimidated by my porn photography occupation. How could she "compete with the gorgeous, nude women that posed for my cameras?" It wasn't the subject matter that bothered her... spicy porn pleases her.

Initially I had no idea that the pert, bouncy little mite I was dating was so afraid that she wouldn't measure up. I didn't even know that she cared! Had I been aware of her concerns and interest I would have told her up front, that she had the most photogenic face and figure that I had seen in years. (SIN' had not yet revealed all of her ravishing figure sans clothing... though that was 'coming' soon!)

Her tastefully revealing braless summer outfits were sufficient to give me a better than good idea as to what the hidden parts looked like. Beyond her outwardly stunning appearance, I was intrigued by her personality and sharp intellect. To be with her as often as I could, was pure scintillation! She was real, not just a pretty façade. I could only hope that she was half as interested in me as I was in her!

Time marched on and I learned that she had been a busy swinger during two prior marriages. Sometimes she engaged in it reluctantly... at times not so grudgingly, by her own admission. She in turn, learned that I had engaged in sex with far more than a baker's dozen of my models, always quite willingly. We were both learning that we could discuss our prior S-E-X lives with each other. No rancor nor animosities about it... just honest, horny curiosity. There was the undercurrent that when you fuck someone you are screwing everyone that person has ever laid as well! We both might as well know who and what lie ahead. (Was she intimating that I might get LUCKY? Oh Gawd I sure hoped so!)

A short time after our less than prudish revelations began, SINdora opted for sex with me! (On my living room floor... we were too hot to make it to the bed!)

SIN' had secretly decided that it was time to fuck me because:

A. If she did it better than my other women had... I might stick around longer.

B. If I did it better than other men had 'done' her, she would do likewise!

C. She was too horny not to fuck someone and I was handy!

The two orgasms that night for each of us in rather rapid succession and... well, I'm still hanging around this many years later! I am continuing to bird dog her lovable, delectable tail... plus all the rest of her!

Happily she is still hanging around as well. (Always eager to see what 'comes' up next.)

The fact is, she's hanging around as I compose this essay. It was her idea and ostensibly she's here to jog my memory and to help edit for accuracy as I go. In short, Ron's naked lil' helper is sitting next to me to lend a 'hand'!

Because of that, I may need to take an orgasm break very soon.

The 'hand' she is giving has turned into a wicked 'hand job'!!! Smooth, firm and slippery up and down strokes... and rubbing her magnificent Ta Ta's all over me!

I will persevere for as long as I can hold out!

She wants to see in writing, the genesis of our relating personal sexual adventures to each other for the sheer turn on effect it has on us. Of our various minor erotic kinks, we found early on that we could tell each other about the things that we had done and the people we had fucked before we met. (Yes, at that point she was still allowing another man to secretly part and penetrate her spectacular pussy lips on the side. So what? I won her heart and favors in the long run.)

We discovered that if we took turns telling about or prior sexual adventures and misadventures, the sex that resulted immediately following for us was phenomenal!

For me it was beyond arousing to hear that the naked half pint next to me was as enamored of sex and orgasms as I! (She was indeed proving to be more than a pretty shell as some of my former sex mates had been.)

SIN' thinks that it may have been two or three months into our mating rituals that the first episode of " me fucking another girl" 'came' out in nipple rousing detail... at her request. (The hornifying consequences for her were a side effect I had not anticipated!)

The female of our specie is a curious " pussy" cat to say the least. She often wondered privately why I had selected her as opposed to any other of my lewd and nude fuck worthy models. She had not yet seen but the more innocuous of my nude photos. I purposefully kept the 'dirty stuff' away from her. She was still reeling from the low self-esteem her first two swinging marriages had instilled within her. SIN' did not need that kind of competition and I was bound and determined not to rub her nose in it and chance losing her as a result.

We were growing closer and I wanted that to blossom further. I was falling in love with her.

The auspicious night that she first got a good long arousing look at a full, nude and pornographic photo set, I had about had enough of SIN's self-debasing attitude. No matter what I said or did about or with her luscious naked body, she intimated that, "The other girls" had more and better to offer than she did!

I went and retrieved a thick file folder and curled up naked with SIN' on the bed for her to see. The contents would either convince her or I would have just shot myself in the dick!

SINdora had my erection firmly in hand ( as it is now) while we poured through the proofs and enlargements. Except for the face and red hair on the model the naked woman in the pictures was my horny lover's body double!

I had been trying to convince her all evening long that the body she was allowing me to paw and love was, 'Pure pornographic perfection!' In fact, had I known her when I was still making pussy movies SIN' would have risen to dubious stardom over night!

SIN' was impressed with the pictures spread around us on the bed. When I covered the model's face SIN' was looking at herself. The resemblance to the naked and often masturbating woman in the photos was erotically eerie!

SINdora was almost convinced that "maybe" she was "almost" as good as the "professionals". Hot damn, I was making progress as her self-image therapist! Then she nailed me with this question. " Did you ever FUCK her ? I don't see how you could not have!" There was a pregnant, loaded pause. "Well, did you? I mean I don't CARE if you did!" She seemed sincere and was jerking my dick a little faster (as she is now!!!) waiting for my answer.

I think that you're gonna have to wait a few minutes for what 'came' next... because she's making me 'come' NOW!!


Oh GOD that was good... no woman masturbates a man as well as she does! At least a few (dozen?) of you out there know first 'hand' what she can do, don't you!

Please excuse me and allow me to reciprocate! Her nipples are UP and she deserves a 'helping hand' of her own from me. Ooh, my nawty, nawty, lovable girl!


Okay, now that we are finished 'being nice' to each other... just for the moment... I shall resume. No telling what will 'come' later. Some people contemplate their navels... SIN' is here reflecting on what her clit just did for her. She is adorably cute when she takes the time to do that. Kinda looks like a little girl peeking at her pussy for the first time! "Ooh, so that's what feels so good, neato!"

Now back to what 'came' next as promised. When in doubt tell the truth and take your lumps. I wanted to do that but feared that a confession would hurt SINdora in spite of her request to hear all!

(I had fucked and been fucked by the woman in the photos, numerous times.)

This time she said, "Tell me and next time I'll tell you about something raunchy I did as a swinger while I play with your ding-a-ling... fair deal?"

I asked, keeping in mind that she had my vulnerable erection in her hand, 'How much do you want to know about me and her?'

" You did fuck her... I knew it" she said. Adding, "Ooh tell me all of it... every 'come' droplet squirting detail! I want you to make me 'come'!"

I began the story and within a few sentences, I began 'coming' in the marvelous woman's hand! (SIN' kept her " tail" telling promise the next time we were naked together.)

She had me resume the story with my finger IN her when I was able. With my 'come' splattered dick and belly pressed against her side she looked at photos and this is what she heard about them. Here's what she learned about me and her 'look alike'!

SIN's clone was not a professional model. Paula had decided to try her hand (tits, legs pussy and the rest of her) at porn posing because friends told her she had a great figure and a dirty enough mind for it. (A tie score so far with SIN'.)

As a result, I found that she also had the capacity for what is termed, "female psychogenic orgasms". Those odd but tantalizing blips on her horny oscilloscope she demonstrated the first time she posed nude in front of me.

During her posing for test pictures, at times Paula's nipples would stiffen spontaneously, her chest and cheeks would flush and she seemed to zone out for a moment.

.... There is more of this story ...

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