Lonely Man

by L.A. Wicker

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, True Story, .

Desc: Sex Story: A disabled man finds love next door. A very nice love story.

The lonely man sat by the window of his apartment. Looking out, dreaming of distant far away lands. He dreamt of many women holding him, loving him. Anything thing that made him forget his real life. The life he hated with all of his heart. Many nights he would cruse the Heavens above for giving him the life and the miserable body he had.

He had been born on a cold, rainy day in July. The doctors knew something was wrong from the start of his mothers' pregnancy. But, nothing had ever been said to her about it. They knew the drug they had given the mother to sleep had done damage to the little fetus.

When he was born the cruel doctors found out. The little baby had more defects than any of the doctors had ever seen. His little arms would hardly bend. His little hands were bend under, never to move. His little legs were crossed as an Indian sat by the campfire and were amputated 9 years later. Giving the young boy some relief from the pain that haunted him.

The years flew by for others, but to him a day seemed like a year. Another day to be poked by a doctor. Another day for kids to laugh at him. Another day for a cold hearted girl to laugh when he ask her on a date. Another day to cry himself to sleep.

As he got older, he began to start working out. Day after day he exercised every minute he could. Building his weak body into a very strong one. He began to compete in wheelchair races and won all that he entered. He grew into a fine young man full of confidence until a girl knocked him down.

A few years after he turned 18 he moved out on his own. Leaving the state hospital that had raised him. It was the only home he had ever known. His mother put him there when it came clear that she could never raise the baby without help. His father had died only months before he was to be born.

He had found a nice wheelchair accessible apartment only a few blocks from the Pacific Ocean in, San Diego. It looked like a tropical island with all of the strange and beautiful plants that surrounded the man made lagoon. It was a nice place and very quite. And, on nice days he would race his wheelchair the short distance to the beach and dream that love and happiness would some day come his way.

It was a nice sunny day with a cool breeze blowing off the ocean. He sat in the small front yard of his apartment dreaming away the day as he had done thousands of times before. On this day, he dreamt his most favorite dream of all. A Major-League baseball player that could hit home runs with the greatest of ease and could run like the wind.

"hello." A soft whisper invaded his dream world. "hello." The soft and sweet voice said again, bringing him from the dream world he loved so much.

His eyes opened and the bright sun that filled the sky blinded him. Then he saw her, a dream come true. She had long; thin brown hair with big green eyes and a smiled that went from ear to ear showing all of sparkling white teeth.

"Hi! I'm Michelle. I moved in just across from you." She said in a perky little voice and her big smile. Her head tilted just a little to her right side, blocking the bright sun from Lenny's eyes

"I'm Lenny. Nice to meet you." He replied, as he couldn't help looking at her big, round breasts. As he looked her over he couldn't believe his eyes. She wore a very thin summer dress that only went to the middle of her wonderful thighs allowing Lenny to see all of her great legs.

She smiled at him, his face and not his crippled body. "You really look hot. I think you should come inside for awhile. And, besides that, I need somebody to talk to." She said, as she pulled a handkerchief from her tiny purse and wiped the sweat from Lenny's face.

"I wouldn't want to get in your way. I bet you've got a lot to unpack." He said looking at her strong legs one more time. 'She most workout a lot or dance.' He thought.

"Come on, Buster. You're coming with me." She laughed and started to push him into her small apartment. "As you can see, I don't have anything but my clothes."

He looked around the empty place. She didn't have anything, no chairs, no sofa, and no t.v. "I know a few people that could get you some things and I have an extra stereo you can use now." He said to his smiling new neighbor.

"You sure? I went crazy last night with nothing to do." She jumped up and gave him a giant hug. "I love music, I can sing and dance for hours. You're so sweet." She said as her soft, sweet smelling hair lay across his face.

He closed his eyes and took in the wonderful fragrance. It sent waves of heat through his body. Lenny hadn't been this close to a woman this pretty in his life. "Oh you're very welcome." He said with an excited voice and continued to enjoy the great hug he was receiving.

"Hay! If it's OK, I can cook us a real nice dinner." Michelle said taking a deep breath. "The only thing is... I'll have to do it at your place. I don't have anything in my kitchen and I'll buy everything."

Lenny had to smile at her excited face; it made her prettier than ever. "Sure. That will be nice." He replied to his new and very pretty new friend

"Shoot then let's go! We can walk to the store. It will be fun." she grabbed her purse and handed to Lenny to hold and she turned his chair to the door. "This is so fun pushing you. I just hope I don't wreck you." She laughed and slipped her fingers to hold his shirt, just in case she did.

All the way to the store and back Michelle told her life story to Lenny. He loved hearing her talk. She was so full of life and happiness. "How long have you lived here Lenny?" Michelle asked as she flipped over a nice thick steak and reached to stir a pan on the back of the stove.

"Going on 10 ten years now. I really like it." He said watching her bend over the stove showing her tiny pink panties and her round, sexy butt. He couldn't help but getting hard at the site of her tender flesh. A small part of her right cheek had came out of the small panties. He had been with a few of his nurses and a few call girls, but this girl liked him. Not for pity, or money, she just liked him.

Michelle turned to tell him something when she saw him looking up her tiny dress with his sexy brown eyes and she leaned over more. And it sent a rush through her body, straight to her lonely mound of flesh between her thighs. She loved having a nice man look at her, not the normal animals that tried to maul her. "OK, all done." She said ending Lenny's view up her dress. "You go to the table and I'll bring everything."

Lenny moved to the table as his beautiful new friend served him dinner. "You're going to spoil me." Lenny said giving her a loving smile.

"I think I'd like spoiling you." She replied with a little sparkle in her eye. She had never met a man as nice as Lenny. All she had ever got in her life were jerks that always hurt her. They only wanted her body, never just her. She was a very smart girl and no one knew it. She was a good student in school and had always wanted to go on to college but things never went her way.

She sat at the table across from Lenny as they ate she could see he was having a hard time cutting his steak. She stood up and moved behind him. She leaned against him; her arms went around each side of him taking his knife and fork. Her soft hair fell on his face as she cut his food. Her breasts pushed softly on his back sending a warm rush through both their bodies.

Michelle had feelings running through her body like nothing she had ever known before. She felt like she was needed and wanted by her new friend. She felt like a woman not just a play toy. Her arms hugged him tighter pulling his body, hers. Michelle closed her eyes as she felt his warm body on hers. Her breathing became harder, faster. She dropped the knife on the plate, breaking their wonderful moment.

"Mmmm, you umm. Cut steak really good." Lenny said, as he turned and looking at Michelle's pretty face seeing that her green eyes had been shut and a tiny smile was on her face.

She got a little pink glow on her cheeks. "Thank you. And I think you're very nice to hug." As the words slipped from her mouth she really got a nice pink face. Her body felt like it was on fire. She hadn't ever had feelings like this before. And she loved it so much she could feel dampness building between her thighs.

"Thank you, you're not bad either." He said giving her a little wink that made her blood boil.

After dinner Lenny looked at Michelle and asked, "Would you like to walk to the pier and watch the sunset?" he hoped she would say yes. He had never watched the sun go down with a woman as nice as she was.

"Yes, I think that would be nice." She said giving Lenny a little hug. Something that she had never been very fond of doing, not even to her Mother. "Can I push you again?" she asked pulling away from him. She didn't want to but he wasn't like all the other trashy men she had dated in the past. He was nice and she wanted him to make the passes.

"Heck yes! I hope some of my friends see us." He said smiling at her. He'd love to show off this sexy lady that really seemed to like him. Not like some of the others that he had thought liked him but in the end they'd only hurt him. Breaking his heart into so many pieces it got hard for him to trust any one. This girl made him drop his guard.

"Why?" she replied giving him a sly look and putting her hands on her sexy hips.

"I've never had anybody with me and you're so pretty. They're going to shit when they see you." He smiled with a big grin.

She had to laugh when she heard him. "You are something special." She leaned and kissed his cheek. "Let's go."

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