Surprise Roommate

by Sealawyer

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, True Story, Interracial, .

Desc: Sex Story: This is another personal recollection dressed up a bit for public consumption.

When we lived in Alaska, I was deeply involved in the local (Bristol Bay) commercial salmon fisheries, and as the years went by spent more and more time away from our homestead on Lake Iliamna. The nearest town, Naknek, accessible by plane or boat in the summer and plane or dog sled in the winter, was nearly 150 miles away. Invariably, my visits to Naknek meant a night or two in the local hotel.

As you might expect, Naknek was the end of the road for a motley and very colorful set of characters. The town's population at that time was around 260 people, yet it supported five bars. One of those bars was owned by a former prostitute. Patsy wasn't shy about discussing her former trade, and was often heard to say that she recognized many of the more prominent men in the Territory only when they had their pants off, but she never forgot a cock.

There was little need for whores in Naknek because Eskimo and Aleut women (and girls) provided all the free pussy anyone could want. One old timer, Bill Weiner had an Eskimo woman living with him. I had seen Peggy only a few times, mostly in Bill's cabin, and once under my bed.

I had been involved in a prolonged negotiation on behalf of the local fishermen with the cannery owners and operators regarding the ensuing summer's fish prices. After supper and a few drinks with the boys, I trudged upstairs and turned in. As I lay in bed reviewing the day's events, I heard a strange rustling sound. Finding a small animal in one of Bob Hadfield's six hotel rooms was unusual, but not unheard of, so I put it out of my mind and was just drifting off to sleep when I heard someone sneeze.

What the hell??

I jumped out of bed and turned on the light. There was no one in the room, so I looked under the bed. There was Peggy.

"Come out of there! What the hell are you doing under my bed?"

Peggy crawled out from under the bed and looked up at me. Oh, boy! Bill had given her a licking. Her black hair was matted and covered with dust balls from under the bed. She had a swollen lip and a black eye, and obviously had been crying. Her clothes, a nondescript sweatshirt and a pair of dungarees, were as dirty as if she had been rolling around in the dirt road, which was also possible.

She looked at me, with pleading in her black, shiny eyes. "Bill, he kick me out," she said in a soft voice. "I got no place to go so I hide here."

"Why did he kick you out?"

"He t'ink I fuck Alvin Monson," she whispered.

"Did you?"

Before she looked down, I thought I caught a glimpse of a little smile. "Yes." she murmured. "Bill, he old man. Alvin, he young man. Young man better fuck than old man."

Well, that made sense. I gave her the threadbare towel that came with the room and a bar of soap from my gear, and sent her to the bathroom at the end of the hall to get cleaned up. Then I lay back on the bed.

Fifteen minutes later, the door slowly opened, and a shy Peggy slipped inside the room. She was carrying her dungarees and wearing only her filthy sweatshirt. She was a changed woman. She had combed her hair back behind her ears with her fingers, and it was still damp. Her golden skin was bright in the room's light, and despite the purple bruise surrounding her left eye, the Asiatic slant of her black eyes gave her an exotic appearance.

I had no idea how old Peggy was. I knew she had been living with Bill for at least five years, and Eskimo women usually age rapidly, but her face bore no hint of the wrinkles middle aged Eskimo women usually develop, so I guessed she might still be in her mid twenties.

She stood, looking down at me for a moment as if trying to make up her mind. Then, as innocently as a child asking for candy, she said, "You want fuck fuck?"

When I hesitated, as if to close the deal she lifted her sweatshirt over her head. I hadn't paid attention to her bare legs when she returned to the room, but now that I saw her naked body, I was mildly surprised. Eskimos tend, on the whole, to resemble their Asiatic forebearers. Both men and women are usually short and squat, with short, heavy bow legs (probably the consequence of a chronic vitamin D deficiency), and thick bodies.

Peggy's features were pure Eskimo; round face, slant eyes and tiny nose, but her body was Caucasian. Obviously, there was a tall Swede somewhere in her background. She was much too thin to be appealing to most Eskimos. Her legs were slender and lithe. A thick mat of hair covered her pussy. I was surprised that there were no stretch marks marring her taut belly. Most Eskimo girls become pregnant in their early teens, and I'm sure Peggy was no exception.

Peggy's breasts were small, but slightly pendulous as if she had nursed at least one baby. I wanted to think her dark engorged nipples were betraying her arousal, but common sense suggested it was only the chill in the room.

Throwing the covers back, I generously invited her into my narrow bed. I'll swear her eyes lit up when she saw my stiffening cock, as she flowed into my welcoming arms. At first, Peggy's cold skin reversed the process, and my cock shriveled almost immediately. However, it quickly revived as Peggy's soft skin warmed and she rubbed her belly against it. Then she rolled away from me and opened her legs. "Fuck fuck now?"

I was surprised. Either Peggy was in constant heat or, more likely, she knew nothing about foreplay.

"Not yet," I said as I gathered her again in my arms. Peggy turned her head away when I tried to kiss her. Apparently her mouth was too tender, or perhaps she had an aversion to kissing. I contented myself with kissing and licking that secret place in a woman's neck just beneath her ear. She tasted like soap. At the same time, I began teasing and twisting her far nipple, then ducking under the covers, sucking her near nipple into my mouth.

I felt rather than heard her sharp intake of breath, and I felt het hand against the back of my head pressing me tighter into her breast. Taking the hint, I sucked as much of her breast into my mouth as possible, massaging her engorged nipple with my tongue as I hummed and swallowed.

While I was ministering to her breast, my other hand traced a faint trail by softly dragging my fingernails down her ribs and across that ticklish hollow where her hip and pelvic bone join, and on across her belly and down into her springy thicket of black pubic hair.

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