Swing Sets

by Ron Chee

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, True Story, Swinging, Group Sex, First, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: A horny biography of my darling wife SINdora's, early erotic genesis. She was conned by her husband of the time into be'coming' a bartered bride. She was a swinger, a swapped wife.

© 2003

Swing Sets: A Horny True Biography Of My Sexy Wife's Erotic Past

The woman that I am crazy about (and have been for many years) is small in stature. If my wife lies about her height, she is exactly five foot tall.

This lovely lass (I'll call her Sindora) also has what some blue nosed prigs would call a sordid, checkered past! (I call it delightful!) She married at 18 and spent several years screwing just Calvin, her erstwhile new hubby. Then on a whim of his, she was tricked into fucking some of their friends and even a couple of their wives! You know the terminology... she had become a "swinger" a "Swapped wife"!

The lady in question is as cute as a button. Let me describe her attributes and you will see how and why others wanted her. (HAD to HAVE her in fact!) She is petite, in all ways, except for her chest decorations. Those magnificent mammaries were and still are awe inspiring... not huge but designed with eye catching and lip smacking pleasure in mind! More than a mouth full, slightly more than a hand full and fun to "come" between! Her nipples are a delicate shade of dusty rose and easily aroused. When she is "coming" so are they!!

The rest of her is curvy, from her toes to her earlobes. A lingering stop midway on the journey over her sexy form would show you a pussy that is so incredible, spread able and edible!!! You have seen myriads of snatches on the Internet... hers could put the rest out of business in the stunningly desirable department!

To further describe it... her Mons is full and softly rounded with the sexiest fur coat adorning it. Her labia are not visible within the valley of the Mons Venus... not until she is horny! Then her Labia Majora begin to play peek-a-boo, wet and warmly pink. Whether she spreads herself apart "down there" by way of invitation, or if I do it... her genital scenery becomes awesomely captivating. (Even several straight women have been smitten enough by her pussy to have lingered between her gorgeous legs in the past! They found it too alluring to pass up.)

We have some rather arousing photos of her spectacular beaver at rest and at play. Yet, in deference to her sensibilities I wont include those here. She has a responsible position (aside from the awe inspiring sexual ones) and I would be remiss at showing off her private charms these days! I am sure that your mind's eye can make up for the loss. Think pretty, think erotic and think eminently FUCKABLY, user friendly! Her gorgeous pussy would EAT YOU if it could!

If you need an assist with picturing her enviable pussy, imagine it surrounded with a delicate thatch of silky, dark blonde fur. Ya know, the kind of fur that I never mind picking out of my teeth and many other men didn't mind either! (No, I don't go to the dentist for a "hair cut!") Even her jaded Gynecologist gets an erection from examining her goodies!

Now that you are beginning to visualize the sexy woman's "charms," you may understand how she be"came" involved in the "sex on loan" arrangements! Albeit, unwittingly at first!

When she first married, Sin' was a virgin as was Cal. Both were young and he had no idea as to how to SATISFY a horny young wife and cure her erotic needs. His was a wham bam thank you Ma'am approach to fucking her. She ended up having to masturbate herself every time after he had fallen asleep, stifling her orgasmic sounds so as not to wake the man. Now and then, she'd have to slip out of bed and go to another room for a VERY rousing, boisterous finger fuck!

In spite of that drawback, they had a good enough life together otherwise.

Their social life was busy... she was indeed cute, bouncy and the life of any get -together. They were sought after by numerous friends... Sindora was the main attraction at home parties. No soiree was complete until the tiny woman flounced through the door... hubby in tow. Hostesses loved her bright and fun demeanor and because she never seriously flirted with their husbands. The men loved (and drooled over her) because she was for them, the epitome of a "DYN-O-MYTE piece of delectable ass." Sin' is what erotic fantasies of the "fuckable wife next door" are made of! (Later she be"came" a fucking and multi-fucked reality as well!)

She just wasn't sophisticated or worldly enough to see herself in that role... just yet. Her naivety added to her desirability... a wee slip of a spectacular girl to borrow and seduce if ever the chance arose! It added to her sweet attractiveness.

In fact, it was that part of her charm that first led a nervy friend to getting Calvin on the side at a party for a little "man talk." Cal by then was slightly tipsy and approachable. The guy was a coworker no less. Despite hemming and hawing, the man let on that he and his VERY SEXY wife were giving a "Swinger's" party next weekend. Wouldn't he and Sindora like to attend for the Hell of it?

"You know, drop in for drinks and maybe you and your WIFE just WATCH the first time?" the man had major HOTS for Sindora! In exchange and as an inducement, he offered his very "HORNY" attractive WIFE to Calvin for a bit of illicit pleasure... if he would agree to attend. "She'd LOVE to let you FUCK HER!"

"Just think about it... no need for a Yay or Nay right now... tell me at the office!"

Before the party ended, Mr. Swinger's tall willowy wife buttoned holed Calvin out of sight of the guests. She bared her breasts seductively and gave him a good cock-stiffening look. "Want these... and what goes with 'em? See ya at our house next week!" she tucked her tits back in with a sultry, smoky leer and walked away!

The idea of THAT woman willingly fucking him overrode Cal's judgment.

('Tis better to have fucked a SHORT than never to have fucked aTALL, Calvin old boy!)

That night at home after screwing himself senseless in Sindora's pretty twat he informed her that they had another party to attend next weekend. Conveniently, he neglected to say what "kind of party" was in the offing!

During the week preceding the event, Cal had a load of nervous questions to ask of his coworker. "What could he expect?" "Would every one be naked and fucking when they walked in?" "How do I get my wife to go along with this?" Plus dozens more.

He was informed that,..." no one would be nude or even engaged in anything off the wall, this wasn't an orgy for cat's sake!" In fact, for new "comers," they usually kept it low key to start. A little smokin' and jokin' to loosen inhibitions, a few hands of poker... (That game would conveniently turn to strip poker.) He and his wife usually fold early, throwing the game and having lost their clothes, she lets him do a little "unanticipated" pussy tickling and pokin' for the rest of the card players to observe. "You know how it is... swept away by the moment... unbridled passion and your wife gets a free show!"

By then, according to him, every one still left vying for poker supremacy is too wrecked and too ERECT and no one usually gave a shit who fucked whom! Down went the cards and IN went the dicks wherever a bit of privacy could be found! The host and hostess plus, two men and two women at the table losing their shirts and knickers and possibly an alternate couple standing by, getting naked by default... four bed rooms, four living room and patio couches... you do the math! Sufficient romper rooms available.

The party went as planned to start. Sindora had never played strip poker but was game. She was a certified nudist and spent time at several sun worshipping establishments... she had no qualms about displaying her nicely tanned, cute figure. She wasn't a sexual exhibitionist per se she just had no problem with nudity. Anyway, the poker game just might be fun. She was good at it and figured that she'd end up with all of her garments at the other's expense anyway!

Sindora had even seen some porn flicks and found those to be enjoyable... thus, when her host and hostess began petting and getting raunchy for the others to see, she was startled but nothing more. Horny people in love are apt to do THAT when they are naked together she rationalized. Besides, it was their house... she figured that they could do whatever they jolly well NEEDED to do! (Secretly, their antics turned her on, a live porn film for her to watch!) She should have been watching her cards; she lost her shirt and everything else.

By the time, Cal began fondling her enticing exposed chest, Sindora didn't mind... nor was she overly alarmed when another man began nuzzling her shoulders and neck. She was, as promised, just wrecked enough to not be on guard. The dooby had made its way around the table several times by then. She had a nice buzz going and her host and hostess were leaning over the table and fucking in earnest just inches from her face now! She wondered if HER own pussy looked as arousing with Cal's hard cock in it.

She'd never seen a LIVE cunt with a hard on sliding in and out before. Her own cunt was getting tantalizingly wet too! She was all for taking Cal in another room and royally FUCKING his brains out! (Just as soon as the couple screwing right there were done! She didn't want to miss one iota of this!) Hey, a few tokes of "Mary Jane" can do that to a girl! She was getting off over what SEEMED to be a bit of IMPROMPTU SEX! No telling when this opportunity would ARISE again. It must have been the smoke veiling her judgment... Sin' snuck a quick feel of the guy's balls while he banged his wife right there at her elbow!

Soon, all the "POKE HER" players were UP and making out as couples! The lights were being turned low when Cal led his wife into the dark bedroom hallway. He began feeling her naked aroused tits and anything else his smoke addled brains could find to touch. While engaged in some serious groping, the host joined Cal. Sindora herself, was now too ripped to mind that there was a second, anonymous pair of hands reaching around from behind and sharing her pretty breasts and tweaking her hardening nipples. There was also a slippery hard on searching the cleft of her ass, as well as the one in front poking and leaking on her belly button. She had be"come" a fuck sandwich right there standing in the hall.

When the hostess joined in, Sindora be"came" a human Dagwood! What she didn't see in the dark was the other woman's hand pulling and stroking Cal's dick possessively!

She also wasn't aware of which man had begun leading her into the nearest pitch-black bedroom!

Inside the bedroom, Sindora willingly stretched out on the bed... horny as Hell. "Margie Wanna" can make a naked girl "wanna" do that too! As his silent, secretive groping advanced, it seemed that Cal had learned a new trick. He was finger fucking her inflamed pussy... he kept at it until Sindora had a major climax! Ol' Calvin had NEVER done THAT before!

Being the "good wife," Sin' reached for Cal's erection in an effort to have him mount her! She was going to happily fuck his brains out... he'd "done" her good for once!

The dick in hand was... "OH SHIT!!..." MUCH SMALLER than her husband's! Something was wrong, dreadfully wrong! Before she could protest, "Needle dick the bug fucker" was on her and IN her! Even in the wordless dark, she knew who it was. She had just witnessed that wee sausage fucking his wife as she lay across the card table! Sin' had even brushed her hand over those "testimonials"!

In her dooby, hazed mind she worried mostly that Cal would miss her anytime now and come looking for her... only to find another man's pork roast in her oven! In her naivety she felt guilty... she had no clue that just on the other side of the wall, Calvin was busy, fucking their hostess!

Too late now, rather than make a stink about the guy on top of her and draw unwanted attention to herself, she decided to let the small erection finish its job. She was on the pill... what the Hell, let him do it. With luck, Calvin wouldn't find out.

"Gawd, this guy has a small pecker" she thought and stifled her fuzzy minded amusement!

She wasn't so FUCKING amused when she sobered up and figured out that she had been set up! The following morning, a little hung over, breakfast consisted of a heart broken confrontation with Calvin. "HOW COULD YOU... ?" He denied it, then begged and finally tried the weasel approach!

After all, he was STILL HERE with HER wasn't he? He loved only HER! That he had dicked Sin's best friend meant NOTHING... strictly a guy sex thing! Besides, hadn't SHE allowed her friend's husband to stick his midget digit into HER TWAT and "come" IN there? He tried to rationalize in a way she'd accept... that they were EVEN! It takes one to "do" one?

Despite her hurt and humiliation, she wanted to buy it but wasn't convinced! All day, Sindora tried to forgive and forget. She wanted to salvage her marriage if not her self-esteem. Sure, just chalk it up to having imbibed too many "Left Wing Luckies"! It took another day or two of self-delusion before she could look at herself in the mirror and see someone looking back that she liked and respected!

She remembers that it was the second day after fucking the wrong man, and before the kids got home from school, that she went and stood before the dressing mirror and gazed into it for awhile, interrupting her chores. Yes, she still liked the pretty woman looking back at her. And yes, she was still peeved as a wet cat at Cal for his deceit! He hadn't the balls or courtesy to have given her a choice.

The woman in the looking glass returning her gaze was just a bit horny... the feeling was contagious. It was rubbing off on Sindora. Poor old Cal, he'd not get laid again tonight. She wasn't quite ready to resume fucking him. She'd wait until she was sure that neither she nor him had contracted the clap from their indiscretions. ("Serves ya right, ass hole!" she said aloud to her absent husband!)

Sindora shrugged her dress straps off her shoulders, let the top slide down to her waist, and gazed at her exposed breasts... she is built! She couldn't blame Mr. mini-dick for his trespass! He was an otherwise decent guy... just a typically horny male. She had that effect on men as she was all too quickly be"coming" aware!

The dress fell to the floor.

Sin' and her mirror buddy liked all of what they saw. Cal was definitely NOT getting fucked tonight! In fact, Sindora and her horny, nude, mirror image would stretch out on the bed and take care of "business" right NOW! She began finger fucking and remembering as best she could what it felt like to have some one else "DO" this for her! There are some things that even smoke induced amnesia will allow to filter its way to the surface. The memory of the man's talented finger IN her pussy was one of those! Her finger be"came" his once again, for the moment!

By the time she felt her clit at its most aroused hardness and twitching, she began "coming"! I have seen this sexy woman finger fucking her own gorgeous pussy UP close and personal. That self-satisfying sojourn before anyone arrived home must have been delicious! Oh to have been a fly on her wall right then!

That fly would have had a giant erection by the time she eased her finger out of herself. I always do, just thinking of, or hearing about it! (Just as I have one of those erections now!) Thankfully, Sindora is close by tonight and occasionally stopping to read this and edit it for accuracy over my shoulder. She'll see what she has wrought, growing in my lap! The rest will be UP to her and UP IN her if I know my loving, nawty girl!

By the time Sindora had fingered away her hormonal over load, guilt and anger, she was in a better, more magnanimous frame of mind. She phoned the girlfriend that had so generously screwed Cal. No rancor, no anger, shit happens when you're stoned... just a burning curiosity as to HOW it all had occurred in the first place??

Aside from an abject apology, Sin's girlfriend offered an earful! She outlined her discreet swinging life style. VERY discreet obviously... these two had been friends for several years and Sin' had never known what her pal had been UP to nor about the myriad men that had been UP HER! (Front, rear, top and bottom... they had "done" it all with her!)

Sindora wanted to ask if the size of her man's erection (or lack of same) had anything to do with the woman seeking other cocks to fuck yet still stay married to him? She bit her lip, discretion being the better part of valor.

Before the call, ended Sindora invited the couple over for a back yard cookout. (A chance to repair friendships.) NO S-E-X, just the same old same old. The woman accepted and then said how she and her old man had conspired to play on Cal's vulnerability. It had taken some doing and even then, they had to get him and Sindora partially loaded to be able to screw the pair of them separately. "It wasn't entirely Cal's fault!"

Yes, she would like to "do it" again sometime with them, but only if Sin' ever had the URGE for something different in the sack! The woman didn't care that much about Calvin. He had been nearly loaded to the Mickey by the time she bounced the bed with him... frankly, he had been a "Bum Fuck"! She had to finish off her own orgasm! Sindora didn't comment... the story was all too familiar on the home front as well!

At the cookout Sin' and her friend spoke in hushed tones more about the "why's and where fore's" of her "swinging" sexcapades. Sindora learned that she liked it (or so she said) and even more than that. It turned her husband on to watch her fucking a full size dick while he played with his little gherkin! Other times he would join in and she got two simultaneous cocks for the price of one!

The woman even had a couple of friends that routinely "came" over just to watch her and her hubby going at it while they played with themselves until everyone had "come" at least once. Voyeur's night out so to speak! Sin was a closet voyeur... "hmmm? that scenario could be entertaining" she thought and then put it out of mind for a while.

The cook out was much like all of the other pre-indiscretion events after the first hour. Up to then, all had been walking on eggs until the four of them felt comfortably assured that there were no lingering doubts or animosities!

The women had settled between themselves what needed settling. Sindora kept it to herself that maybe, just MAYBE she would accept an invitation to go and watch the other couple doing the naughty deed... as long as she and Cal ended up in a bedroom ALONE behind locked doors. Sin' enjoyed (and still does) watching porn flicks. A live porn show start to finish might be even more arousing than the celluloid variety! (Seeing his small cock in her friends snatch the first time hadn't hurt, Sin's sensibilities... knowing that it was "coming" next time could send her arousal over the top of the horny Richter scale!)

The "invitation" arrived hot on the heels of the burger-flipping soiree. It was the other couple's turn to fire up the charcoal and heat up the meat... in more ways than one.

That afternoon went as well as the last one. The joints were conspicuously absent and the beer was rationed. Clearer heads would keep embarrassing situations with the wrong spouses to a minimum.

Ostensibly, the day would end with a poker game of the non-strip variety. A mixed drink or two and... some fuck films?

If the couple wanted to unleash their exhibitionism and "DO IT" Sindora would not be averse to watching... from a safe distance!

The card game did not materialize though Pina Coladas did (heavy on the booze) plus a fist full of 8 mm hard core porn films. The hostess let Sin' know that the offer to "watch" the films and THEM immediately after was still valid. "Kick back, enjoy the drinks. Watch the movies and then watch US! NO STRINGS ATTACHED... just 'do' whatever 'comes' naturally!"

Sindora would check with Cal and let her friend know in a few minutes. If nothing else she was as curious as a cat about how or what the couple "DID" to satisfy HER HORNINESS... did he use his mini-dick or do they it some other way? Maybe he fingered his wife the way he had "done" Sindora? If so, perhaps Calvin would learn from it and take a cue and let his finger linger where Sin' knew it would do the most good!

Calvin was dumb struck, flummoxed, when is wife suggested that they watch some porn movies and then watch their host and hostess "in action." She sweetened the pot with an offer to FUCK HIM and ONLY HIM in a bedroom privately after they had seen it all! The "only him" part translated to "End of subject" or end of marriage if he got involved in any other way.

It's rather hard to refuse such an offer even if it did just "come" from your non-swinger wife!

They did watch the "smokers and stag reels" and then watched the resulting horniness between their host and hostess. That pair fingered, sucked and fucked on the floor. The hostess fingered her own clit to a rousing climax while her hubby fucked her pussy with his under endowed erection. So, that's how they did it. Well, at least that was one way. He hadn't finger fucked the woman long enough for Cal to get any bright revelations where Sin's aroused clit was concerned. (It took years before Sin' was self confident and assertive enough to tell any man to "Finger my clit first, give me a complete hand job, THEN I will fuck YOU!"

The host's erection was all of four inches long by Sindora's estimate, maybe less; she isn't terribly good at judging lengths of anything. Nonetheless, seeing and hearing her girl friend "coming" had Sin' in a state!

She dragged Cal to the nearest bedroom and tore off her clothes and his. She pushed him down and climbed on top. No foreplay needed! She just began fucking like a rabbit on a pogo stick. She admits that she had not been that horny in a long time.

No orgasm was expected, she fix that later, she was enjoying the Hell out of sliding UP and DOWN Cal's totem pole! It just felt so damned GOOD! It made her feel desirable and loved with his "thing" filling her twat!

They were both too far gone when Sin' realized that their host had eased the door open and was standing there behind her, pulling his pudding and watching her twat being royally fucked! The lights were on this time. He had a good vantage point!

Instincts would say that one would stop right then if a horny audience was not your bag! They couldn't even STOP when the host knelt on the bed just behind Sin's exposed, occupied twat! (Fact is, it made her a teensy bit more horny to know that she was safely fucking her man and teasing the "come" out of the other man. It was a newly erotic experience to know that he WANTED her too!)

She couldn't stop screwing even when she felt the small, very hard erection attempting to join Calvin's in the same sexy wet aperture! The man couldn't control himself and managed to slide his dick into her pussy on top of Cal's larger erection!! His erection was just the right size for that maneuver. Sindora was being fucked in the same hole by two competing penises!

(Why don't they ever show THAT in XXX porn movies?) My wife wishes that they would and I concur... she would love to SEE what her gorgeous pussy had looked like with two tenants in residence! Any of you porn masters out there have a new idea to film, with the right girl and two guys? The seed has been planted, now somebody please run with it! I'll bet that the digital camera home porn crowd could have fun duplicating that one!

What "came" next surprised Sindora more than anyone! The smaller dick was pressing the larger one directly against her engorged clit while they screwed. She held still and let the pair of erections IN her get coordinated until they were poking her as a unit. Sin' had NEVER sexperienced so much mass invading her pussy before! "Ooh, that felt GOOD!" she's told me!

The bigger cock was literally masturbating Sin's clit... it did so until she began to shudder and start "coming" wildly! She had the benefit of the men competing inside of her. Both had filled her pussy with semen by then, yet neither wanted to yield the right of way. The prolonged fucking that the masculine egos provided, gave Sindora her first ever orgasm with male meat in her pussy! She didn't have to "DO" herself this time!

The hostess, having had her BIG "O" on the living room floor was busy rinsing dishes in the sink when she heard the bed rocking violently and Sin's orgasmic outbursts! She slipped into the hallway to peek at what was happening. Whatever in Hell Sindora was, "doing," sounded erotic and juicy!!

The sight of Sin's pussy in double occupancy and all that male "come" being squished out of it by eager, invading erections... turned her on. It gave her ideas. She watched until the two men finally unhitched themselves from a rather exhausted Sindora and her busy honey hole! The hostess had never seen her friend's pussy until just now..."Gawd that thing is yummy enough to EAT!" she remarked to Sindora the next time they spoke on the phone. She had covert sexy plans for it! She wasn't above trying a little AC/DC action to turn her husband on! (After all, it is and has always been the most common straight male fantasy!)

There'd "come" a day real soon when she'd arrange such a tryst! She slipped out of the room un-noticed.

Sin was no prude but not a libertine either. She liked sex even if she did have to finish herself off most of the time! On the way home Cal was miffed after the rousing dual cock orgasm, his wife had enjoyed! She had actually liked the results of two men fucking her in the same hole! (Hey Cal, ya can't have it both ways!)

Sindora was troubled and puzzled. He had instigated the bed hopping in the first place. She didn't argue the point. Wasn't she doing what he wanted in order to hold the marriage together? The orgasm she's SEXperienced this time was only happenstance, couldn't he figure that out? Didn't he ENJOY feeling his dick IN her while she "came"? She told him how much SHE enjoyed "coming" with his cock UP her twat! Sin' did not remind him that it had been a FIRST since they'd married!

When the swinging lady friend called again she offered Sin' a threesome. Two HERS and a HIM... no Calvin this time! Just the two women and the nice looking man with the small peter! She had a fantasy to play out for him IF Sindora could see her way clear to "do it."

Sindora was sufficiently annoyed with Cal and curious about what two girls and a guy could do together that she accepted the invite! (Sin had seen enough porn movies to have an educated idea as to what went on in a threesome!) She'd seen it, now, what the Hell she'd try it!

This would be a nooner. She snuck off and drove to the friend's home. All the way there Sindora kept telling herself, "No big deal... it wont kill me!" The thought of getting naked of her own volition helped to turn her on! "Screw Calvin... or NOT" as the case was to be today!

In all fairness, the husband in this swap meet was not a bad looking man at all. He was kind, considerate enough to have fingered Sin' until she climaxed the first time in his bed, and she could have been more than sexually attracted to him in another time and place B.C. (Before Calvin!) She laughed at her little joke. That interloper she'd soon fuck was sexually under endowed didn't matter. Cal was well enough hung and not much of a lay as best as her inexperienced body could gather!

The man she'd be playing bed bingo with today had an erection about the length and diameter of Sin's personal "fuck finger." If she could achieve orgasms with her middle digit... she supposed he could too when the need "arose." No "big deal," in all senses of the term! Still in all, his small private parts must be giving him the requisite male pleasure that men want from their peckers. He seemed to be ready for sex any time. Multiple times, as best she could tell. She'd get more than one load of "come" out of him today. She just didn't know it yet.

If Sindora admitted it to herself... today's anticipated A/C D/C FUCK-A-THON was a combined bit of curiosity and a SPITE JOB! Calvin might rue the day that he had gotten this ball rolling! The thought of going off alone for such a liaison began to make her panties wet as she drove. Still a novice at extramarital FUN, she found her "eager beaver" to be a bit disconcerting at feeling genuinely SEXcited about the upcoming rendezvous! She wasn't "THAT KIND OF GIRL!" But wait a minute; what IS that kind of girl? A slut? A tramp? I personally HATE those expressions of female denigration.

Sindora at that moment of doubt was purely a sexually healthy, inquisitive young woman with issues to work out and some SEXploring to do! All I can add is that I am GLAD that she went for it! She is the better, more sexciting person for having done all that she's accomplished sexually, in her lifetime. She learned a lot and brought it to share with me eventually!

The sex that day was rather what she had anticipated. Sin and the other gal had gotten gloriously naked and done quasi-lesbian things while the hubby directed and jerked off! Eating pussy and having hers eaten and the two women finger and toy fucking each other was neither great fun nor a turn off. For Sindora it was just something different.

She, however, did give her lady-friend a terrific BIG "O"! No one knows the female erotic psyche and genital landscape like another woman! For the sake of the masturbating man in attendance, Sin' faked her orgasm for his edification.

The man's "little boy" dick had amazing force and staying power behind it. Standing at his wife's feet while she gobbled Sin's pussy he fired his first load air-born with some of it landing on Sindora's chest four feet away!

Almost immediately, he climbed on board and began fucking his wife's vagina from behind while she was licking and servicing Sin's adorable pussy! He pounded his lady repeatedly, until Sin' began faking her own orgasm. That was his cue (and mine when she describes that scenario) to have a second cock eruption! (This one inside of his wife's twat.)

The trio had spent an hour at least, to achieve orgasms in triplicate and one for show. The hostess begged off at that point, wiped her snatch dry and left the room. This couple rarely watched each other fucking a different partner.

Leaving the room she turned and said with a knowing smirk, "Play nice you two... don't fight!" She was gone and Sindora was alone with the woman's husband. She had difficulty accepting the fact that her friend could graciously allow her man to fuck a VERY desirable "other" woman right under her nose!

That is exactly what happened for the next half hour or so. The nice looking man, naked with her, politely and earnestly asked Sindora IF she would have intercourse with him... IF she thought that she could let herself do that. No demands. No kissing above the shoulders... just sheer erotic pleasure. He'd understand if she couldn't!! He'd not brag about it to Calvin either.

"Shit," why shouldn't she at this point Sin' thought almost out loud... his wife had just finished a low cal lunch eating her pussy. The tongue-lashing hadn't produced a real climax for her but it did leave her sex organs in a state of high anxiety! She patted the empty space on the bed next to her and the host stretched out where she had indicated.

He was a nice enough man so screw Cal... besides... she was just horny enough to "DO IT"! She let him lead the way and do anything that he wanted with her. (AND, according to the things that she described at times, while she plays with my erection... he DID PLENTY!) In addition, was DAMNED GOOD at it as well!

My Sindora learned some new things from him. He didn't FUCK HER... he gave skilled sex. There is a difference! That time spent with him, puny erection and all, changed her sexual outlook on life!

He played her like a Stradivarius until she couldn't take any more. He knew she was "getting close" and asked her to take a doggy fuck position on the edge of the bed and keep on masturbating herself! "Keep your motor running, don't loose the urge!" He'd stand and fuck her from behind while she teased her clit over the top. She liked that position (still does) and continued fingering and spreading her pussy.

With his feet planted firmly on the floor, he could use his small erection to its best advantage! Boy did he ever! That was when the skilled lovemaking went from sensuous to unadulterated, passionate FUCKING for both of them. She rocked in counter point to his thrusts! She could feel the mass of her breasts swaying to and fro.

He held her pretty ass mounds apart and started on and IN her with rotary hip swiveling motions and then onto pounding her pussy with a purpose! (Ol' Cal had never done this to or for her before either!) 'Round and 'round the mulberry BUSH... !! His smallish cock was perfect for the "JOB"! GAWDAMIGHTY that felt GOOD! Her swollen clit was SCREAMING for RELEASE!!

Grasping her hips now... he began Jack hammering her slippery cunt! Several times, he popped out of her pussy and pushed his hard on back in barely missing a stroke. He'd angle it back and resume above the speed limit! He'd slam it back in place at times when his horny plunger lost its footing. He drove it into her mindlessly, blindly on its last escape!

OOPS! That time Sindora felt his erection enter her anus! (Just her slippery secretions and his for an anal lubricant!) In the blinking of an eye, he was IN her ASS up to his pubic hair!

Ass sex is the only kind of fucking that Sin' considered to be "dirty"! She wouldn't engage in it with Calvin... yet here she was with her host's hot meat invading her tail... and it felt surprisingly O.K. Her newly discovered erotic sensitivity "back there" was remarkably arousing. Maybe she would let Cal fuck her ass next time after-all.

AROUSING? "Oh FUCK me" she was over the edge and beginning a most fulfilling orgasm with a dick IN her hiney! She "came" with her finger on her genital start button while a cock hammered her sphincters! She could see them fucking in the dresser mirror. Her pretty breasts swayed while the duo did the naughtiest thing she had ever done! Her voyeur streak kicked in big time while she watched herself being ass fucked and enjoyed the view of her fucking him in unison!

It felt really good until... UNTIL his cock began polluting her ass hole with his dick snot! "Come" deposited anywhere on or IN her body was just fine and fun except for IN there! Pending that very moment of joint climaxes she'd not known of her phobia about sticky, gooey "COME" squirting INTO her ass!

As soon as Sin' felt his last spurt she dove down onto the bed in order to get his cock OUT of there! She rolled off the bed as agile as a gymnast and sprinted for the bathroom. She felt herself turning green around the gills!

She sat on the toilet, bearing down and trying to expel that nasty stuff in her butt hoping not to become ill. She couldn't eliminate all of it but not for trying. Some of it (too much of it) seeped into her panties on the way home.

Her accidental butt mate apologized profusely for having MATED with Sin's BUTT! IF he had known of her reaction to what he'd spilled in her, he would have used a condom! How could he know? She hadn't known of her reticence either until it happened! The first part was surprisingly sexy fun... the ending spurting IN her END was not!

She has had an ass fuck phobia about anything that can "come" in her tail ever since! Small toys, fingers and such do tease her rather nicely... beyond that, nope, nien, nyet! You may "come" IN her pussy, between her gorgeous tits, in her hand, or even IN her mouth if you must! BUTT not IN her ass! She has been known to allow a bit of strokin' and joking BETWEEN her tempting ass mounds until a fellow floods the rear valley with his pearl drops... just as long as he doesn't go any further! (Been there, DONE that with Sindora... oh YESSS. Gawd what a foxy ass on her! I care too much for my lovely Minx to pull an "OOPS" IN HER behind!) I'd like to, butt I wont!

Sindora went home after the threesome and showered. Calvin arrived home while she was toweling off her adorable little body. He found her sexiest underpants crumpled on the floor. She never wore those unless she was in a mood for fucking! "What in Hell have you been doing today?" To confirm his suspicions he found the fresh "come" still wet and sticky in the seat of those sexy undies!

The confrontation was an angry one! In self defense she hit him with a spitfire reply, "Hey Mr. Swinging dick... you wanted me to be your SWINGER wife didn't you? Well I did just that today... I FUCKED YOUR BUDDY AND HIS WIFE!! Ya happy now?" She was almost in tears!

After the shock wore off... Cal was suddenly happy, very happy! All the free-swinging pussy in town was his... his wife would go along with it, she had no choice now! He felt like a kid in a candy shop with an unlimited allowance to spend! He had NO CLUE as to why Sin' wouldn't bang HIM that night!

They continued swapping with that couple for a while longer. They would alternate houses and venues. One night the girls would take one husband each into separate bedrooms and screw them every way but loose. The next time one girl might take on both men while the "left over" female would do laundry and chores as if nothing unusual was happening elsewhere in her house. How the odd girl out could bear to not participate or at least supervise is beyond me! I couldn't possibly overhear my wife becoming a ravished, raving lunatic in another room, without wanting IN on her partying! I would be too horny to withstand the enforced celibacy! (She knows in fact, that all she needs to do is TELL me about some SNEAKY SWEET MASTURBATING she'd done that day, before I got home and I am "coming" all over her in no time!

She had filled me in not long ago about a "finger in pussy" event she'd had with herself an hour earlier at work no less! She had my pecker so riled up when she described SEXACTLY what she had done in the ladies room, that there was only time enough for her to pull her skirt up and clamp my erection between her thighs! She giggled while she let me dry hump her foxy legs and "come" between them! She is a good sport! Damned GOOD!) The coup de grace was watching my "juice" running down those desirable legs afterwards!

The female half of the pair they swung with was a dyed in the wool swapper. She had more hormones coursing through her veins than blood. She wasn't just enthusiastically loud when she was "coming..." she was known to SHREIK on the occasion of a really good one!

Sindora had been watching T.V. while the two men were tuning and plucking her friend's harp strings. She wasn't at all surprised to hear the gal begin her famous siren song. When the crescendo hit maximum decibels, it suddenly stopped in mid wail! Sin' had never heard the horny woman EVER stop like that... she didn't think that she could. (Sin' sure as Hell couldn't. A GOOD ORGASM never ends in mid sentence... does it? Not even if there's a cop tapping on your car window!)

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