Swing Sets

by Ron Chee

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, True Story, Swinging, Group Sex, First, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: A horny biography of my darling wife SINdora's, early erotic genesis. She was conned by her husband of the time into be'coming' a bartered bride. She was a swinger, a swapped wife.

© 2003

Swing Sets: A Horny True Biography Of My Sexy Wife's Erotic Past

The woman that I am crazy about (and have been for many years) is small in stature. If my wife lies about her height, she is exactly five foot tall.

This lovely lass (I'll call her Sindora) also has what some blue nosed prigs would call a sordid, checkered past! (I call it delightful!) She married at 18 and spent several years screwing just Calvin, her erstwhile new hubby. Then on a whim of his, she was tricked into fucking some of their friends and even a couple of their wives! You know the terminology... she had become a "swinger" a "Swapped wife"!

The lady in question is as cute as a button. Let me describe her attributes and you will see how and why others wanted her. (HAD to HAVE her in fact!) She is petite, in all ways, except for her chest decorations. Those magnificent mammaries were and still are awe inspiring... not huge but designed with eye catching and lip smacking pleasure in mind! More than a mouth full, slightly more than a hand full and fun to "come" between! Her nipples are a delicate shade of dusty rose and easily aroused. When she is "coming" so are they!!

The rest of her is curvy, from her toes to her earlobes. A lingering stop midway on the journey over her sexy form would show you a pussy that is so incredible, spread able and edible!!! You have seen myriads of snatches on the Internet... hers could put the rest out of business in the stunningly desirable department!

To further describe it... her Mons is full and softly rounded with the sexiest fur coat adorning it. Her labia are not visible within the valley of the Mons Venus... not until she is horny! Then her Labia Majora begin to play peek-a-boo, wet and warmly pink. Whether she spreads herself apart "down there" by way of invitation, or if I do it... her genital scenery becomes awesomely captivating. (Even several straight women have been smitten enough by her pussy to have lingered between her gorgeous legs in the past! They found it too alluring to pass up.)

We have some rather arousing photos of her spectacular beaver at rest and at play. Yet, in deference to her sensibilities I wont include those here. She has a responsible position (aside from the awe inspiring sexual ones) and I would be remiss at showing off her private charms these days! I am sure that your mind's eye can make up for the loss. Think pretty, think erotic and think eminently FUCKABLY, user friendly! Her gorgeous pussy would EAT YOU if it could!

If you need an assist with picturing her enviable pussy, imagine it surrounded with a delicate thatch of silky, dark blonde fur. Ya know, the kind of fur that I never mind picking out of my teeth and many other men didn't mind either! (No, I don't go to the dentist for a "hair cut!") Even her jaded Gynecologist gets an erection from examining her goodies!

Now that you are beginning to visualize the sexy woman's "charms," you may understand how she be"came" involved in the "sex on loan" arrangements! Albeit, unwittingly at first!

When she first married, Sin' was a virgin as was Cal. Both were young and he had no idea as to how to SATISFY a horny young wife and cure her erotic needs. His was a wham bam thank you Ma'am approach to fucking her. She ended up having to masturbate herself every time after he had fallen asleep, stifling her orgasmic sounds so as not to wake the man. Now and then, she'd have to slip out of bed and go to another room for a VERY rousing, boisterous finger fuck!

In spite of that drawback, they had a good enough life together otherwise.

Their social life was busy... she was indeed cute, bouncy and the life of any get -together. They were sought after by numerous friends... Sindora was the main attraction at home parties. No soiree was complete until the tiny woman flounced through the door... hubby in tow. Hostesses loved her bright and fun demeanor and because she never seriously flirted with their husbands. The men loved (and drooled over her) because she was for them, the epitome of a "DYN-O-MYTE piece of delectable ass." Sin' is what erotic fantasies of the "fuckable wife next door" are made of! (Later she be"came" a fucking and multi-fucked reality as well!)

She just wasn't sophisticated or worldly enough to see herself in that role... just yet. Her naivety added to her desirability... a wee slip of a spectacular girl to borrow and seduce if ever the chance arose! It added to her sweet attractiveness.

In fact, it was that part of her charm that first led a nervy friend to getting Calvin on the side at a party for a little "man talk." Cal by then was slightly tipsy and approachable. The guy was a coworker no less. Despite hemming and hawing, the man let on that he and his VERY SEXY wife were giving a "Swinger's" party next weekend. Wouldn't he and Sindora like to attend for the Hell of it?

"You know, drop in for drinks and maybe you and your WIFE just WATCH the first time?" the man had major HOTS for Sindora! In exchange and as an inducement, he offered his very "HORNY" attractive WIFE to Calvin for a bit of illicit pleasure... if he would agree to attend. "She'd LOVE to let you FUCK HER!"

"Just think about it... no need for a Yay or Nay right now... tell me at the office!"

Before the party ended, Mr. Swinger's tall willowy wife buttoned holed Calvin out of sight of the guests. She bared her breasts seductively and gave him a good cock-stiffening look. "Want these... and what goes with 'em? See ya at our house next week!" she tucked her tits back in with a sultry, smoky leer and walked away!

The idea of THAT woman willingly fucking him overrode Cal's judgment.

('Tis better to have fucked a SHORT than never to have fucked aTALL, Calvin old boy!)

That night at home after screwing himself senseless in Sindora's pretty twat he informed her that they had another party to attend next weekend. Conveniently, he neglected to say what "kind of party" was in the offing!

During the week preceding the event, Cal had a load of nervous questions to ask of his coworker. "What could he expect?" "Would every one be naked and fucking when they walked in?" "How do I get my wife to go along with this?" Plus dozens more.

He was informed that,..." no one would be nude or even engaged in anything off the wall, this wasn't an orgy for cat's sake!" In fact, for new "comers," they usually kept it low key to start. A little smokin' and jokin' to loosen inhibitions, a few hands of poker... (That game would conveniently turn to strip poker.) He and his wife usually fold early, throwing the game and having lost their clothes, she lets him do a little "unanticipated" pussy tickling and pokin' for the rest of the card players to observe. "You know how it is... swept away by the moment... unbridled passion and your wife gets a free show!"

By then, according to him, every one still left vying for poker supremacy is too wrecked and too ERECT and no one usually gave a shit who fucked whom! Down went the cards and IN went the dicks wherever a bit of privacy could be found! The host and hostess plus, two men and two women at the table losing their shirts and knickers and possibly an alternate couple standing by, getting naked by default... four bed rooms, four living room and patio couches... you do the math! Sufficient romper rooms available.

The party went as planned to start. Sindora had never played strip poker but was game. She was a certified nudist and spent time at several sun worshipping establishments... she had no qualms about displaying her nicely tanned, cute figure. She wasn't a sexual exhibitionist per se she just had no problem with nudity. Anyway, the poker game just might be fun. She was good at it and figured that she'd end up with all of her garments at the other's expense anyway!

Sindora had even seen some porn flicks and found those to be enjoyable... thus, when her host and hostess began petting and getting raunchy for the others to see, she was startled but nothing more. Horny people in love are apt to do THAT when they are naked together she rationalized. Besides, it was their house... she figured that they could do whatever they jolly well NEEDED to do! (Secretly, their antics turned her on, a live porn film for her to watch!) She should have been watching her cards; she lost her shirt and everything else.

By the time, Cal began fondling her enticing exposed chest, Sindora didn't mind... nor was she overly alarmed when another man began nuzzling her shoulders and neck. She was, as promised, just wrecked enough to not be on guard. The dooby had made its way around the table several times by then. She had a nice buzz going and her host and hostess were leaning over the table and fucking in earnest just inches from her face now! She wondered if HER own pussy looked as arousing with Cal's hard cock in it.

She'd never seen a LIVE cunt with a hard on sliding in and out before. Her own cunt was getting tantalizingly wet too! She was all for taking Cal in another room and royally FUCKING his brains out! (Just as soon as the couple screwing right there were done! She didn't want to miss one iota of this!) Hey, a few tokes of "Mary Jane" can do that to a girl! She was getting off over what SEEMED to be a bit of IMPROMPTU SEX! No telling when this opportunity would ARISE again. It must have been the smoke veiling her judgment... Sin' snuck a quick feel of the guy's balls while he banged his wife right there at her elbow!

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