12 Ways I Would Take You (pomes)

by Titmouse

Caution: This Poem Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, True Story, .

Desc: Poem Sex Story: I call these things pomes, not poems, to stay away from the artsy-fartsy idea. These were written for a very good friend.

© 2003

For Sharon, who does this to me
Then and now


Up against a wall
holding your wrists
behind your back
with one hand
while my other touches
you there and there
wherever I want.
My mouth covers yours
and muffles your cries.


Savagely just inside the door
kicking it shut with my foot
and pulling down your
pants and panties
ignoring blouse and bra and breasts
pushing you to your knees
bending you over the bed
and entering you from behind
a little dry at first but
soon very wet.


Softly, slowly, sleepily
like lovers awakening
in the night. Starting with
soft kisses that become
more insistent and hungry
until I must have you again
and crawl over you
and between your legs
and inside your soft warmth.
You cling to me
your arms around my neck
your middle pushing up
to take me deep
stroking me, pulling me,
and finally draining me.
I fall asleep inside you.


With tongue and teeth
I trace across your body
from the lobes of your ears
and the hollows of your neck
to the pillows of your breasts
and the plains of your stomach
biting, kissing, licking, sucking
down to the delta at your middle
down almost there
but passing by along your thighs
nibbling downward to the
hollow of your knees
down still to the tender skin
between tendon of heel
and bone of ankle
to your toes, sucking them,
licking the crotch between them
biting the arch of your foot
and retracing my way
slowly agonizingly back
upward leg by leg
higher slowly higher
you know I am coming for you
wanting me to hurry but
trembling in anticipation
until my face presses aside
your thighs and my mouth
burrows between them
and my tongue and lips
find you wet and open
and the little sailor
standing in the boat.
I lick his head. I sweep the boat.
You cry out and press my head
into your center, clenching my ears
between your thighs.


Passionately, furiously,
pulling off your clothes
without concern for buttons
pressing deep commanding kisses
urgently demanding that
you give me what I want -
if you want it too
it is no concern of mine -
pushing you back onto the bed
pushing your knees apart
pushing between your thighs
and pushing my raging hardness
into your softness, into your cave,
into your wet and welcoming hole.
Dimly, I hear you cry out
but I care only for me
and I hammer away in Eve's garden
until I explode.


Take me in your mouth, I whisper,
use your lips and tongue on me
lick me and suck me
and stroke me with your hand
slide me into your wet warm mouth
press me with your lips
tease the underside of the head
with the roughness of your tongue
and pump my length
with your tight gripping fingers
sliding in the slipperiness
of your own saliva
pull me into you
nurse on me
eat me like a hungry baby
suck me squeeze me
until I shoot my seed
down your throat.


I pretend to be asleep
maybe unconscious
lying on my back
my legs sprawled open
and this time you are
the one who ravishes
this time you are the taker
and I the taken.
You do not have to ask me
What I have is yours
You touch my rod
and it stirs
You taste it and it rises
You slide your hand
along its length
and it grows longer and harder.
My eyes remain closed.
You crawl over me
and guide me to the place
nudging the head between the lips
working it back and forth
to spread your wetness on me
and then rising on your knees
sink slowly backward
ease up and press down again
and after several spreading tries
press me all the way up your tunnel
press your middle against mine
press your belly against my stomach
press your yin around my yang
and rock me there
around and around
back and forth
in and out.
You lower your breasts
onto my chest
You slide your hands
under my limp shoulders
and pull me against you
You hunch and twist your hips
and feel the feeling start
too soon too soon.

But I have not come
and lie there passive
except for the thorn
that still pierces you.
And so you begin again
intending to serve me
to make me come
but instead you feel it rise
inside you again
and soon you have
no more thought for me.
I am only your pleasure thing
and you rock and press
and slide and shove me
in and out oh in and out
and deep so deep
your clit rubbing my pubic bone
and once again you use me
you shake and shudder against me
you cry and gasp above me
only dimly aware that my arms
have risen behind you
and are pulling your hips down
impaling you on my thrusting pole
as I come into your deep.


In the middle of a meadow
with tall grasses and butterflies
and birds in the trees around
with warm sun on a Navajo blanket
colorful beneath your pale arms.
I open your blouse with the big buttons
and kiss the valley between your breasts.
I slide my hand under your long skirt
raising it above your knees
and trace my fingers upward
to your steaming lovebox.
My fingers penetrate you
tease you stir you enflame you.
I roll you on top of me and sit up.
Your skirt covers us both
as I open my pants and free myself
and find your opening and slip inside.
You put your arms around my neck
and hunch forward until I am
embedded as deeply as possible within you.
The birds sing for us as we
find the magic again.

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