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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, True Story, Masturbation, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: Now this one is real, more or less. It didn't happen to me though. It was a friend of mine. I haven't told him I wrote this story about it. Maybe he'll see it one day.

I turned up at the party fairly early. I usually did. These guys knew how to do this properly, and they were always worth the effort.

My normal plan was to drink too much, make a fool of myself, and then get depressed as the guests left in happy pairs, leaving me pretending to be Mr Smiley, horny as hell, and too drunk to do anything about it.

Tonight was a little different though. Just after I turned up, and had only had a single beer, one of the guys introduced me to his former roommate, a gorgeous redhead, with a brilliant smile and bright eyes.

"Alan, this is Mary. Could you show her where everything is? I've got to put some more beer in the fridge, okay?"

It was still early, and not many people had arrived, so I was the only person he could choose for the task, but nonetheless I was impressed.

"Sure. Hi Mary. Come on over here. You want a beer?"

"Yeah, sure. Thanks Alan. So how do you know these guys then?"

"Oh, I worked with Mike a few years ago, and now they regard me as party furniture. They tell me I'm insurance, just in case no one else turns up."

"Oh, so they do this quite often?"

"Well, every few months, anyway. They like to party, and this house is the perfect place. It belongs to Mikes uncle, and he's away overseas, so they have it all to themselves."

So there we were, sitting on the sofa, drinking a quiet beer. As the party progressed, we both went off to speak to other people at times, but kept coming back. I was finding out more and more about Mary all the time, and she kept asking questions about me as well.

She was single, having broken up with a long term boyfriend a few months ago, but gave the impression she wasn't keen for another relationship. Never mind, at least I would get to spend a little time with her.

As the party progressed, I drank a lot less than I normally would. I didn't want to put her off, and I didn't start pretending to play the drums either. Around 2AM, most of the noisy types went home, and some out-of-town people wanted to crash in the lounge, so we moved out to the kitchen. The table and chairs had been removed to make more room, so we sat on cushions on the vinyl floor. There were about a dozen of us sitting around roughly in a circle, just chatting and putting the world to rights.

Mary sat down next to me, and leaned against me, and eventually grabbed my hand, but she had already told me she wasn't interested in disappearing for some sex with someone she'd just met, so I was behaving myself, and just held her hand.

Mike came into the room at some stage, and said that he was completely exhausted and was going to bed, and would we like some blankets? He had a pile of them, and we could either sit on them, or spread them over our laps for warmth.

Purely by chance, or at least that's what I thought at the time, Mary and I had to share the last blanket. Mary decided that it would be better spread over us, and she snuggled a little closer so that it would be big enough.

As the time went by, a number of people drifted off to sleep, and we were left talking to a long term couple opposite us, who were sitting on their blankets, not even touching, and two girls to my left, who were covered by a blanket, but obviously not interested in each other.

As the conversation slowed down, I suddenly felt Mary's hand on my leg, under the blanket. I looked at her, and she just smiled, said nothing, and moved her hand closer to my thighs, and slowly started to massage my crotch through my trousers. I looked at her again, but she was looking at the people she was discussing decorating with, across the room. Suddenly her hand let go of me, and her fingers unzipped my trousers, and removed my semi-hard penis from it's confinement. I was stunned, but tried hard to continue the conversation.

Then Mary's hand left my trousers again, and I felt her hand take hold of mine, and slowly move it over between her legs, under her skirt. As she ran my fingers up her leg and into the hot area between, I realised she had no panties on. She must have removed them under the blanket without me knowing. She placed my hand on her pussy, and pushed firmly, indicating that I should take care of things down there, and then smiled sweetly at me.

I was stunned. Here was this nice sweet girl, who had already indicated sex was out of the question, pushing my fingers into her cunt, in front of these strangers, on the kitchen floor, whiles discussing wallpaper. Anyway, stunned or not, I took advantage of the situation, and started to rub her gently, easing my fingers in and out of her. She was very wet and hot in there, and as she spread her legs as far as she could, I had very good access.

Mary's hand returned to my by now very hard cock, and started to stroke it, as I rubbed her, both of us determined that no one could tell what was going on under the blanket. Eventually she started to move a little under my hand, and I knew she was close, so I slowed down a little. I didn't want this to end too fast.

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