Hot Tamale

by Ron Chee

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, True Story, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: My erotic days and nights living with a wonderful, high priced call girl. Tammy was a delighfully goofy and lovable sprite.<br>I think that you will find her to be memorable ... she certainly is for me! (For those that are willing to write after reading this I will tell you where to find a few pictures on the internet that though antique could very well be her in the nude!)

© 2003

True memoirs of living and loving with a call girl... Muy Pimienta!

If you have read "GOING LIKE 60" (The inadvertent Hooker) and did not fall asleep or fall off your chair while masturbating... or laughing (I should be so talented and lucky!) then you will remember how and where I met 'Tammy', the entire and wonderful subject of this essay.

She was completely "starkers" as our British cousins would say, giving and getting mouth to pussy resuscitation on the living room couch of her employer... (That person being the owner / madam of a top dollar escort service.) The other girl was equally exposed and returning the good deed between Tammy's legs.

That was a sight of Tammy forever burned into my memory! First impressions do last!

Subsequently I met the attractive lass twice again. The third and prophetic meeting when she arrived at my place for an arranged publicity photo shoot. The escort service owner (Ms. Madam... Ms. 'M' for short) had sent her over as she had with her other "Sexual Service Technicians".

The photos were to be "tasteful nudes" ultimately used for titillating the client(s) that Tammy "serviced". The pictures were not to be hard core or risqué enough to get her busted for "possession of PORN" at the Fontainebleau Hotel or elsewhere on her rounds! Ultimately I would have to say that those were "TASTY NUDES"!!

Tammy worked only the better high rent addresses in the area... she never went to the "No Tell Motels" that proliferated on Biscayne Boulevard across the bay in Miami. (Too dangerous) She was strictly "on call"... Tammy never picked up "clients" at hotel bars either. In addition, never, NEVER on the street! She may have had goofy, impulsive and delightfully silly streaks... but she was NOT stupid! She was in fact bright and very intuitive!

Shortly after our third meeting began, Tammy was in the buff and ready to pose. She was Mexican by birth emigrated to the U.S. quite young and grew up (or tried to) in the North East. She did not remember but enough of her native language to get into trouble but not out of it again.

As to looks,... she was possessed of sultry, smoky eyes and a figure to love and lust for. The best tit doctor in Dade County had skillfully enlarged the girl's upper adornments. (She had been in a subsequent horrific car accident. The reminder of that being an eight-inch crescent Keloid scar scribing the top of her right breast.) In time, I found that visible palpable wound to be very arousing to the touch or at my tongue tip. It made me hurt for her and feel protective! The shattered windshield had sliced deeply into the breast. The glass had narrowly missed the silicone filling.

Tammy possessed a thick head of dark brunette hair. (Naturally curly locks that fell well below her shoulders.) Her eye color matched her hair. She was what our grand parents would call a "sloe eyed" beauty. (That is such a wonderful description, pity it has fallen into disuse!) Long luxurious lashes framed her sexy bedroom eyes.

The girl's attractive face was oval with prominent cheekbones... hinting of her ancient native heritage, possibly Mayan or Aztec, she didn't know for certain. Like the women of that region, Tammy's waist was not wasp narrow. She wasn't chubby or even fluffy... the nude lady reclining before my camera was close coupled and lushly curvy. Her beaver bush was neatly trimmed to a thick heart shape. In time, it became my task to help keep it properly pruned! I loved being HER pussy's "tonsorial artist"!

Tammy's skin had a gorgeous, very sexy coppery radiance.

Beyond her physical attractiveness,... the twenty four year old had the most engaging sometimes wacky and appealing personality. She loved people and men in particular and it showed. For our too brief time together, I never once unearthed a mean spirited bone in her body! Even when clients occasionally abused her, Tammy was pragmatic about it and forgave them. She understood sexual frenzy and kinks... she had MUCH SEXperience with her own versions of those!

If you would like to see a girl that could be Tammy or her identical twin, take time to surf the porn sites that specialize in ANTIQUE NUDES. Look for a girl with a mass of dark hair posing in front of a large dark wood framed oval mirror. She is sitting; her legs are swept under, whorls of light colored fabric beneath the model. She will be gazing at you through the looking glass. The same sultry gaze that Tammy often fixed upon me she gives to those that can find her.

In one or two pictures, the dark eyed beauty sits facing us the mirror is gone, replaced by more filmy material draped behind her. The some versions of the pictures are appropriately sepia toned commensurate with its antiquity.

You will see the girl alternately front and rear. The breasts on display in the silver coated glass are just a bit smaller than Tammy's, yet as desirably shapely! Though that girl is now no doubt someone's great grandmother or perhaps gone altogether... for me she IS TAMMY! Good luck, good hunting, whoever she is... she is worth the search. I know where the remarkable images are and sometimes pay a momentary visit with her rather wistfully these days! The resemblance is eerie to the point of spookiness!

Tammy had never posed for a professional nudie photographer before. She had however, two shoe boxes filled with VERY naughty, graphic Polaroid's that her fiancée and some girlfriends had taken. Yes, Tammy was spoken for.

Those pictures were extremely arousing to look at but too RAW for self-promotional purposes. Between scanning those snaps and looking at the unclothed girl in my company, I had developed an erection that was probably number one million and sixty-nine in my lifetime. Tammy would give me one million more of those starting very soon! (Plus a wealth of 'sixty-nine'!)

The immediate electrical energy between us was what creates good erotic photos. Tammy had not the slightest of inhibitions and wanted 'hands on' posing instructions. My directives to 'Move your arm here', 'Pet and love your titties' or 'Tilt your head this way' did not cut it with her.

If her tits or other anatomical goodies needed her personal attention on film... the response was "C'mere an' show me!" Tammy wasn't stupid or slow... she could have posed herself... she was just having "hands on" FUN. (Hey, so was I... her pretty body was delightful to feel! And FEEL UP! A nice a perk of the job when a model openly invited that!)

'Just a couple of more shots Hon' and we're done' I told her. I had shown her how I wanted her to place a hand over her furry beaver "heart" to hide the pubic thatch and her tempting SLIT demurely... yet look like she was masturbating. A little mystery about what is hiding beneath her hand can be as much of a turn-on as wantonly displaying her snatch. A couple of shutter clicks and the last pose was on deck.

"Aw, come back here and lets put our hands on my pussy again!"

She was always loveably full of piss and vinegar! Life was meant to be FUN!! "Don't take it seriously... you wont get out of it alive anyway!" was Tammy's attitude.

The last shots were to be of Tammy gently and seductively cupping and lifting a breast in supplication. The result to be an offer to those seeing the photo, "Like my breast? You can have it if you've been a VERY GOOD boy!" (Or GIRL in Tammy's case! She wasn't particular. If a 'SHE' was horny, Tammy could kiss and make it better too!) Tammy gazed at her unknown admirer through her upper lashes almost shyly.

Once again from her, "Show me!" I held her hand, placed it below her breast, palm up and made slight upward pressure. 'Like this, O.K.?'

To which Tammy responded, "Ooh, nice... maybe my nipples should be hard too? Would that look sexier?" She had a valid point (two of them in fact)! I told her that she had a good idea. Men have been known to cream their pants just over a hard set of upstanding female ninnies! Hard nipples on parade equal, "I'M HORNY, PLEASE FUCK ME!" in male fantasies doesn't it?

"SO, what are you waiting for? Tease 'em UP!" She could have done THAT herself couldn't she? I'm liking this silly nymph more by the minute! Tammy was proving herself a foxes "FOX"!

I wet a fingertip with my tongue and began scribing circles and figure eights around one dark areole and its nipple and then the next. I blew on each wet nipple chilling them until both were sufficiently provoked and perky. While I am pursuing the nipple raising, chore Tammy is making exaggerated comically orgasmic noises and distorted horny funny faces at me while my face was scant inches from her desirable breasts.

Tammy released the plastic filled breast and her hand shot out quick as a snake's strike. She grabbed my hard-on through my pants. That was followed by a surprise full-mouthed kiss. A LOOOONNNNGGGG hungry kiss with feeling!

Tammy relinquished possession of my mouth long enough to say, "Holy cow it turns me on to have my nipples teased... I like you Ron, have since the first time I saw you... do you like me... I'm really horny... wanna fuck? Want some of lil' Tammy? Taking naughty pictures makes me HOT! I wont tell!"

She knew that I wanted to fuck her... she had the proof of THAT in her hand! She also knew that I didn't fuck with my models... not very often anyway!

I was on the horns of a dilemma and the 'dilemma' wanted MY HORN inside her pussy! I started to ask, 'What about your boyfriend... what would he think?' Then thought better of it... Tammy was a grown woman, I'd let her do what she wanted. She had me too hot to refuse her advances.

Besides, she was back to vacuuming my tonsils, her arm was tightly looped around my neck and pulling me tighter, possesively... I couldn't have gotten a word in edgewise or escaped her clench.

Tammy also knew in extreme detail how her industrial sized boss lady had banged me for half the night and she had been on hand when I returned from my mission as the "Inadvertent hooker"! She was well aware that Ms 'M' and her older client Rachel had no complaints about my sexual aptitude!

Tammy's kissing was intensely warm, slow and passionate. She kissed everything a man has that's worth tasting. I can't begin to tell you how much sexually aggressive women turn me on. With them, there is no question about intent or consent! (When I was young, I gave thought to becoming a weatherman... I wanted the ability to look into a girl's eyes and be able to tell "WHETHER"!!!)

There was no question about WHETHER Tammy would or not... it was a matter of WHAT "CAME" next! (We DID that's what! Hang on I'm getting there!) We had begun the posing and shooting about early afternoon; our last orgasms arrived after sunset! Newly weds could not have sucked, suckled, fingered and flat out fucked the way we did.

Tammy had turned me into more of a blithering idiot than I usually was in day-to-day life! I told myself not to get too excited... she did have a personal 'honey' of her own hiding in the woodpile somewhere! I just couldn't figure WHY she had screwed me to near oblivion if there really was such a man out there.

Exaggerating her own faint Mexican accent just to be silly she told me, "Ay man, ees my yob!" by way of explaining our seemingly impromptu naked rendezvous despite her boy friend. For her it was "mind over matter" he didn't mind and thus it didn't matter! She could screw whomever she NEEDED to screw with his blessings! Tammy made damned sure that he got PLENTY of SCREWING from her AND HER GIRLFRIENDS to offset her erotic peccadilloes!

Tammy left after getting dressed. At the door she provided another long sensuous lip wrestling match then said, "Thanks, see ya'." I thought, 'Yeh, sure'. She'd had a fling on the side (and in front, behind and every other place my dick mouth, or fingers would fit!). She'd SCORED and I'd not see HER again any time soon.

WRONG!!! The following late morning... Tammy was tapping lightly at my door. I could see through the frosted jalousie glass that she wasn't alone. Upon opening the door there stood as good a lay as money, love or lust could buy and a GIANT by her side!

"Ron, this is my fiancée Paul. Can we come in?" OH SHIT, I am six foot tall and this knocker is a head taller than I am! In panic all, I could figure was that he was here to tear off some pieces of me for the lengthy "piece" Tammy had given me yesterday! (I'm thinking, 'Christ girl, why did you TELL HIM! I'm dead meat!')

On entering Tammy said, "WE have a proposition for you!" Paul's handshake was surprisingly cordial and not the bone crusher one would expect from a man his size. Paul also seemed subdued for some reason... hardly angry and that was a relief to note. He seemed almost gloomy enough for tears.

Paul was in the construction trades. If he left for Seattle like yesterday there was a big money job waiting for him. That project could be parlayed into a permanent supervisory position. The entire deal would take two to three months and then he would swing back this way and pick up Tammy and dead head back to the Pacific Northwest with her at his side.

Could Tammy bunk in with me while he was away was the question. The proposition was that if I took care of her and provided safe companionship she'd TAKE CARE of ME!

She would buy or pay me for her share of the groceries and rent, plus cook and clean too.

(I had to squelch the offer of any kind of payment(s). Tammy had never run afoul of the law during her years as a call girl, yet I didn't want to take the chance on being charged with "Living off the earnings of a prostitute" if she was busted! I'd bail her out if needed but who would bail me out?)

She 'worked' nights, I worked days and we'd seldom be in each other's hair. Tammy promised that there would be no FEMALE stuff littering the bathroom or hanging from the shower curtain rod.

The fuck-a-thon the day before had been a compatibility test of sorts. I don't know if they had a plan "B" in the event that I couldn't accommodate plan "A". She knew that after yesterday and the promise of MORE I would not likely turn them down! (Men are so easy to manipulate when pussy is involved aren't we?)

They had already closed out their apartment, turned in the keys and put furnishings and other items into storage. I felt odd saying 'yes' in front of her boyfriend. Thinking, 'Oh sure move her right in and thanks for letting me FUCK your Honey while you're out of town?' sounded bizarre when I ran it through my mind.

I did say yes and within thirty minutes or so most of Tammy's clothes and personal effects had been off loaded from her prized vintage Nash station wagon. Paul's pick up truck was loaded to the gunwales for his journey west.

After hanging the girl's clothing in the spare bedroom closet Paul was back in his truck and waiting for her. Tammy whispered, "I'm gonna take him to dinner, a dirty movie at the Pink Pussy Kat and then to a motel. Don't wait up unless you want to. I'm gonna give him a super adios FUCK! That could take a while!"

She pocketed the spare key and was off, singing softly to herself, "Hi ho, hi ho, we're off to see the show... ya pay two bits to see two tits... hi ho, hi ho, hi ho... !" The titty ditty was forced bravado on her part.

Trying to cook my own dinner with distracting thoughts of the major fucking I'd had yesterday from adorably naked Tammy getting in the way didn't work! I burned most of it. 'Ah screw it, ketchup fixes anything!'

After gagging my dinner down, I parked my ass in the recliner and ruminated. What had I just done? Was it a good deed or a purely selfish act on my part? I should have been sorting and cataloging the week's photo negatives and proof sheets but just couldn't concentrate long enough for the tedious job.

I did pull out Tammy's proofs and scanned them carefully. I fell asleep in the chair with a hard-on for my efforts! There was something extraordinary about the cute, curvy naked girl in those pictures. Her effervescent personality showed through, as did a sense of erotic naivety. She exuded a feeling to the viewer that every sexual encounter for her was NEW, exciting and deserved her complete devotion.

The affection she lets us see was for the person, looking at her while she was looking back at them! Amateur model or not... Tammy's persona on film and in life was guileless regardless of her 'profession'.

I woke to the sensation of someone kissing my forehead and rubbing my shoulders. I had not heard Tammy come in. Instinctively I reached up and touched her hand and then her face in the dark. Her cheek was wet. She had cried the entire ten miles home from the motel and was trying not to show it. Paul was on the road west, driving through the night.

Sniffling she asked, "Where can I sleep?" I offered the bed to her and said that I would be just fine right here. I wasn't about to take advantage of her miserable state of affairs. I sleep naked and didn't trust myself to totally behave. I'd let her be until she said otherwise... if she ever did. (I was still incredulous over the offer to "Take care" of her in all senses of the phrase!) I figured that one fuck from her was a fluke. More than that was unlikely. I definitely did not know how differently Tammy's mind worked from 'ordinary' women! Not yet anyway!

Tammy said, "No you CAN'T sleep out here"... she was crying more openly now. "Stay with me, could you hold me... I'm feeling all fucked up... I need that. Please?" A very large snuffle and she wiped her runny nose and wet cheeks with the back of her hand saying, "That sure is lady like isn't it? Got any tissues?"

She slept fitfully. I've been where she was right then too many times. 'Good luck kid, I couldn't do what you are doing right now' I thought. I'm the sort that needs to crawl off and lick my romantic wounds in solitude. Tammy needed the solace of a warm physical presence to help her "... make it through the night" as the words to the old country song so aptly intone. I had a love hate relationship with that piece of music! Too many sad memories were what it evoked from me.

I did my best to provide the unquestioning company she needed. I did not hit on her then or for the next several days. She did not need that from me or from anyone. Tammy had taken a short leave from her 'job' as well. The girl needed space and headroom to work her way out of her blue funk. She wasn't ready to be the bubbly whore with a heart of gold again just yet, either.

Tammy spent some time playing 'house wife' in an attempt to clear her head. I let her talk out her 'temporary loss' and that seemed to help. She couldn't speak much Spanish but she sure as Hell could cook a mean Mexican dinner... from scratch! How Paul could have left this girl behind amazed me, yet they had no choice from what she told me about his job. He'd be flying low and moving about all over the state of Washington. No one place to hang his hat or hers.

Several days and nights passed, Tammy was feeling better about her situation. After all, it wasn't permanent. I didn't have to hit on her... she made the first move.

With morning sunlight peeking through the window, Tammy woke me by sitting stark naked on the bed with a mug of coffee in her hand and boldly massaging my bone through the bedclothes with the other. "Want coffee and screwing... or fucking and coffee?", I opted for the coffee and... first. Accepting the mug from her, I sat up and balanced myself cross-legged. I was taking time to enjoy the spectacular view of her nudity while she tinkered with my erection!

"O.K., be like that!" she said with a lewd smirk. Tammy pulled the sheet back and said, "Let's see how long you LAST with me doing THIS!" She stretched out tits down and began eating my 'sausage' for her breakfast! I tried to sip the coffee while feeling and watching her giving head. I couldn't, gulping the mug dry I set it aside!

Tammy lifted her face to me and said, "I'm baaaaaack!" She really was! The original, naughty, horny 'TAMMY' had found her way out of the depressive loss induced state of mind. There really was no deep-seated reason to grieve longer. Her guy was not gone forever. She was pleased and impressed that I had not insisted on taking her share of the rent out in trade until she was ready.

Impulsively I ran my fingers through her luxurious sexy hair while her head eased up and down.

That morning's sexual interlude with her was equally impressive! Tammy not quite in jest said, "I have NEVER gone this long without an orgasm in my life!"

We helped her make up for lost time! If the horny human body could do it... we tried. That morning's sex was a "Getting to know you" series of events! The legendary Mr. Stanley and Doctor Livingston hadn't had half the 'adventures' we did at 'exploring' each other's bodies and psyches!

We had gotten ourselves so wonderfully sticky, gooey and slippery from end to end that we showered together. "Aw why not?", Tammy said out of the clear blue bending over under the streaming water. It really is erotic to slip it IN from behind while a woman is taking care of 'business' by hand in front! The sensations of showering didn't hurt our ribald cause either. "Lemme fuck you again, wanna?!" she offered gripping the soap rack. Ooh, she FELT GOOD! And sounded sooo erotic 'coming' noisily echoing in the confines of the shower.

The adorable girl wasn't quite insatiable... but not far from it either! After being given the privilege of soaping her up and rinsing her off... we 'came' together and had to repeat the lathering. Well, around her pussy at least. That part of her pretty anatomy had received another messy dollop of goop from me!

Tammy was proud of her silicone stuffed knockers. She never wore a bra. "Let those kittens have some breathing room" was her motto when it came to those. She loved to go out to eat at any well air-conditioned beanery. The colder the room the better she liked it.

It tickled her to know that her headlights were on 'HIGH BEAM' from the chill. It delighted her even further to catch men ogling her stiff nipples and nifty knockers through a thin garment! Invariably a waiter would ask her TITS what THEY wanted from the menu! Her boobies were hard NOT to look at and talk to! I ought to know... I talked to them all the time, which cracked up Tammy!

Tammy also got a kick out hearing some blue nosed old prude saying (usually in a stage whisper), "SHE SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF HERSELF, HOW OBSCENE!" The chastisement of course, was designed for Tammy to overhear!

She on the other hand had nothing to be ashamed of... she'd paid good money for what nature hadn't quite provided, BIG TITS like those the complainant was sporting. (Often sagging half way down to their knees.) Tammy's were FAR prettier and her breasts would be little girl firm for life and in the here after!!

As with a few other female friends in the "business" that I have known... Tammy did think of herself as a 'sex surrogate' of sorts. She liked people and enjoyed 'helping' them. I have known precious few other persons in any occupation that ENJOYED their work as much as she did! Quite literally, she 'got off' on it. (Or 'GOT OFF' as soon as she arrived home!)

Tammy had a ritual about THAT. When she walked in from a 'job', she would head straight for the bathroom, strip and then douche in the bathtub. Though she NEVER permitted sex without condoms while working, she NEEDED to flush her pussy as soon as she was home. The hour, day or night did not matter. (In time, she invited me to apply a few douche jobs to her pussy in the tub! Those often ended with a cramped urgent fuck right there!)

Ladies, if you have never allowed your guy to slip a douche nozzle in your horny whossiss and then flush it out, try it sometime. That as foreplay is marvelous fun! Tammy avowed that it was like getting fucked with a min-dick and a giant squirting orgasm from it to follow.

When she had drizzled the last drops of Massengill from her twat and patted it dry she would charge out of the litter box and in playful earnest, attack me! Sucking and fucking some, other man's unit until he filled the rubber turned her on magnificently.

I had to be prepared to stay up or wake up and spend an hour romping in her pussy. (Tough work but someone had to do it. Might as well be ME!) On rare occasions, rather than wake me if it was really late Tammy would lightly grasp my dick while I slept and quietly finger herself to satisfaction.

On at least one such planned 'do it herself' episode Tammy reached out and discovered a good nocturnal erection waiting! I thought that I was having the best wet dream ever!

The lusty lass sat on my cock very gently and with as little movement as possible masturbated her clit until she quietly blew her lid off! When I began to stir, she started riding the wild pony bare back in earnest!

Having stifled her own erotic and natural body motions while masturbating with an erection imbedded UP her was like an exercise from the pages of the Kama Sutra. To sublimate one's being and not move a muscle while 'coming' was a completely new experience of orgasmic release for her. Normally she could be very vocal and rather mobile during her climaxes.

What occurred for Tammy was an intense orgasm that bequeathed another. At the moment she knew that I had awakened, she ground our crotches together feverishly. "Hi sleepy head... betcha can't guess what your dick and I have been DOING?"

I don't know, nor did she how long it took for her first sneaky orgasm to arrive. What I do know is that I had just gotten the best wake up call a man (or woman) could ever have! She had me pinned so that only she could fuck while I remained captive beneath her. I just held her hips and let her have her way. I didn't even DARE play with her breasts while she screwed... one handful of either or both and I'd be a goner... as it was I barely lasted as long as she required!

I ran my hands up and down her back, stroked her flexing and thrusting ass and petted her thighs. My fate was in her hands and imbedded well inside her sexy pussy! If she pushed and thrust to get me any deeper, my balls would have been in her talented cunt as well!

The second of her orgasms was the charm. There is nothing like hugging and feeling a woman at her wildest most aroused moment. Tammy let me pull her tight and she let it RIP! Her 'second coming' was pure magic! Her pussy felt as though it was sucking my hard-on... ultimately sucking the 'come' out of me by the pails full!

Obviously, that is an exaggeration as to the quantity. It was more like a tablespoon... I know that because Tammy swung around and ground her twat into my face for the last few seconds of her pussy spasms! She pumped out most of what I had just propelled INTO her and then slithered her wet dripping pussy all over my face! Any more 'come' leaking from her exceptional twat and she would have drowned me!

One nice side note about our sex, Tammy never felt the need to douche after I had left a raw unprotected load of semen directly IN her delicious love nest. My collection of personal liquid proteins in her seemed to be the ultimate of affectionate closeness. No condoms were allowed on my cock inside of her!

One might not think of a 'professional' woman as having her own sexual fantasies and kinks. Such women have seen and done it all... not much left to fantasize about. Not so, with Tammy, she had rampant erotic imaginings. The girl acted out as many of those that she could.

It wasn't long into our 'relationship' that I became the brunt and beneficiary of her personal kinks. Tammy, as IS with my naughty SINdora, was a first class voyeur! Among other things, she really enjoyed asking for and then watching me masturbating. That turned her on sufficiently to join in and do likewise with her clit.

You may recall that earlier in the essay Tammy teasingly asked, "Can I photograph THAT when we're done?" referring to the erection straining at the front of my pants while I was photographing her. The very same erection that she ultimately GRABBED and fucked.

The cute, adorable nut case really DID want to peek at my hard-on and other parts through the camera. She managed to tap into my natural male Peacockery within a week or two of her initial inquiry... I let her do it. (What man doesn't wish that his nudity and his erection on display were sufficient reason for a woman to become ravenously stimulated because of what he's showing her? For most women it doesn't work that way... with Tammy and my SINdora it did... and it does, present tense!)

First were some simple close up photos of the erection that she had taunted to its turgid state. Then pics of it being whacked off were on her agenda. She graduated from that to extreme close up snaps of 'come' squirting from the end of my dick. Tammy had a good eye and timing to capture 'Vesuvius' erupting on film.

All the while that she was peering through the lens and tripping the shutter Tammy was usually DEEPLY involved in her own masturbating. On some of those occasions, she would be toy fucking her wet twitching twat to assure her orgasm... and mine for her to catch on film!

The vibrator in her slit gave Tammy an idea or three. She knew all about my older woman mentor Tina, ass fucking me with one of those. She was also aware that I had found it to be pleasantly arousing when it had happened.

Our next photo sessions were a little more adventuresome. Tammy shoved a vibrator into my tail and snapped some tight shots of the 'good vibes' machine at varying depths up me.

She managed to record the thing going IN the back door while a shower of 'come' was spraying OUT front!

Another instance Tammy had me kneel and straddle a narrow rectangular mirror on the floor in order for her to see and record the front and rear action simultaneously. She could look at my stiff dick, glance just below that, and see a plastic cock reflected in my rear love hole. That provided stereo porn of sorts for her! She had me sit straight down on the large toy and waited for me to squirt a load straight up... the results of her fantasy landing and splattering on the mirror! Another BIG "O" for both us was achieved.

(SINdora is sorry that I had not saved those pictures for HER to see. We made up for it years later by letting her duplicate her favorites of those.)

To even the score Tammy requested that we take close up shots of my cock penetrating her pussy from the rear (and any other angle we could work out) and some photos of me up her fanny. Thank God or whomever for cameras with self-timers and remote control shutter releases. I don't think that any couple can have as much fun as a pair of voyeurs in loving LUST with each other!

What I didn't know was that the goofy, sweet, horny girl had snitched some of the proof prints and was carrying them around in her wallet! "Hey, wanna see a nice dick IN my ass? Here's one of it IN my pussy, whaddaya think??"

Fortunately, unless you have already seen my erection up close and personal or ditto her butt and attractive pussy... the participants in the photos remained anonymous! (Mute proof of some HOT and mildly kinky loving.)

Yes, Tammy DID show our triple-X close up scenes to a select few of her friends.

One couple in particular saw them and wanted to meet (and maybe MEAT?) the owner of the hard cock displayed in Tammy's pretty pussy and TAIL!!

The man and woman in question had shared many naked hours with Tammy. The first assignation was as her clients and then later at no charge because Tammy found that they were kindred spirits. After that discovery, freebie swing- time was ON the house and IN Tammy... BOTH of them IN her! Sometimes she fucked them jointly and at others, she tried them on separately.

While poking my ass with "Ron's dildo" and masturbating my front, Tammy enlightened me about her "friendship" with the couple, conveniently leaving out the raunchier more intimidating bits of male-in-male bi-sexual information. She told me how she and the GIRL were sexually involved. The liaisons she had with her, described in minute detail. I needn't depict for you the speedy orgasm THAT news gave me!

Lisa and Chuck (Dr. Chuck, PhD.) had a May - December relationship. She was Tammy's age, twenty-four or so (she looked far younger) and he was pushing fifty. Both held top-drawer jobs. Both also had 'moral turpitude clauses' plugged into their employment. (As such, I shall not divulge their occupations. That info is not germane to this writing anyway.)

Eventually I discovered that both of Tammy's friends were 'erotically ambidextrous switch hitters', not just Lisa.

Tammy could take time off whenever she wanted and this particular evening she WANTED the time for us to VISIT with her 'friends'.

Driving south on Brickell Avenue with Tammy at the wheel, she offered an intimate physical description of Lisa. (A VERY intimate portrayal at that!)

To put it into the Reader's Digest condensed version, the girl in question was simply "stunningly beautiful, flawless"!

I knew Tammy well enough by then to see that she was becoming quite the 'horn dog' via mental images of her friend as she drove! Other than the fact that I loved to see Tammy in that condition I had no clue as to what to expect. I assumed that we would merely be visiting for the sake of letting me have a first hand look at the woman that sizzled Tammy's margarine every so often.

While she aimed the car south bound Tammy slipped her short skirt up to show me that she had nothing under it but her pretty pussy. Would I "play stinky finger" with it while she drove? I leaned over and finger fucked her just enough to drive her batty but not enough to give her an orgasm. Talk about a wet snatch... hers was soaked. Tammy's nipples were hard by the time she parked in the driveway.

Lisa answered the Tudor style cottage door dressed in a sheer pale pink ankle length negligee. (SHEER as in hide nothing... SHOW everything see through!)

GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY what a sight she was!... Even bathed in the harsh porch light Tammy's description of Lisa had been woefully inadequate!

Her near nude figure and her face were... I can't think of the superlatives to use here! She was tall, stacked and for lack of better verbiage... beyond beautiful!

From what I could see, Lisa's figure alone was something to worship and grovel for! Her visible pubic garden alone was an alluring place in which to lose one's self and mind! Courtesy of her Scottish father, Jamaican born Lisa was lighter than Café au lait. Her soft island lilt was beautiful to hear... as lovely as the package it came in!

No wonder Tammy treasured their pleasurable naked hours together. If I was the straightest female on the planet I WOULD, allow her to do whatever the Hell she wanted with my body too! The young woman was instantly and overtly friendly. (She was genuinely welcoming... user friendly?) It seemed so from the greetings we received! The hug and kiss she gave to Tammy was far from a platonic buss... softly passionate, lips to lips, tongue to tongue! (Oh, my leaking hard-on... what does she do for an encore?) That momentary blip on my horny oscilloscope was worth seeing... two attractive women unashamedly displaying affection in a manner that any man would find arousing!

I would find out the basics of Lisa's encores soon enough!

I received her lingering intimate lips on my cheek... and a warm tight hug of welcome. Her lithe and lovely body pressed briefly to mine, the next to nothing fabric of her negligee might have well not been there at all! She let me experience her 'charms' as though we were the best of erotic associates! She pressed her chest and hips to mine.

Returning the hug my hand rested at the top of her butt. It was as hard as a rock! A very sexy rock at that!

Lisa led us inside. Following her down the hall, I could not help but see that she was as dazzling from the rear as she was in front. Tammy put her hand on my crotch as we walked. "See I knew that you'd like HER, Lisa... look at HIM!!" It was THAT obvious and Lisa looked back over her shoulder tossing her hair as she did so.

The girl was aware of the lively pecker she had given when we were tits to chest moments before. She smiled and then winked an emerald eye at Tammy. One could save a bundle on light bills from the luminescence she radiated! I had the light pole in my pants as proof!

The living room was seductively lit. There were two large comfy couches centered in a 'conversation pit'. About two feet separated the face-to-face sofas. Four end tables serviced the couches. The kind of furniture one could use for engaging in any kind of sex imaginable with room left over. My gutter mind didn't miss that aspect of the layout.

With my eyes still glued upon Lisa's amazing figure, what I did miss was the man entering the room from the other side. (Tall with a shock of graying hair and a salt and pepper Van Dyke.) He was obviously much older than Lisa. His expression seemed stern bordering on dour.

'Aw SHIT!'... once again I am thinking of myself as a historical foot note to my own life! This had to be her FATHER and here I am with a stiff cock for all to see no less, bird-dogging his daughter! Her ill concealed nakedness well worth drooling over but getting killed for... ?

It appeared that we had roused the man from sleep and he had CAUGHT us up to no good with his little girl! All he had on was a short smoking jacket hastily tied in front... seemingly balls ass naked under it. "Oh, there you are", Lisa said to the older fellow. She introduced me to "Chuck" her soon to be HUSBAND! He glad-handed and welcomed me more warmly than I had anticipated. He then turned his attention to Tammy and planted a suggestive kiss on her lips to which she responded in kind!

That he had one hand around her waist and the other visibly palming her tit didn't elude my notice. Lisa did not bat an eyelash at the impropriety... instead she seemed to glow. She glanced at me and winked. (There are good friends and then there are GOOD FRIENDS!)

When the clinch was broken and Chuck turned to cross the room to decant wine for us... I did not fail to note that Tammy's erotic kissing had uncorked something else of his as well! The old boy had a very stiff erection straining beneath his short jacket.

I sat next to Tammy and Lisa parked directly across from me, our knees touching. The Hubble Telescope may be wasting time and money searching the heavens for who knows what... looking between Lisa's evocatively open thighs I could clearly see 'HEAVEN' from where I sat! She had allowed her negligee to slip open. Believe that her indecent pussy exposure was accidental and I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale... you can have it cheap!

Chuck returned with a Coke for Tammy and wine for the rest of us.

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