Hot Tamale

by Ron Chee

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, True Story, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: My erotic days and nights living with a wonderful, high priced call girl. Tammy was a delighfully goofy and lovable sprite.<br>I think that you will find her to be memorable ... she certainly is for me! (For those that are willing to write after reading this I will tell you where to find a few pictures on the internet that though antique could very well be her in the nude!)

© 2003

True memoirs of living and loving with a call girl... Muy Pimienta!

If you have read "GOING LIKE 60" (The inadvertent Hooker) and did not fall asleep or fall off your chair while masturbating... or laughing (I should be so talented and lucky!) then you will remember how and where I met 'Tammy', the entire and wonderful subject of this essay.

She was completely "starkers" as our British cousins would say, giving and getting mouth to pussy resuscitation on the living room couch of her employer... (That person being the owner / madam of a top dollar escort service.) The other girl was equally exposed and returning the good deed between Tammy's legs.

That was a sight of Tammy forever burned into my memory! First impressions do last!

Subsequently I met the attractive lass twice again. The third and prophetic meeting when she arrived at my place for an arranged publicity photo shoot. The escort service owner (Ms. Madam... Ms. 'M' for short) had sent her over as she had with her other "Sexual Service Technicians".

The photos were to be "tasteful nudes" ultimately used for titillating the client(s) that Tammy "serviced". The pictures were not to be hard core or risqué enough to get her busted for "possession of PORN" at the Fontainebleau Hotel or elsewhere on her rounds! Ultimately I would have to say that those were "TASTY NUDES"!!

Tammy worked only the better high rent addresses in the area... she never went to the "No Tell Motels" that proliferated on Biscayne Boulevard across the bay in Miami. (Too dangerous) She was strictly "on call"... Tammy never picked up "clients" at hotel bars either. In addition, never, NEVER on the street! She may have had goofy, impulsive and delightfully silly streaks... but she was NOT stupid! She was in fact bright and very intuitive!

Shortly after our third meeting began, Tammy was in the buff and ready to pose. She was Mexican by birth emigrated to the U.S. quite young and grew up (or tried to) in the North East. She did not remember but enough of her native language to get into trouble but not out of it again.

As to looks,... she was possessed of sultry, smoky eyes and a figure to love and lust for. The best tit doctor in Dade County had skillfully enlarged the girl's upper adornments. (She had been in a subsequent horrific car accident. The reminder of that being an eight-inch crescent Keloid scar scribing the top of her right breast.) In time, I found that visible palpable wound to be very arousing to the touch or at my tongue tip. It made me hurt for her and feel protective! The shattered windshield had sliced deeply into the breast. The glass had narrowly missed the silicone filling.

Tammy possessed a thick head of dark brunette hair. (Naturally curly locks that fell well below her shoulders.) Her eye color matched her hair. She was what our grand parents would call a "sloe eyed" beauty. (That is such a wonderful description, pity it has fallen into disuse!) Long luxurious lashes framed her sexy bedroom eyes.

The girl's attractive face was oval with prominent cheekbones... hinting of her ancient native heritage, possibly Mayan or Aztec, she didn't know for certain. Like the women of that region, Tammy's waist was not wasp narrow. She wasn't chubby or even fluffy... the nude lady reclining before my camera was close coupled and lushly curvy. Her beaver bush was neatly trimmed to a thick heart shape. In time, it became my task to help keep it properly pruned! I loved being HER pussy's "tonsorial artist"!

Tammy's skin had a gorgeous, very sexy coppery radiance.

Beyond her physical attractiveness,... the twenty four year old had the most engaging sometimes wacky and appealing personality. She loved people and men in particular and it showed. For our too brief time together, I never once unearthed a mean spirited bone in her body! Even when clients occasionally abused her, Tammy was pragmatic about it and forgave them. She understood sexual frenzy and kinks... she had MUCH SEXperience with her own versions of those!

If you would like to see a girl that could be Tammy or her identical twin, take time to surf the porn sites that specialize in ANTIQUE NUDES. Look for a girl with a mass of dark hair posing in front of a large dark wood framed oval mirror. She is sitting; her legs are swept under, whorls of light colored fabric beneath the model. She will be gazing at you through the looking glass. The same sultry gaze that Tammy often fixed upon me she gives to those that can find her.

In one or two pictures, the dark eyed beauty sits facing us the mirror is gone, replaced by more filmy material draped behind her. The some versions of the pictures are appropriately sepia toned commensurate with its antiquity.

You will see the girl alternately front and rear. The breasts on display in the silver coated glass are just a bit smaller than Tammy's, yet as desirably shapely! Though that girl is now no doubt someone's great grandmother or perhaps gone altogether... for me she IS TAMMY! Good luck, good hunting, whoever she is... she is worth the search. I know where the remarkable images are and sometimes pay a momentary visit with her rather wistfully these days! The resemblance is eerie to the point of spookiness!

Tammy had never posed for a professional nudie photographer before. She had however, two shoe boxes filled with VERY naughty, graphic Polaroid's that her fiancée and some girlfriends had taken. Yes, Tammy was spoken for.

Those pictures were extremely arousing to look at but too RAW for self-promotional purposes. Between scanning those snaps and looking at the unclothed girl in my company, I had developed an erection that was probably number one million and sixty-nine in my lifetime. Tammy would give me one million more of those starting very soon! (Plus a wealth of 'sixty-nine'!)

The immediate electrical energy between us was what creates good erotic photos. Tammy had not the slightest of inhibitions and wanted 'hands on' posing instructions. My directives to 'Move your arm here', 'Pet and love your titties' or 'Tilt your head this way' did not cut it with her.

If her tits or other anatomical goodies needed her personal attention on film... the response was "C'mere an' show me!" Tammy wasn't stupid or slow... she could have posed herself... she was just having "hands on" FUN. (Hey, so was I... her pretty body was delightful to feel! And FEEL UP! A nice a perk of the job when a model openly invited that!)

'Just a couple of more shots Hon' and we're done' I told her. I had shown her how I wanted her to place a hand over her furry beaver "heart" to hide the pubic thatch and her tempting SLIT demurely... yet look like she was masturbating. A little mystery about what is hiding beneath her hand can be as much of a turn-on as wantonly displaying her snatch. A couple of shutter clicks and the last pose was on deck.

"Aw, come back here and lets put our hands on my pussy again!"

She was always loveably full of piss and vinegar! Life was meant to be FUN!! "Don't take it seriously... you wont get out of it alive anyway!" was Tammy's attitude.

The last shots were to be of Tammy gently and seductively cupping and lifting a breast in supplication. The result to be an offer to those seeing the photo, "Like my breast? You can have it if you've been a VERY GOOD boy!" (Or GIRL in Tammy's case! She wasn't particular. If a 'SHE' was horny, Tammy could kiss and make it better too!) Tammy gazed at her unknown admirer through her upper lashes almost shyly.

Once again from her, "Show me!" I held her hand, placed it below her breast, palm up and made slight upward pressure. 'Like this, O.K.?'

To which Tammy responded, "Ooh, nice... maybe my nipples should be hard too? Would that look sexier?" She had a valid point (two of them in fact)! I told her that she had a good idea. Men have been known to cream their pants just over a hard set of upstanding female ninnies! Hard nipples on parade equal, "I'M HORNY, PLEASE FUCK ME!" in male fantasies doesn't it?

"SO, what are you waiting for? Tease 'em UP!" She could have done THAT herself couldn't she? I'm liking this silly nymph more by the minute! Tammy was proving herself a foxes "FOX"!

I wet a fingertip with my tongue and began scribing circles and figure eights around one dark areole and its nipple and then the next. I blew on each wet nipple chilling them until both were sufficiently provoked and perky. While I am pursuing the nipple raising, chore Tammy is making exaggerated comically orgasmic noises and distorted horny funny faces at me while my face was scant inches from her desirable breasts.

Tammy released the plastic filled breast and her hand shot out quick as a snake's strike. She grabbed my hard-on through my pants. That was followed by a surprise full-mouthed kiss. A LOOOONNNNGGGG hungry kiss with feeling!

Tammy relinquished possession of my mouth long enough to say, "Holy cow it turns me on to have my nipples teased... I like you Ron, have since the first time I saw you... do you like me... I'm really horny... wanna fuck? Want some of lil' Tammy? Taking naughty pictures makes me HOT! I wont tell!"

She knew that I wanted to fuck her... she had the proof of THAT in her hand! She also knew that I didn't fuck with my models... not very often anyway!

I was on the horns of a dilemma and the 'dilemma' wanted MY HORN inside her pussy! I started to ask, 'What about your boyfriend... what would he think?' Then thought better of it... Tammy was a grown woman, I'd let her do what she wanted. She had me too hot to refuse her advances.

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