Fruit Salad

by Scott Wolf

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, True Story, Oral Sex, Food, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Sex Story: After a long week at the office my wife and I sit down for a nice quite dinner. Pretty tame stuff really, it's all true though. Maybe it's already happened to you. If not maybe you should try it.

I love to eat pussy. There's something about it that is very satisfying to me. My wife loves it that I love it. I love the taste of her cunt. She keeps it fresh and clean almost all the time, almost. I love it when her pussy smells like a pussy. It's all good.

One Friday evening after work I drug myself home and fell onto the couch. I was whipped after a very long week and an ass chewing earlier that same day. Late morning ass chewing's are the worst I think. You have all morning to wait for it to happen and all afternoon to stew about it and try to stay out of sight.

I was only interested in finding out how much of my ass was missing when Connie came in from work. She had been shopping. After dropping her bag on the counter she came over and sat next to me.

We were both frazzled. We sat for several minutes before she looked at me and giggled. I stared back at her wondering what was so amusing. Her laughter was contagious and we were both laughing before I knew it.

Connie's was in a mischievous mood. It reminded me of the time we put a hunk of dry ice in a half can of house paint and set it at her boss's door and rang the bell. We of course ran like blazes before he could get there. The resulting explosion of paint in his living room was evident in his mood the next day.

There was also a reward posted on the office bulletin board by lunch. It was never collected. He was so well loved by his employees that they would have paid to be there themselves.

He knew who had done it, but he couldn't prove it. His tact did improve afterwards. It could have gone either way, but he chose to let it go. I guess he might have thought the next one might be filled with homemade Napalm.

She was a hero to everyone at work and very thankful to me for the idea and help. We were still giddy with excitement when, on our way home from the raid, she made me stop at the supermarket to pick up our supper.

I was anxious to get home and receive my thank you when we the unexpected happened. She handed me the bag of groceries and told me to fix a salad while she took a bath. I stood dumbstruck and alone in the kitchen as she disappeared up the stairs.

I'm a good guy though, so I went about washing and preparing the only salad I could with the contents of the bag. Grapes, cantaloupe, peaches, and strawberries were washed, diced, and in the bowls when she returned to the kitchen in her sexy bra and stockings.

Her panties were noticeably missing and her moist cunt lips were showing signs of arousal as she stroked her smooth shaved pussy. I thought she looked like a fine dessert to me as I popped a grape into my mouth.

" Wouldn't you rather eat this?" Connie said as she hopped up on the counter and spread her legs. She took a slice of peach and rubbed the juicy wedge into her slit before sliding it into her mouth.

My erection was instantaneous. It couldn't have jumped up any faster if it had been spring-loaded. I pulled a stool up to the bar and buried my face in her crotch. The juice from the peach was an excellent complement to her own salty nectar. Together they were very tasty.

I licked and sucked her pussy until all the taste of the peach was gone. Connie was grinding her hips before I came up for air and another piece of fruit.

" Undress and I'll give you more." She wanted me to dive back into her muff badly, but she was willing to control herself until I was naked and back on the stool.

I must have looked like a dog begging for scraps. She looked into my eyes with the glee of a woman having a joyous time as she fished a strawberry from the bowl. She spread her swollen lips and placed the rough berry in the entrance to her cunt and held it there for me to munch.

Strawberries and champagne can't touch the flavor of strawberries and pussy. I bit the fruit in half and chewed it as I licked the mixed juices from her increasingly wet folds. I finished it in the next bite as I sucked it out of her sweet hole and rimmed her for good measure. I looked up awaiting my next morsel to see it being smeared on her tits.

Cantaloupe juice was running onto her abdomen as she messaged the melon over her rock hard nipples. I licked and sucked my way to her breast leaving my cock free to caress her clit. She was grinding on the counter again before I stopped and popped two more grapes in my mouth and went down on her again.

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