Going like 60

by Ron Chee

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, True Story, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Fisting, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: My one and only time at being paid for sex! Trust me I would have paid her!!! There is nothing more arousing than an older woman that NEEDS to get laid!!

© 2003

After leaving New York City for warmer climes, I continued with my nudie photo career for a few more years in south Florida. Great year 'round picture locations abounded there. Superb beachfront penthouse locations to use were mine for the asking.

Geriatric widowers and bachelors jumped at the chance to ogle attractive naked young nubile women parading around their expensive digs. No charge to use the places in return for the chance to peek and relive old horny memories of their own was ever made.

For the old boys involved, the photo sessions with the nude ladies at hand jump started their pace makers every time! A few of the naked young women even elected to fire up something else the boys had not used in years. There were no complaints from those that got royally laid after I had packed up and gone!

"I may be old but I'm NOT DEAD" seemed to be the universal sentiments expressed by the old gents. (The movie "Deep Throat" was filmed at just such a location!)

My photo business continued to include just about anything that had to do with nude or nearly nude women. I photographed strippers and titty dancers for their personal promo and marquee displays. Within that group, I found new models for my ongoing jerk-off magazine layouts.

During the course of events, I received a call from a woman looking for risqué promotional pictures to advertise her wares. She owned an Escort Service south of town.

The woman (I'll call her Ms. Madam... Ms., 'M' for short.) contracted with me to have her stable of girls photographed over a period of weeks. As new women 'came' on board, I had a standing order to commemorate each of them as well.

Ms 'M' ran her business from her Dade pine bungalow a few blocks from my apartment. To say that the woman 'was a hoot' doesn't do her justice.

She also wasn't what one would expect from a purveyor of naughty feminine pulchritude! Ms. 'M's figure was FLUFFY to use kindness in describing it. Not pretty either by any stretch of imagination either. In her domain, she wore sexy negligees day and night that barely concealed her generous body. She dressed that way even though she never entertained the first client at home. There were men that adored her... she made house calls!

Ms. 'M's crowning glory was her long brunette hair. Beyond that, she had a ribald sense of humor that wouldn't quit. She would do things for the sheer erotic shock value of it! The woman loved to keep her personal male "friends" on edge... never knowing what 'came' next with her!

In a heartbeat or two, we became pals. I gave her a jingle and then stopped by to deliver the latest batch of photos. "I'm not DECENT at the moment... so HURRY over!" She, always with the double entendre wise cracks... I hurried!

Day or night, there were always a couple of girls lounging around her house for immediate dispatch. No taxi company was as efficient!

During the cooler months, her front door stood open. No need to knock, just go on in. I did just that.

I could see the sexily clad Ms., 'M' at her desk on the rear enclosed sun porch. She waved me in.

Crossing the living room towards her, she grinned and silently pointed to something on my left. My glance in the indicated direction became a double and then a triple take. My stride screeched to a halt in mid step! I could have been a character in an old Tom and Jerry Cartoon for the way that must have appeared to anyone watching.

On a couch in subdued ambient light were two girls. (Two VERY NAKED, very attractive girls seriously making out with each other!) One of them lifted her head and said, "Oh hi Ron!" and then ducked down and resumed muff diving. She had her pussy squarely in the other girl's face as well.

I have seen and done many things in my lifetime, sexual and otherwise. I am rather unflappable... or so I thought until that moment of whiplash! For all of the raw sex that I had ever seen and filmed I still felt a large twinge of embarrassment. Staging and filming erotic happenings was one thing... walking in on it without warning was another ball of wax altogether.

I stood transfixed longer than was polite - my erection growing until Ms. 'M' said, "C'mere Ron... lemme FIX THAT for you!" Some how I managed to make my way to her desk and put the envelope of photos on her desk. Still stupefied I asked, 'Fix what?'

The lump in my pants was more than obvious (don'tcha just hate it when that happens in public?). I didn't equate my boner with what she had referred to!

Ms. 'M' swiveled her desk chair to face me. Nonchalantly in an almost business like way shrugged her negligee open and off her shoulders. Sitting and displaying her generous naked body, she spread her knees and scooted more forward until they were on either side of my legs.

OH MY... this lady didn't need a bra for her humongous Ta-Ta's she needed a WHEEL BARROW!

With skill born of practice Ms., 'M' undid my belt, zipper and zipped my pants to the floor seemingly in one swift movement.

I started to croak, 'What are you doing in front of THEM?' The best I could muster was, 'WHA... ?' One of 'THEM' called across the room, "Hey, Ms. 'M' he's got CUTE BUNS!!" To which she called back, "I know and you oughta see his CUTE DICK!"

Both naked girls hopped up to get a closer look... what they arrived in time to see was Ms. 'M' playing my mouth organ... going IN and OUT!

One of the girls, Tammy, was an appealing dark eyed doll transplanted from Mexico. She said, "Damn Cunningham... us Meeces love THAT THING to peeces! Hey, when's MY TURN?"

(In the next essay I will outline how Tammy 'The Hot Tamale' "Loved that THING to peeces..." hundreds of times!)

Ms. 'M' kept on playing my musical instrument... when I warned her that, 'I'm gonna COME' she just murmured, "Mm, mm hmm!" without stopping.

When Tammy suggestively tickled and squeezed my ass, I let it rip. I had no choice. Ms. 'M' kept up the oral fucking and swallowing until I was ready to scream, 'STOP ALREADY'! Talk about unbearable sensitivity... HOLEE SHEEIT... that was a blowjob to REMEMBER!!

Ms. 'M' had only reinforced what I had learned years earlier from my 'older mentor' Tina. "A woman's sexuality and desirability has Jack Shit to do with her external beauty or lack of it! Find and arouse the sex organ between her ears and you will have a superb FUCK on your hands!"

Despite her size and rather common facial features, industrial sized Ms., 'M' had more sex appeal in her pinky finger than some self centered beauties have throughout their entire bodies. (Ol' Red Foxx had it right regarding those... "Beauty is only skin deep but ugly goes all the way through!")

I'd follow Ms. 'M' anywhere for a repeat of THAT performance! No wonder she had a fan club! (Male and FEMALE it turned out!)

We lived in the same neighborhood. A month or so later around 1:30 a.m. in the deep canyons of sleep I dreamed that someone was pounding on my front door. She was calling, "Ron, RON WAKE UP"... more banging and calling in my dream.

I don't know how many neighbors fully awoke before I did. I sat bolt upright... 'Who in Hell... at this hour?' I pulled my pants on and stumbled for the door. 'SHH!' I tried to convey to the other side of the jalousie glass. My heart pounded... visits at this hour only meant that someone was in trouble. 'Hang on I'm coming!' quieted the incessant racket.

On opening the door, I was confronted by a large figure silhouetted by the parking lot lights. The person was wearing a trench coat... or a bathrobe!

Before she stepped inside Ms., 'M' pulled her garment open not a stitch under it. Revealing herself she said, "Hi Ron... I'm as horny as Hell... WANNA FUCK?" I may have been half asleep but my bleary eyes alerted my dick... 'Hey fella time to get UP you have work to do!'

She slipped in and locked the door saying, "You don't hafta if you don't wanna" and let the robe fall to the floor!

Looking at her sumptuously naked, horny body in the half-light from the street... suddenly "hafta" and "wanna" were synonymous! The rest of her inquiry went out the window. "If you don't" fell on deaf ears! I definitely did 'WANNA'!

I slipped my arms around and hugged her wagonload of breasts against my bare chest. Even her rotund belly felt infinitely warm and sensuous against me.

Her large ass was amazingly firm when I used it for leverage to pull her naked crotch against the boner in my pants that she had provided.

If this was the beginning of a wet dream, it was going to be a humdinger!

"I take it that fucking me tonight is up your alley?" Ms. 'M' asked. To which I answered 'And UP YOUR ALLEY too!'

I stepped back and surveyed the woman's bold nakedness in the amber glow from the streetlights. She had the kind of pussy hair that gets to me... a dark thick triangular sign that points down and say's in effect, "PARK YOUR DICK IN HERE!" (In her case, there was additional 'parking' to be had in the rear and elsewhere!)

Everything about her was getting to me. I dropped my drawers and kicked them aside. My burgeoning lust for her was more than visible!

With remarkable gentleness for a 'professional woman', she took hold of what she had wrought and kissed me the way a lover in heat might do. First the upper lip and then the lower, sucking on each separately and then inserted her tongue between them.

"Tonight I am sooo horny... anything you want, DO IT... I'm CLEAN, haven't had a dick in a month of Sundays... no condom needed... even my ASS is clean and lubricated if you can think of SOMETHING to DO with THAT if you like!"

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