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Desc: Sex Story: I found a new playtoy

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I knocked, waiting patiently, and finally I hear her slowly unlock the door. She had never seen me before so it was nice to see a smile appear from those beautiful lips. She invited me inside after saying hello and asked me to sit while she got ready as I had just woken her up from a nap.

She was tall. Tall and pretty, almost taller than me but I liked that fact. It looked like she had just pulled on some thin white running shorts and had no underwear because I could see the fabric slip up between her pussy lips. She also had a short cut T-shirt and no bra underneath. Her tits looked so tasty from the couch. They were large, full, and stood straight out needing no support help.

She went to the bathroom and I could hear her brush her teeth in the quiet. I walked around and examined the apartment. Small, simply furnished, just a couch, television, bed, and dresser. Her clothes were in a pile on the floor with her thong lying on the top. I lifted it to my nose and inhaled the scent of her pussy. Maybe a crude thing to do, but it was exhilarating.

I was not sure what she was doing in the bathroom for so long, only able to hear her pee and rustle around. I had just barely sat back down when the door opened and she appeared, looking much more awake. Sitting on the couch with me, we chatted a few minutes about nothing. I then stood and offered her my hand, helping her stand, and lead her to the middle of the room.

"Close your eyes and keep them closed, Dear."

I walked around her, enjoying the view. Opening the blinds a bit to let the light in, "people will see" she worried.

"Good" I said. Let her worry.

Her nipples were hard and standing out as I circled around her. I enjoyed touching her gently in different places, running my hands up and down the soft skin. I lifted her shirt and her arms rose up to let me remove it. Wow! was all I could think. These were incredible tits she had. I stood behind her, breathing on her neck and slowly slid my hands under her breasts. When I reached her nipples with my fingertips, she moaned softly.

I pinched them and turned them for a second and then continued to examine her body. Rubbing her ass and legs I could feel her skin was incredibly soft. At 24, she really was very pretty with an incredible body and a very lucky find for me. I reached up and softly kissed her lips, feeling her tentatively open them for me.

"Ahh, very nice Noelle, you are very pretty."

Taking her hand, I led her back into the bedroom. Her just slept in bed looked inviting, but I kept her standing for a bit. I pulled the waistband of her shorts down and lowered them to her thighs. I had already instructed her to only do what I asked, nothing more. No other movements. I enjoyed seeing her pants pulled halfway down, stuck between her legs.

She had a wonderful all over tan. Nice and golden brown. She must have just shaved in the bathroom because her pussy was very smooth. Her cunt lips were puffy and I could see visible wetness. Touching her over and over, listening to her moan was a pleasure. Every time I ran my hands over her ass, she involuntarily pushed herself against me. I stood firmly against her backside and pushed my fingers into the fold between her legs. They slipped into the wetness easily and I got a much louder moan in return.

Lifting my fingers up to my face, she smelled wonderful and was sweet as I tasted her juices. I then slapped her ass hard, suddenly, shocking her. She was not expecting that and jumped. I pulled her shorts the rest of the way off and doing as she was told, she spread her legs apart. I pushed my hand between her thighs and rubbed her cunt hard from behind. Mushing her wet pussy, her hips started to move back and forth and when I slid a single finger up inside her, it was very hot and tight. I could tell she was nervous as hell, but that condition always makes for a wetter pussy.

"Bend over Noelle. Get on the bed on all fours and stick your ass up in the air."

'Yummy' I thought as she eagerly climbed on the mattress and stuck her butt up. I pushed her head down and spread her knees apart so I could have full access. She had a small little asshole that puckered every time I ran my fingertips across her skin. I reached between her legs and took her nipples in my fingers, pulling her tits towards me which forced her ass higher in the air and her head further down into the pillow.

Reaching into the bag I had brought, I got a small bullet vibrator and turned it on. I rubbed it up and down her wet pussy slit and heard her gasp loudly as it touched her clit. Her little button was hard and sticking out, fully engorged with blood. When the vibrator finally got to her asshole she was being much louder. 'Ohhhh' 'mmmmm' she moaned as I slid the now wet bullet into her ass. I am sure she was not expecting it as she clenched up, but when she relaxed, her moans increased and I watched her asshole pucker as it buzzed her insides.

Stepping back, I stood and enjoyed a few minutes of the sights before me. This was not what she expected to happen and she seemed lost in her own little world. I reached into my bag and got a leather whip. I made it myself from soft red leather. It is 20 inches long and full, for a better feeling when it hits. Starting slowly, I hit her ass and legs, pausing each time for effect. She jumped and moaned each hit, but soon stopped as the hits got harder and harder. I would hit her hard, then soft, then hard, alternating between her back, thighs and ass.

Pausing again, I watched her trying to anticipate the next hit, wondering where and how it would land. So I placed it between her legs and softly hit her pussy over and over again. 'OHMMMM' she moaned out loud, the pleasure being so close to the pain.

I let her wait a minute more and then asked her to stand up.

"Remember to keep your eyes closed little playtoy. It is more enjoyable if you do not see what is coming next. Now, raise your arms and place your hands behind your neck." I leaned in and kissed her mouth hard, touching her tongue with mine, sucking it into my mouth. She eagerly returned the kiss, her mouth as wet as her pussy.

When she was set, I took a thin rope and tied it around her wrists. I ran it down, snuggly thru her ass cheeks, and back up the other side between her tits, draping it around her neck. I tugged hard on the rope to make sure it was very tight against her clit as it ran between her pussy lips.

I took the loose end of the rope from around her neck and pulled it down to her right tit, wrapping it tightly around a few times at the base, causing it to bulge out. Continuing on, I wrapped it in circles around the left tit tightly. Finishing, I circled both tits several times, tighter and tighter, until I ran out of rope. I tied the end of the rope off and tucked it in.

WOW, this was such a great sight. Each time she wiggled or moved, the rope pulled tight and rubbed against her clit. Her hands being tied behind and above her head made her chest stick straight out and her boobs were starting to get all red and engorged. Her nipples looked like they had grown two sizes and were both as big as large marbles.

Admiring my handiwork, I tugged and pulled the rope to make sure it was tight. Grabbing the whip, I hit her ass hard. Again, not expecting this, she yelped out and jumped. My hitting her repeatedly on the ass and back at different intervals, stopping and starting without reason, apparently had the desired effect because I could see a small bead of pussy juice drip from her lips and land on the carpet. I stood in front of her and swung the whip in a circular motion, around and around, getting closer and closer to her swollen tits. Slap, slap, slap, slap was a fun sound as she squirmed and tried to stay still. Her eyes were still closed but her mouth was open as the soft whip repeatedly hit her nipples.

I stopped and leaned over and took one of her very large nipples into my mouth and nibbled on it. 'Ohhhh God' she moaned. 'Ohhhh my God that feels good.' I left a big wet ring of spit on her nipples and as I moved away I blew air all over them. She shivered and moaned and got even louder as I reached down and rubbed her pussy lips. Apparently she was enjoying this, hehe.

Untying the end of the rope, I removed it from her boobs in one fast motion. It unwrapped quickly from each breast and she bit her lip as the blood flowed back into her body. I grabbed each of her tits in my hands and mauled them roughly. Squeezing and turning them she moaned even louder.

'Oh yeah, I like that. Ohhhh yessss' was all I heard as I clamped my mouth again on her nipple, biting it and leaving teeth marks around the areola. I slowly removed the rest of the rope from her body, noticing that the section of rope between her pussy lips was completely soaking wet.

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