Getting Acquainted

by Sealawyer

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, True Story, First, .

Desc: Sex Story: This is the second in a series of (almost) true accounts of outstanding sexual experiences I've had in a very long and very horny life. I've already told you about Shelly. This is how I met and got acquainted with my first wife, Suzi.

I had met Susan in 1945 when I was a patient and she was a cadet nurse at the Seattle Naval hospital. A year or so later, I met her again in another hospital. This time, I was a civilian, and she had become a full fledged nurse.

Suzi was no cover girl; she was a handsome woman a couple of years older then me. Her hair was heavy and almost black, neatly pinned up under her cap. Her features were strong and regular except for a slight overbite. Her new uniform fit her much better than the smock she had worn before, and I could better appreciate her full, lush figure.

We began dating soon after I was discharged from the hospital. Over dinner, on our first date, she told me how she had chased down and tackled a purse snatcher in Washington DC during the war. I thought she was indirectly warning me not to try any funny stuff when I took her back to the nurse's quarters that evening. Therefore, I was very surprised how aggressively she embraced and kissed me as we were saying good night, standing in the entryway to the nurse's quarters.

On our third date, Susan met me carrying a bulky package. When I asked about it, she smiled and said, "You'll see." I suggested a movie after dinner, but she had other ideas. "I have a surprise for you," she said.

Mystified, I followed her to a street car stop where we boarded a car going in the opposite direction from the hospital. We were near the edge of downtown Seattle when she reached up and pulled the stop cord. I followed her off the car. We walked about half a block and abruptly turned into an apartment building. By this time, I realized that we were going to a party. We climbed two flights of stairs.

Susan led the way down the hall and stopped in front of an apartment door. The hall seemed strangely quiet, and I was baffled when she produced a key and opened the door.

The apartment was dark. Susan flipped a light switch. "Here we are," she said cheerfully. "What do you think?"

I didn't know what to think. We were alone in a barely furnished studio apartment. A Murphy bed unfolded from the wall conspiciously occupied much of the single room.

Susan dropped her coat on the single chair in the room and sat on the green blanket and patted the bed next to her. Then she held out her arms. "Come here and give a girl a kiss."

I was still uncertain what all this meant, but I sat gingerly on the edge of the bed, and we embraced. This time, she took the initiative, stroking my hair and kissing not only my mouth, but my cheeks and nose. Then she stood and pulled her sweater off over her head! "Hurry up," she said as she laid the sweater on the chair. "I'm already way ahead of you!" Suiting action to words, she then unbuttoned her skirt and stepped out of it.

I was stunned by her sudden aggressiveness, and watched avidly as she slid her half slip down over her hips, revealing her panty girdle and bare thighs above her stocking tops. I untied my shoes, and unbuttoned my shirt while she reached behind and unfastened her bra. Then she slipped the straps off her shoulders, revealing her full, slightly pendulous breasts to me for the first time. Her pink areolas were large, almost the size of an old fashioned silver dollar, while her engorged nipples, betraying her excitement, stood proudly from their soft base.

I slid my pants down while she was wiggling out of her panty girdle, and my hard cock and balls were available for her inspection just as her dark bush was exposed to mine.

We momentarily studied each other's nude body under the harsh light of the single unshaded bulb hanging from its cord in the middle of the ceiling. Then we joyously met in the middle of the room, her billowy breasts crushed against my chest and my stiff cock mashed against her soft belly.

"Kiss me, Denny," she whispered. I needed no encouragement. Our arms were tightly wound around each other and I pressed my open mouth against hers. We stood, tightly joined, kissing and stroking each other's back. Susan broke away for a moment, and pulled the blanket down to the foot of the bed, revealing a sheet stretched tautly across the mattress. "There," she said, dropping down and stretching full length on the bed. "Come here. I won't bite you."

I didn't need a second invitation. Even though Susan displayed the same aggressive streak that Shelly had a year earlier, the circumstances were entirely different. Here, we were safe from rampaging parents. Also, having had the benefit of Shelly's earlier coaching, I wasn't quite as inexperienced. Then too, I didn't really know Shelly, but Susan and I had a history dating back well over a year when I was still recovering fromn my war wound.

We rolled our bodies together. I was almost giddy with excitement as I luxuriated in the unaccustomed erotic feel of warm, living female skin pressed tightly against mine from lips to toes. Her breasts were like soft pillows against my chest as we clung to each other. She kissed my neck and chest, nipping briefly then tonguing my tiny nipples. Then it was my turn. I sucked as much of her breast into my mouth as possible, then nibbled gently on her nipples.

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