Beaver Miester

by Ron Chee

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, True Story, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Horny recollections from my days as a pornographer. This is one of my wife SINdora's favorite masturbatory tales of my getting TAIL and how it all "came" about!

A non-fiction tale of filming Hardcore "TAILS"
© 2003

There was a time when the masturbatory needs of lonely, horny men could be met, in the form of PEEP SHOWS. For about twenty-five cents per minute, a horny fellow could peer at a small screen and watch a naked girl playing with her pussy while he pulled his pecker. The video machines, were usually tucked into dark curtained alcoves, inside of "Adult" coin arcades for relative privacy.

The "action" continued on the screen for him to watch for as long as his quarters held out. If he had enough loose change, he could scrutinize the model's faux orgasm repeatedly until he had a real climax of his own.

Those short films were known as "BEAVER LOOPS"... for obvious reasons. Funny thing too, that any girl he selected to assist him with his masturbation, young, old pretty or not... each woman took exactly twelve minutes to have a "BIG O" for his titillation with her finger or a toy in her middle! After that, the loop would start over.

In some establishments paper towels were provided along with overflowing wastebaskets in the booths. The idea being to reduce the amount of male goo accumulating on the floor. After all, how appetizing or arousing could it be to jerk off while someone else's sticky semen clung to the soles of one's shoes?

Initially the "loops" were culled from existing very old B&W porn films until customers demanded better and more graphic material. Thus began a brief era of a new, very busy pornographic industry!

There was a wealth of females available to model for the burgeoning "beaver loop" business. (Look at today's Internet porn for proof of that!) Each woman had her own reasons for participating, not the least of which was quick cash. They were remunerated as soon as they pulled their fingers and toys out of their pussies and got dressed. The ladies need not be 'pretty'... who in Hell was looking at that end of her anyway?

How do I know about this small niche in the porn arena? For about two and a half years, I was an integral part of it! I had been a so called "glamour photographer" at the time. I specialized in photographing naked women for the men's nudie magazines as well as for art and advertising purposes. My work was good enough to make some major sales both here and ABROAD. (No that's not a pun! Well, O.K. maybe it is.)

Yet, it was tough sledding... the competition was ferocious. Even with a good photo sales agent fronting for me, I always needed more cash flow.

When I was at my lowest ebb a lucky break arrived, none too soon. A good friend was a product rep for a major film supplier. (In fairness, NO not the familiar yellow box of film!) HE could set me up as a beaver loop producer. He would see to it that an anonymous person would deliver a case of sixteen-millimeter raw film reels to my door as needed. I would never know who the courier was nor would I know who my client was either. Stan had some amazing and fortuitous connections in the under belly of the movie industry!

All I would need was a good supply of willing uninhibited girls, old enough to sign model releases, and to rent a good quality sixteen-millimeter movie camera. (Plus the ability to stage what my silent benefactor needed.)

The case of unexposed film would be delivered gratis... my expenses would be the model fees and the per diem rental of the camera.

When the case of film had been exposed it would be picked up, another unexposed case dropped off, an 'envelope' would be handed over to me.

I sat with Stan and we figured the potential finances. I could enhance my income nicely! On a handshake, I was in business. Well, almost in business... I needed a reliable stable of uninhibited women to film. No junkies or winos need apply!!

Without female masturbators my aspirations would go nowhere FAST! I picked up the phone and began polling all the women that had ever posed nude for my still cameras. By nightfall I had, a baker's dozen lined up or at least curious enough to stop in.

Not surprisingly more than a few said, "NOPE CAN'T DO THAT!" Fortunately, enough of them jumped at the chance to get the project moving.

One of the naughty ladies that dropped by my studio out of curiosity, informed me that she was ready for her debut RIGHT THEN! I hadn't rented a movie camera yet so she opted to give me a demo, a rehearsal of sorts, just for FUN.

"Crazy Jean the SEX machine" was a friend and well-known high priced call girl. She had a reputation for screwing every photographer for whom she had ever posed nude. (Except for me, so far!) To be able to rattle off the names of the lens-men that she had seduced and fucked was a point of honor for her! Jean had nailed some far bigger fish than me with her gorgeous twat!

According to her, she had even screwed a notable gay photographer as well! (I had to believe her because I personally watched her fuck two VERY gay men in Palm Beach during a male porn movie shoot! It took her awhile to get them UP but she DID bang the pair of them... together! That was not in the script... Jean was bored and decided to make "things" livelier!) Crazy Jean was as delightfully "crazy" as a fox! She thought it great fun to make the two of them hard and "coming" in her talented twat!

She was obviously good at her profession, having learned from no less than Xaviera Hollander! Jean performed in many hard-core flicks for the sheer Hell of it! She didn't need the money. Hers was a VERY busy profitable BEAVER!

I on the other hand had a reputation for being a "STRAIGHT ARROW". The models all knew that I kept my dick in my pants and my hands to myself. I was "safe" to work for.

The reason being, as all serious girlie photographers will attest, one doesn't FUCK with your profits and stay in business. Was I tempted? Shit yes! If I didn't develop a decent hard-on while working with a nude model... the chemistry wasn't right and the pictures could be shit canned! There must be a healthy degree of sexual tension between the girl and whoever is directing and photographing her. It has to show in the results. To those ladies reading this; if you have ever posed for home porn for and with your men... you know what I'm referring to don't you?

If the shoot does not produce a need to yank your crank after the girl leaves... the guys buying the magazines aren't going to want to look at her and masturbate either! (THAT horny effort being the sole reason why those mags exist in the first place! If you didn't know that you may be perusing the wrong web site!)

All but a very few of the models appreciated the stiff cock they saw in my pants. It added to the erotic ambiance and their ability to perform. As long as I didn't whip it out and chase them around the studio with it, they seemed to enjoy being friendly cock teasers. (That IS a part of being an exhibitionist... enjoying the horny, delicious torment they provided.) The more active the teasing, the better the pics will be!

Some of the tantalizing women such as Jean had loftier goals concerning me. THUS, BEGINS THE CRUX OF THIS ESSAY! They had no desire to be SAFE!

All were street and man savvy and could see the boner that they had provided. No sense in wearing my shirttails out to hide the damned thing... they knew why the tails were out... all because of their TAILS!

In some cases when a particularly graphic shoot was done, the girl would make a comment on exiting. To wit; "Have FUN with THAT!" or a similar crack, alluding to my ill concealed stiff dick!

They knew that I would have the 'solution' to my hard problem, in hand very soon!

This time with Jean was to turn out differently! I loaded the still cameras while she got ready for her masturbation 'rehearsal'. No sense in letting her efforts go to waste. At least there would be some good stills and transparencies to sell.

On the seamless backdrop paper, Jean struck a pose and peeled to the buff a frame at a time. She projected her best, "Come Fuck Me" expressions.

Despite having extremely petite chest ornamentations, what she had was adorable. (As was every other inch of her sleek naked skin.) I had photographed several hundred nude women by then... Jean's figure and erotic demeanor was among the best! Blonde tresses and blonde beaver bush as well.

Less than ten minutes into her, performance and I had the requisite erection for the job and for her edification. She always watched for it and its arrival spurred her onward. She continued with her visual teasing by playing with her tiny cute orbs teasing her nipples to peak hardness and worked her way down. Jean's eye contact vacillated between flirting with and making love to the camera lens and my crotch.

The shutter clicked and the strobes flashed while she eased down and reclined on the backdrop. Stretched out invitingly, her middle finger went straight for her pussy. She gave me a dozen poses of finger fucking her desirable well-used, (often rented) slit to film.

With her wacky, raunchy sense of humor, Jean in the midst of diddling herself exclaimed, "One thing about my business... I never have to replenish the INVENTORY!" She continued masturbating while I unsuccessfully tried to keep a straight face. Damn, she was right, I had never thought of it that way! I asked if she ever had to go in for a 'RETREAD'? At that she laughed, "Nope, haven't been able to wear IT out yet! Wanna try?" (Hint, hint!)

Within a couple of minutes Jean became more serious... "I'm going for the GOLD!" Obviously, she was masturbating for real. She had something up her non-existent sleeve!

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