Beaver Miester

by Ron Chee

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, True Story, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Horny recollections from my days as a pornographer. This is one of my wife SINdora's favorite masturbatory tales of my getting TAIL and how it all "came" about!

A non-fiction tale of filming Hardcore "TAILS"
© 2003

There was a time when the masturbatory needs of lonely, horny men could be met, in the form of PEEP SHOWS. For about twenty-five cents per minute, a horny fellow could peer at a small screen and watch a naked girl playing with her pussy while he pulled his pecker. The video machines, were usually tucked into dark curtained alcoves, inside of "Adult" coin arcades for relative privacy.

The "action" continued on the screen for him to watch for as long as his quarters held out. If he had enough loose change, he could scrutinize the model's faux orgasm repeatedly until he had a real climax of his own.

Those short films were known as "BEAVER LOOPS"... for obvious reasons. Funny thing too, that any girl he selected to assist him with his masturbation, young, old pretty or not... each woman took exactly twelve minutes to have a "BIG O" for his titillation with her finger or a toy in her middle! After that, the loop would start over.

In some establishments paper towels were provided along with overflowing wastebaskets in the booths. The idea being to reduce the amount of male goo accumulating on the floor. After all, how appetizing or arousing could it be to jerk off while someone else's sticky semen clung to the soles of one's shoes?

Initially the "loops" were culled from existing very old B&W porn films until customers demanded better and more graphic material. Thus began a brief era of a new, very busy pornographic industry!

There was a wealth of females available to model for the burgeoning "beaver loop" business. (Look at today's Internet porn for proof of that!) Each woman had her own reasons for participating, not the least of which was quick cash. They were remunerated as soon as they pulled their fingers and toys out of their pussies and got dressed. The ladies need not be 'pretty'... who in Hell was looking at that end of her anyway?

How do I know about this small niche in the porn arena? For about two and a half years, I was an integral part of it! I had been a so called "glamour photographer" at the time. I specialized in photographing naked women for the men's nudie magazines as well as for art and advertising purposes. My work was good enough to make some major sales both here and ABROAD. (No that's not a pun! Well, O.K. maybe it is.)

Yet, it was tough sledding... the competition was ferocious. Even with a good photo sales agent fronting for me, I always needed more cash flow.

When I was at my lowest ebb a lucky break arrived, none too soon. A good friend was a product rep for a major film supplier. (In fairness, NO not the familiar yellow box of film!) HE could set me up as a beaver loop producer. He would see to it that an anonymous person would deliver a case of sixteen-millimeter raw film reels to my door as needed. I would never know who the courier was nor would I know who my client was either. Stan had some amazing and fortuitous connections in the under belly of the movie industry!

All I would need was a good supply of willing uninhibited girls, old enough to sign model releases, and to rent a good quality sixteen-millimeter movie camera. (Plus the ability to stage what my silent benefactor needed.)

The case of unexposed film would be delivered gratis... my expenses would be the model fees and the per diem rental of the camera.

When the case of film had been exposed it would be picked up, another unexposed case dropped off, an 'envelope' would be handed over to me.

I sat with Stan and we figured the potential finances. I could enhance my income nicely! On a handshake, I was in business. Well, almost in business... I needed a reliable stable of uninhibited women to film. No junkies or winos need apply!!

Without female masturbators my aspirations would go nowhere FAST! I picked up the phone and began polling all the women that had ever posed nude for my still cameras. By nightfall I had, a baker's dozen lined up or at least curious enough to stop in.

Not surprisingly more than a few said, "NOPE CAN'T DO THAT!" Fortunately, enough of them jumped at the chance to get the project moving.

One of the naughty ladies that dropped by my studio out of curiosity, informed me that she was ready for her debut RIGHT THEN! I hadn't rented a movie camera yet so she opted to give me a demo, a rehearsal of sorts, just for FUN.

"Crazy Jean the SEX machine" was a friend and well-known high priced call girl. She had a reputation for screwing every photographer for whom she had ever posed nude. (Except for me, so far!) To be able to rattle off the names of the lens-men that she had seduced and fucked was a point of honor for her! Jean had nailed some far bigger fish than me with her gorgeous twat!

According to her, she had even screwed a notable gay photographer as well! (I had to believe her because I personally watched her fuck two VERY gay men in Palm Beach during a male porn movie shoot! It took her awhile to get them UP but she DID bang the pair of them... together! That was not in the script... Jean was bored and decided to make "things" livelier!) Crazy Jean was as delightfully "crazy" as a fox! She thought it great fun to make the two of them hard and "coming" in her talented twat!

She was obviously good at her profession, having learned from no less than Xaviera Hollander! Jean performed in many hard-core flicks for the sheer Hell of it! She didn't need the money. Hers was a VERY busy profitable BEAVER!

I on the other hand had a reputation for being a "STRAIGHT ARROW". The models all knew that I kept my dick in my pants and my hands to myself. I was "safe" to work for.

The reason being, as all serious girlie photographers will attest, one doesn't FUCK with your profits and stay in business. Was I tempted? Shit yes! If I didn't develop a decent hard-on while working with a nude model... the chemistry wasn't right and the pictures could be shit canned! There must be a healthy degree of sexual tension between the girl and whoever is directing and photographing her. It has to show in the results. To those ladies reading this; if you have ever posed for home porn for and with your men... you know what I'm referring to don't you?

If the shoot does not produce a need to yank your crank after the girl leaves... the guys buying the magazines aren't going to want to look at her and masturbate either! (THAT horny effort being the sole reason why those mags exist in the first place! If you didn't know that you may be perusing the wrong web site!)

All but a very few of the models appreciated the stiff cock they saw in my pants. It added to the erotic ambiance and their ability to perform. As long as I didn't whip it out and chase them around the studio with it, they seemed to enjoy being friendly cock teasers. (That IS a part of being an exhibitionist... enjoying the horny, delicious torment they provided.) The more active the teasing, the better the pics will be!

Some of the tantalizing women such as Jean had loftier goals concerning me. THUS, BEGINS THE CRUX OF THIS ESSAY! They had no desire to be SAFE!

All were street and man savvy and could see the boner that they had provided. No sense in wearing my shirttails out to hide the damned thing... they knew why the tails were out... all because of their TAILS!

In some cases when a particularly graphic shoot was done, the girl would make a comment on exiting. To wit; "Have FUN with THAT!" or a similar crack, alluding to my ill concealed stiff dick!

They knew that I would have the 'solution' to my hard problem, in hand very soon!

This time with Jean was to turn out differently! I loaded the still cameras while she got ready for her masturbation 'rehearsal'. No sense in letting her efforts go to waste. At least there would be some good stills and transparencies to sell.

On the seamless backdrop paper, Jean struck a pose and peeled to the buff a frame at a time. She projected her best, "Come Fuck Me" expressions.

Despite having extremely petite chest ornamentations, what she had was adorable. (As was every other inch of her sleek naked skin.) I had photographed several hundred nude women by then... Jean's figure and erotic demeanor was among the best! Blonde tresses and blonde beaver bush as well.

Less than ten minutes into her, performance and I had the requisite erection for the job and for her edification. She always watched for it and its arrival spurred her onward. She continued with her visual teasing by playing with her tiny cute orbs teasing her nipples to peak hardness and worked her way down. Jean's eye contact vacillated between flirting with and making love to the camera lens and my crotch.

The shutter clicked and the strobes flashed while she eased down and reclined on the backdrop. Stretched out invitingly, her middle finger went straight for her pussy. She gave me a dozen poses of finger fucking her desirable well-used, (often rented) slit to film.

With her wacky, raunchy sense of humor, Jean in the midst of diddling herself exclaimed, "One thing about my business... I never have to replenish the INVENTORY!" She continued masturbating while I unsuccessfully tried to keep a straight face. Damn, she was right, I had never thought of it that way! I asked if she ever had to go in for a 'RETREAD'? At that she laughed, "Nope, haven't been able to wear IT out yet! Wanna try?" (Hint, hint!)

Within a couple of minutes Jean became more serious... "I'm going for the GOLD!" Obviously, she was masturbating for real. She had something up her non-existent sleeve!

Her eyes caressed the camera lens while she did the same between her pretty legs. She was teasing and pleasing the camera in the same way that I visualized she did with her horny, well-heeled customers. However, for this pictorial she was working at PLEASING herself for the best results on film as well.

Jean saw the wet spot anointing my trouser front and smiled wickedly. "Keep it UP Ron" she said, "I have a present for THAT after I 'COME'!

'I'll be go to Hell' I thought, 'she really is going to have an orgasm this time!' I know that call girls rarely have genuine orgasms with clients... but then I was a friend not a client. She was letting her professional guard down in front of me.

When Jean did begin to climax with her finger in her attractive twat, I nearly did the same in my pants. Her orgasm was inspirational to say the least! Just watching her writhe and finger fuck while her nipples elevated to even more amazing height what can I say? Those were some ultra erotic photos!

Just looking at her with her finger buried between her pussy lips to the knuckle I thought to myself, 'Wow girl, I'd love to fuck you if there was a way around my stupid ethics!' I thought that I had said that to myself. Crazy Jean responded with, "Well, its about damned time Ron!" I had been unconsciously thinking aloud!

She spread her legs and said, "Get over here and PUT IT IN!"

That brought me up short! 'No Hon' can't do that... you know why'.

Shrewd Minx that she was, Jean shot back, finger still in place... "O.K., lets compromise, I want copies of these pictures... I'll pay for them... how about a blowjob down payment?"

Before I could answer, she scooted over and had her hand on my wet spot. Hoo- boy, my turn to go for the gold! She had me! In another moment, she had my pants down and off, my hard-on in her talented mouth!

All I could say was, 'Oh Jeeziz girl, no wonder you drive a Mercedes!' She didn't earn the big bucks for nothing. By the time she had given me more than a lick and a promise Jean said, "I got a little extra to spend today... I'm gonna increase the photo deposit, how's about a FRITO-LAY... STICK IT IN HERE!"

She pulled me down and if a woman can rape a man, she did it! She stuck her snatch in my face and ordered, "EAT ME first, FUCK me second!"

STRAWBERRY, her pussy tasted of strawberry... she had douched with the fruity flavoring knowing she'd 'GET' me today!

'Uh OH doll, your clit is getting hard', I joked with her. "All the better to tease you with", she said without missing a slurp. If you have ever heard a girl talking with a cock deep in her throat, it is both funny and arousing. (Particularly if it's mine!)

I ate while she sucked and then she swapped ends. There is nothing quite as sexciting as the anticipation of fucking a very insistent woman! Her entire body was as hot as a stovetop to my touch!

She had me kneel between her legs and asked, "Hey Mr. Photographer peeping Tom... wanna watch for a few more minutes first?" I had been watching through the SLR lens... getting to see more of her self-pleasuring didn't hurt my feelings one bit!

Before I could respond, Jean held her pretty twat wide open with two fingers and began arousing her clit again with the other hand. Talk about "Pretty in PINK"! From my voyeuristic mind set sex are both a spectator and a participator sport. I could hardly wait to be IN the PINK myself... her PINK pussy!

That this 'professional' woman had achieved one orgasm and was teasing herself towards another seemed nothing short of marvelous. I just had to do something to HELP besides gawk at her. Crazy Jean allowed me to begin kissing every inch of her while she fiddled with her ignition switch! Hookers seldom allow kissing on the mouth or even above their tits,... she made an eager exception and returned my 'Frenching' like a demented vacuum cleaner!

I tasted her entire body, nose to toes. I lingered and ran my tongue in and around her sexy belly button until she grabbed my erection and pulled it to her twat! She cried "UNCLE" in a manner of speaking. I had found one of her erogenous zones in the center of her tummy!

"C'mon, PUT IT IN... FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF ME... NOW!" Jean was accustomed to men banging her for their pleasure only. To really get her jollies from someone she liked Jean needed to have her adorable pussy pounded.

I did my damnedest to comply... even though I had wanted to give her a slow and sensuous pussy poking. (I had wanted this SEXperience to last forever.) If I had gone this far beyond my "ethical boundaries", I wanted to relish every bit of her for as long as possible!

For me the better part of enjoying the erotic response to her ongoing masturbation and fucking, would be to feel her having a climax with my cock IN her! I POUNDED! Sometimes one has to make tough choices for helping a friend.

Jean did not disappoint me, or herself! Holy frijoles, what an orgasm that was from her! Here I was, a mere mortal man servicing a professional pussy to a fair-thee-well! What her orgasmic twat did to and for my slippery cock while she was 'coming' was almost TOO PORNOGRAPHIC for words!

The woman was not overly noisy when she 'came'... she seemed to divert her vocal energy and enthusiasm into her body movements. At one point, she lifted her sexy legs up and began pedaling an unseen aerial bicycle to the rhythm of the cock slamming her cunt. The inside of her vagina had to be one hundred thirty degrees in the shade and rising!

She finished by planting her feet firmly on the floor and hammering back at me with her pelvis when the bike ride was over. I lasted about ten seconds longer than she did and then flooded that desirable pussy of hers with everything that she could extract from my pulsing erection!

Oddly, at that point Jean began counting quietly, "... eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve." Then, like the self-appointed sex therapist that she was, Jean announced, "Did you know that a healthy cock twitches twelve times when it 'comes'? Each throb represents a spurt of semen trying to get out. Didn't know that huh? Count 'em next time you jerk off!" The goofy delightful girl had been keeping track of my spasms with her pussy as the abacus, ticking off my responses to her ripe sexuality. Before she got up from the back drop Jean pivoted her body and pussy towards the camera and had me finish the roll of film in extreme close up. She bore down with her pussy muscles and expelled my 'come' a dribble and a gob at a time. I could hardly believe, that I of all people had been allowed to put that stuff IN HER in the first place!

Damned if she wasn't right on the money about her count down... for fun, I jerked off in her honor in the dark room while watching her blow-ups appear in the developer. Truth be told, her photos were so arousing that I produced fourteen throbs in succession that time! She thought that was "way cool" when I told her.

Right after we had fucked for the FIRST time Jean asked if when she 'came' in for her movie debut if there was a way that we could bang like this... and film it?

The idea of getting laid by me and be able to watch it in movie form later turned UP her thermostat! I'm not hung like a horse nor am I anything special to look at so why that idea twitched her clit is beyond me. (She had famous movie actors amongst her clients... one particularly good looking matinee idol had signed his photo for her, "I love ya Jean, always yours BOO-BOO!!") You figure who he was! I aint tellin'. The point being that she could have ANY guy she wanted.

She kept a sixteen-millimeter movie projector in her penthouse bedroom and showed her clients some of the porn flicks in which she had already appeared. Great turn on stuff when dollars and cents are involved. (Get 'em Hot, Get 'em OFF and get 'em OUT is how call girls make their money.)

A film of US with lots of cock IN pussy close ups would be for her personal private pleasure. Jean masturbated alone to get most of her orgasms... not surprisingly she did not have a steady FUCK that she liked or could rely upon. Most men were too intimidated to get emotionally close to her. Pity, because she really was a nice kid as well as a great (spectacular) lay!

She did 'come' back and helped produce some high quality beaver loops with honest to Pete orgasms. No I did not FUCK her on film... but off camera... well what do you think? I may have had my ethics but I'm not overly stoopid were she was concerned. I ask you, how does one turn down someone with whom you have already been raunchy and intimate? Besides, Jean was just too entertaining and too much of a warm cuddly puppy once she wrapped her sexy bare body around me to resist.

Not all of our fucking was of the rowdy variety. At times when Jean was down hearted and off her stride for some reason, our sex was softer and sensuous. She was not unlike any other woman when it 'came' to needing reassurance that she was lovable... as well as some client's easy if expensive piece of ass! Jean, wherever you are, you were a doll and a damned good friend! I have had more than a few masturbatory celebrations over the years while thinking about YOU!

During my stint as a beaver loop producer, there were some other notable lapses in my ethical code. (Not many but enough to tell you about.)

One such 'came' in the form of an OLDER nude model. The film courier at one point asked if I could include some films of, "chubby girls, some ethnic types and maybe one or two over the hill broads"!

You must understand that this fellow in his expensive suit and silk tie was NOT making a polite REQUEST! I didn't ask what 'that bulge' was under his arm.

Dutifully I phoned a woman that had posed nude for me a number of times even though she was pushing fifty. Kate had a great body with well-enhanced tits. As store bought knockers went hers were SEXtremely well done!

She had been a legit photo and runway model for years and she was not ready to give up the game while she still had most of her looks and figure. She had spent the money to have breast augmentation to be able to move into the nude arena. Besides, her husband thought the new firm tits were a blast to play with! Kate was a MARRIED WOMAN and as such, I had passed over her phone number when I began polling girls for HELP with my porn avocation.

What the Hell, I'd give her a call. Some of the nude stills she had posed for were only a notch less raunchy than the beaver loops required anyway. In fact, she designed those poses for her to take home with which tease her old man... definitely NOT FOR SALE! All she could do would be to say, "NO".

Kate was more curious than I had expected and showed up the following day at the beginning of a beaver loop session with a somewhat homely but strangely very sexy model. The girl in front of the camera with a hand full of her pussy had claimed to be a groupie of Andy Warhol. The woman masturbating was also overtly AC/DC and having attractive Kate on hand and observing, turned the lass into a raging orgasm machine! Damned good loop! Whew!

After the self-pleasuring girl had left, Kate sat with me and said that she could do that even better, IF... could she,... "use my office phone first?"

I faintly over heard some excited intimate chatter on Kate's part. She returned with the verdict... Kate's husband had given her the green light, in spades. The only thing that he asked of me via Kate was, "Could they have a personal copy of the finished film?" I knew that if I asked Stan to arrange it through my mysterious benefactor, copies would be available.

Kate always wore loose clothing before shoots. She knew that elastic panty or bra marks were a no-no when every inch of a woman's naked skin was to be the photographic subject. Kate didn't need a bra in any event... her support was internal thanks to a talented surgeon!

Kate stripped and helped me move an antique settee onto the seamless backdrop. That would be her altar to the Gods of solo orgasms!

'Oh man, what a tempting target you are bent over like that!' I teased her. She had taken a second to fluff a pillow and was giving me a damned fine view.

Let me explain that Kate and I had a ritual we used during our photo sessions. She knew from long experience that a good photo model also had to be an intuitive actress. She has to be able to emote and convey a complete message in one photo whereas a movie actress has the advantage of sound, time and motion with which to tell a story.

Kate was a method actress of sorts. She 'lived' her role of horny masturbator for the still cameras. We used bedroom repartee between us to create the sexual tension needed for her to play off. I would tell her 'how gorgeous' she was and that 'I envied her husband's access to her pretty blonde 'box'. She enjoyed hearing how I thought that 'her pretty tits could give a hard-on to brass money... ' and so it went.

Kate would let on that she'd definitely consider letting me "have" some of her if she ever got divorced. As things heated up she asked a few times, "Is that a tripod in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" Poor Mae West, Kate had made a dreadful but funny and apt pun from the late sex-pot luminary's immortal words! Kate gave me a very stiff and drippy "tri-pod" every time!

The chatter between us went from light to overtly sexual as needed. 'Oh God girl you are so GOOD, I want YOU!' was usually rejoined with... "Your making me HOT, ooh, I want to FUCK!" This brand of blatant utterance was generally kept in abeyance until we knew whether she was going to have a real orgasm in front of the camera. Sometimes she could and other times not. The dirty talk on occasion gave just enough impetus to push her buttons and push her libido over the edge! Either way she looked more than alluring in her finished photos. The fact that I really DID WANT HER wasn't wasted on either of us. It just wasn't something that we dared to do.

Kate would take her finished prints home for private erotic teasing and foreplay. The unashamedly risqué negatives were kept on file separate from her other nudes.

ALL of what she would "DO" today before the movie camera would be geared towards helping her husband and other men have orgasms while she had one of her own! No cutesy cheesecake... this would be pure self-induced porn with a little vocal HELP from a friend!

With the rented Bolex, running Kate made love to her breasts and fingered herself. She pulled the finger out, tasted it, gave it a short blowjob, and then let it fuck her again. I kept up the banter and told her that I bet her 'finger tasted soooo sexy'... I'd like to taste the SOURCE of her pleasure myself if it were possible. 'Wouldn't she like that, IF we could?'

She said that the idea of THAT really got to her BUT... somehow she had just lost her momentum. She needed to start again with more erotic stimulus. I shut the camera off.

'What kind of stimulation?' I could offer her an off camera 'Helping hand' until she was running on all cylinders again though we had never gone beyond horny talk to this point.

We both agreed that my finger IN her would help but was best if we didn't. I did not wish to cuckold her husband, not even with my finger. Kate was surprisingly shy when she asked IF I would give her, "some VISUAL assistance". 'Like what? Its O.K. Tell me what will work? What do you NEED?'

"Would you let me look at your erection while I do this? Take it out for me? I get off watching men masturbating in movies and my husband playing with his... I think it will work."

'Anything for a friend and for the sake of art' I said unzipping and liberating what she had asked for. My shirttails were partially in the way until I peeled that off and tossed it aside. The bedroom trash talk began again, 'What do you think, does this help Hon?'

"Yes, play with IT for me, let me see ALL of it!" Oh what the fuck... I dropped my pants so she could see all the goodies. I massaged my nuts and stroked the erection she had provided. (Jerk it off now or after she left, machs nix aus... though NOW was more SEXciting!)

In turn, she reinserted her finger and got back to 'work'. I let her engine heat up to the RED line before resuming the filming. I let go of myself long enough to zoom in on the wanton dreamy look appearing in Kate's blue eyes and then on down to her spread and busy pink pussy.

Any reason to beat my meat because of her was raison d'être for me. That she was there and absorbing it rather than out the door and gone as I always had done was thrilling. To be masturbating along with her was a near religious experience! Pushing fifty or not... shit, she was a sexy beauty and had me hard as Hell!

Kate had a spectacular BIG 'O' and finished it bathed in perspiration about fifteen seconds before the film ran out. It is too bad that those damned 'beaver loops' did not include sound!

Now what? I still had an unrequited boner to deal with. Kate asked me to "come" stand by her on the settee and finish myself. She scootched over to the edge, her body touching my legs and began softly handling my balls. 'Oh Kate, we shouldn't DO this! I really want to FUCK YOU Hon' this is getting dicey... ' Kate spread her legs hesitantly and said, "I know... but so do I... maybe just once?"

Fortunately I had been playing with myself to a point where I was too close to even get my dick into the woman let alone be able to fuck her nicely. I told her that she 'didn't want to DO that'... we'd both feel too guilty afterwards and then my dick began squirting all over her!

It was bad enough that she had her hand around my nuts and began softly but firmly squeezing while I "came"! With each spurt, she grasped a little tighter! Kate knew how to do that without the first hint of pain... I envied the lucky man that shared her bed! Ooh shit, what an arousing touch she had!

Kate closed her legs and said, "Thanks for not letting us get carried away!"

When her copy of the pussy film was dropped off, I elected to deliver it to her house when her husband was home. We felt that a short hiatus before resuming any new beaver loops would help keep us on the straight and narrow. It seemed best that we not be alone together for a few weeks until we got our heads screwed on tight enough to not SCREW each other!

Later that night Kate phoned me at home. She informed me that they had watched the film TWICE and that she was right in the MIDDLE of being royally fucked. I could hear her husband pounding him-self silly between those gorgeous legs, moaning and groaning. That she was telling me about it while it occurred turned them on all the more! It sure turned me on as well.

'Kate, what in Hell are you doing calling me at... ?' I was going to finish with, 'this indelicate time?' She cut me off with, "Oooh, gotta go and gotta COME now too! I'll call ya tomorrow!" Panting in my ear, she was gone.

She did call back and told me that she just HAD to let me know how great the short masturbation film was for them and that they wanted her to make more. She phoned during their fucking just to emphasize how much it turned them on! I told her that I had to fuck my fist afterwards and 'thanks a lot!'

Kate said, "Oh, I'll bet that LOOKED sexy!" The next two beaver loops with her involved both of us naked UP front to create the ambiance she wanted. The last time together things got a little OUT of my HAND and INTO HER!

Her mate knew that IT might happen eventually and if it did would she please tell him?... He could handle it if she'd use the details as a new turn on for him! He had erotic fantasies of her screwing other men and even women for his arousal. She knew that and...

Let me just say that Kate provided more solid reasons for me to respect the sexuality of an older woman. OHMIGOD, girls half her age should know a fraction of what she knew how to do and enjoy! The film took thirty minutes to complete... we took quite a bit longer! 'Nuff said!

Then there was Carmen! Her antics will conclude this essay. Lets go out with a BANG shall we?

I really did try to keep my dick in my pants where business was concerned. For the most part, I succeeded.

Carmen was NOT one of my successes in the celibacy department! She began her porn career with an unannounced visit to my small studio.

She had seen my nudie photos on the newsstands, tracked down and visited one of my mid-town publishers unannounced. What she showed him and did with and to him minus her clothing in his office was more pornographic than even he could put between the covers of his sleaze books! She did some wild shit in his workplace!

The girl was thin, small breasted and not a raving beauty. (Not ugly, not even homely... just not a woman to pick from a crowd. Not until she was naked that is!) Then it was a matter of "Katy bar the doors!"

What made her so desirable was her outrageous lack of inhibitions. Carmen never had to feign horniness for the camera... she was a nineteen-year-old orgasm looking for places to happen all day and all night!

When Carmen arrived on my threshold, she was more prepared to 'perform' than one would expect from a green amateur model. She wore a short yellow one-piece sundress... light enough in fabric to allow her tiny tits and dark Latina nipples to show through. No bra under the garment... she didn't need one. Peek-a-boo I SEE you!

She carried a small suitcase, plus a thick five and dime store photo album.

Carmen had wheedled my address out of the well-fucked publisher.

I interviewed the girl and looked through her album. The Polaroid pictures she carried might have made Larry Flynt blush. Gloriously naked there was 'Carmen with Carmen', and an outrageous assortment of THINGS IN her that probably belonged elsewhere!

More snaps of 'Carmen with guys', 'Carmen with girls' and the last few pages were of 'Carmen WITH... '. Well let me just say at the risk of this essay being rejected... Carmen with her faithful companion of German heritage! (Sucking, jerking and fucking him.) All I dare say to avoid the censors is 'You lucky DAWG!'

Before the interview was half over Carmen nonchalantly pulled her sundress up and off. "Whadda ya think?" she asked of her willowy figure making a slow pirouette for my approval.

I was going to need to look at and evaluate her nude body eventually. She figured sooner was better than later. Her moves were cat like graceful, naturally sensuous.

I had looked at all of her homemade porn photos. By virtue of the erection poking a lump through my pants, courtesy of her and those pictures... Carmen's question was redundant! What did I THINK? A stiff cock doesn't lie!

The girl was thin but not anorexic. I guesstimated that I could get one of her petite titties into my mouth in one helping. Tasty little morsels they were! If you must snack between meals boys and girls, Carmen's no-cal breasts would do nicely.

I am a piss poor poker player... Carmen saw the bemused expression on my face and asked, "What's so funny?" I told her that I was, 'So PLEASED that she had such a pretty figure' and that 'she photographed so well'. That was true. The girl in the pictures was photogenic. Even the close up headshots with cocks stuck between her lips and down her throat showed an unexpectedly attractive face and figure to work with.

I schlepped Carmen's small valise out to the studio floor. When she opened it, I expected to find the usual model's accoutrements inside, make up, hair curlers and dryer. WRONG oh beaver breath... this girl was apparently a PERFORMANCE artist! She had an 'Adult Toy Chest'™... some of the contents were wicked looking objects. I was beginning to believe that Carmen was kinkier than the average bare bear! What in Hell was the empty two liter wine bottle for? I had no trouble deducing what the small bag of phallic veggies from Gristede's market might be used for... but the large bottle? This I just had to SEE!

I set up the still cameras again and in the midst of applying some make up Carmen stopped and said, "Oops, I forgot to show you MY BEST PART!"

She turned her back to me and bent over grasping her ankles, feet apart. "Like it?" she asked wriggling her ass to center my attention where she wanted it. She gave a nice view of her snatch from the back! (Dare I add... IN HINDSIGHT?)

'Damn girl, what's NOT to LIKE about THAT?' I teased. "NO I mean... will IT give big hard erections to the men that SEE IT? Will IT look really sexy in pictures... as sexy as I FEEL?" she asked. That was a dumb question... she knew the answer.

Still teasing I said, 'Aw, ya seen one ya seen 'em all!' I pretended to ignore her tempting twat display. Carmen was proving herself a first class exhibitionist and maybe a delightful screwball. (Move over "Crazy Jean"... you may have competition here!)

The inverted 'V' of her long shapely legs drawing my eyes to that agreeable pussy between her firm ass cheeks was alluring!

She shot back with, "You aint seen what my cunt can really do... JUST WAIT!"

Carmen's kinky masturbating marathon was about to begin. She was just tall enough and still bent over... if I had taken my dick out I could have walked straight up behind her and pierced her pussy with it and never have to flex my knees the slightest bit. (She wouldn't have minded if I HAD done just that!)

She remained doubled over for a lot longer than was necessary for a simple twat critique... she was ADVERISING! That was her first invitation to FUCK HER... just one of many!

To help reinforce my personal credo of, 'Treat women the same as fine art works... LOOK but don't touch!' I never kept condoms available in the studio.

I had no idea as to the degree of stage presence that Carmen might possess. To that end, I set up for a barrage of still photos for the day. For her (or anyone else) to freeze up when movie film was running could be an expensive proposition. At least with still photos everything could be staged a frame at a time.

I explained what the first dozen or so pictures were for... simple figure studies to get acquainted with her body through the lens. She saw the art nudes on the walls... the concept of posing her sexy figure to its best advantage eluded her.

To Carmen's mind a woman, namely HER, spreading he legs at the camera was as "artistic" as it gets! There was nothing subtle about her! (Eventually I would have to agree where she was concerned, as did thousands of horny men flipping pulp sex book pages or feeding quarters into video machines.) Yes Darlin' I do believe that you got your wish in the form of many, many men strokin', jokin' and "coming" all because of you!

By the time we struggled through her first dozen snaps, Carmen was bored and eager to get on with, "The GOOD STUFF!" Again, to her mind one gets naked in order to masturbate or fuck and have orgasms or both!

I let her call the 'shots'... she seemed to know SEXactly what she wanted to DO! For 'openers' I shot a fistful of photos with a fistful of her fingers buried in her pussy!

This lass showed promise for UP 'COMING' beaver loops.

Carmen thrived on praise. I told her that if she "DID HERSELF" like that on movie film she and she alone would generate the lustiest squirting hard cocks the world had ever known. (O.K., so I lied a little... but not by much!)

The lissome narcissist added, "Yeh, I know... my boyfriends get giant boners when I do this for them!" She wasn't just posing for the bucks she could earn... she was displaying because some internal obsessive quirk said that she HAD TO!

My kind of girl and no doubt yours as well... dear horny people of any gender!

For her next trick, Carmen retrieved the wine bottle setting it on the backdrop... smaller business end up. She stood and struck a pose with her feet on either side of the green glass phallus.

Without music, Carmen began a lewd slithering version of the Limbo. "How low can you go?" She wriggled downwards, her arms out at right angles and her back slightly arched until she made contact with the thing!

Bump by bump, grind by grind the bottle began to disappear inside her twat an inch at a time. When the bottle was a third of the way into her snatch Carmen began feeling and massaging her tits and nipples to maximum hardness.

By the half way point on the large glass thing she was fucking Carmen looked me in the eye and then at my trouser front and said, "Now watch THIS... I'll bet you would just die to fuck a cunt that can do THIS to your cock! I can see your hard-on!" She shot me a knowing look far more street wise than her years let on!

Carmen began to ease back up again. The groin tendons in her inner thighs stood out invitingly as they strained. (I wondered how many men had felt those sexy chords with her slender legs clamped around their heads.)

The bottle rose from the backdrop as she elevated, straightening her legs. She was lifting the heavy glass with the sheer strength of her pussy muscles and her cervix. She had forced the knobby top of the bottle through the tiny cervical opening and into her uterus!

Carmen rose higher until there was but the slightest bend to her knees. The bottle hung, suspended well above the floor!

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