Best Gift Ever

by Ron Chee

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Gang Bang, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: A special girl that willingly gave up her cherry to a female gang bang... in order to bang me. Linda was my first true love and sexual companion after she gave up her hymen.

© 2003

My wonderful lady has no qualms whatsoever about knowing of or reading my factual tales of "tail"! Having once been a swinger herself, true stories of my early personal erotica turn her on rather than intimidate. She loves to read and hear about my progressions from virginity to non-virgin status... and the women that helped me lose it! (I love to hear about her early sexperiences as well!) More than a few of those are mind blowing. All are worth an essay of themselves for next time! You'll love the horny, erotic things she got UP to! Look for SINdora, she's here in this web site.

The mental mind pictures of my newly adult sexcapades give her the best orgasms! She knows all about Barb, Judy and the young woman that I am about to invite you to spend time with today! The details about Barb and Judy can be found in the essay penned just prior to this one. ("My little voyeur")

To recap, if you haven't read it yet, Barb had been my best buddy since early childhood. She was as good at tree climbing and frog catching as I was. Even snakes didn't frighten her... for a cute girl she had a rather large pair of brass balls!

We were an inseparable pair of rambunctious country bumpkins, sheltered from the vices of big city life. We were naïve beyond our years about our sexuality among other things. We were indeed slow to blossom in THAT arena! As it is between males and females... I was the slower of us to physically and mentally mature.

Oh sure, we had played the "Show me yours and I'll show you mine" routines and had even played "Doctor" when we could get away with it. I'd hoped that she'd let me take her "temperature" with my dick! It never happened, but not for not trying!

It wasn't until much later that I realized that my "pal" was becoming a rather attractive young WOMAN! You may have read how, after devouring a wealth of very hard core sex photo magazines, we tried to get naked and laid for the first time in the woods across from her house. Close but no cigar... I was too inept to pop her cherry or mine! Credit where it is due, despite the naked horny fiasco Barb remained my best friend. (We were no longer jail-bait when we first got totally naked together and tried to fuck! 16 was the age of consent in our state at the time.)

The following summer one of Barb's older girlfriends (Judy) "came" as close to helping us get laid for real as imaginable. To Judy's credit too, at least she jerked me off rather successfully... all over Barbara's naked supine body. THAT episode with us hidden in my parent's garage was an eye and libido opener for Barb. It was my very first full-blown adult style spurting orgasm too! That bit of erotic naughtiness awakened the VOYEUR lucking with Barb! Her "genie" was out of the bottle and out of my pants whenever she needed to see it!

There after Barb expressed her horniness (and satisfied it privately, she told me) by requesting that I "jerk off" in front of her to watch. The sight of "stuff" squirting from the "cute hole" in my erection intrigued her to no end. She instigated quite a few of those episodes whenever her libido needed it! I, on the other hand, was delighted to masturbate for our mutual edification. Those masturbatory events never led to consummated sexual intercourse together... but hey, I was almost satisfied... at least she was there acting as my personal cheerleader! Getting to stick the erection that I was stroking into her pussy would have been better of course... but just being able to "come" at her request wasn't a bad deal either!

Barb had admitted to having gone back to her own bedroom right after Judy had first jerked and licked my cock to its inaugural orgasm. There the two horny women slipped off their bikini bottoms and had their own orgasms with fingers in twats as a result of what Judy had surprised Barb with. ME firing a salvo of "come" all over Barbara with Judy's adroit talent as the catalyst.

The naughty discussions of male erections and ejaculations (namely mine) had allowed the two women to engage in the closest thing to a lesbian experience that Barb had ever had to date. The girls only played with themselves until each had an orgasm... neither touched the other. They didn't need to. They had engaged in the ladies home equivalent of a circle jerk.

From what Barb told me, the sexperience with older Judy was not an anathema for her. Just a horny curiosity! As providence would have it, straight hetero Barb would have a more "in depth" quasi lesbian adventure not too long after her orgasmic soiree with Judy. This too amounted more to curiosity than anything else, I suspect.

She got very hands on and fingers IN with a newcomer to the block. Linda and her parents had moved in just across the street a few months after Barb watched my dick erupting for its first time.

Linda was just a little younger than we were but also NOT jail bait although she sure looked too young. I suppose her diminutive size at 4 foot 10 inches and less than 90 pounds wringing wet added to the youthful image.

From my first glance at the attractive girl I would have to assume that one third of her body weight hung on her astounding chest! Cripes, was she ever stacked! I must say, to use a cliché, she was built like the proverbial "Ceramic Out House!" My Barb had chest "pimples" by comparison. Nothing wrong with that, I had been allowed to touch those mini-mounds once and loved it!

Linda had luxurious and pretty, auburn hair that stopped an inch above her cute little ass! Barb later found as did I, that the hair on both ends of the girl were the same shade of reddish brown. (More about how I found out first hand in a moment.)

Linda and Barb became fast friends right off. And, as young women will do, their conversations often turned to S-E-X, men, S-E-X and more about men! Linda was a non-fanatical virgin... willing to lose it if she could do so painlessly. She admitted to being a bit freaky about pain.

Barb had lost her virginity to her own hand and her mom's purloined, thick, 12 inch vibrator. She had managed that feat with Judy's advice on the intimate "How to" of self-deflowering!

For her, after a few exploratory attempts she had indeed stretched her hymen to a very useable and fuckable diameter. Technically Barb was still a virgin sans cherry! If she could get laid without fear of pregnancy she would do it in a heart beat. That "Knocked up" syndrome was her phobia, extremely so.

Linda would get laid in the blink of an eye as well, according to what Barb told me. IF Linda could just get around the irrational fear she had about the pain she envisioned, she would "DO IT" too! She didn't think that even at her horniest moments that she could render herself hymen free as Barb had done. If only someone else could... ?

The conversation about that continued off and on for some weeks. Eventually Linda hinted that MAYBE she could attempt to let someone else, a more sexperienced female, eliminate her cherry. Would Barb be too reticent or embarrassed to do that for her, in the spirit of friendship?

This request "came" during an afternoon of pawing through Barb's father's porn magazines together. The girls were curled up on Barb's parent's bed as we had once done and both were getting a clit buzz from the graphic photos! Nothing was decided about Linda's dilemma right then though the session graduated to a pair of young women masturbating with hands down the fronts of their own shorts! That was a second such episode for Barb.

Barb had to think long and hard about getting mechanically intimate with Linda. The thought didn't exactly turn her off... she was simply reticent about the soiree turning into a full blown lesbian affair with her new friend. She didn't know how deep Linda's orientations leaned in that direction, if at all.

Eventually, after some additional inquiries from Linda, Barb had a thought about how to keep the proposed de-flowering at a more or less clinical and not so personal level. Barb had two other girl pals from just outside of the neighborhood. All of them were as randy as Barb and Linda certainly were.

The three of them often engaged in lascivious debates about the pro's and cons of fucking and what it would be like WHEN they finally "DID IT". One of those girls in fact had just done it for real; and was the only girl in the cortege that had lost her hymen to a rambunctious erection.

Oddly enough, both of the other girls on the possible invitation list were also named Barbara. Barb M. and Barb K. Barbara K. was the one that HAD just gotten laid! She liked it!!! "A piece of cake" she told my gal pal... "I bent over and he surprised me when he DID IT from behind! It didn't hurt much at all!" She was in LOVE!

My pal Barb had elected to "do herself" while on her back and it had taken a few tries before she'd gotten the big battery powered cock IN to a point where it would go in comfortably anytime she used it!

The invitee's found the naughty idea of "servicing" Linda's pussy to be a worthy effort. The deal was cinched, and Linda was informed. For Barb (my Barb) the idea of attendants during the debauchery would keep Linda's romantic illusions, if she had any, at bay!

Linda agreed to the party atmosphere surrounding the surrendering of her virginal status! The girl was a closet exhibitionist. She just wanted as much assurance as possible that it wouldn't hurt!

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