Away Day
Chapter 1: Reunion

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, Heterosexual, True Story, Cheating, Cuckold, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Voyeurism, Size,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Reunion - "Bad Boy" ex-boyfriend comes to town and convinces her to meet him in a motel. She protests that she can't betray her husband but shows up in her prettiest bra, panties and stockings. They re-live the sex they had in the old days in the back of his car. She knows what it is like for a married woman to feel well fucked once again.


"You can't go, Jackie. You're a married woman! George is a married man! You have to get over this, the two of you. You know better than go and meet him!"

"I know, I know. I know all that, Mom, but it won't do any harm. We both know we are married, God, do we both know that. He found out from your son that I was home, you know!" My brother Bill still lives in town and he keeps telling me that my old boyfriend George keeps asking about me, even though he has been married for 15 years and I have been married for ten years! It was one of those first loves after puberty things. I suppose that's why it hurt so much when he got Lorna pregnant, dating her behind my back, and then had to marry her. That's what people did back then, you know.

"Mom, you know I am going. You will take care of the kids, won't you. I'll just be around the corner in the car park by the mall. OK?"

She disapproved, but, she couldn't very well leave the kids, could she? And so I met George, sitting in his car in front of the drug store.

"You look just like you did back then, Jackie. Still beautiful. Maybe better. Still big up front." He laughed at that.

He still looked like a hunk to me too. He behaved himself for a few minutes while we sat staring at each other, each tripping over remembered things.

"Remember your old man wouldn't let us go out? And you would tell him you were staying at Judy's house? And then you'd go out and neck with me?" He turned toward me and pointed his knee across the seat at me.

"Yes, and the windows steamed up, just like they are now." I laughed. God, I was how old? I think only 15 when you taught me to kiss. I mean really kiss, French kisses. It was so exciting, do you remember?"

"Yes, you had the longest tongue I ever tasted, Jack, you were a quick learner. I couldn't find out who was teaching who. And your nipples would almost bore holes in my shirt?"

"George! That's a lie!" I laughed anyway, it was probably true. "And going to the drive in for hamburgers? My Dad didn't want me going there either!"

"The necking was my favorite, though. And yours too, if you weren't would tell the truth. God you were a great necker! Remember, we'd go way in the back of the park where it was dark. You'd snuggle up in my arms and my hands would be under your blouse in about ten seconds. God those were the most thrilling breasts I ever..."

"Yes, those were the days! Remember Tom Jones would be singing 'I'll Never Fall In Love Again' and you'd sing the words along with him? I was crazy for Tom Jones!"

"right, and then Acquarius would come on and you'd want to get out of the car and dance? I had such a hard on I couldn't stand up, let alone dance. I'd just stand there and watch your sweet virginal body swing and sway in the moonlight." He laughed out loud at that.

"And then the beetles would come on. I loved them and you hated them. Remember?"

"Goddam bunch of twinks!" he smiled, remembering exactly how he would try to put them down to me.

I remembered the other stuff too. My virginal body pressed close to the hard body of the town football hero.

"My dad would have killed you, you know."

"Yeah, that's what he told me. Told my dad, too. Said if I touched you he was going to break every bone in my body. You wouldn't believe it but we are friends now. I see him every so often. Still as big and loud as ever, though."

George reached for my hand. I thought that was OK. So we sat holding hands. After all, Chad frequently wanted me to talk about my necking with George. It turned him on. He would approve of holding hands, probably, I told myself. He would even say we should do it just once, to get each other out of our systems. He's crazy that way.

"George, I have to get going soon, Mom's got the kids, and I can't stay long. How are your kids? And Laura, how's Laura?"

"Oh, we're OK, I guess. Yeah the three boys are fine. Hear you have three too?"

"Why did you do it George? Why did you go and get her pregnant and screw things up?" We might have had something good, you know. You rat, why did you do that? I'm just teasing you, you know? We have both moved on and have families. No use crying over spilled milk. But I was sure mad at you then."

George looked away, and didn't answer right away. "It was a mistake. But maybe it wouldn't have worked out anyway, Jack, you know."

"The good father told you not to do things like that, you know." I laughed. "But could you keep it in your pants? Noooooooooo!" We were smiling ruefully together now.

"And who sent me home from every date with lover's balls, miss goody two shoes."

"Well, I might have been going to be a nun! Instead of having a flock of kids, I mean." I countered. "Besides, that was no excuse."

"Laura didn't have your will power, Jack?" he smiled that crooked, winning smile, and then pulled me toward him. Our lips were inches apart.

"George, you know we can't."

"Where have I heard that line before?" he grinned. "Just one? No tongue?"

"Where did I hear that line before?" I laughed, and pecked his lips in a kiss. "And, I was always willing for kissing, and a little more. What was wrong with that?

"Yes, you were wonderful, right up until I wanted to the real thing. That's true. God but we were good. Remember the first time I made you touch it?"

He had my blouse open and his hand inside my bra at the time. He had pulled me over until I was half lying on the seat, and he put my arm on his leg. "I slipped, I said." I knew my face reddened a bit even now.

"I'll never forget the night after the dance at the youth center and you let me get my hand under your dress. Your panties were so wet, I couldn't believe it. You see, you would have been a great lay, you always got so wet. It was unbelievable! Jack, it would have slipped in so easily, you would hardly have noticed losing it!"

He whispered the last in my ear, sending a shiver down my back.

"George, cut it out. We can't do that. I suppose you would have married me too, if I had let you, right?"

"Yes, I guarantee it!" he laughed.


I allowed him to pull me closer so we were sitting close, and he slipped his arm around my shoulders. He turned my head and kissed me. It was such a nice kiss, just like I remembered. We were soon wrapped in each other's arms. His tongue slipped into my mouth and I left it there just for a moment.

"OK. It has been nice, George, very nice seeing you. But I have to go and besides, we shouldn't even have done this much.

His hand was on my breast and I pulled it very slowly lower so that it was on my waist instead.

"We both have to go and you know it, George."

We took one last kiss and George slipped his hand back to my breast one last time. I reached for the door handle and heard the lock unlatch.

"Just like old time, Jackie. You're going to leave me sitting in my car with lover's balls!" He leered at me. "Sure you won't take pity on me and help me with this?"

I looked down at his pants and saw that his cock was hard and prominent along his leg under his tight jeans. In spite of everything, it pleased me that I had such an effect on him.

"That looks familiar, George. I think you might just find help in the same place you did when you were trying to despoil me!"

We laughed at that and as I leaned over to kiss his cheek, I touched his cock with one quick caress. I backed away from the kiss, smiled and said: "Oops, I slipped!"

It was a month or two later when the phone rang back in Michigan. The kids were making all the racket in the world in my little kitchen.

"Hello," I said, "just a minute please. Kids, get down off that table! What are you doing?" I screamed at them and then turned back to the phone.

"Sorry, hello who is it?

"It's me." The voice said. "I'm in town for a couple days. Thought we might get together..."

"Eeek! What are you doing here, George? Good grief."

"Working for a couple days. Then I'll be going back." "Just thought we might have a cup of coffee for old times sake? Or a drink, maybe?"

I can't do that, George, you know I can't! You shouldn't either, by the way. What about poor Lorna?"

"Oh, the hell with Lorna. Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean that really."

But we did meet. And that is how it started.


I took Jackie for a drink at a bar. Turned a few heads I can tell you. We only had a couple of drinks and I told her I had to find somewhere for me to stay for the night. She agreed to come with me. Things were going better than I expected. We drove until I found a motel. It was a cheap place but good enough for what I had in mind. She might have deserved better but what the fuck eh.

She came with me to the room. You know what women are like. They can't resist having a look round places.

I let her in first and, true to her womanly instincts, she made straight for the mirror. Her high heels echoed slightly as she stepped across the tiled entryway. The silky blue dress draped nicely over full hips and stopped just above her knee. Her legs were nicely curvaceous and I stared at the stockings tented across twin indentations at the back of her knees. She leaned forward to get close to the mirror and her thighs dented against the dresser.

I let the heavy door clunk closed, and hung up my jacket while idly admiring her. Jackie's breasts slope opulently from broad straight shoulders, and the centenary shaped under-curve gave shape to the clinging dress. I walked up behind her and put my hands on her shoulders. I pressed close behind her, pushing her against the work surface. Our eyes met in the mirror. I could see it in her eyes. She quickly looked away and made out that she was checking her make-up.

The dress was a crossover design coming to a Vee that let the beginning of round breasts and a deep cleavage just visible. They looked inviting.

Her look told me we both knew why we were here. I tilted my head and placed a gentle kiss in the nape of her neck. I recognized the floral scent perfume that seemed to rise warm and succulent from the valley between her breasts. I felt her shiver. Another kiss and she tilted her head back slightly, nuzzling against my cheek.

"Hey you. What are you up to?" she asked, not in an alarmed way, more mildly surprised. It was a soft, knowing rebuke between good friends.

"Nothing," I lied.

"You have a beautiful neck." I nuzzled. "It deserves to be kissed." I repeated the kiss.

She squirmed at my advances but was unable to move, being sandwiched between me and the dresser. I put my hands on her wonderful hips and then let my fingers explore her tummy. She laughed softly, and moved her cheek against mine in a feline caress.

Feeling things were going well, I moved my hand upward, slowly slipping it under her breast and feeling the soft curve. The silk on silk whisper of dress on bra was thrilling. She really does have lovely full breasts, doesn't she? I love the way they fill my hand and the weight of them.

"Hey! I'm a married woman! You haven't forgotten?" She protested, but she didn't stop me, Chad. On the contrary, she seemed to lean back comfortably against me. Now her dark brown eyes were on me, at once questioning and yet inviting.

Waiting for me to do the gentlemanly thing and stop? I think not.

I sucked the lobe of her ear between exploring lips and gently played with it between my teeth. My tongue traced into her ear enough to moisten a path. I blew lightly on the wet canal, smiling into the brown eyes in the mirror.

She squirmed sinuously against me. It may have distracted her from what my hand was doing, too. My fingertips brushed lightly over the nipple that I could feel hardening under my touch.

"You know I've always loved you, don't you." They like that sort of stuff, don't they? And, in truth I really meant it.

"I should never have married her," I continued, obvious disgust in my voice. I stopped short of saying "You are the only one for me." There was no need.

"Oh George!" she moaned with a hint of regret.

Still toying with her earlobe, I moved my hand to the clip that held the lapel of the dress together. This would be a telling point.

"George, you mustn't!" she breathed, but again she didn't do much to stop me.

I watched as the Vee of the dress opened under my hands. The fresh, clean white lace of her bra came into breathtaking view. Between her breasts I could see the sturdy band below the cups looking firm and strong, bearing the load. My god, the memories I have of those breasts glistening slightly with perspiration on a hot summer night!

"What about Chad?" she added. [Like I gave a fuck about you.]

"Chad's not here." I answered. "He'll never know what we had."

And that was it. The gateway to her bra! Still, she did look lovely standing there facing the mirror, head tossed back, eyes closed, lost in the moment. There is a very sensual woman locked in there, Chad. The lacy bra looked vulnerable, captured in my big hands. I squeezed them gently and went back to nibbling and waiting for her eyes to come back and find me. They blinked open when I lifted her breasts and weighed them in my hands. I think she remembered how I used to do that. Her bright red lips slowly slipped into a relaxed smile.

I learned the knack at an early age. With just finger and thumb I can undo a bra strap through three layers of clothing. Comes in handy when you have another man's wife in your arms. Jackie gave a little gasp as it snapped free and my fingers ventured under the thin lace edging and over the small bumps of her aureole and on towards the hardened tip of her nipple.

Very hard Chad! Almost as hard as my cock was at that moment. There are noises women make in moments of passion that defy being written down. You know those sounds, don't you Chad? Those breathless little moans and half-gasped sighs that are different for each woman. I bet you've heard those sounds. I bet you know the ones I mean.

"George, we shouldn't be doing this." Jackie breathed. Did you notice that Chad? - 'we shouldn't' - not 'you shouldn't'.

Freeing my hand from the warmth of her breast, I eased the dress and bra off her shoulders. The garments hung limply, the bra cups seductively clinging to her breasts. They would soon be free. I snatched glimpses of her beautiful tits as I kissed along the side of her neck. An observer would have said she was in a trance. I wondered how much of that was a mask against her desire for what was about to happen.

Are you a latent 'wife watcher' Chad? - suggesting she take another man's cock in those fantasy moments in the bedroom? Almost sure that she never would - but half wanting her to try? I think your fantasy might have taken root somewhere deep in her psyche.

I loved those breasts Chad. I missed them so much for years and then there they were for me to explore once again; open to my gaze at long last. I think she liked it Chad. I think she liked having her breasts bared to a man that was not her husband. A man who had been her lover and was now forbidden. She arched her back as my hands fondled them, forcing herself against my rock-hard cock. Is that what she wanted to feel? The cock that she remembered from long ago? MY cock? The one they all thought was so big? Is that what she wanted to feel again?

"God. You're beautiful." I whispered into her ear.

I wanted to kiss them - to take those nipples between my teeth - to make her desperate for what was coming, but I had her where I wanted her, at least for the time being.

I slid one hand down to the waistband of her dress. Now where was that catch? I reached across her tummy, under the wrap-around to find another loop and eye over her hip. My hand caressed the warm curve of her body. I slipped the loop and felt the dress fall away at our feet. You know, she even breathed in to help me get the catch undone? Can you imagine that Chad? Your wife being stripped off in some cheap motel out on the edge of town? Baring her body to a former lover? Does that get you hard Chad?

I kicked the dress to one side. Jackie caught the loose cups of the bra and held them across her nipples. Her big brown eyes looked into mine in the mirror. It was delicious. Slowly, very slowly, she let one cup slip away and used that hand to press my cheek deeper against her neck. I nibbled sweet kisses into the scent of her body.

My hand slid down her side and my cock jumped at the pleasure of finding a garter belt. I toyed with the clip bumping out her stockings. I bet she doesn't wear them often, does she Chad? Stockings and garter belt are for 'special' occasions, aren't they, Chad? But, then, I think she felt that this was one of those 'special' occasions.

I couldn't wait any longer. My fingers slid under the waistband of her panties. I'm no expert but I'd say they were satin - or possibly silk. Very nice, soft panties, covering a thick but well trimmed bush of pubic hair. Hot. She was very hot there and... yes... as I slid my finger into those soft folds, I found that she was very wet there too.

"Ohh!" she moaned, as my finger slipped into the tight slit. It penetrated the softness of her pussy, bathing my finger in copious amounts of her juice. She couldn't hide that from me. That she was ready for me. Her excitement was obvious.

Now we were looking intensely at each other, drowning in each other's eyes in the mirror. Jackie dropped the bra completely, letting the cup fall away and expose the beauty of both breasts. She leaned back, raising them slightly for my view, as her hands slipped back to touch my cock. She laid both hands flat along my length. I think we were both thinking of our days necking in my old car, when she would lie in my arms with her arm pressed along the full hot length of my cock. Did she tell you about that Chad?

She even parted her legs for me Chad! She spread them to make it easier for my fingers to slip into her. You know... the fingers I had in your wife's cunt! I wanted her to taste it. I wanted her to lick her juices from my finger. To show her how wet she had got, how wet I had made her. I, had made her.

No, that could wait. Softly I moved my fingers in and out of her cunt, up and over the pearl of her clitoris. I spread her moisture all over those soft folds, ensuring that when the moment came, my cock would slip into her like a knife into butter. And I was sure that time was coming, Chad. That time was coming very soon. Would you want to see that Chad? Your wife bent over with my cock sliding into her from behind; my cock glistening with your wife's pussy juice... knowing that any moment I'd be spurting my spunk into her,... flooding her with life-giving sperm... invading those soft walls. Would you like to hear those special noises that she makes as she orgasms on my cock?... helpless against the spasms raking her body?... a receptacle for another mans ejaculate?... invading and filling her sacred places. Would you Chad? Would you have liked to see that happening to Jackie?

My fingers circled round the bud of her clitoris, whipping her excitement higher. Perhaps I had forgotten the signs. Perhaps she was more ready than I had anticipated. Because, suddenly she was thrusting her pelvis forward against my fingers, her eyes screwed up as she bit her lip and her legs began to tremble.

She was cumming damn it!... I hadn't even got it in her and she was cumming!

"Ohh God! Uhh! Uhh!" she almost screamed as I finished her off with my fingers.

My entire hand was covered in her juices as shudders rippled through her body. She slumped forward onto the dresser.

As Jackie regained her breath, I eased my zipper down and released my cock. Just as I was guiding it to her cunt, she stood bolt upright.

I slipped my cock between her legs and thrust forward. It was just like when we were teens. She would let me rub it against her panties and I would go ballistic. It felt good and I loved the way her ass felt round and soft against me. I stood holding her, letting her recover. Her hands were on the dresser and she leaned close to the mirror, letting me fondle her panty gusset with my cock. Of course, I wanted more than this, and began working her panties down over her hips.

"NO! George,... we can't... I shouldn't have let you do that. I'm sorry."

"But... " I said, dumbfounded.

"I'm sorry. I just can't... it isn't right. We are both married people now."

"But look how ready I am. You can't leave me like this. Can't you at least... do something." I pleaded.

Surely a wank wasn't out of the question.

"I have to go. Chad will be expecting me. I'm sorry. Really, I'm very sorry."

This was like a replay of our earlier years. Damned Roman Catholicism! How many times had I got her to the point of giving in, only to be fobbed off with that religious crap. It was happening again as she picked up her dress and wrapped it around her beautiful body. I can still remember looking at her body, clad in white panties, bra and warm brown stockings. But it disappeared as she reached around to snap the dress in place. All that was left was the lithe long leg glowing in nylon, framed by the slit in the skirt.

I knew there was no point in fighting her. I wanted her to come willingly; but it wasn't going to be, not this time. She had been the only girl I dated who could control me and make me accept it. I always respected Jackie in comparison to the others even though the others gave me what I wanted.

She smiled as she reached up to give me a kiss on the lips. She looked into my eyes for a long moment, then closed her eyes, shook her head sorrowfully and turned away. I watched the sway of her hips as she made for the door.

"Will, I see you again? I'll be here tomorrow, too... if you're passing?" I felt pathetic. Cheated. "Or dinner?..." It was no use, but I tried.

The afternoon sun slanted in through the open door, casting her in a soft orange glow. It was so bright, her face was completely in shadow and I couldn't read her expression as she answered.

"I'm not sure... I don't think so,... maybe." she answered as her heels clicked out of the door. I was plunged into darkness as t closed with a thud behind her.

I flopped backwards onto the bed. So near... and yet so far! I reached for my cock.

"Fuck!" I cursed. And then I laughed out loud.

"How does she do it? How does she keep me wanting her?"

There was a smile on my face in spite of the ache in my balls, just like in the old days. I closed my eyes and thought of the thrill of seeing Jackie's breasts in those tight bras. I thought of the thrill then... and the thrill even to this day, years older. Still smiling, I began stroking into her imagined wet pussy. I could almost feel the way her pussy would have cushioned my cock as I pressed between her legs.

"I blew it!" I thought, "She isn't going to come back."

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