Naked Cup of Coffee

by Ron Chee

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, True Story, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Fisting, Sex Toys, Squirting, .

Desc: Sex Story: A non-fiction accounting of my sex education via the tender mercies of an older, caring and most erotic woman.<br>My wife SINdora has read and heard about "Tina" and wishes that there were some way to thank that special woman for all of the benefits she receives today.

The Naked Cup Of Coffee: My Sex Education From A Beautiful, Delightfully Horny, OLDER Woman

The boss stopped by with a new employee in tow. "Hey guys, listen up and meet Tina, she's our new finishing artist. She starts today, be nice to her O.K.? You had better be... she will be doing the finishing on your projects, 'nuff said?"

I must say that for a monogamous, strict Roman Catholic with a stern old world German demeanor, the old boy still had a good eye for the ladies. In addition, all EYES were on this woman! HOLY SHEEIT... Tina was a head turning stunner! Among other attributes, she had sumptuous cleavage on display and strikingly perfect legs, beneath her mini... all the way up to her ass! (Which was almost visible!)

Tina smiled and said, "Hi nice ta meetcha", to the three grubby, motley guys before her. She extended her hand to each in turn, as introductions were made. I just gaped and like a blithering idiot said something like, "Likewise Ma am I'm sure"... aw cripes did I really just say THAT?

Did her middle finger just tickle my palm? Nah, couldn't be!

The other fellows were older and more self-assured... they put on their best behavior. I felt like a chrome-plated doofus by comparison. Yet, the attractive woman smiled back at me and said something comforting to my embarrassed self-image. I don't remember her exact words... only her foxy, knowing and reassuring smile that went with it.

I had been married and divorced by then at about age twenty-two. I had been alone and terribly lonely for nearly a year before Tina showed up. Day by day, bit-by-bit we became buddies on the job. Each succeeding day made me want to get up and off to work just to spend time around her.

Tina was older than I... perhaps twenty-eight or so? (In fact, the boss later told me that she was THIRTY-EIGHT!) Quite a bit my senior... damned fine to look at and nice to talk with... but too OLD for me to be openly lusting after! Or so I thought, one just doesn't mess with someone nearly your mother's age!

I kept LOOKING, day after day, scanning her alabaster skin set off by her raven black lion's mane of hair for starters. I was ashamed of myself for gawking.

Tina's cleavage was awe-inspiring. The puppies on her chest were cantilevered and seemed to defy gravity. Often as not they seemed to have 'no visible means of support' she appeared not to wear a bra to hold 'em up. GOD, what kept those enticing things in place?? Her gorgeous fishnet clad legs were usually perched atop a pair of spaghetti strap "fuck me" high heels.

Tina's wore wrap around minis most of the time. (Oh geez, if her skirts contained any more fabric there would have been just enough to fashion good sized handkerchiefs!) She was captivating to see and have illicit horny daydreams about. Tina was no fool, she saw me scope her low cleavage, minis and the sexy legs she exhibited as the workdays went on. She accepted my ogling with aplomb. At her venerable AGE, I assumed that she had gotten used to it and responded accordingly. She always smiled back at my awkwardness; in fact, she gave the impression of encouraging all the gawking I could muster.

Among her winning attributes was a soft sultry and soothing voice. Her laughter had a bell like tinkle to it. What the delicate sound masked however was a bawdy sense of humor. She could more than hold her own in risqué repartee with any of us.

Not long after coming on board with us, one of the more brazen fellows said to her, "Hey Tina... you were late this morning. What happened, get WAY LAID?"

To which she responded without hesitation, "If it's any of your business, I GOT LAID ON THE WAY!!" That shut him up PRONTO, gales of laughter at his expense all around!


Shortly thereafter, some wag made a snide comment over lunch. "You getting' any on the side Tina?" To that bit of provocative crudity, she responded with, "Mmmm, no... I prefer it in the front and back!" And kept on eating.


My personal scruples prevented me from openly hitting on her. She was indeed nearly my mother's age. Yet, for Tina I might make an exception. She could give a hard-on to a dead man!

As time sped by, she singled me out to be her work place friend and confidant. That led to the other guys becoming jealous. Some went so far as to warn me that, '... she must be a whore... dressing like a streetwalker in a business like ours'. They criticized her tits on display and her abbreviated attire. (Methinks they protesteth too much... to paraphrase Willie Shakespeare's apt comment.) They'd have loved a glimpse of her knickers and garter belt as much as they drooled over her knockers... I sure as Hell would!

I defended my new friend as best I could with retorts like, 'Hey, she's an artsy craftsy type, and dresses accordingly... besides, you'd throw your wife outta bed to make room for her and you know you would!' I had to work with those clowns and did my best to keep an equilibrium we could all live with.

Just the same, I overheard comments like, "Obviously the slutty cunt wants to FUCK HIM!" More obviously, they wanted to FUCK HER and couldn't get to first base let alone a home run! Tina did not screw around with married men. I kept a lid on it and tried to ignore their crudities and not get into a fight. (Trust me ladies, MEN suffering unrequited lust can be more viciously catty that women ever dreamed of!)

Tina was not stupid... she knew what was being said about us. Perhaps because of it, our friendship grew. To me it was unbelievable that the attractive woman was becoming my best ally on the job. How could a bashful rube like me get so lucky? I wasn't a bad looking guy then, no Adonis but not Quasimodo either. A silver tongue and the ability to con women out of their panties with it was never my forte, still isn't!

Now and then, out of earshot of the others Tina would overtly flirt and tease with me and seemed to enjoy my unsophisticated self-consciousness when she did it. It was never given in a hurtful way. In fact, when Tina was in a major teasing mood she would generously FLASH me!

Tina had her own private workroom. When I would come in for one reason or another I'd find her on her tall work stool, "Fuck me" heels hooked over the middle rung, knees primly together. If no one were around to witness, Tina would move her knees apart... just long enough and WIDE enough to make damned sure that I got an eyeful!

She let me see creamy thighs above her stocking tops and NO underpants obscuring her fur-lined beaver! When her mini slid up as the knees spread... I SAW what she intended for me to SEE! One thing about working in and art room, the lighting is GOOD!

Tina's emerald eyes never wavered from mine when she gave me those instant erections! When my face went scarlet, Tina broke a faint devilish smile and slowly closed her legs as though nothing had ever happened. We developed a secret bond... just the two of us.

In time, I could walk by and simply nod towards her knees and she would flash me on request! By then, panties seldom graced her pussy... she'd slip them off in the ladies room shortly after arriving at work if it was to be a day to make Ron BLUSH!!!

I didn't know what the teasing represented other than the ample reason it gave me to provide myself hand made orgasms alone after work at home. I'd masturbate with images of Tina's mysterious pussy floating before my eyes! GAWD it felt good when my fist be"came" her pussy by proxy!!!

If only she KNEW how often I 'fucked her'... in truth she had a good idea how often she told me later... and that she hoped that I "fucked her every night". The foxy woman had plans to put my 'needs' to work before long, to satisfy her considerable lusty NEEDS!

Tina took a bus to and from work and never asked any of us for a ride. Not until a chill autumn rainstorm presented a miserable, six block walk to the bus stop. That afternoon Tina did ask for a ride.

No matter what the guys might think, I agreed to be her chauffer. At the bus stop, it was clear that she'd be soaked by the time the conveyance showed up. I drove her home from there.

Tina knew that I had no place to go after dropping her off but to my own dingy apartment (and probably a hand full of my horny dick for dessert after supper).

"Hey, come on in and I'll make us some coffee... take the chill off... O.K.?" The offer was as tempting as she was, but my strict upbringing made me feel awkward about going into an older woman's home... unchaperoned!

Yet, my well-ingrained sensibilities told me that, 'one does not disappoint one's elders' either! Dilemma more or less resolved I said, 'O.K., sounds good' and followed her like an obedient puppy.

I was eager to please and keen to learn more about this fascinating woman. (I tried NOT to stare up her skirt as we mounted the stairs to her second floor apartment. I failed miserably and kept my eyes glued on her nearly naked ass. I wouldn't have minded having THAT swing on my porch... cripes what a naturally erotic wiggle her butt had.

Tina's apartment was the cozy upper half of an old two family home. Her artistic bent showed in the feminine décor. Soft pinks, whites and lavender predominated. Even the scent of lavender filled the air. The woman's delicate skin and coal black hair made her look like a living jewel within her environment. It suited her. Almost immediately, I felt comfortable and very welcome there.

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