SINdora Rides Again... and Again and...

by Ron Chee

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Desc: Sex Story: Part II of the Sindora Stories Series<br> More erotic episodes about SINdora. I am far luckier than I deserve to be regarding her. The titles may change but the woman remains the same... Horny!:-) Go see for your selves... from a shy teen to swinging house wife to consumate skilled lover... SINdora has all I need. She is tantalizingly loving and lusting!

(Another edition of my wife's tantalizingly erotic loving and lusting)

Part II of the Sindora Stories Series

My loveable, sexual wife has spent our time together helping to make certain that our sex life and loving could not possibly get stale. In her prior marriages, she had experienced too much 'Ho hum' fucking. In her swinging era, SINdora was not always a happy camper about it. Being the "bartered bride" was not all that it was cracked up to be when her 'CRACK' was involved knowing that hubby's dick was IN some other woman's 'crack'.

At least for her each of those episodes was different if not always satisfying.

On the home front, her orgasms were hand made and self-imposed or none at all. Neither husband knew or cared about the erotic thrills SIN's BIG "O" could provide them. (If only they had taken the time to try!)

Almost from day one, it was the same for her with both men. Get naked, lie down... tits up, spread 'em and be fucked. SINdora's 'male masturbation station' was OPEN for business! For variety it sometimes amounted to, 'Bend over, let 'em dangle, spread the legs and take it from behind.' (Actually one of her favorite positions if done with love and skill!)

If SIN' made suggestions about WHAT she would LIKE out of sex... both men became defensive. The attitude being that there was something WRONG with HER if their cocks did not satisfy.

What they didn't know or take advantage of was the supreme erotic force they could have unleashed in her. SIN' was a young, HORNY atomic bomb waiting for a well-fucked reason and a place to detonate!

Get naked, lie down and be fucked may be O.K. for the short term... for her it got old in the long run. Being fucked by ol' "Ben Dover" was just as boring and unfulfilling after a time.

SIN' knew that she could have and deserved orgasms just as her husbands had them... IN her... at SIN's expense. She knew that she was very orgasmic... nothing wrong with her PLUMBING! The fault lie with her 'plumbers' and how they 'laid' their pipes IN SINdora!

She had been having natural climaxes ever since her very first youthful, hands on SEXperience in bed alone, her door locked and the covers pulled up to her chin. She had been brought up to believe that kissing a boy was dirty and might even make her pregnant! (With covers all the way up and she could not see what she was 'doing' with herself perhaps IT would not be quite so wrong??)

If it was so WRONG to feel the way she did between her legs... why did it feel so GOOD to touch and explore herself down there? SIN tried to be a good girl and resist the tempting sensations. There was a Bible on her nightstand... SIN's Mom insisted that it be within reach when she needed "comforting".

Somehow, the 'good book' could NOT provide the kind of "COMFORT" SIN' required that night! Her misbehaving hand inside the front of her pajama bottoms, roaming her naked hot slit was doing a better job of that!

SIN' knew that what she was 'DOING' was dreadfully BAD... she might even go to Hell for it! SINdora did not know what was 'coming' and had no will power to stop investigating until she did.

Ladies, do you remember your own first hand made, bell ringing, and fireworks SEXploding orgasms?

SIN' will never forget hers! 'IT' scared the living HELL out of her... literally! "IT' felt good, too good for words and she knew that she dare not go to sleep that night for fear that she would roast amidst the fires of damnation. She had just committed the most heinous sin of her young life!

No blasphemy intended but... what a God-awful thing to do to one's children. Why indoctrinate them into fearing what should be enjoyed as a "gift"??

Of course SIN' fell asleep after her beginner's orgasm. She was more than amazed to find no flames licking around her at sunrise. She had survived. SIN' was alive to 'play with herself' again... and again and... !

Maybe her Mother had gotten it wrong or that mater's God and SIN's deity were different entities? Perhaps SIN's was more tolerant and a trifle naughty? Had her ethereal benefactor provided SIN' with a "gift" that her Mom and girlfriends did not receive?

SIN' did not know that she had 'masturbated' the memorable night before. She did not know that what had taken place even had a name. Time passed and her girl pals disabused her of that. She was part of a huge sorority. SINdora was on her way to bigger and better 'things'.

Not all were bigger or better in the course of events... but they were fun just the same. Once old enough to 'DO' it she found that she liked sex... cock size was immaterial. (As long as they were not too large.) A verified ten inches has been her largest to date. She asked the man that was about to fuck her with it if she could measure his erection as part of foreplay. Egomaniacs that most men are when it comes to their sex tool size he readily agreed! (Yes, she has measured mine as well.)

SIN's first experience with male ejaculation 'came' about while on a date... as it did for many of us. 'Mom' was still hammering away at the same old bugaboos. "Don't KISS boys, you'll get pregnant", "Don't you DARE let a boy touch your KNEES"... ditto the pregnant thing again!

If 'Mom' only knew, that SIN' was making out in her boyfriend's car in total darkness. Her hand was around the boy friend's naked erection. In minutes SIN' had a handful of warm slippery lather running over her fist. Her ejaculating friend was flopping and gasping like a fish out of water... because of her! "Oh WOW!" is how she describes that event.

SIN' had never seen a naked erect penis let alone have one 'SPIT UP' in her hand. In the total darkness, after the male member was put back where it belonged she still had not seen one... she'd only felt it. She had only the vaguest idea as to what she had done and none whatsoever as to how his 'thing' had creamed itself. Whatever it was that she had accomplished the boyfriend was happy as Hell about it! Ergo, so was she!

SIN's more worldly female companions again filled in the gaps in her knowledge! NOW she had extra ammunition for her own masturbating. She was able to fantasize that her finger was the "orgasmic" spurting erection!

SINdora was never a "Bad Girl"... then or now. She was and is a curious, hormonally influenced lass. To satisfy her early inquisitiveness she arranged for a daylight make out rendezvous with the boyfriend. In private she did with his aroused penis what she had done the first time. On the second TRY, she could see what she had wrought!

For her to make and SEE his erection 'COMING', was "The eighth wonder of the world" for SINdora.

She helped him pull her sweater and bra up under her chin. That was all that she would permit and she allowed that because her exposed breasts available to fondle seemed to make him all the harder and more eager to perform! ('Mom' had only mentioned prohibitions against letting her "knees" be touched... nothing about her TITS was mentioned! Thus, full steam ahead with his hands full of her pretty chest while she worked on his erect member!)

SINdora observed the fruits of her efforts... she wished that her sex organs would squirt like that! She tells me that it still gives her an erotic clit hardening rush to know that she has what it takes to make a man horny to that degree!

After creating and seeing the phenomenon of ejaculation on that auspicious day; Sin' went home and masturbated with newer and very horny insight!

SINdora let go of her virginity when she married at nineteen. At twenty or so, she was duped into her initial 'wife swap', then another followed as did many more.

Moving ahead in history SIN' met and MATED with me!

She had promised herself just before then that her SEX LIFE would improve or else! SINdora would no longer put UP with a man that could not or would not "DO" right by her. There had to be some unattached, available dick out there just waiting to pluck and fuck her violin strings. Several of her swing mates had played the right tune with her pussy! She knew that they weren't the only such musicians available.

She tells me that she has found her 'music maker'!

In fact, as I write this I have an E-"male" from her at the office. Wanna read it with me?

Subj: I'M HORNEEEE !!!

"Hi Babe; I was tempted to "DO" myself here at work today but I think that I can hang on until I get home!!! Would you be UP for FIXING my 'itchy twitchy' with one of my vibrating toys later?

If you are, would ya FUCK ME from BEHIND when I'm done? Lets 'DO IT' in front of the BIG mirror, okay with you?

HELP... lemme know ASAP or I'm gonna 'splode!!


Your HORNY 'SIN'ner!"

Well? What would you "DO" under these cir 'CUM' stances? Yeh, I thought so... me too! I am going to do my best to tune, pluck and fuck her 'instrument' within the hour!

GAWD I love that woman... she is something else!

SIN' has a couple of ways and places to 'relieve' herself at work if she just CAN'T wait until she gets home. The ladies room stall is an obvious choice. She has fingered her pretty snatch in there on occasion though sitting on the utilitarian potty is not the most comfortable setting for it.

My adventurous wife used to conceal a small vibrator in her purse. The toy was quiet and worked well for generating ultra fast orgasms on the job. She carried it until the day that her purse tipped over and the damned thing rolled out onto the floor next to her desk. She scooped it up... a second too late, it had been seen by others. OOPS!

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