A Matter of Escape

by Maureen Louise Reardon

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, True Story, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Sex Story: A lover taken over by her lovers teasing, pleasing passion.

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Catherine lay on her back staring at the ceiling pondering a rich array of extraordinary sounds she made when an orgasm collapsed around her. Which sound was sweeter, a breath that had been stolen, or the one that was wedged sideways in her throat? You know the kind. It's the one where she sucks in her breath, making that little inbound squeal and it lodges there in her throat, unable to come out. What a sweet sound. It was hard to decide which one was the sweetest.

The echoes of her broken efforts to breathe rang in Catherine's head like she was still with Karen. The bed still smelled of their sex. Catherine continued to replay the way she sounded as she pleasured herself with Karen. For Catherine's love for Karen was very deep.

They had discovered something new earlier that week. At least he thought it was a discovery. Hell, she could have just been teaching her something new. Four days later she still found herself remembering the result. At first, it was surprising to her that a womyn with her experience could learn something new. But then some of the best discoveries happen when you aren't really looking for them. In reality, she wasn't trying to teach Karen anything. She was merely falling into the depths of their love and taking what she wanted. It mattered not whether it was intentional. And that's the way it was with them. Every time they made love, it was a process of unintentional discovery.

Last night was the best ever. Every night that week they'd revisited their little technique. Each time it got a little better. Each time there was something different about it. But every time she came it was the same exquisite. A couple of those times Catherine was able to come too. Normally she didn't get off easily when she was on the bottom, but seeing her enjoy herself so much, it didn't matter. But not before she got off...and got off good.

As a matter of course, she made certain that her mind had been blown several times before they attempted their new little trick. It was better that way. Karen wanted her soaking wet. She always came harder after she spent some time with her mouth between her legs. That took care of the wetness she wanted. Soft gentle licks and brushing lips were just the ticket to force her hands onto her head. Having her finally reach down and pull her to her was the epitome of her want in her eyes. Urgent fingers in Catherine's hair and grinding hips against an openmouthed kiss oh my, yes.

The way Catherine went completely limp afterward was evidence of a righteous satisfaction. But that's when things had changed; satisfaction was surpassed; their routine was modified. She rolled her onto her back and straddled her legs around her neck.

It was a timing thing. There would be thrusting and thrashing about, but there was something that caught both of them by surprise that consumed their attention. There was something she wanted first.

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