Collaborative Effort by SINdora and Ron Chee

by Ron Chee

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, True Story, Humor, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Fisting, Sex Toys, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Part III of the Sindora Stories Series<br> My outrageously sexy wife has finally agreed to collaborate with me on a joint non-fiction naughty essay. We have shared the key board to have a little erotic pleasure. (And quite a bit of sexual interuptions along the way. All duly recorded for our and your entertainment.)

Part III of a the Sindora Stories series

(Graphic admissions of personal loving and lusting)

8:10p.m. Hello, SINdora here, very pleased to meet you at last!

I am typing this in the nude at Ron's request... I wonder why he wants THAT? (Only joking, you know WHY as well as I do! For the same reason that, I WANT it.) It's easier and one is more likely to get laid when you are naked.

Ron and some of his readers have asked that we collaborate on this and that I add my two cents worth to this intimate essay. Honestly, I don't know where to start. Normally I prefer to review his musings, edit for him and then use it for my own sexual arousal! (When I take over the chore at this keyboard, his adorable penis is already AROUSED. Bless him he waits patiently, until the written words have worked their PUSSY MAGIC on me!) "SINdora rides again and again and..." did that for me the last time he wrote. I read it and toy fucked myself until he 'came' and fucked me on the couch!

I am not a writer of erotic materials, autobiographical or otherwise. Not that I cannot do it - it is just that whenever I have, I ended up TOO HORNY TOO QUICKLY AND CANNOT PROCEED FURTHER. If I must admit this to you, my mind works many paragraphs ahead and I know what's 'coming'. The result is too many 'do it myself' breaks for cohesive story telling if I am alone at the time.

You have read Ron's accurate reportage of the things that we have gotten UP to because of the electronic pages on this computer screen. THINGS long past and recently past included. Plus, some likely to 'come' while we work on this.

I suppose if I am to keep within the erotic framework of this venue I should not obfuscate with terms such as "got UP to"... what we DID and what I want to DO NOW is FUCK! See what I mean? Four short introductory paragraphs and I am in TROUBLE here already.

Ron is suggesting that I offer a little autoerotic autobiography to keep this moving. (Knowing him as I do, he no doubt means for me to tell you about us while I am playing with ME!) I am a two hand typist... the "playing" honors will have to be all his... for now. He is here and very erect, appraising this as I type.

I am almost five feet tall. I am NOT nearly as pretty nor as sexy in my opinion, as he say's that I am. I have seen many of his old porn photos. THOSE were PRETTY women. (I will claim attractive legs.) What else about me there might be that gives him frequent erections I am at a loss to say. That he gets those is a blessing for me. My silly man says that I am better for him than VIAGRA,... that is debatable.

What turns me on? Aside from Ron and any caring man that loves and KNOWS HOW to physically and emotionally love his woman are triple X movies, erotic written words and my frequent sexual fantasies. Include in this category please, verbally sharing a man's past sexual history in GRAPHIC detail and providing mine for him. I know that I am not Ron's FIRST and glad of it! (Read his "Naked Cup of Coffee" under Erotic Encounters and you will know why I feel the way I do about him. Thank you Tina... you were one marvelous woman! The world needs more unselfish loving 'teachers' like you.)

What turns me off? People that are always late annoy me. People that are users, sexual and all other ways included. People that are immature about my sexual history or any woman's... I abhor jealous types with a passion. Take me for who and what I am, I cannot change what I have 'done' before and wouldn't. Ron loves to hear about all of my past anyway and he is the one that counts in my life.

What else is there about me that you (male or female) would like or care enough about to climb into bed with me? Keeping my confessions strictly sexual for now, Ron says that he thinks my pussy is as attractive as they 'come'! I think that it might be when it is FILLED with him... I do like to look at it in the mirror when it is. Otherwise I would rather FEEL what it can 'do' for me than look at it.

And YES, we have taken some erotic Polaroids of my pussy with Ron fucking it. In that context... okay, I DO have a cute twat I suppose!

I certainly like to experience what it 'does' for him when he is gazing between my legs. I have been a card-carrying nudist though I don't think that I am an exhibitionist. EXCEPT during SEX, that is when I lose my inhibitions about being naked and "WATCHED"... I become too aroused and involved to care. If you want to watch and finger your pussy or jerk off while I am having sex... be my guest!

I was a 'swinger' a 'swapped wife' if you prefer. Some of that was less than good and some of it was exciting to the point of being wildly so! Those days are done though I truly love the way my past SEXcapades make Ron horny when we talk about it. (His do the same for me.)

Yes, I did the pseudo 'lesbian thing' twice. One of those was a bummer and the other really was done out of curiosity and not my all time favorite activity though it was not unmemorable. (Women DO know how to eat another woman!) Both married girls involved were pretty. They HAD attractive edible twats! What we 'did' was not a turn off. It FELT good enough just no big "O" 'came' from it for me. It was fun to give orgasms to them however.

{An 'out of the closet' Lesbian friend claims to this day that had it been HER going down on me the out'COME' would have been different. She's probably right and I have toyed with that idea but wont invite her because she does NOT want RON to participate or even watch. If she changes her mind, I'll let you know right after picking Ron up from the floor! He will FAINT if IT ever be'COMES' a GO between her and I!}

The husbands of the pussy eating wives weren't BAD looking either... I think that may have been a part of the allure for letting another woman intimately mess with my body each time. One of those men had a gherkin between his legs and the other had the BIGGEST erection that I have ever seen. (Then or since!) Mr. 'gherkin' was actually not a bad lay. The BIG one fortunately, I did NOT have to try on. Fucking that very erect 'thing' would have been painful! (Sorry fellows, I hate to burst a male fantasy bubble... small girls and LONG, HUGE penises do not get on or IN well! If you are Ron's size {"My porridge is just right" said baby bare!} or even as small as my swinger friend with a stiff gherkin for jerkin' you will be all that I care to tackle.) I can slip a thin vibrator through my cervix for certain masturbation pleasures but not an erection.

Other things that I like are phone sex and masturbation. I enjoy playing with myself with and without the phone. (So far, this is not as tough to admit that I had thought it would be.) There are times, as I am sure there are with any woman reading this, that I am horny and know that due to circumstances I wont be getting laid tonight.

Relieving myself at home or at work feels good. However, and Ron has a hard time understanding this, my own 'private' orgasms are not as good nor as intense as when someone else 'does it' for me! That has been particularly true ever since I invited him to 'finger and fuck me' to orgasms on his apartment floor for the very first TWO times in a row, the same night! Those were eye and heart opening FUCKS!

NOW I AM TOO HORNY TO GO FURTHER. Ron is here to help kick off my inaugural address... thank heaven for that and thanks also for him crouching under the computer hutch!!! Oh yes, that reminds me, the OTHER thing that I LOVE is a good 'finger job' all the way to my "G" spot!

Want to know what he is 'DOING' under there? Dr. DVM is fingering and 'DOING' ME! He IS my beautiful DOCTOR of VAGINAL MANIPULATION!

YIPPEEEE... I'll 'come' back here later after 'COMING'... I'm not even going to make it to the bedroom or the couch! Oh, my that feels grea...

9:00p.m. This is Ron sitting in here for a moment:

I have 'manipulated' SIN's 'vagina' and she is taking a quiet rest across the room on the couch. She nearly kicked me in pure passionate lack of control when she 'came' in this chair. I feel privileged just sitting in the same seat after that one!

That's another tea towel to toss into the laundry... she grabbed it and placed it under her foxy fanny when she stretched out. You don't think that SIN' would let me 'DO' her and not offer a reward do you? It was a simple straightforward missionary style fuck on the couch... like no "missionary" ever had! Reason number one million and sixty nine why she is so loveable!

For those of you that HAVE HAD THE JOY OF SEX WITH HER you will remember that when she wraps those gorgeous legs around your ass there's never any doubt about what is to 'COME'!

I 'came' IN her just now to the extent that I thought I'd drained away all of my body fluids and would shrivel up and blow away!

SIN' tends to down play her attractiveness. She has always been somewhat intimidated by the appearance of the women in my old porn photo portfolio. What I have a hard time getting across to her is that SIN's figure and face is not only better than those but her body and libido is PURE, BEAUTIFUL PORNOGRAPHY epitomized.

If we had a web cam, I would turn it on and let you have a good look at the amazingly sexy nude woman reclining just a few feet away on the couch. I have no doubt that you would want her as much as anyone could after reviewing what I am seeing! As a post orgasmic goof she is twiddling her wet pubic hair into little spikes using my 'come' in place of mousse!

Enough from me for the moment... I want SIN' to resume and fill you IN on more about her and some of her fetishes.

9:30 p.m. SINdora here again:

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