Collaborative Effort by SINdora and Ron Chee

by Ron Chee

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, True Story, Humor, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Fisting, Sex Toys, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Part III of the Sindora Stories Series<br> My outrageously sexy wife has finally agreed to collaborate with me on a joint non-fiction naughty essay. We have shared the key board to have a little erotic pleasure. (And quite a bit of sexual interuptions along the way. All duly recorded for our and your entertainment.)

Part III of a the Sindora Stories series

(Graphic admissions of personal loving and lusting)

8:10p.m. Hello, SINdora here, very pleased to meet you at last!

I am typing this in the nude at Ron's request... I wonder why he wants THAT? (Only joking, you know WHY as well as I do! For the same reason that, I WANT it.) It's easier and one is more likely to get laid when you are naked.

Ron and some of his readers have asked that we collaborate on this and that I add my two cents worth to this intimate essay. Honestly, I don't know where to start. Normally I prefer to review his musings, edit for him and then use it for my own sexual arousal! (When I take over the chore at this keyboard, his adorable penis is already AROUSED. Bless him he waits patiently, until the written words have worked their PUSSY MAGIC on me!) "SINdora rides again and again and..." did that for me the last time he wrote. I read it and toy fucked myself until he 'came' and fucked me on the couch!

I am not a writer of erotic materials, autobiographical or otherwise. Not that I cannot do it - it is just that whenever I have, I ended up TOO HORNY TOO QUICKLY AND CANNOT PROCEED FURTHER. If I must admit this to you, my mind works many paragraphs ahead and I know what's 'coming'. The result is too many 'do it myself' breaks for cohesive story telling if I am alone at the time.

You have read Ron's accurate reportage of the things that we have gotten UP to because of the electronic pages on this computer screen. THINGS long past and recently past included. Plus, some likely to 'come' while we work on this.

I suppose if I am to keep within the erotic framework of this venue I should not obfuscate with terms such as "got UP to"... what we DID and what I want to DO NOW is FUCK! See what I mean? Four short introductory paragraphs and I am in TROUBLE here already.

Ron is suggesting that I offer a little autoerotic autobiography to keep this moving. (Knowing him as I do, he no doubt means for me to tell you about us while I am playing with ME!) I am a two hand typist... the "playing" honors will have to be all his... for now. He is here and very erect, appraising this as I type.

I am almost five feet tall. I am NOT nearly as pretty nor as sexy in my opinion, as he say's that I am. I have seen many of his old porn photos. THOSE were PRETTY women. (I will claim attractive legs.) What else about me there might be that gives him frequent erections I am at a loss to say. That he gets those is a blessing for me. My silly man says that I am better for him than VIAGRA,... that is debatable.

What turns me on? Aside from Ron and any caring man that loves and KNOWS HOW to physically and emotionally love his woman are triple X movies, erotic written words and my frequent sexual fantasies. Include in this category please, verbally sharing a man's past sexual history in GRAPHIC detail and providing mine for him. I know that I am not Ron's FIRST and glad of it! (Read his "Naked Cup of Coffee" under Erotic Encounters and you will know why I feel the way I do about him. Thank you Tina... you were one marvelous woman! The world needs more unselfish loving 'teachers' like you.)

What turns me off? People that are always late annoy me. People that are users, sexual and all other ways included. People that are immature about my sexual history or any woman's... I abhor jealous types with a passion. Take me for who and what I am, I cannot change what I have 'done' before and wouldn't. Ron loves to hear about all of my past anyway and he is the one that counts in my life.

What else is there about me that you (male or female) would like or care enough about to climb into bed with me? Keeping my confessions strictly sexual for now, Ron says that he thinks my pussy is as attractive as they 'come'! I think that it might be when it is FILLED with him... I do like to look at it in the mirror when it is. Otherwise I would rather FEEL what it can 'do' for me than look at it.

And YES, we have taken some erotic Polaroids of my pussy with Ron fucking it. In that context... okay, I DO have a cute twat I suppose!

I certainly like to experience what it 'does' for him when he is gazing between my legs. I have been a card-carrying nudist though I don't think that I am an exhibitionist. EXCEPT during SEX, that is when I lose my inhibitions about being naked and "WATCHED"... I become too aroused and involved to care. If you want to watch and finger your pussy or jerk off while I am having sex... be my guest!

I was a 'swinger' a 'swapped wife' if you prefer. Some of that was less than good and some of it was exciting to the point of being wildly so! Those days are done though I truly love the way my past SEXcapades make Ron horny when we talk about it. (His do the same for me.)

Yes, I did the pseudo 'lesbian thing' twice. One of those was a bummer and the other really was done out of curiosity and not my all time favorite activity though it was not unmemorable. (Women DO know how to eat another woman!) Both married girls involved were pretty. They HAD attractive edible twats! What we 'did' was not a turn off. It FELT good enough just no big "O" 'came' from it for me. It was fun to give orgasms to them however.

{An 'out of the closet' Lesbian friend claims to this day that had it been HER going down on me the out'COME' would have been different. She's probably right and I have toyed with that idea but wont invite her because she does NOT want RON to participate or even watch. If she changes her mind, I'll let you know right after picking Ron up from the floor! He will FAINT if IT ever be'COMES' a GO between her and I!}

The husbands of the pussy eating wives weren't BAD looking either... I think that may have been a part of the allure for letting another woman intimately mess with my body each time. One of those men had a gherkin between his legs and the other had the BIGGEST erection that I have ever seen. (Then or since!) Mr. 'gherkin' was actually not a bad lay. The BIG one fortunately, I did NOT have to try on. Fucking that very erect 'thing' would have been painful! (Sorry fellows, I hate to burst a male fantasy bubble... small girls and LONG, HUGE penises do not get on or IN well! If you are Ron's size {"My porridge is just right" said baby bare!} or even as small as my swinger friend with a stiff gherkin for jerkin' you will be all that I care to tackle.) I can slip a thin vibrator through my cervix for certain masturbation pleasures but not an erection.

Other things that I like are phone sex and masturbation. I enjoy playing with myself with and without the phone. (So far, this is not as tough to admit that I had thought it would be.) There are times, as I am sure there are with any woman reading this, that I am horny and know that due to circumstances I wont be getting laid tonight.

Relieving myself at home or at work feels good. However, and Ron has a hard time understanding this, my own 'private' orgasms are not as good nor as intense as when someone else 'does it' for me! That has been particularly true ever since I invited him to 'finger and fuck me' to orgasms on his apartment floor for the very first TWO times in a row, the same night! Those were eye and heart opening FUCKS!

NOW I AM TOO HORNY TO GO FURTHER. Ron is here to help kick off my inaugural address... thank heaven for that and thanks also for him crouching under the computer hutch!!! Oh yes, that reminds me, the OTHER thing that I LOVE is a good 'finger job' all the way to my "G" spot!

Want to know what he is 'DOING' under there? Dr. DVM is fingering and 'DOING' ME! He IS my beautiful DOCTOR of VAGINAL MANIPULATION!

YIPPEEEE... I'll 'come' back here later after 'COMING'... I'm not even going to make it to the bedroom or the couch! Oh, my that feels grea...

9:00p.m. This is Ron sitting in here for a moment:

I have 'manipulated' SIN's 'vagina' and she is taking a quiet rest across the room on the couch. She nearly kicked me in pure passionate lack of control when she 'came' in this chair. I feel privileged just sitting in the same seat after that one!

That's another tea towel to toss into the laundry... she grabbed it and placed it under her foxy fanny when she stretched out. You don't think that SIN' would let me 'DO' her and not offer a reward do you? It was a simple straightforward missionary style fuck on the couch... like no "missionary" ever had! Reason number one million and sixty nine why she is so loveable!

For those of you that HAVE HAD THE JOY OF SEX WITH HER you will remember that when she wraps those gorgeous legs around your ass there's never any doubt about what is to 'COME'!

I 'came' IN her just now to the extent that I thought I'd drained away all of my body fluids and would shrivel up and blow away!

SIN' tends to down play her attractiveness. She has always been somewhat intimidated by the appearance of the women in my old porn photo portfolio. What I have a hard time getting across to her is that SIN's figure and face is not only better than those but her body and libido is PURE, BEAUTIFUL PORNOGRAPHY epitomized.

If we had a web cam, I would turn it on and let you have a good look at the amazingly sexy nude woman reclining just a few feet away on the couch. I have no doubt that you would want her as much as anyone could after reviewing what I am seeing! As a post orgasmic goof she is twiddling her wet pubic hair into little spikes using my 'come' in place of mousse!

Enough from me for the moment... I want SIN' to resume and fill you IN on more about her and some of her fetishes.

9:30 p.m. SINdora here again:

I still don't know where to begin or pick up. Allow me to say, 'Oooh wow, that was a GOOD ONE and deserves a second one!' I will attempt to behave myself for as long as possible. I make you no PROMISES in that department!

I don't recall which of us started the 'under the computer hutch' business long ago but will say that it IS a superb treat. Tonight Ron had been reading and making suggestions and suggestive remarks. I type almost one hundred words per minute and he was having a 'hard' time keeping up. (No 'hard', time getting IT UP!) His tally whacker was poking and wetting my shoulder and upper arm while reading my words and admissions to you.

He knows what I like and took charge of that. My man is a six-footer yet manages to scoot under this desk and do some wickedly wonderful things for me down there. His finger fucking earlier about blew my gaskets. (A side bar for the women that might read this... do attempt to get a CLOSE FRIEND to 'DO' the same for you, perhaps while reading this or surfing the naked guy porn pictures on line. I am presuming that your lover, male or female, enjoys being with you when you are surfing for erotic kicks. If the person with you doesn't fit under your computer desk or hutch, do not despair. Swivel your chair and get fingered and / or eaten sidesaddle. There's more than one-way to skin a cat or please my pussy!)

On a related note, I do have a man that I visit live on line every so often. Ron knows all about him so this to follow is okay to write about and share. My favorite porn biographer has included this small kink about me in a prior essay. The man has a web cam and gets his kicks while masturbating for any woman that will spend time watching him. I have no idea who he is or where. We never use names or locations.

What is fun about our electronic 'visits' is that I can see him and he can only HEAR me. The man has a handsome erection that appears to be almost twelve inches. For me BIGGER is not necessarily better except to enjoy it at a distance.

Watching Ron masturbate his beautiful erection turns me on and thus so does any man engaged in the same behavior. We play with ourselves together across the miles. I am a voyeur. The man is not rude or crude just lonely. I am not sure why that is as he is not bad looking and seems personable. In another time and place, I might have bitten the bullet and let him fuck me with his large dong.

Ron will get to see him before too long I would imagine. He is suggesting that I add a small personal touch to this confession. The old journalistic who, what, when, where, why and HOW of it. The five W's I have outlined... the HOW goes like this:

When I find the well-endowed man on line, I say 'Hi' and let him know that I am naked or at least have my pussy exposed and available. What transpires between us after that does not take long in most instances.

We chat live via audio and his camera and relay fantasies about what we might be able to 'DO' for each other. He knows that I am masturbating while he is showing the same to me. (I really am... this activity is NOT like a hokey one nine hundred sex line for me. From what I gather, most of those telephone sex practitioners are bored Haus Fraus pretending to be horny while reading a newspaper or cooking dinner. They are seldom as strikingly drop dead gorgeous as the ads portray. Oh well, who am I to talk?)

I like to place my feet up on the desk (I 'come' better when I can push my legs out straight. Sorry Ron, I did not mean to kick you before!) When the fellow jerking his large erection knows that my feet are UP and finger IN, he goes for his orgasm.

Mine follows easily enough at watching the man pleasing, teasing and 'coming'.

Is that a sick or perverted kink on my part? Is it even adulterous... me getting off with a man other than Ron? Ron doesn't seem to think so... that only tends to add another dimension to his arousal factor. I tell him every time I do it and must expect to get well fucked when I do! Could it be that my husband is a sicko much like me? I have even called Ron at work and sharing in the midst of 'doing myself' while watching the other man masturbating.

I do enjoy shocking and teasing Ron. His reactions are so predictable. When he arrived home from work, he threw me a marvelous fuck and a half! I knew that he would... that's why I did it in the first place! The anonymous on line masturbation was good... the passionate screwing we did later was far more exciting and SATISFYING!

I do have many other erotic distractions and I am not sure where this one 'comes' from 'butt' here goes.

Almost since I first heard that men could and did fuck each other's butts, the thought of it turned me on powerfully. I could not, cannot tell you why... it just does! Bless Ron once again, he more than goes along with me on that subject. He claims that whatever makes me horny does the same for him in spades.

He will stretch out with me, watch a gay male XXX-rated movie, and get just as hard as if we were watching a heterosexual porn film. I can feel his erection growing and creeping between the cheeks of my ass when he is curled up behind me. (For me that is a MOST SEXY phenomenon!)

Ron is not even bisexual, yet I know that when he tells me that he WOULD allow another male to "FUCK HIS ASS" for me to watch he means it. NO MAN has ever shown that much LOVE and DEVOTION to me. There have been times when I cried real tears over his desire to please me with an erection fucking him IN the ass... right when I began 'coming' with HIS attractive dick IN me.

Poor Ron, when that first happened he thought that he had somehow hurt me physically or emotionally. I am so sorry that men and even women wont ever quite fathom the female psyche. I shed those tears from absolute happiness at being able to fuck someone as sensitive as him! (Sorry Ron, didn't mean to embarrass my macho stud with that comment. Like it or not you are perceptive and responsive to my horny needs as well as everything else.)

NO, in this day and era of dangerous incurable STD's I would not want him with a male cock in his tempting ass just for me to see and masturbate over. Not even if it was covered with all of the condoms in one box, I would not allow it. I can satisfy that kink through fantasizing and actually fucking his behind myself.

Some of the ways of satisfying my male ass sex kinks are these:.

Toys, strap-on cocks, fingers and even my entire hand UP his sexy ass work wonders for my needs and his. In some of those instances we 'do it' sixty-nine style and he fingers or toy fucks me until I am screaming! (Or at least he says that I am. During my orgasms, I am so ingrained into the moment and its sensations that I could not hear a gunshot let alone my own noise making. In other words, I am so far INTO IT that I am OUT OF IT if that makes any sense.) To prove his point Ron did make an audiotape of me 'coming' about a year ago. Not to brag but whomever that orgasmic woman was that I listened to... I would have finger fucked her as well. She WAS having a GOOD TIME of it. OKAY, I HAVE finger fucked HER if you must know. I have placed the tape recorder on my belly and listened to the tape of ME 'coming' just for myself while masturbating alone, but then so has Ron! I never thought that I could turn ME on.

The very first 'ass-fisting' movie that we watched together had Ron offering to let me try that with him next time. The idea did turn me on though for the life of me I could not picture that we could accomplish that without causing excess pain and even anal damage.

Ron reminded me that his older woman mentor Tina had fisted his ass... even though it was years before he figured, with some practice, I could 'do it' UP him too. He bent over, spread his delicious ass cheeks and teased me, "Wanna? I'll letcha!" So help me girls, if I had a flesh and blood erection I would have screwed myself silly in his back door pussy right then. If you have a similar, not uncommon female IN male fetish, you will understand the allure of THAT.

My darling hubby was and is true to his word. "The next time", he had prepared his ass in advance and was ready when I was. I 'came' home and found my naked Honey lying on the bed with a towel beneath him, ass UP. He does know how to tempt me with his naked buns!

Ron had laid out a surgical glove for me and had douched his behind then inserted a load of Lanacaine to slightly numb his anus before my arrival. He provided a bottle of water-soluble "intimate lubricant" as the ads so euphemistically call the stuff. He lifted his ass off the bed and said, "Hi guess what YOU GET tonight?"

Following his directions, I pulled on a glove and used one finger full of slippery stuff and inserted that UP his tail. Then added another finger and another until I actually had four of them IN him. He claimed that I was NOT hurting him. He gave instruction on how to find his prostate and how to tickle it from the inside. Whenever I succeeded, his cock twitched and oozed dripping onto the towel. I was still frantically trying to wiggle out of my clothes at that point.

Finally as naked as he was I reinserted my gloved fingers... now Ron asked me to include my thumb. He told me how to do it. With my hand forming, a duck's head shape my husband urged me to, "Twist and push!" More lube was added and I pushed. The widest part of my hand was almost IN. I was afraid to go beyond the knuckles.

Ron knew that I could, "Let me stand up straight and try it again. I'll be easier to fuck deeply that way." On his feet and holding his buns open for me, I sat on the edge of the bed and began again. (I was also able to BEGIN on my clit in that position. My clit desperately needed 'beginning' by then too!)

Getting back IN to him as far as the knuckles was a piece of cake. I added more lubricant and Ron urged me to keep twisting an pushing in spite of my concern for what HAD to be painful. He said it wasn't uncomfortable and I suppose he knew best. His erection was as hard and as serviceable as any girl could want it. His moaning was that of a horny man on the brink.

Without warning, my hand slid beyond the knuckles and Ron moaned more ecstatically than ever! I was IN his male pussy UP to my wrist!!! THAT first frightened and then turned me ON!

I found the lump on the other side of his rectal wall that is his "G" spot and he had me go to town on it! Ron had me massage it and then intermittently press it hard like a doorbell button. Each time I did that he had mini orgasms, amazing droplets flew.

Ron had something else in mind. I withdrew my hand until he could turn and face me and then I reinserted it all the way with relative ease. I reached through his legs to accomplish that. He wanted to see his equipment making little spurts onto my chest each time that I poked his "G" spot.

I know his fetishes too. He wanted to WATCH me masturbating while I fisted his ass. He knows my fetishes as well and knew that THIS was blowing my circuits out of proportion. I could not hide that from him. Speaking of 'blowing' how could he not ask for a brief bit of cock sucking when the time 'came'? (This three-ring circus was like walking and chewing gum for me. I had my hand UP his amazing ass, my free hand taking care of my clit and NOW had his erection making larger and larger squirts in my mouth!)

I would have suffocated if I had sinus allergies or a head cold. Ron's erection is just large enough to fill a girl's mouth to the point of cutting off her airway! When I climax I need all of the damned AIR I can get!

We cut loose with our hormonal responses at about the same time. Ron begged me to BITE his erection, "Bite me hard! Oooh SHIT YES!... PUSH IT UP ME... HARD!" He wanted it all and I was 'coming' along with him. I did bite but only because I always clamp my jaws tight in reflex for a few second when I am hitting my sexual overdrive!

Now I seem to have 'DONE' IT to myself again. I have made myself HORNY once more. There is no equivocation... I am a sex junkie... his addict!

The time spent at this computer memorializing our first successful attempt at 'fisting' Ron's ass has caused my vagina to begin leaking again. There is a wet spot spreading on the chair fabric. I can see it just beyond my pubic hair. My clit is so hard and tender. I should have placed a towel under me.

Ron has been reading the screen and breathing down my neck and petting my tits. How he manages to stay hard like this is a mystery. If we had a web cam, I would show you just how HARD he is! (Shhh, don't tell him but I want to fuck that hard-on again!)

I am typing now with one hand... not playing with myself just yet. I am JERKING HIS lovely desirable symbol of manhood. I NEED a good finger IN me followed by this 'thing' in my hand 'coming' IN me right after I 'DO'! (Is that a run-on sentence or is it just my pussy that is runny?)

Considering the late hour,... I am going to call this installment a wrap for tonight and spend the next hour or so working on our second orgasms! I did not PROMISE not to misbehave did I?

Please SEXcuse the profanity but, 'OH SHIT' he makes me HORNY... I'll join you here tomorrow after another good fuck!! Nighty night, love y'all!

3:00 p.m. Ron back here at the keyboard while SIN' labors at the office. Time to 'CUNT'inue our co-authored confessions. This evening SIN' will give you her version of last night's loving naked and naughty finale.

Here is my accounting and then I shall move on:

As arousing as my wife finds our shared memoirs to be,... additional climaxes take longer after the first one. She did have my erection IN HAND while she typed the last few lines single-handed before retiring us to the bedroom.

Once there I asked what she would like. The hour was late and to enhance her flood of passionate hormones SIN' opted for, "Some good old fashioned making out, naked closeness and a helping hand IN my twat... and then sleep" in that order.

We stood by the bed, held each other close and tried to tickle the other's tonsils with a tongue-wrestling match. She pulled tight on my ass... as short as she is that is the easiest part of my anatomy for her to reach.

While my hard-on dented and leaked on her sexy belly, I squashed her tits against my chest and delicately ran a fingernail up and down the small of SIN's back.

Her lower spine is one of SINdora's PRIME ERROGENOUS ZONES! If you ever have the opportunity to light, this woman's fuse... DON'T NEGLECT that part of her body!

A dozen slow, up and down strokes and SIN' grabbed my sex organ and said, "Ooooh ENOUGH... FINGER FUCK ME!" She pulled us down onto the quilt.

I began by petting and palpating her breasts. SIN' almost instantly grabbed my hand and forced it between her legs. "NO... IN here... can't wait!" was her response.

Frankly, I was just as glad of that... I couldn't wait either. My erection was pressing against her hip and leaving a shiny slippery spot on her skin. When my finger went IN, she grabbed my hard-on and clung to it for dear life.

SIN's nipples were already perked UP... she had closed her pretty eyes and was well on route to fantasyland.

If I had not inserted my finger between her perfectly shaped labia SIN' admitted later that she might have had a psychogenic orgasm just from her depth of arousal. She does have those on occasion.

Such a climax while awake is more common in women than with men. In other words, she can 'come' simply by being aroused for a while and allowing her will power to take over. Neither she nor anyone else need physically stimulate her clit or "G" spot when she is that excessively HORNY. SIN' will 'come' just by subconsciously willing it to happen. (I have seen that marvel in one other woman. The person in question was one of my nude models and after a few minutes of naked posing and posturing she would begin 'coming' in front of the camera. Never once did she ever touch her body before hand. AMAZING! She like SIN' mind fucked her way to a BIG "O"!!)

I had to work at getting my finger inside of her... SIN's vagina had begun pre-orgasmic spasms and was as tight as a virginal pussy. Her very swollen clit was too sensitive to allow me to touch it and was peering out between her 'pussy lips'. When I did finger it, first as I usually do, she said, "Nooo too tender don't touch, push IN, way IN! Get my "G" spot... FUCK ME!!"

Normally, as mentioned, the second orgasm during an hour or so of mental stimulation takes longer to arrive than the first of those. This was not a so-called NORMAL event. SIN' 'came' faster than I had expected. SIN's writing about her own sexuality exacerbated the erotic conditioning.

She also climaxed more forcefully than the earlier occurrence! THIS latest was a most spectacular orgasm! (So much so that her ovaries and even her breasts and nipples ached as a result.) I could feel the amazing strength of a woman's internal muscles.

Her pussy tried to hold onto my intruding digit all during her climax.

When I was too young to know better from experience, ill-informed friends had told me how a girl's pussy had the ability to trap a cock inside and not let go of it! "Be careful or she will hold your dick captive if she wants to!" I don't know why in Hell that revelation put fear into my pals. Getting "trapped" within some girl's twat sounded like a good arrangement to me.

SIN's excited pussy was attempting to do just that. Clenching her jaws and her twat is all a part of her natural orgasmic responses. As small as she is, one does NOT get out of HER bed until she say's that you are DONE! SINdora is a much-changed woman from her earlier marriages that much is for certain! Bless her naughty heart and boldness!!

To ease her delicious discomfort I slipped my finger out. SIN' replied with, "Owww! That hurts!" Then she was all smiles. "... But it hurts GOOD!"

Still smiling she stroked my dick and said, "Put IT IN... I want to feel you 'COMING' IN ME!" I was hesitant not wanting to add to her twat tenderness. 'Are you sure?' I asked.

"Aww, 'come' on... FUCK ME!" was all the invitation I needed from my sexy wife!

She held her lovely, adorable pussy wide open... no denying her when she does that! I FUCKED her and 'came' IN her! Teasingly I asked, 'Are we DONE yet?'... "For now" she answered and pulled me down for a lengthy lips to lips sensuous kiss. She began purposefully twitching her twat the length of my erection.

"Like that?" she asked. 'Love it' I responded and began fucking again until my noodle finally went limp. For the few minutes that it took to lose my turgid erection SIN' obligingly pumped her hips and made genuine erotic noises. She DOES enjoy post orgasmic screwing just because it feels good physically and emotionally.

We cuddled spoon fashion, her left breast still aroused in my right hand and SIN' commented, "Can't wait for tomorrow night, THANKS for 'doing me' GOOD."

Sleep 'came' quickly and my wife told me when we awoke that she had had a "WET DREAM" reliving our fucking while she slept. "Oh man I don't want to go to work... I can't stay home and bang your brains out can I?"

She couldn't of course and I reminded her to, 'Stay out of the kitchen! Tonight is gonna be as good as last night!' She laughed when I goosed her as she passed through the front door. "PROMISE?" was her response to my finger between the cheeks of her fanny. 'Promise!' I said as I watched her ass wiggle on the way to her car. 7:30 a.m. and I had an erection. SIN' glanced back and saw it!

"SEE ya, ALL of ya, later babe! Be nekkid when I get here! I'll think about what I want to write today! You stay out of the kitchen too!" Looking directly at the lump in my trousers she said, "Hold that thought!"

I have the hard-on for her, I am "nekkid"... just waiting. I think that I will leave the rest of today's ruminating UP to her later!

7:00 p.m. SINdora here and home again... I have read Ron's dissertation about last night. I can't add a thing to it. He's right on the money. (I had once offered to shave my pussy and have a one thousand dollar bill tattooed over it... just so he could "COME" IN the MONEY!)

Sorry, old joke... besides if my Gynecologist ever saw it she'd probably charge double for her services. I have seen pussy tattoos (one of those was on a pussy that I licked as a swinger)... needles full of ink poking a twat has to HURT! Lets not go there!

Ron IS naked right now as I had asked of him this morning. I am too; this is going to be one of THOSE nights. I don't know how far I will get at this keyboard before YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!

I have thought off and on today, about what else I could pass to you about our past and present sex lives. All of it, no matter how esoteric, has given me a very itchy urge to merge!

I suppose that I am a woman unlike most of my friends. I have and can separate loving committed lust from absolute, 'I NEED to be laid lust... by the nearest likeable cocks man'. When I was single and shed of my prior husbands masturbation went just so far. I fucked a few stray cocks for the absolute pleasure of it and nothing else.

Only another woman can testify to the sensation of her orgasms and the feeling of a man's erection deep inside of her! Rubber and plastic cocks may help in dire straights yet they lack the attentiveness I get from the overall physical presence of a man's warm body over me, under me and holding me! (Not to neglect FUCKING ME!)

There was certain essential non-emotional animal fulfillment from my occasional ONE NIGHTERS back then! I NEEDED to reaffirm my femaleness by providing the crucible for the male Eucharist if you will. For that ambition, I found and seduced at least a few men! Okay, I admit, a few dozen is more accurate. (No ego flaunting on my part here... ANY woman can seduce a man if she tries.) One need not behave like a slut either... subtle, friendly "I AM HORNY" signals will get his attention. To GET into his pants requires that he know the foregoing from her and that HE is needed to "do" the repair job! Men do like to be considered 'Mr. FIX 'ER UPPER' don't they?

The first time that I went to Ron's Coconut Grove apartment, he provided a marvelous spaghetti feast. I in turn was as randy as a cat in heat and provided him with dessert! (Well, actually dessert for both of us!)

I let him know through body language, eye contact and touches that I had a needy, horny "problem". Ron is intuitive where hot pussy is concerned! He FIXED 'ER GOOD! I had two unbelievably sensational orgasms... one right after the other!

I could not recall my last multiple orgasms and told him so. I had planned for our FUCK and told him that as well. What I had not counted on was one orgasm let alone two!!! I had not been overly lucky until that night.

A couple of days later I FUCKED him again... just to see if there was consistency to his modus opperendii or was the first a fluke of luck.

No fluke folks... he gave me THREE orgasms that time! Two in a row like the first time and then a sneaky one thirty minutes later! Oh my... I knew that I had a "keeper". My LUCK was turning about.

A few weeks and many climaxes later with Ron I dropped the 'other' cock I had been entertaining and have been happily screwing the erection patiently standing by here ever since! He does have an attractive whatchamacallit! I WANT IT!! NO, you may NOT borrow it!

Today, love and lust for me are best when intertwined... but as he is going to discover in a minute, all I want tonight is unbridled sex. I love him dearly, though at the moment all I want is the LUST part! I am so fucking horny now it is be'coming' unbearable!

Open your windows where ever you live... I am going to WORK at making enough noise to be heard in Los Angeles three thousand miles away! Start masturbating and 'come' when you hear me 'COMING"!

The 'YOU KNOW WHAT' is about to HAPPEN!

One of us will be back here later to add to the dissertation... I HOPE!


Ron here again, holy shit SIN' was LOUD! If you didn't hear her, I know damned well that the neighbors did! I suppose that the women reading this know the feeling... post orgasmic Sindora is now all over the house like the 'Energizer Bunny'™. She can get pumped and wound up from an orgasm and react like Super Woman!

On the other hand I am sitting here, temporarily spent but ecstatic. SIN' had stretched out and simply held her pussy wide open. "COME" and get it!" was her OPENING remark. She really was in an animal lust mode. No fondling, kissing or much else was on her mind other than utter debauchery. I went down on her, as that seemed the logical thing to do with her spectacularly lewd lips pulled apart.

In my misspent life, I have had the good fortune (far more than I deserve) to have seen and inspected as many pussies as your average Gynecologist. Remember, I was a busy porn producer at one time.

What my Darling wife possesses between her legs is as pretty as they get! Funny thing about that part of a woman's anatomy... no matter what else the ravages of time and gravity may do to her... her pussy will always appear to be sixteen years old!

In addition, tonight she enjoyed having that juvenile looking twat eaten, fingered and soundly fucked. (I know that I enjoyed it as much as she did.)

When her pretty kitty is at rest, it displays mostly the gentle rise of her pussy mounds and a tempting cleft in the center. Soft, silky dark blonde pubic hair sparsely covers it almost to the slit. Her inner labia can just barely be seen when her pussy is not aroused. She has a classically designed set of genitals. The type of pussy that at a glance is at once artful, photogenic and pornographic!

Located at the apex of her stunningly pretty legs even when she is asleep it makes one want to creep to her pussy and gently nuzzle it and then go 'Brrrrr' waggling your face all over it until the lips part naturally to be kissed and licked!

SIN's delicate thatch of beaver fur just above her kitty seems to point right at her slit and say' "Lovable parking space available"!

When her genitals are aroused their appearance is a 'hole' other story!

One evening when I had arrived home late from work, I found my sexy bride sound asleep on the family room day bed. Not unusual as she works her ass off by day (maybe that's why it is so tight and shapely?)

What was a treat to find was that she was clad in a short, hot pink negligee that a girl friend had given as a wedding gift. The garment was see-through sheer with black fringes at the low-scooped bodice and around the hemline. When she stood or walked about, the fringes did nothing to conceal her ass or her twat hair. SIN's magnificent tits showed through the sheer bodice like torpedoes.

This night I walked over to admire her flawless sleeping form before waking her and trundling her off to bed. Just looking at my wife filled me with overwhelming love... how in the name of heaven had I beaten out so many other stiff cocks to have won this sleeping beauty.

She was lying on her left side her right leg pulled up as though running, that foot pointed in line with her leg. The other leg was straight. Her right breast was erotically visible through the gauzy fabric. SIN's gorgeous bottom and her twat were nicely displayed with nothing covering them. Her vibrator was still imbedded in the same part of her that I wanted to fuck. It seems that she had masturbated herself to sleep. Oh shit, I should have gotten home earlier! I missed the good part.

Her right hand was between her legs with the fingertips resting on the end of the vibrator keeping it in place!

Instant erection time was at hand and in hand! I could not be so selfish as to wake her in order to put my dick into that mesmerizing pussy. Yet, I hated to assign what I saw strictly to my memory banks.

With my erection free of my trousers, I went and fetched a professional camera from the dark room shelf.

With only the ambient light from an end table lamp, I shot a few photos of her in full length and a few more in close up of the line and design of her sexy legs and curvy bottom. Those framed SIN's glorious exposed, nicely filled love nest.

Once the 'artwork' was completed and the camera put away I let my pants fall and kicked them aside.

Sin's beauty and innocence in sleep was worth contemplative masturbation. I took myself in hand and stroked while gazing at her and more closely at the pussy that loved me. I could feel my heart swelling along with my erection.

She had not yet agreed to begin posing nude for me and I wondered what she would think of the surreptitiously taken photos when I had finished processing and printing them.

A few strong heart palpitations fluttered in my chest at the moment my hard-on began its own fluttering and squirting. The strength of that ejaculation because of my lust and love for her was awesome. I had to lean against SIN's bier or topple over. My 'come' spurted forcefully landing on her silky legs and ass.

She never felt my body quivering as I leaned against her resting place. She didn't hear or feel my orgasm... hot wet and sticky splattering her spectacular nakedness.

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