Sins of SINdora

by Ron Chee

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Desc: Sex Story: Part I of the Sindora Series<br> There have been requests for factual erotic biographic information about my SEXY and very SEXUAL wife SINdora. I can't get it all into one essay ... she is that good! (And that orgasmically adventuresome).<br> What I include here are some of her graphic fetishes and much, much more.<br> She had been a 'swinger' a 'bartered wife' if you prefer, before we met. We weren't each other's first! (Something of which we are both delighted). Here's hoping that you will be as well!

Part I of the Sindora Series.

A few readers have asked to read MORE about my libidinous darling wife, SINdora. Here 'tis! Ladies, fingers IN and guys, hands ON... start your motors!

Her opening bio... "SWING SETS" listed under the category of "Loving wives" covers her 'SWINGING' days while married to her first two husbands. For accuracy, she helped edit her own 'tales of her TAIL' while it was a work in progress.

Several times while occupied with that chore SIN' opted for 'TAIL in PROGRESS' with orgasms at the keyboard! The naughty time spent gazing at her biographical personal porn on the monitor created some very HORNY MOMENTS for both of us. You can believe that it is impossible to type while a HOT pussy is squatting on your erection and having its tits massaged and earlobes nibbled. (Or her pussy being licked while SHE sat in this chair!) Don't believe me? Try it yourself some time!

She did that bit of chicanery while she was masturbating her clit and reading about her own sexual misdeeds. Obviously, she was enjoying some horny flashbacks! Guess who had to clean the 'come' off the computer chair? I LOVE all of the erotic adventures she has had on her own before my time... those don't make me jealous, just HORNY AS HELL for HER! (Untutored or unready virgins are such a PAIN... for both parties!)

Ladies, have you ever crawled UNDER your computer desk and given your guy a B.J. while he surfed a porn site or ten at YOUR request? (IN my case, while attempting to write SIN's biography!) SINdora did that among other erotic distractions she could 'come' UP with whenever she noted that what I was typing ABOUT HER had given me an ERECTION! Yes, when she is home I compose and type in the nude! (As the Scout motto recommends... BE PREPARED!) Guys, crawl under, finger and eat her while she's surfing male buns on line. Let her get a GOOD EYEFULL of cocks and ass and I'll bet she 'comes' in three minutes or less when you start 'working' on her!

If you have not read "Swing Sets" and haven't the time to do so at the moment let me quickly reprise. I met SINdora on a blind date. When she first walked into the club where we were to meet, (SIN' was dressed in TIGHT cut off jean shorts displaying her stunning legs and some of her tight, pretty ass cheeks peeking. Plus a skimpy braless tie front top showing off magnificent breasts just short of her nipples) she about blew the socks and knickers off the men and women she passed. Me included. The men drooled from both ends and the women GLARED! How DARE she look HOTTER than they did? She displayed the cutest belly button I think that I had ever seen! (If her waistband were another inch lower, she would have been showing off her 'pet' beaver's fur coat!)

It took a few weeks for us to become an "ITEM" though we hit it off at first sight.

SIN' still had a stray piece of ass that she was boinking unbeknownst to me. (Not that it was any of my business anyway!) He was giving her the Roto-Rooter jobs and more or less taking care of her hormonal needs. (Mostly less it turned out.) No need to rush INTO anything with me... she'd bide her time.

After our meeting, she had a burning desire to GET LAID... I like to think I had prompted that. SIN' says that I did. Flattery will get you everywhere with me Darlin'! She went straight to "Roto-Rooter's" house and relieved her horniness! Not to throw a 'pity party' here, I went home and masturbated alone! Damn, girl you turned me on from the 'git go'! I hadda "DO" SOMETHING for my own relief! I fucked 'Mary Fister and her five sisters' because of you!

She was twice divorced as was I. SINdora was technically not into swinging any longer. For her to be fucking two men on the sly took some serious rationalizing on her part these days! Where I was concerned she managed to diminish her scruples long enough to give me a test flight. (I'm thankful that she did!)

I finally managed to coax her into visiting my Coconut Grove apartment. (Just for a home cooked dinner and conversation of course. Yeh right!)

I had a cat, a large coal black cat living with me. Sin' disliked cats almost to a point of obsession. Before she left for home, the next morning, she LOVED that delightful PUSSY and I was SMITTEN with HERS! (I still am!)

That cat was a lovable rascal himself... he'd managed to charm the pants off her and every other garment as well that first night! Okay, I had a little to do with it, considering that, pussycats haven't the dexterity to unhook bras and pull down panties!! He and I were good enough buddies that he would have tried if I needed him to.

Without a stitch on her stunning little body, SINdora was unbelievably, awesomely SEXY! All she had on was a pretty smile and a pair of 'fuck me' heels. We never made it as far as the bedroom! We left several 'wet spots' on the living room carpet! BIG wet spots at that, partially hers co-mingled with mine!

After the fact SIN' told me that she had NOT been multi-orgasmic in years! (Score one for my team!) We were on the track to becoming the best of friends and lovers. Today we sorely miss our black kitty. He lived and loved with us for seventeen more years. Regardless of superstitious 'old wives tales' he was the BEST OF LUCK where my new piece of 'tail' was concerned! He was also a first class 'watch cat'... whenever we were fucking he'd sit and 'WATCH'. Our voyeurism must have rubbed off on him. I wonder if he was ever jealous or angry with me for having had him neutered! The poor lil' fella was missing all the FUN!

If you have read any of my other autobiographical tomes, you will know that I have long been enamored of sexually aggressive women. Our first intimate night together was something that I had HOPED would happen. Conversely, SHE had PLANNED for it. GAWD she was an aggressively GOOD, "prepared" Girl Scout!

SINdora loved (and LOVES) her orgasms. Having been a 'swinger', she had screwed her way through dozens of men and some women before we linked up. I suppose what I am conveying here is that she was not hesitant or shy about her sexuality... and wanting to FUCK that night! She wasn't brash or crude about it SIN' was just being her normally horny inquisitive self! The dinner that I had cooked for her wasn't bad either. Spaghetti is like a bowl of Corn Flakes... how badly could I have screwed that up???

SIN's libido has been an unfolding (as in wet, slippery pussy lips unfolding) adventure since our first assignation. That night she was extraordinarily HORNY and was spending the evening with what she felt was a "nice guy". She had no real trouble with a one-night screw that time as long as it was a good FRIENDLY one! NO CONDOMS please, she was 'on the pill' and wanted THE REAL McCoy IN her!

She had elected me to "cure" her problem, if I could! At the conclusion of our first romps on the floor SIN' gave me a new 'pet name'... I was her "Dr. DVM". NO not "Doctor of Veterinary Medicine". I was her "DOCTOR of VAGINAL MANIPULATION"!!!

When in doubt about what will give a NEW lady in your life a decent orgasm... provide her with a FINGER FUCK until she 'comes' for starters! Once she has had "HERS" from you (pay attention boys and girls) she will undoubtedly be all too happy to assist and give you YOURS about anyway you want it! SINdora did and still does!!

She was more impressed than I deserved. Most men to whom she had loaned her 'swinging' gorgeous pussy had tried to 'get her off' in the traditional manner. They pushed their cocks into her hot, slippery beaver until somebody 'came'. One hundred percent of the time they DID and ninety percent... she DIDN'T! That's just the way that female plumbing is designed. My older mentor "TINA" had patiently taught the 'finger technique' to me. Bless you TINA... you helped make SINdora very happy that night and ever since!

In turn SIN' made me deliriously happy as well. There I was on the floor and providing a new and spectacular, naked horny young woman with a "helping hand" and she was RESPONDING beautifully. She in turn FUCKED me every way but loose! And still does! She had expected the usual... I'd hop on board and fuck her... end of story. SIN' rewarded me for taking the time to see to it that she "GOT HERS" first!

Last night after a similar well fingered orgasm she fucked me face to face, then from the back and ended it by stretching out for me to watch her spread and masturbate her gorgeous pussy on the couch until I squirted all over her. (No need to explain where the inspiration for this essay 'COMES' from is there?)

Uh oh, speaking of... she's been reading over my shoulder for the past few minutes adding suggestions here and there and now she's pulling her top off. Methinks she wants her lovely tits suckled and my finger IN you know where! 'scuse me while I oblige! Back here later... if I survive this!

Hoo boy, SIN' got her clit tickled just now standing next to this chair with her nipples stiffening in my mouth... that cute 'thing' inside her pussy was as hard as a bullet! I swear she gets a hard-on just like I do. She 'came' fast too! Horny reading is next best to a XXX movie for her! Bless her naughty heart... she bent over this desk and let me fuck her sensational twat from the back AFTER she had "COME"! If you don't believe that a good finger fuck works wonders... just ask SINdora. Better yet, try it. Too bad in some respects that she has given up the 'swinging' life style... she'd SHOW YOU how it's done and how she LIKES to get it!

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