No Better Place

by Maureen Louise Reardon

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Desc: Sex Story: A working professional lesbian,talk as they cum

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"S-sh!" Debbie cautioned again."But I want you to know. I just want to tell you how good this..." she started to protest, ignoring his instructions to be silent.

"Shut the fuck up and listen to me," Debbie demanded in a very slow measured voice.

"No!" she shot back defiantly.

"If you refuse to follow my instructions, you'll be sorry."

"Oh yeah? And what'll you do?" she asked, still using her taunting, defiant tone. Debbie could almost see her wagging her shoulders at her.

"I'll leave you here alone. I'll leave you unfinished and you'll never know where I was going to take you." Debbie explained in a cold, matter-of-fact tone.

"You're bluffing. If I feel like talking to you, I'll..."

Their conversation came to an abrupt end when Debbie hung up the phone and sat back in her desk chair. She brought both hands up to her face; fingertips caressed her forehead before sliding backward, hands smoothing hair that was already smooth. Hot air spilled from her lips, as she exhaled a mixture of frustration and super-heated lust. The early morning office was still quiet. Numerous thoughts passed through her head; each one playing out a different reaction that would be taking place on the other end of the disconnected line.

They had been talking on the phone for nearly ninety minutes. She was naked. She was very much aroused and damn close to orgasm. It was not time for her to come. Debbie had not finished with her. She was her puppet and she pulled the strings. For the last twenty minutes she had been working over her pussy with intricate precision with the tips of her fingers. There were no guarantees that she had not already slipped one or two inside, digging into the ample wetness she had worked so hard to generate. 'She is so fucking impatient,' Debbie thought to herself.

Reaching for the phone, she dialed her number again. On the second ring, the phone line clicked open, but there was no greeting. She knew she was there, and she was certain that she knew it was her who was calling.

"Are you ready to listen to the rest of my instructions?"

"You asshole," she said quietly.

"Take that defiant tone out of your voice, little girl, or I'll hang up this phone and you'll be forced to finish this yourself."

She paused to see if there was going to be any resistance to Debbie's demands. A smile spread slowly across his lips. The only response she could hear was her breathing evenly, waiting obediently for what she wanted very much. Debbie knew that she wanted it, and she knew how she liked it. Normally, she would have had her wrists restrained, and she would have been delivering her choice of pleasures in person. Her legs would have been spread before her and her lips and tongue would be driving her to the edge of a private insanity.

But Debbie wasn't there in person. Her thighs were spread open to the thoughts Debbie was feeding to her from two hundred miles away. Fingers were moist from the juices he conjured from her depths by mere suggestion. Debbie fed her her lust in small slivers. Permission had been given to her to touch, but not to penetrate. Whimpers and soft pleas to plunge her fingers deep into herself and to worry her clit to completion fell upon deaf ears. In a sense, she was fully restrained, but it was by Debbie's sexy voice and the power of her words. She was bound by Debbie's promise to take her to a new place. And she knew that she could take her there like no other.

"Baby," she said softly, "I know that you want to tell me it feels good, and I know that it does. I want it to feel good. You know I want that for you, but you'll break your concentration if you speak to me to communicate your pleasure."

"But it does. It feels so good that I..."

"S-sh," she shushed her softly.

"It's not fair," she protested, making one last attempt to convince her.

"Echo for me," Debbie said.

"Like a kitty?" she asked in a tiny voice.

"Yes. Like my kitty cat. Make that purring sound that you make when you are sucking my clit deep into your mouth." she explained, reminding her of something they both loved a great deal.

"M-mm," she purred for Debbie sweetly, vividly remembering the image she described.

"Yes. Good. That's my girl," she praised her softly. "You can purr for me like a sweet little kitty who is getting stroked just like she wants it. Purr sweetly for me and I'll stroke that sweet pussy. I'll make sure that you're ready to slip inside of it.

"Please let me go inside..."

"S-sh. I do not understand your words. I can only understand the purr of a good little kitty."

"O-ohhmm," she moaned, pleading with her, desperately trying to explain how badly she ached - how badly the ache was demanding that she be filled with her fingers - fucked by her strap on.

"Good girl. I'm going to let you go inside in a few minutes. You're almost ready."

Moments before she hung up on her she had been very close to coming. Debbie knew that with the right stimulation she would go over the edge and there was nothing she could do to stop her. Even without being near her she knew that her hips were moving. They would be rotating, pumping up and down like a finely oiled machine. She was deep into their fuck. A few of the right words whispered in her ear would be enough to send her over. It was not time. Debbie did not want that to happen before she was fully prepared for her ultimate pleasure. Debbie had to be careful or the investment in her reward would be wasted.

"Good! I'm going to fuck you in a few minutes. But before I do we have to make sure you are wet enough to take this. I have waiting for you. I'm going to have to lick you first. I know how wet you get when I do that. But you will have to listen to me carefully. Do exactly what I tell you to do and this will feel just like my tongue. You want that don't you, baby?"

"Hmmm, yesss," she purred her approval, hissing through clenched teeth. Every fiber in her body was focused on Debbie's words.

"I want you to pull your knees up so that your feet are flat on the bed. Keep those knees together. I don't want that sweet pussy to blossom until I open it with my tongue."

"Hmmm, God," she purred softly.

"Ahh, you're doing so good for me. Bring your feet together and slide them upward closer to your ass. Move slowly. Watch what your legs do as I describe this for you. Watch how obscene this looks witness for me how naughty you are being when I tell what I want you to do for me."

Debbie's words were making her light-headed with desire. Her previous momentum was still with her. It was impossible to keep her hips from moving. Debbie was in her head. She had total control over her body. Each word struck her with the intense power of highly erotic suggestion. The phone was clutched in her left hand and pressed tightly to her ear to be sure that she heard every instruction, every utterance of his influence over her pleasure.

"Spread your legs open slowly. Open them to me. Watch your knees and your thighs opening wider as you expose your tender little pussy. You know I'm going to take it from you. Don't go too far. I want to lick you open slowly with the tip of my tongue just the way you like it."

She whimpered with a shaky voice. Debbie could imagine how her pretty face was contorted with the lovely lines of a delicious agony. There was never a time that she was more beautiful than when she was fully immersed in their fuck.

"Oh my. What a pretty pussy you have there. Would you like for me to push your legs open farther and lick it for you?"

"Ummm, my God! You have to let..."

"S-sh! Not yet. You are so close. Stay with me. I'm going to release you to fly very soon. We're almost there. You're doing so good, baby!"

Debbie could hear the phone moving against her ear. She had to be rolling her head from side to side. The grip of her suggestions had her wrapped in the embrace of a pending ecstasy. There was no doubt that the vibrations that would soon be consuming her would lead to multiple orgasms. The proper investment had been made. She was too exhausted not to succumb completely to the exquisite sensations she had prepared her to enjoy.

"Now do exactly as I say. Bring your middle finger to your mouth and make it wet. Make it very wet. That's it - very, very wet, baby. Make it dripping wet by sucking on it, and then purr for me when it's ready. We're going to do something very, very dirty."

The sound of her sucking her finger came to her over the phone. As she sucked on her finger, she twitched, imagining, remembering, wanting. "M-mm," she moaned. Within her husky purr was a slight hint of the growl Debbie was waiting to hear before continuing with her.

"Good. Now I want you to spread your legs for me just a little bit farther. Oh, baby, I can't wait to lick that sweet pussy for you."

"Oh God, hurry," she pleaded. "I can't stand this. I have to..."

"Take that finger, baby, and run it lightly over that sweet pussy. Spread the wetness along the edges of your lips. Mix the moisture from your mouth with the delicious juices I know are already showing along those tender lips. Start up high above your clit. But don't touch it, not yet, that's next. Don't spoil this. We're so close."

She followed her instructions exactly. Her fingertip traced the edges of her swollen lips. It took every ounce of willpower not to plunge her fingers into her soaking sex and complete herself. There had never been a time in her life that she had been so close to orgasm and had not given in to the urgent pull for release. There was a new fullness swelling inside of her. There was a new ache that replaced the normal want that she knew and craved to satisfy. A slow vibration was beginning deep inside of her that began to radiate throughout her whole body.

"Now spread those sweet lips open. Slip that finger down, go below your opening and drag it upward very slowly. Don't go inside. Slip lightly around the edges of your opening. Circle it. Good. Circle it slowly and spread that wetness up to your clit. I'm going to let you touch that perfect little pearl now."

"Oh God! This is so powerful... so wonderful... ummm. Let me come now. I have to..."

"S-sh! Thirty seconds," she said forcefully into the phone. "Wait for thirty more seconds and I will show you something incredibly new. Don't waste what we've done so far. Don't you dare throw this investment away when you are so close to standing on new ground."

"Sweet Jesus, please, you have to hurry," she nearly shouted into the phone.

"Listen to me. Are you listening?"

"Yes," she answered with a short halting reply.

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