by Maureen Louise Reardon

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Desc: Sex Story: Is it not how many breaths you take but , how many are taken away........... mmmmmmmm

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Unwrapping your body in my mind, a feast. Knowing time stirs the fire of your own desire. I too, will endure the wait the want and desire. Your image that is firmly within me, as the first contact of you, almost embarrasses me to divulge. While the structure of it is complexity. Administering holds enormous potential for any sense of control. The thought of the first kiss. Simple and yet be fraught with the implications for alternative outcomes.

Trying to minimizing my desires I see no alternatives of my precaution. To endure the agony of not knowing, Am I prepared. My hands would be the instruments of your undressing. Would we kiss? We may kiss. Would the senses we have in our mouths find enjoyment Yes, we would taste each other at last? Would we enjoy the subtle mixing of our labored breathing? Would we enjoy the warm, wet lust that fills each of our mouths? Would we permitted our lips to part, encouraging, although would both our tongues know of these secrets already? Could we surviving the agony of sweet ecstasy, but whatever would you expect to gain without making the proper investment up front?

This investment period is where I will validate my assumptions. I suspect that you have little patience. Impatient, will be dealt with. I wouldnt want to prevent you from the administration of the perfect arousal. You may laugh and doubt that there is such a thing. But then, you doubted that there was a special place I could take you. You doubted that what I would or could ever give would be more than just sex. Before me you thought the word devour dealt with eating a meal when you were starving. I will teach you that devouring has little to do with food. My big surprise to you was that you could devour a moment in time.

You could devour an event embedded in lust, swallowing a memory whole, intact with all the trimmings of sweet pleasures that in reality were devouring you, devouring that sweetest place you keep Ordinary is not on the agenda, Denise I will not settle for making ordinary love with you. My development of your arousal will not be compromised. I will not have to bind you by the wrists to the headboard. In your head you are already there. I feel that you will be begging me for many things, including some degree of mercy. I can see it already. Actually, I can hear it all happening. I can hear you begging me, begging me in your softest and sexist voice to release you

Why would I place your journey to extraordinary at risk? I suspect you are questioning why I am sharing these things with you now. Simple because I can. You see, this is not about ordinary sex. This is about loving you, a love that takes to go beyond ordinary. This is about unfurling your sails into the winds of a hard earned passion. For you, that presents a dilemma, a paradox even. You could not unfurl anything with any lack of concentration. Virtues of doing things slowly.

Everything offered to you up to this point has been fast, hurried, rushed, or offered as an afterthought, as someone else bore full speed ahead intent on her own pleasure. There is more to it than that. Count on me taking you to a place where you will know of what I speak. You will know what your completion can be like should be like. Ordinary will no longer be acceptable to you.

But first, you must learn how to get there, and I will be not permit ordinary get in the way of your discovery. You will submit. Yes, you can scream put up a monumental fuss, but since you will be Finally found, you submit. I will show a level of patience necessary to endure your journey. My hands will be the instruments that transport you to a level of consciousness where you become one with your body. In order to go to an extraordinary place it is mandatory to give all of yourself to me. That I will do.

Every ounce of energy I have will be expended in this journey of deliverance. My energy can never really be lost. If you let me properly connected to you, focused on your pleasure, the flow of my energy into you is replenished by the energy you give to me in return. We never lose it. The magic is in the transference of it - from me to you, Its a matter of balance. If this is an agreeable scenario, then the giving becomes a form of taking. All too often when one party is fucking, while the other wants to make love. The balance between give and take is out of kilter. There is a winner and a loser. One is satisfied while the other is left wanting. This is why I feel we need to make love. For I will not permit the ordinary, its dull, sex without the intent of loving always is.

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