Who Was She?

by Kathy

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Desc: Sex Story: My readers are to guess as to who was she? email your guess to me.

It was winter. We were vacationing at the Farm. It was a big farm, consisting of many smaller farms. There were horses, cattle and fish. The farm has orchards and agricultural fields. There was a big Farm House and many smaller outlying houses where farm-workers and their families live. We used to ride horses and fish. We would go to the orchards to pick up fresh fruit. Young kids of the farm-workers would accompany us. It was fun to spend vacations at the Farm. We always do that. Mom and Dad would also invite their friends to accompany us.

The Farm belongs to my father who, that winter, could not accompany us. We were staying in the big Farm House. It has five bedrooms, drawing rooms and a dinning hall. What the House did not have were bathrooms attached to the bedrooms. The House, though, had three common bathrooms. Further away were the smaller houses for farm-workers. On each side of the Farm House is verandahs and grassy lawns. In the winter, when sun would shine, we would be served breakfast on the lawns. We were then five of us, my mom, her best friend, the friend's daughter, my sister and myself. My Mom was then forty years old, a little overweight but very pretty. Her friend must also be her age, slim, nice body and a very lovely smile. Her daughter was a sexy-doll, about 19, medium sized breasts and firm, round buttocks. She had golden hair and green eyes. And then there was my sister, equally cute and pleasant. I was the only male member of the group. I was then 19, a virgin by chance and not by choice. I was tall and slim and handsome by all reasonable standards. As time went on and I became closer to the farm girls, I would get a hard on. I also tried to seduce one or two of them. Apparently, the girls had no inhibitions but we did not have privacy. While sitting with female members of my group, I would, at times get an erection. Voluptuous women surrounded me.

Once my sister and I were riding a horse. I was teaching her how to ride. She sat in the saddle in front of me. Our legs touched one another. Her buttocks rubbed my crotch. I got a strong erection. I know she felt it. She looked back at me and smiled. She perhaps wanted more. I could not give her more.

It was midnight. I got up to urinate. While I was stretching myself, I found that a light in a room of one small farmhouse was on and someone was fucking someone. I could not recognize them because the windowpanes of the small house were a little foggy. But I could clearly see and imagine what was going on. I could see her sucking him and him eating her. I could see him putting it all the way in. All this gave me a hard erection.

What to do? Masturbate? Yes. Fantasizing whom? Mom? No. Sis? No. Guests? No. They are guests and must be respected. OK. Farm girl? Yes. But first of all, I must urinate.

Naked, with my hard dick, I came out of my room. And before I could get into the bathroom, she came out of the bathroom. Seeing her, I froze. I tried to hide my erection but could not. She had seen everything. She came closer to me and gave me a hug. She was smiling. She whispered. "You must not lock your door. I will come to you tonight and every night we are here."

She did come every night. What did we do? I owe you details.

Yes, she saw me naked, stroking my erect penis. I was embarrassed. She was smiling. She came closer, gave me a slight hug and whispered, "Do not lock the door. I will come tonight."

Finishing in the bathroom and coming back to the bedroom, I kept waiting. An hour must have passed like one century. She did not come. I kept waiting. There were no sounds of her coming. I had hardly decided to masturbate and go to sleep, when I heard the soft opening, closing and locking of the door. After a few moments, she slid in my bed and under blankets. There was darkness. There was silence. Then, I felt two warm breasts around my forehead and finger tips in my hair.

I made a little move and took one nipple between my two lips and started sucking it. My hands were cupping her other breast. After a few minutes of sucking on her breast, she started producing moaning "see... ahhh... ohhh... seee". I took her second nipple in my mouth and sucked it deep and hard. While I kept sucking her breasts, one after the other, she kept cumming, shivering and pushing my head closer and closer. She held my dick in her soft palm.

After about five or six orgasms, she started kissing my lips. I replied with more passion and depth but she started sliding her lips down and kissing my neck and chest and belly, she stopped at my dick. She kissed it, took the head between her lips, half of it and then all of it. She licked it, tongued it and gave it a deep-throat suck. Soon, she made me ooze precum. She held me tighter in her mouth. I could feel that my dick had entered her throat. I exploded. It was the best cum I ever had. She must have swallowed all of it. She kept my penis in for quite some time after my orgasm and after she released the limp rod, she whispered. "How was it?"

We then rested for a short time when I felt her heavenly cave right on my lips. A nice feeling and smell was spread around my face. I took all of it in my mouth, yes, all of it. I sucked it; I ate it. She was making small moves, to and fro, on my mouth. I then sucked her pussy-lips and then her clit. My tongue would move up and down, down and up, and then plunge into her depth. My tongue would stop at her hole and her clit. She kept on oozing juices, which I kept drinking. I ate her; I drank her.

She had by then noticed that I was fully erect again. So she again whispered. "I want it doggie style. Come in from behind. Do you know? how?"

"Yes." I whispered back.

"Good. Ride me hard." She again whispered.

Feeling for her in darkness, I found her to be on her hands and knees. I went behind her and she helped my dick to target her pussy but I had something else in mind. I lubricated her ass as well as her pussy with her wetness. Before she knew what was going to happen to her, the shaft of my dick had gone in her ass. I waited for a while. I heard a sigh. Then a little silence. Then I heard her saying, "Good, give it to me."

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