Dinner For Two

by Maureen Louise Reardon

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, True Story, Humor, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Two women Finally meet for dinner.They have sex in public, much to their unknowing surprise they are caught

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We finally decided to meet. After months of e-mails, private chats and playful instant messages; we decided on a public place, no pressure, just a dinner with friends.

The tablecloth was heavy, either a cotton or par n mix, draped nearly to the floor. Four people could easily have shared the rounded booth where we were sitting, but only the two of us would be sharing the conversations that would take place there.

As she slid into the booth, the tablecloth tangled around her right leg, threatening to pull her off balance. She juggled her drink to prevent a spill, as I bent down behind her back. My left hand rested on her waist, above her left hip, as I reached down with my right to extract the tablecloth. Her scent filled my senses as I leaned close. Feeling her body move gracefully, as my hand held her waist, sent an electric charge up my spine and a tremor into my groin.

"I have a feeling it is going to be a very interesting journey, " I said, as I slid in beside her.

"Would you like to join me in finishing this bottle of wine, or can I get your drink freshened?"

"Thank you, I think I'll stick to the Vodka, since I've already started down that path."

I could tell she was feeling the effects of her second drink, since she was very relaxed. I had similar feelings of total ease and relaxation. Her eyes were beautiful and her mouth... God, I wanted to kiss her right then. So I did. Leaning toward her, I reached up with my left hand, to pull her head closer to me, telegraphing my intentions to kiss her. It was a mutual desire, as she leaned toward me at the same time. As our heads were drawn slowly together, our eyes searched each other for words. Were we looking for a permission to continue, or for some other instruction urging us both onward? There were no words seen or spoken, as the heat of our breath mixed, our lips were only fractions of an inch apart. We seemed frozen. It was as if, in this instant, we were knowing that this was our first kiss. Knowing we would never experience 'the first' again, outside of memories we each would carry. I loved the slowness. I loved the lingering of her face so close to mine, her breath halting, anticipating, living the eroticism of the moment.

Our lips touched with a brushing lightness. Our mouths parted slightly, drinking in the passion that was boiling just beneath the surface. Our lips sealed tightly, as we were drawn into the swirling moments where time stands still, where the only sounds are two people breathing through their noses, and their hearts are pounding in their ears. Her tongue touched the tip of mine, lightly, just as I broke contact. Holding her face between my hands, I kissed her again. My tongue probed deeper, meeting her own tongue. We were swirling together. Again I broke contact slightly, to look at her mouth. Then I kissed the corners, each time breaking off, to look for a spot for the next kiss. I could taste her dark red lipstick, and my nose was filled with her scent. My head was spinning from the wine, but this woman's mouth was the true source of my drunkenness. I could have spent the rest of the evening, just sitting there kissing her mouth, over and over. I could never get enough of her. I could kiss her until infinity became a fraction of something as big as my desire was then.

"Pam?" I said, as I backed away slightly. "I'm sorry, I'm not sure what came over me... I just had to taste..."

She smothered my explanation in a flurry of kisses. An urgent, and hungry kiss of her own. Her teeth bit lightly onto my bottom lip, as she sucked it gently into her mouth. I had no choice but to kiss her back. The passion I knew inside, was there, in the form of this beautiful woman kissing me. Kissing me with a longing and a hunger I could understand.

She spoke huskily as we stopped to catch our breath.

"Do you know how long I've wanted to be kissed like that? I love a woman who can kiss, and who can kiss back." I smiled a wordless reply, as she completed my thoughts for me.

"Yes, this is going to be quite a journey!"

A combination of exquisite kissing, and the potent wine, probed deeply into my being. My own animal instincts paced anxiously, waiting to be released. I sensed an urgency in her, also, as we sat closely in the booth. Neither of us was speaking, nor were we breathing normally. The attraction that brought both of us to this place was now driving us onward. Neither of us could stop it, nor did we want to try.

"Pam?" I whispered toward her ear, "I want you to tell me what I could do for you, if you had one wish."

The waiter appeared out of thin air to examine the remains of my bottle of wine and to take our request for yet another Vodka. Damn! My plans would have to wait. Or would they? As the waiter hustled off on his mission, I kissed her neck just below her left ear, waiting for her reply. I breathed in her scent deeply, sensing the warmth coming off her body, increasing the intensity of the flame that burned within me. She took my neck in her hand and pulled me over to whisper into my ear.

"I wish you would show me the all that is you. And if it takes all night, that would be to my liking."

She was here on a mission, too. I shuddered at the enormity of this. Her mission being the same as mine. She didn't want a lot of nonsense conversation. She had an urgency not unlike my own. This was my fantasy coming true, right here in the middle of a crowded lounge. Could it be that her fantasy was also coming true? I knew she had not had the kind of attention she wanted. If she had, she would not have been here kissing me back, with this urgent hunger. God, how I wanted this woman. The waiter reappeared with Pam's drink. As she sipped it, I dropped my napkin onto the floor under the table.

"Oops, I've lost my napkin," I said with a wicked innocence.

I scooted the table out a few inches, so I could lean down to retrieve it. It was too far out of reach. It was supposed to be out of reach. That was part of the plan. As she raised her drink for a sip, I spoke.

"Hang on, Pam, I'll be right back!"

Unnoticed by anyone else, I quickly slipped beneath the table. The long tablecloth draped over and hid me from the rest of the room. Only Pam knew I was under the table. Only Pam would care, shortly. That also was part of the plan. I suspected it was now part of her plan, too. She had to know I was up to something. When my lips kissed her knee, I think she knew what I meant, when I'd told her to hang on. Her skin tasted sweet, as I slowly licked a circle on her kneecap, kissing toward the inside of her knee. My head rested on her opposite knee, only briefly. To my delight, she parted her legs slightly, encouraging my exploration. Not only did she part her pretty legs for me, she slid her bottom closer to the edge of the seat. What a rush! She wanted me to do this. She was fully engaged in her own fantasy.

I kissed the inside of her right thigh, just above the knee. The smell of her skin, and the warmth she radiated, was delicious. I turned to kiss her other thigh, and she jerked slightly at my touch. I realized she was blind to my advance up her silken thighs. I could only imagine her face, as I moved closer to her clit. It appeared as though we were both getting what we wanted. The plan was perfect. My tongue moved slowly, licking every inch of those gorgeous inner thighs. My hands slid down the backs of her calves, as I leaned forward to kiss deeper. I could feel her calf muscles flexing, as she lifted her legs, rising to her tiptoes. She was enjoying this. I was enjoying this.

I moved my hands slowly up her lower legs, gliding over her calf muscles, across the outsides of her knees and thighs. My hands slid up under her skirt. My fingertips were feeling the edges of her high-cut panties, as I cupped her sweet butt in my hands. I could feel the heat of the center of her, on my face. Rising through the heat, was her natural scent. The scent of her soaking wet mound. I wanted to taste her so badly. I slid my hands from under her panties, to over the tops of her thighs, and down into her sweet inner thighs. I spread her legs further apart. Her skirt worked its way over the tops of her thighs, exposing herself to me.

In the darkness, I could only imagine the pretty sight of her wetness, staining her panties. Waiting, wanting me to take her with my mouth. I wished (in that brief instant) for a miner's hat, with one of those little lights on it. I wanted to see what I was going to taste. I settled for following my other senses. Again, I slipped my hands under her butt cheeks, and nestled in what felt like lacy little panties. I cupped her ass, pulling her toward my waiting mouth. I opened my jaws wide, and engulfed her center, panties and all. My tongue licked deeply into the material sagging between her swollen cunt lips. Her wetness had already soaked her panties, and had spread quickly to my lips.

Mmmm, she tasted good.

I began a slow motion with my jaws, while my tongue explored upward, probing for her swollen clit. I knew it had to be pushing against her panties, straining for direct contact with my searching tongue. I sucked her into my mouth, her juices flowed nicely through her panties, running down my chin. I was in my heaven. She was in hers. I could feel her hips rotating upward, as my tongue probed the edges of her opening. Forbidden to enter, by the sheer fabric of her panties, my tongue licked upward toward her clitoris.

Her hips rotated downward, making her pleasure button accessible to my mouth and tongue. I could feel the protrusion of her clit through her panties, as my lips encircled it.

I sucked at her love button, drawing it into my mouth. I shrouded the silky material of her panties. My lips and teeth bit softly, as I pushed my face deeper into her open legs. I moved my whole head up and down, as I licked and sucked through her panties, enjoying myself immensely. As I licked upward, I lingered at her throbbing clit. I bit softly, and pulled at it with my teeth and lips. With the tip of my tongue, I started to draw small slow circles around the tiny bulge in her panties. I leaned closely, and kissed her with an open mouth, sucking softly. Capturing her clit again with my mouth, I held it fast, moving my head in a slow circular motion. I pushed into her wetness, sucking harder on her pleasure button. By the increasingly jerky movements of her pelvis, I suspected she was about to climax. I wanted it to be a good one for her. As I had guessed, she was very close to having a delightfully complete orgasm.

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