Oooh! Good Boy!

by Ron Chee

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Desc: Sex Story: Non-fiction containing some very graphic bestiality. This is about a young porn photo model, her "friend" of German extraction, and a wife that saw the whole (hole?) thing and had to emulate what she observed for her own erotic NEEDS! All I can say about that SEXperience with both women is ... 'WOW'!! Ladies, if you have done what is described in "Oooh Good Boy" ... I would like your comments in particular. (I am user friendly and don't bite.) Ron Chee

(Personal SEXperiences with something bizarre!)

Non-fiction by Ron Chee

This essay is due in large part to my not so blushing bride's request. I shall attempt here to comply with my wife SINdora's very horny wishes. The subject matter may overstep the bounds of propriety and may cause EXILE to oblivion before this writing can be disseminated.

The true story material that follows is considered taboo in many venues. If the editors here MUST reject this submission I can at least print it out for my SINdora to read. She has heard the verbal version and now would like a more in depth written dissertation for her own masturbatory and mattress bouncing use!

IF it passes the requisite scrutiny... then be my guest and get a few of your own bedspring squeaks from it as well! Print it out, staple the pages in chronological order, then stretch out with a naked friend at hand or IN hand, and read as we often do!

What transpired to bring about these words did happen and does happen. (With greater frequency than I had originally imagined.) I know because I have witnessed the event(s) up close and personal as did 'Pamela', the woman that I was newly married to at the time. One of those proceedings we viewed, live from only a yard or so away! WHAT we were invited to look at occurs voluntarily as often as not! Some women are kinkier exhibitionists and experimenters than others!

To demonstrate the point, recently a local woman was observed by neighbors and subsequently the local Gendarmes "DOING" a very naughty naked deed with a 'friend' on her own pool patio deck. Probably no one would have cared much if some inquisitive younger members (too young) of the neighborhood hadn't have breached the woman's privacy hedges and received too much sex education while trespassing. They had no business being there and that's another matter.

When the police arrived on site the naked woman had become so enamoured of her orgasm partner by then that she REFUSED to stop fucking until SHE WAS DONE! There was no one else at hand 'forcing' her to perform. Who or WHAT she was screwing was voluntary to say the least.

The cops had to wait until she had achieved her climax. They were NOT about to tackle the big bruiser with its erection INSIDE the horny, allegedly very attractive, middle age lady either! As I see it, her only FAULT was at being so rapturously loud that her sexual antics attracted the wrong attention.

She was charged with 'lewd and lascivious behavior' and one other that I won't mention just yet. The prosecutor dropped the entire issue... he didn't want the humiliation of trying the case for himself or the woman. She has since had a concrete privacy wall installed around her property. Obviously she has no intention of giving up what makes her feel good! All I can add is, 'You go girl!' its your life, your pussy and your 'friend'. Enjoy them all while you can!

I have visited the so-called "Whore's Circuses" in several Mexican border towns. Tijuana, Nuevo Laredo being but two of many. The naked Latinas performing knew full well how to fish a few jingles from the pockets of visiting horny gringo men. Most of the "Americanos" in attendance were from Military bases in California and Texas on weekend pass.

What those women couldn't think of to entertain the horny men hadn't yet been invented!

Town fathers and keepers of the American morals on this side of the border pitch hissy fits if a titty dancer so much as whips off her "G"-string and performs a bare bottom lap dance! If some poor lonely schnook with twenty bucks or more to piss away gives it to the girl... so what.

I wonder what those elected guardians of our libidos would do if the same girl led a pony or other beast on stage and screwed the happy critter out of its mind? Three guesses and the first two don't count! (THAT was the 'other' charge that had been levied against the woman happily screwing by her pool! Committing "Bestiality", to wit... fucking another specie!)

THAT and much more went on in the Mexican border towns. El Pappagallo (The Green Parrot) pronounced "El... PAPPA - GUY - OH" was notorious for its brothel and the live sex shows on stage.

While the girl on stage went about the 'business' of jerking, blowing and ultimately 'mating' with an equine or canine 'friend'... other girls circulated amongst the tables. They had something of their own to sell!

If interest was shown, the 'sales lady' would pull her dress top down and display her upper 'wares'. (No, I didn't say TUPPER WARES!) The 'gentlemen' could take a look and a hand full if they wished. Just don't bruise the melons!

Should the 'lady' detect that she was about to lose the 'sale' like as not she would hoist her skirt to show off her other 'coming attractions'. That would be followed quickly by grabbing handfuls of stiff dicks around the table. To help 'solidify' the deal the sales pitch was almost always the same, "Oooh Senor... you have such a NICE one! 'COME' upstairs with me and I give you a happee one! Twenty five dollars American... SEE? NICE PUSSY FOR YOU!"

All the while, she is hanging on to the fellow's hard sex organ as though she might rip it off and take it home! "Rosalita" was HORNY for THAT erection and THAT one only! (Plus twenty-five dollars American of course, no Pesos.)

Bargaining was expected! (I had it happen and gave the girl a dollar bill just to make her let go!) I tried to roll it and shove the G. Washington into her twat... what the Hell, he was the "FATHER" of our country... she snatched the bill from me before it went into HER SNATCH.

If you struck a 'deal' with her, she would lead you upstairs. At the top landing there was an older woman (often topless to add to the questionable ambiance) sitting at a small table. She was the club's SEX COP. She sold mandatory condoms for ten bucks EACH... no rubber... no fucking or anything else! The woman was also in charge of 'short arm' inspections! You paid the money, all of it, to her.

She pulled your dingus out limp or hard and milked it. If nothing unusual 'came' out you were free to follow Rosalita down the hall to her filthy room. If you still had the guts, balls or were drunk enough to fuck the girl... what you got was insipid at best!

Then what would you expect for a double sawbuck or two? Anna Nicole Smith in her heyday? Even in Mexico ten or twenty bucks isn't worth much effort!

At least you had a live corpse allowing her warm pussy to be used and over used as a handy place to masturbate into. When the woman's pussy rental shift was done, she'd meet her husband outside and he'd take her earnings. From there, they went home or he went to get stinking drunk. I think that I would opt for the latter and I don't drink! Most of the women were far from attractive... VERY FAR! So, what was the BIG attraction to those places? (Okay, guys n' girls with the blue pencils... get ready, here it 'COMES'!!)


The girls on stage would hump anything with four legs on stage. Some of the critters they fucked had no legs as in Boa Constrictors and Eels! The human 'animal' is the most curious, voyeuristic and kinky of them all!

Eventually clandestine shows such as those 'down Mexico way' arrived in Manhattan. At first, they were well hidden and arranged for private select audiences. It took more than "Joe sent me" to get in.

The live sex business was lucrative and that helped them to proliferate. They became more accessible in order to compete. To keep what went on vaguely "LEGAL" the producers placed a scrim between the performers and the audience.

A scrim is nothing more than a sheer gauze curtain tightly stretched. With bright lighting falling on the stage activities and the seating area as dark as the black hole of Calcutta the effect for the viewers was a slightly soft focus scene.

For those in the dark seating area the 'soft' image took nothing away from the hard-core action! Soon enough the live sex shows included people fucking people. The situation was becoming zany and out of control if nothing else.

I was quite immersed in my own porn photo and beaver loop film business at the time. (Also newly married to boot.)

A publisher asked if I would view and review a few of the 'shows' for an article for one of his masturbation rags. Perhaps even interview a girl or two from within the ranks of the 'performers'. He wanted nude photos of any that would cooperate. (Definitely NO pics of a girl engaged with her "PET". That kinda shit couldn't be published! Besides, the 'critters' couldn't legally sign a model release.)

At least the 'cross specie' girls in town were moderately attractive. Their 'mates' were well fed, clean and groomed. The furry 'friends' were also well acclimated to their 'jobs'! They had 'done' this plenty of times with their mistresses.

From the interviews we (my wife went with me whenever possible to add legitimacy or BAIT for our mission) found that most of the performers "DID IT" at home with their charges. In fact, they had been 'doing it' for erotic kinky fun long before they took the act on stage for pay! (And I thought men were the more perverse gender!)

Oh well, practice makes perfick? Prefect? PERFECT!!

If nothing else, what those women 'practiced' was the ULTIMATE in Planned Parenthood. None has ever 'foaled' or given birth to a 'litter' of Shepherds or Great Danes that I know of! Yet, from what they did on stage and in private one might wonder how in Hell they didn't!! When a pony 'comes' we aren't talking teaspoons here!

Canids were used far more often than ungulates for the shows. A member of the equine specie could be trained to react appropriately when it got a whiff of its owner's pussy. ("Hey, I know that aroma... yippee, I'm gonna get laid!" and out came his 'equipment' without further prompting!) However, they could not be discouraged from taking a dump on stage... having a club that smelled as if a barnyard was not good for business! Customers were supposed to become aroused by the sex oddities... not bilious from the stench.

The producers preferred Shepherds and Great Danes. Those caught on to female genital aromas and knew what was 'coming' next as well as you and I do.

In addition, the canine consorts had a built in advantage. Their penis is permanently serviceable due to a real BONER inside. They have a bone known as a Bacculum within. Mother nature's own penile implant!!

Some of the larger 'performers' have peckers bigger than mine, longer, thicker and always HARD!

Pam had been brought up rather primly. To hear her commentaries on the shows we attended and on the peep show beaver loop filming you would have thought otherwise. Marriage 'OPENED HER UP ' in more ways than one!

Not to digress too far a field here. But... popping HER cherry was the most daunting sexual TASK I had ever attempted. Hers was made of cast iron and would not give in! It took us three days of near constant fingering and fucking in beautiful Montego Bay until we got rid of the damned thing for her. We even gave serious consideration to having her Gynecologist provide artificial 'dilation' to resolve the matter when we went home. (IF we survived each other until then.)

She also had the unique facility of being able to climax mightily JUST from having her miniature tits PLAYED with! When in dire need, she could masturbate to orgasm just by reaching inside her blouse or sweater! (This bit of trivia is mentioned because the subject 'comes' UP as we go along.)

All during our courtship she wouldn't let me fuck her (that damned upbringing again) though she would allow clandestine clit and tit orgasms while parked and making out in the car. Nope, couldn't get the ol' finger IN her then either... not that we didn't try. I married her because of her breast-enhanced orgasms! I figured, 'If she can DO THAT what else can she DO?'

Pamela became my 'Gal Friday, my right and left hand man' whenever she had time to help with the porn business. (She was rather good at masturbating left or right handed too!) I have never known a female that NEEDED to play solitaire as much as she did! Top or bottom was all the same to her. BOTH at once provided a wild and wooly bonus! (Her pussy was very 'WOOLY'!)

After work, she would hop on the subway and meet me at the studio, a deli take-out meal in hand for us. Whatever needed doing she helped with. She facilitated and repaired more than a few of my erections there as well. We even took some experimental photographs of ourselves naked and fucking on the studio backdrops. (Out of her home environment and her Mom imposed SHELL; Pam became a 'wild child' over night!)

She had 'come' out of her cocoon and had left her other introverted self behind. Pam at the ripe old age of twenty-five was making up for lost time. She enjoyed seeing pictures of US 'doing it'!

She surprised me in that she even LIKED looking at the naked girlie photos and getting pleasure from being on hand when a nude shoot or beaver loop was in progress. With a new wife around when a session was done and the model had flown the coop I didn't have to play with myself to unleash the accumulated sexual tensions. Pam took care of that, quite voraciously at times.

Watching another girl naked and 'DOING' herself left Pam in a state of dire horniness too. She needed to FUCK afterwards as much as I did. I should have suspected SOMETHING when she became aroused at watching other women having or pretending to have orgasms!

Pam kept my records and my photo files in good order. Pawing through those, she found pictures of "Carmen". She of the odd and amazing vaginal insertions and hand cream squirting from her pussy pictures.

Carmen, the lean, small-breasted Puerto Rican girl. Carmen, the naked model that had literally sexually antagonized and attacked me until I had no choice but to FUCK her BUTT! ('So help me your honor it was self defense!')

Pam was AMAZED at the photos of the girl lifting a wine bottle with only the strength of her cervix and vagina! She read the published interview I had with the girl and 'that was all she wrote' as the old expression goes. Pam wanted to MEET the libidinous Looney Tunes model. Pam even played the tape we had made for the interview. 'AH SHIT', I had not erased the last part with our obvious sex talk and raunchy graphic fucking sounds on it! 'I'm BUSTED and sleeping on the couch tonight!'

I expected the worst and got the best when she listened to THAT!. Pam found the 'sounds' to be very arousing! She fucked me on the carpet where Carmen had while replaying the tape with the volume turned UP!

She knew what had happened between Carmen and I. Why lie about it, I wasn't attached to anyone at the time... she had a good chance of finding out any way... ditto 'Crazy Jean the Sex Machine' and the others. I leveled with her from the start. She just hadn't heard the 'tape' until now!

Pamela thought it very SEXciting to have an experienced MAN to pop her cherry when the time 'came'. I wont rehash that fiasco! Give me a loving woman that's willingly already been HAD any day! (SINdora 'comes' to mind!)

A wish was granted for Pam when Carmen dropped in one evening for the Hell of it and stayed to make some unscheduled finger IN pussy photos. Pam was there and suggested that Carmen should do some NEW still pictures! When I processed the film later on Pamela was in the dark room and watching the images appear. By the time they had come off the dryer drum my wife was secretly titty massaging herself. She usually picked the prints off, dealt with and filed them while I turned my attention to other things. The 'other things' this time included hearing Pam 'coming' alone in the dark room! "Ahh hah, uhh uh, ahh hahh, oooh, ooh, AHHH!" followed by a long exhale, "Whewwww." She had tried without success to stifle her orgasmic noises behind the black out curtains.

Did my wife have the HOTS for Carmen? I thought, 'Nah, she's just empathetic with the girl having given herself a 'hand job' in front of the camera... wasn't she?'

I snuck back into the dark room and from behind I put my hands under her sweater and over her small braless tits and asked, 'Guess who?' From there, she lead me, while still breathing hard, to the divan, I stripped her and we fucked like minks. She didn't have a second orgasm... she was just being my friendly naked relief station!

On Saturday Pam offered to deliver Carmen's personal copies of the photos to the girl's apartment. She'd, "Meet up at home later" and was out the door. Why'd she do that? We didn't have time to DELIVER freebies.

The entire trip, door to door to door should have taken one hour. (Maybe two if she missed a train connection or had stayed to bullshit with Carmen for a few minutes or both.)

Four hours later, I was home and cooking dinner worrying about where in Hell my wife had gone. Another thirty minutes passed before she walked in. Her hair was slightly disheveled and most of her make up was gone or smeared. I gave her a hug and kiss of relief! A woman running two and a half hours late in "The Big Apple" after dark is a worrisome event.

I picked up an aroma... a distinct, familiar odor on Pam's face. She reeked of 'pussy pheromones'! I am not the world's greatest detective and as far as I knew, Pam was not DOUBLE JOINTED! The only OTHER means of lathering her face with "Eau de Pussee" on her way home would have been between Carmen's sexually aggressive legs! Had she 'DONE' that? Had she enjoyed a 'pit stop'?

I knew that Carmen would try anything that she could get away with. Including with her live in 'friend' of German descent. Had she talked Pam into something AC/DC... just between the two girls?

At that age as bold as I thought I was, when it 'came' to asking inordinately personal questions of women, including my wife... I was a gutless wonder!

I settled for Pam's excuse for her tardiness. She had lost track of time gabbing with Carmen and playing with the model's huge, friendly and slobbery pal. "He's BIG and so NICE... can we get one of his? She's going to BREED him soon."

Pam also exuded a trace of doggy odor so she was not fibbing about that. She blamed the smeared make up on good old face licking, unruly "HANS"!

'Lets think about it... our apartment is kinda small', was my knee jerk reply. What I was really thinking was, '... BREED him with HERSELF as she has been doing is more like it!' Carmen was a nice but kinky kook no two ways about it.

Over dinner Pam hinted that, "Maybe we SHOULD make a photo set with Carmen and HANS." The girl was saleable she'd made some good money for all of us. Perhaps Pam could root around and find some overseas market for "Those kinds of pictures"?

I was too tongue tied to query my wife about what she SEEMED to know about Carmen AND Hans and the potential for "Those pictures"! What had the girl told or SHOWN Pamela about Carmen's own 'animalistic peccadilloes'? I was sure that we were on the same wavelength... a form of ESP was occurring. It was 'coming' through loud and clear... Pam wanted to watch or have a replay of her new friend 'getting IT' from Hans!

After dinner, it took longer than usual to help Pam 'get in the mood'. (It took a while for DUMMY here to realize that she indeed had an orgasm or two before she arrived home!) I couldn't prove that... but... the proof of the PUDDING is your finger IN IT... with minor responsiveness on her part!!

I changed erotic tactics and began discussing what it might be like for the PAIR of us to witness naked Carmen with a Bacculum IN her pussy just like the 'girls' on stage down town. Only thing being different would be that we'd get to see it CLOSE UP! I wasn't absolutely serious about doing that. I was just using hypothetical 'what ifs' to tease Pam onwards for my own selfish horniness.

THAT was the charm... a few minutes of tossing that around and Pam was WET and EAGER! She had a joint clit and tit assisted orgasm. She rolled over and got my JOINT from behind. Pam had me get on top of her just so and then fuck her as rapidly as I could... using the REAL 'Doggy Style'! 'Hmmm!'

To this day, I am certain that she was fantasizing (or reliving) images of Hans banging and humping Carmen or HER or both. My libido so accustomed to days filled with necessary perversities provided me with a major cock blow out IN Pam from behind, her lying face down ass UP on the bed.

Had good ol' Hans done this with the woman I was IN? Un-fucking believable! Had Carmen 'done' her too? Or instead of? I'll never know one hundred percent for certain! (My wife, SINdora knows women and their psyches because, "She are one", as she puts it. She feels strongly that Pam 'DID' what I suspected!)

If Pam only knew what was flashing through my mind while my erection was flooding her pussy from floor to ceiling! I am as normal as any abnormal male can be... thoughts of HER and Carmen... and ME, naked together some day? WOW!

I was not keen on having 'Carmen mit Hans' in the studio 'doing' what I knew they 'DID' with each other. I had viewed Carmen's Polaroid collection of her X-rated 'pooch pictures'. On the other hand, Pam was not opposed, "Even if we just WATCHED, we don't have to take pictures... and if we don't... that can't be illegal is it?" she asked. Hers was part question and part commentary.

My wife was raring to go. "After all, its natural to WANT and to consummate SEX... why should the number of legs matter?" Interesting logic on her part, I couldn't quite refute it either! "As long as everyone 'comes' away happy what does it matter?" was her brand of thinking. (Tell THAT to the ASPCA!!)

My math skills may suck but I do know that four legs do NOT GO INTO two legs... not legally, back then either! Pam wasn't swayed, "Who's going to hassle private parties behind LOCKED doors?"

I made one last feeble attempt, 'No one will care as long as the private party's private PARTS are of the same species... I say NO!'

My wife let it drop or so I thought. Perhaps a week or more later Pam called from the office, "Hey I'm on my way... what can I bring us for dinner... aside from a hot pussy, I mean a hot pastrami sandwich?" It was nice to hear that she was obviously horny. By the time, she showed up, I had a hard-on up to my chin for her use!

We had just finished our take-out and had hardly cleaned up when the studio doorbell rang. 'SHIT', not even time enough to get naked and into mischief! Pam went to the door... we always kept it locked after dark.

She returned accompanied, mit Carmen und Hans! Dankeshoen Liebshen, just what I was looking for! I greeted Carmen with, 'Hey kid, how's it going or "COMING" in your case?' She in return asked, "Real good how's it hangin' Ron?'

My brat of a wife had gone ahead and arranged this anyway. 'SHIT!'

I knew who and WHAT her German sidekick was. That S.O.B. (literally)... weighed more than she did. One hundred, maybe one hundred and ten pounds on the hoof.

Pam had met Carmen's 'friend' and her assessment of him was correct. He was a friendly giant 'pussy' cat, not anywhere near as menacing as he could have been!

The 'pussy' cat seemed to know WHY he was at the studio. He alternated equally between the girls sniffing first one crotch then the other. Each lingering olfactory vagina check on his part added to his tail wagging and a fraction of an inch more to his protruding erection!

I asked Carmen, 'What's with THAT?' pointing to his emerging organ.

"Oh THAT?" she replied, "He can smell IT... knows he might GET SOME..."

I had to tell the girl that whatever she 'did' and if it LOOKED GOOD tonight we MIGHT take pictures NEXT TIME!' Pam started to protest... "Why not NOW?"

I went through the entire litany of why, "Thou shalt NOT" one more time for the girls. Hans was not listening, he was too busy with his pussy patrolling. What he had was half way out of hiding. His permanent erection was bright pink mottled with dark blue and as LARGE as mine!

Cutting to the chase here; Carmen stripped and moved out onto the seamless backdrop. Horny Hans was right with her.

Like most men, in NEED he was whining, wagging his tail for HER TAIL and dancing around in anticipation. I had the photo gear minus film set up. By viewing Carmen and company through the lens I could determine as events unfolded just what would be the best angles for next time. (If I could generate enough courage for a more than hypothetical 'next time' that is!)

Pam knelt on the floor near the tripod. She was eye to eye with good old faithful Hans. She was eye to pussy with Carmen standing just a yard away.

Carmen's furry stud was turning himself inside out, first sniffing her nooky slit and then a quick lick of my wife's face. From there he'd turn back 'bird dogging' Carmen's attractively hairy 'bird'.

As a trial, I flashed the strobes a few times... they did not distract him in the least. We were IN business, he'd be IN her and pictures could be taken another day if we chose to. I said, 'Okay, kiddo, the lights don't bother him... do your THING whatever THAT is!'

Carmen patted her 'bush' and told Hans to, "Come here boy". He stopped his prancing and got serious. He pushed his muzzle between the girl's legs... he snuffled all of her twat and began licking it. She held it open for his ministrations! So far so GOOD,... I had 'done' the same thing with both of these girls in this very same room! He was behaving 'legally' wouldn't you say? If you could lick her (and you could) why couldn't he?

When she told him to stop and "STAND STILL" he obliged better than most men would have done with this sexy minx!

Carmen stretched out on the floor on the far side of her 'friend' and began masturbating him. A simple, delicate hand job between pals. His pink and blue organ was now OUT in public... all of it. There was nothing SOUR about this KRAUT... he held still and let her do it. So would I have for that matter! Fact is I HAD.

Carmen knew from experience how much he could take. When he turned his head towards her and began vigorously licking thin air she stopped. He got his head and back scratched as a reward until his man-sized schvantz stopped bobbing around. "GOOD BOY!"

Propped on her elbows Carmen eased under Hans and cocked her head to one side. She then proceeded to 'do' what she had 'done' for me... DAMN, I should have loaded the camera! Her lust mate was getting a "Deep Throat" blowjob! All the way IN and all the way OUT!

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