Sweet Dreams

by CouldBe1955

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Mind Control, True Story, DomSub, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: Their connection is so strong that even her daydreams seem to make him real.

I awoke slowly this morning, listening to the quiet sounds of rain and birds beyond my window. For a moment, I almost thought that if I rolled over in bed, I would find you there beside me, so intense were my dreams of you during the night.

I smiled at my foolishness and rose, sighing at the feel of silk sliding down over my hips and legs, realizing that the soft nightgown had been gathered up around my hips, I blushed at the reflection of the woman in my mirror. I remembered my hands, pressed between my legs, caressing the swollen, wet folds as I pictured you there, teasing, tempting, touching until I came blindingly hard. I had fallen asleep that way last night.

Before anything else, I went to my computer and opened my mail, heart pounding as I hoped to see a note from you. I was not disappointed, for there you were... your words sending floods of tingling heat through me. I smiled at your command and went immediately back to bed...

Since my earliest days, I have had the ability to place myself where I wish to be. If I were ill, I would close me eyes and imagine more pleasant sensations, like lying on the beach and listening to the waves crash on the shore. When my husband was suffering with the worst of his cancer and even the morphine wasn't helping much, I would take him on a mental journey with me to our cabin retreat. I would help him to hear the water splashing across the stones, the birds calling, the wind whistling through the trees and it would ease him until he could sleep.

This morning, when I closed my eyes, I willed myself to accept your sensual call, breathing deeply until I could imagine catching your masculine scent as you entered the room. I could feel your weight as you came to lie beside me and the warmth of your skin as you drew me close to you. Shivers ran through me as I felt your breath against my face and I turned to you, eagar for your kiss...

My mouth opened to you, rejoicing at your taste, the feel of your tongue sliding into me, seeking all the most sensitive places there. My hands roamed slowly over my silk covered skin... gently tracing the soft curve of my shoulders, the contour of the muscles in my upper arms... down my sides... my hands were the instrument, but it was your touch that I felt.

When your hands found my breasts I whimpered with relief at the sensation of your warm hands finding my tender flesh and hard little nipples. Your satisfied low growl sent splinters of electricity to every fiber in my being and through the delicate fabric your rolled them between your fingers.

"Please..." I whispered.

"Yes..." you answered. "Tell me."

I was lost in the feeling of your hands. "More... please... more..."

In an agony of deprival, I felt the delicious torment stop as you whispered into my ear. "Tell me."

"Your mouth... please... I want your mouth there..."

"Where?" you persisted and I wanted to scream.

"There," I whimpered. "I want you to suck on my nipples... please..."

With that, your head dipped low and through the soft silk, drew my aching nipple into your mouth. Sucking gently at first, then drawing it fully between your warm lips, nipping at them as you soaked the front of my gown with our shared passion.

I could feel the wetness building in my core, feel the heat rising along with my need for release. You felt it too, in the writhing of my body and the moans of pleasure as you gave thorough attention to both yearning breasts. I felt almost as if I could cum from that alone and arched towards you, reaching to pull you to me, wanting to feel your weight atop me, your manhood claiming me.

Yet once again, when I thought I would die from the intense sensations, you stopped. Even as I realized you enjoyed my whimper of protest, I couldn't help it. Drawing away from me, I watched as you reclined comfortably, looking at me with the same heated desire that I felt for you.

"You want to cum, don't you my sweet?" you said softly and I shivered at the husky tones of your voice.

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