Jon and Liz: The Beginning

by Jaytee69

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, True Story, First, .

Desc: Sex Story: The memories of our first time together and the discovery of our mutual desire and need.

Her name is Elizabeth. We met the summer she was 19 and I was 26. And in all the years since that summer I have never forgotten her and the way she made me feel. It was the summer of 1979. That was the year that they lowered the legal drinking limit in New Jersey from 21 to 18. This allowed thousands of 19 and 20 year olds to legally enter nightclubs and bars, dance, drink, have fun and listen to music. I will be forever grateful for that official act that allowed us to meet.

I was a 26 year old guitar player, recently moved to New Jersey from out West. I had been on the road with various rock and country groups and had decided to settle on the East Coast for a while and work the local live music scene in New York and down along the Jersey Shore. I was working weekends at a roadhouse in central New Jersey when I first met her. The first time I saw her was when she came into the club one night with a girlfriend. I first noticed her near the bar talking to her girlfriend. The moment I saw her I felt something I had never experienced before. There was a powerful, magnetic attraction I had never felt before that drew me to this girl. The first time we spoke near the front door of the club a rush of nervous energy came over me and from our first few words I knew she was someone very special.

I remember she wore tight jeans that showed off a cute, round little ass that wriggled deliciously when she walked, and as I watched her cross the room she seemed to exude an air of very adult sexuality. There was something young and sweetly innocent and at the same time very sexually knowing about her. She exuded an air of youthful playfulness that covered a hint of something different, erotically deep and hot. There was an immediate feeling of electricity between us, something that passed between us when our eyes met.

She was my favorite type of girl. Liz was very pretty, with dark eyes and a "cute as a button" face. I have always been attracted small girls with a slightly pouty "little girl" look, and she was the perfect embodiment of that type. She was small, petite about 5' and maybe 100 lbs. She was Italian and though tiny, had a voluptuous body and full round breasts. She wore her dark, soft slightly curly hair short, and had deep, soulful, sexy brown eyes. Her skin was soft and creamy white, that had turned a delicious shade of tan in the sun that summer.

As we talked I was attracted to her immediately. She was very pretty with a sweet and innocent way about her. She was seemingly shy and a bit quiet until she became comfortable. She came off as the typical cute "good girl next door" type, with a hint of something much more exotic deep inside. The more I got to know Elizabeth or Betty as her girlfriend called her, the more surprised and impressed I became. As I said, she was immediately physically attractive to me, but in addition to my physical attraction whenever we spoke she had a way of surprising me with her wit and intelligence. To me there has never been anything so interesting and sexy in a woman as a quick wit and the ability to make clever and intelligent conversation. Although she was quiet at first, I soon learned that she was a very bright and could more than hold her own in any conversation we had. Soon, each time I saw her in the club I made my way over to where she was and we would spend each of my breaks off stage talking together. She had a good sense of humor and was quick to laugh and could break me up with her deadpan observations. We soon became more comfortable chatting and our banter sometimes touched on the risque, and again her wit and humor were a delight to me.

Although I was attracted to her at the start, because she was so much younger than me, I didn't set out to seduce her. I considered her more as a very nice, sweet "good girl", which somehow stirred an electric energy in me. I didn't find out until much later that inside her was hidden a vast caldron of deep passion and erotic desire.

Much later, after we became a couple I learned that her sexual experience was far greater than I had known and her sexual awakening had begun much earlier than I expected. After we knew each other a while and were comfortable talking about intimate matters she told me that she had a few boyfriends before me, and had sex with (I think) two of them, but she told me that those experiences were not all that fulfilling, (she described them as brief encounters with only straight intercourse). I was to find much later that she had an amazing world of prior erotic experiences to share that did not include her young boyfriends.

I remember one particular moment, after we had known each other a while. We were near the front entrance of the club talking together. She was sitting on table and I was standing in front of her. The vestibule was narrow and patrons coming in and out of the club were pushing to get around us. As people filed in and out of the passageway she gestured towards the crowd, smiled and commented quietly to me, "in and out, in and out, all night long...". We both laughed at her double entendre and I moved up closer to her so the crowd could pass behind me. My thighs pressed up against her knees and people we still jostling us so, to make more room she raised and opened her legs and I stepped in between to allow people to pass behind me. As I stood there between her legs, just inches from her, I could feel her body heat on me. She gently pressed her thighs against my hips and leaned then leaned very slightly back. We found ourselves suddenly in an very erotic position, but with so many people moving around and past us nobody seemed to notice. We remained like that in silence for just a moment, the sexual tension building when she looked up at me and I saw my desire reflected in her dark eyes and had a sudden overpowering urge to kiss her.

I think that she felt the same because, when I leaned down to her, she reached up and met my mouth with hers. Her lips were so soft and yielding and her sweet mouth opened to me when I first touched her lips with my tongue. As my tongue slid into her mouth I recall how hers met mine and the delicious feeling of our mouths first intertwining. It was perhaps not our first kiss, but I recall it because the moment was so erotic. Kissing her was so exciting that I didn't want to stop, and had to pull myself away from her. From that moment I was very sure that I would have to have this girl.

Our first time together was incredible and I can still recall every detail even though it was over 20 years ago. We had been meeting at the nightclub for several weeks and had talked and kissed a few times. Each time we met, the sexual energy and tension between us grew.

After more teasing and flirting and some necking and petting we finally agreed to meet and spend the night together. It was July and the Jersey shore nights were hot and thick. I will always think of Liz and our first passions whenever I feel the warm breeze of a July night. We arranged to meet that first night at a motel near the ocean where she and a girlfriend had booked a room for the night. Her girlfriend was going to be away spending the night with her boyfriend so we would have the room to ourselves.

We met at the motel and I recall being incredibly nervous and shivering with anticipation. As soon as we saw each other we embraced and kissed and she quickly took out the key and unlocked the door. Soon after we went inside the motel room she went into the bathroom to change and I undressed and laid on the bed. I turned down the bed and was laying there nude waiting for her. I recall that I was shivering with anticipation, and was fully erect as soon as I undressed and laid on the bed to wait for her. When she came out I remember that she was wearing a long sheer nightgown. The lights were low and I could see that she was nude underneath. This was the first time I had ever seen her body revealed this way and my passion increased immediately at the sight of her gorgeous young, ripe body.

The dim light behind her revealed her full round breasts. They were round and firm and could see they were tipped with small dark nipples. Although she was perhaps a C cup, her small frame and the fact that her breasts were set so high and proudly on her body made them appear larger. They hardly moved as she walked across to room towards me. The light behind her also revealed the tiny dark triangle between her legs, and I shivered inside with eager anticipation. She stood next to the bed for a few long moments and I ran my hungry eyes over her delicious body. Then she slowly placed first one knee then the other on the mattress and knelt for a moment there next to me. The light behind her made the nightgown between her legs transparent and allowed me to see more clearly the dark outline of that most secret and delicious place at the bottom of her belly and I started to breath more quickly. She then leaned down over me and we started to kiss.

She was the best kisser I have ever known. Her kisses were far from innocent, she was eager and almost hungry as our mouths met and began to explore. Her mouth was so sensual and erotic. Her kisses were so soft and her mouth opened eagerly to receive my tongue. Our tongues met and snaked around each other and we took turns sucking each other. In the silence I remember hearing the soft wet sucking sounds we made as we kissed and grew more excited by the moment. The wetness of her kisses was something very erotic and her soft moans got deeper and more intense as we kissed. I ran my hands over her body and felt her ripe softness. She felt so good in my arms, so feminine, so round and full of sexuality and the promise of delight and passion.

I pulled her down to lay next to me and we continued to kiss, our mouths open and watering for each other, our tongues dancing and sliding back and forth, in and out of each others sucking mouths. Her arms tightened around my neck and I gently rolled her over onto her back and moved my body partially on top of her. She felt so small and exposed under me there and I felt a rush of more tender feelings now mixed with my passion. A confusion of desire, tenderness, passion and need swept though me in a way I have never felt with anyone else to this day.

I raised up on one elbow and looked down at her laying there next to me. She had a sweet and loving smile on her lips and her eyes were glowing with desire. All at once I felt my desire displaced by a tremendous rush of tenderness that overcame me. I felt at once protective, possessive, needful and somehow deeply connected to this young and very pretty girl. I reached over and gently stroked her cheek and ran my fingers up and into her soft brown hair and pulled her closer to me and took her mouth once again in mine. This time we kissed even more deeply and there seemed to pass between us a different kind of passion now, more loving and tender but at the same time more erotic.

As we continued to kiss I moved more of my body over hers and she moaned softly into my mouth as I reached for her and cupped her breasts in my hands and gently squeezed. I could feel her small nipples harden in my fingers, and felt their small hard points through the silky material of her gown and I suddenly needed to see her. My hands were trembling as I pulled the thin straps of her nightgown off her shoulders and then pulled the top down to reveal her breasts. As I said they were large for her small frame and so firm that even though she was laying on her back they remained upright, round and full. They were milky white in the dim light where her bikini had covered her and she had dark tan lines accenting her curves. When I first touched her I found her skin so very soft that I could not stop or take my hands away.

She had small, dark girlish nipples surrounded by slightly puffy light brown areolas. They looked so tempting there that I could not wait to taste her. As I lowered my mouth to suck her and placed my lips over her nipple I felt her body stiffen and heard her gasp with pleasure. I sucked her small nipple into my mouth and felt it swell and harden. I opened my mouth and licked all around her tight little bud and watched as it puckered even more. As I did this I could feel her starting to writhe on her back and heard her making small mews of pleasure. She arched her back and pushed her breast up to meet my hungry mouth and at the same time pulled me to her breast, and her actions excited me and response to my attention made want to taste more. I licked across her chest to her other breast and found the nipple already erect, stiff in anticipation. I brushed my tongue across her little brown bud and again tasted her young body and felt her lift herself to meet me.

I wanted to see more of her so I then reached down and started to lift the hem of her nightgown. I felt her lift herself so that I could pull it up over her hips and belly. At the same time I raised myself up on one elbow so that I could look down and see her as I revealed her body. She was indeed naked underneath and with her gown gathered around her waist I looked down and saw her pussy for the first time!

It was beautiful! Her soft brown pubic hair began very low on her belly almost at the top of her mound. It was not thick and did not hide her womanhood from my view. I learned later that she did not yet shave or trim there, although she later she did, to great sensual effect.

Where many women have a large genital mound, hers was very small. It lay delicately there between her legs and her little mound was divided by a thin pink slit. Her outer lips were small, thin and compressed which gave her a very youthful appearance. While some women have long protruding outer lips, Liz's were compact. They did not protrude or hide her opening but instead allowed me to see her sweet little slit more clearly.

Her light brown pubic hair grew more thinly and was sparse down over her lower lips, allowing me a clear view of her sex. I could see that the thin brown hair on her lower lips near her opening was already matted with her juice and slicked with her excitement. In a word she looked delicious. I have always been most excited by that part of a woman and her look was the most perfect I have ever seen to this very day and was extremely erotic to me.

I wanted to see more so I gently reached down and stroked her inner thighs hoping that she would open her legs wider. Without me saying a word she seemed to understand just what I wanted and, as I watched with growing excitement she responded to my touch by spreading her legs wider and, as the view improved what I saw excited me even more!

As she opened her legs and pulled her knees out a bit wider, her tight outer pussy lips were pulled slightly apart and I could see her delectable inner lips. They were hot pink, in contrast to the soft milky white color of her small mound. They were tiny and delicate, glistening, wet, slick and swollen, hiding her tiny inner hole. I could now see that she was wet from the top of her slit, just below her tiny clit, all the way down past her opening and towards her ass.

I still wanted to see more so I reached down and gently stroked and lifted one of her legs. Again, she seemed to somehow understand and know just what I wanted and she pulled one knee up slightly towards her chest and shifted her body so that her other knee was a bit wider spread. This opened her wider and gave me an even better view. Her tight little slit was now pulled more widely open to give me an even better view of her delicate inner lips and opening. They were very small and they covered her small clitoral bud where they met at the top of her slit. I could see much more of her wetness now glistening in the soft light and I immediately began to wonder how she tasted.

As I laid there drinking in the sight of her, it suddenly occurred to me that she seemed to enjoy showing herself to me that way; that she was excited by displaying herself to me in such a wanton and utterly sexually fashion. That thought excited and thrilled me even more and made me want to get closer and more intimate with this wonderfully sexual woman. I knew I had to know more about this incredible girl that surprised, thrilled and excited me so at each turn.

The sight of her laying under me, and spread open like that, intoxicated me and at the same time released the deeply erotic aroma of her sex. The soft smell of her arousal went right to my head and added yet another dimension of excitement and passion to our lovemaking. I inhaled her scent deeply and my excitement grew stronger and more powerful. She smelled like no other woman, sightly sweet and salty like the ocean, clean like wet moss; not very strong but fresh and tantalizing with a hint of feminine perfume. My mouth began to water as I considered the taste of her sex.

I lifted myself and turned slightly to get a better view and I could see her much more clearly. By the dim light coming from the window behind us I saw that her small mound and thin outer lips hid the prettiest pinkest little inner lips and slit I had ever seen. She was becoming fully aroused and I could now see the thick wetness seeping from her inner opening. It covered her outer lips and was sticking like thick strings of saliva to her inner vulval lips, and my mouth continued to water at the sight.

I reached down to touch her and ran my hand down over her soft belly and over the top of her pussy. When my fingers reached her slit, she gasped and held me tightly as she lifted her hips up to meet my hand. I reached immediately for her most intimate and secret spot and slid my finger slowly down along her slit. I was amazed at how hot and wet she was.

I had never felt any girl as hot and wet as Liz. Her female juices were not watery or thin, but thick and slippery almost like the finest type of lubricating oil, and so copious that they easily coated my fingers as I moved them along her slit. She was so wet that her outer lips were covered with her juices and it had flowed down past her opening all the back to her ass. As I looked down I could see slippery strands of her juice clinging to me as I continued to play my fingers up and over her little clit. I felt the heat coming up off her pussy in waves and as my finger slid down along her swollen little slit towards her most secret place I found her small opening.

As I started to gently probe her tiny hole, I was again astonished at how tight she was. As I slowly slid one finger barely an inch into her opening, she spread her legs a bit wider and I gently pushed a bit farther into her. Although I had inserted just a single finger into her opening she felt amazingly tight! I could not believe that she had ever been fucked before but her wet and willing pussy and her erotic kisses were those of a very experienced woman.

The prospect of sliding my cock into that hot and tight, wet pussy was more than I could resist. I could no longer restrain myself and had to have her. I lifted myself over her and settled there on my knees between her open legs. She responded to shifting herself under me and opening her legs wider to accommodate me. I felt her hand reach down between us and take my cock in her hand. I was fully erect and throbbing, the head of my cock was already wet and I was dripping with anticipation. I looked down and saw that my cock was so hard that the shaft had curved upwards and was pointed towards my belly.

I was reminded of how I looked when I was much younger. When I was very young and first started to explore my sexuality, my youthful nighttime erections were almost painfully stiff. When I was 12 or 13 my young cock, had not yet reached it's full length and was more slender than it would later become. When I played with myself at night and became aroused it would arch and curve up towards my belly when fully erect and would be so hard that it ached and felt hard as bone when I would stroke it. I recall how fascinated I was and how it looked back then, the white shaft rising stiffly from a small nest of brown hair at the bottom of my belly. I remember being fascinated with these new experiences and would sometimes spend an hour or more stroking and jacking myself and watching as my body responded. When I was fully aroused the head of my young cock would swell and turn a deep purple and the tiny slit at the tip would leak clear fluid that was slightly salty when I tasted it. At that age the ridges along the bottom of my slender shaft were very pronounced, the veins along the sides stood out in stark relief and the ridge around the head of my cock was very pronounced and a deep purple.

My earliest memories of sexual awakening are of laying in my bed at night, head under the covers with a flashlight, reading a trashy novel or looking at a purloined magazine, and seeing my youthful cock as it looked then; incredibly hard, and curved up towards my belly with the head swollen and purple, leaking clear pre-cum. That first night with Liz, as I looked down at my now fully grown man's cock rising from my loins and sticking out stiffly between us, I could see that slight curve again and was reminded of those young intensely erotic adolescent erections and felt again as intensely sexual as I ever had when sexuality was a brand new and powerful experience.

She reached down and took my shaft in her small soft hand. As I watched she wrapped her slender feminine fingers around me and gently squeezed my cock. I shuddered with pleasure and saw another large drop of clear precum ooze from the slit at the tip of my cock. I was surprised at her familiarity. She was not tentative when she reached for me and there was no hesitation in her touch. I could tell that this was a girl that had handled a man's cock before. She ran her fingers along my swollen shaft and up across the head, now slick and covered with my precum and her fingers played with my wetness. She was obviously quite eager and ready for me and she pointed my cock towards her pussy and guided me to her opening.

As the swollen, purple head of my cock came into contact with the soft and soaked lips at her swollen vulval opening I could feel the intense heat of her pussy on me. As I slid the head of my cock along her wet, slick slit and started to ease myself into her I felt my thick cockhead enter and then squeeze past her little opening. As I ever so slowly started to push myself up into her tiny wet hole she stiffened under me and whispered with a low, feminine urgency; "go slow, please". She had a sweet, soft, almost little girl voice, and for some reason the sound of her voice excited me even more.

My feelings of excitement, arousal and need were by now well tempered with tenderness and growing feelings of love. I was falling for this girl harder and more deeply than I imagined possible. I wanted the moment to be perfect for her so I eased my cockhead into her very carefully, taking several long, delicious moments to fully enter her. She was the tightest woman I ever felt and as I first took her I could feel every ridge and vein of my cock being squeezed by her wet sheath. As tight as she was, however, her pussy seemed to suck me into her and melt around my cock, her slickness making our joining feel like wet silk. My feelings of tenderness for this woman/girl now grew stronger as we joined ourselves in this primal coupling.

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