Stroker's Club!

by Arthur Kay

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Desc: Sex Story: Some years back, my wife Barbara and I got into the swinging scene. The group and orgy sex set, if you will. Didn't start out that way, but it sure got there mighty quickly. It all started with our first threesome. With our neighbor, a guy I'll call Joe, that Barbara confessed to me one night, kiddingly to be sure, that she had the hots for. Can't say I blame her as Joe was a hunka-dunka, if get me. And then we went to our first Stroker's Club getogether! Let the hot fun begin!

Warning: This story is an act of fiction that contains graphic sexual descriptions and language. If you are a minor (under 21) or if you are offended by this kind of material then you should stop reading now. Any resemblance between this story and a real event is coincidental. The participants are imaginary; their actions have no negative consequences other than those portrayed in the story. The story is intended for entertainment and should not be emulated in the real world.

This story, unlike most of my other stories, will not go into too much explicit details along the suck and fuck lines. You know, for instance, "His cock head expanded as he unloaded his big, fat, 8" cock into her hot, wet mouth." There might be a bit of that as I write, to be sure, but right now I'm not sure just how much. But I guarantee it will titillate and tantalize you, if you have any blood in your veins at all, that is, for sexual imagery.

My main focus, in this tale of truth, is to try to remember events accurately and without too much embellishment on my part. And it's too distracting for me to write about hot pussies and throbbing, pulsating cocks. I won't tell you just how many times I've had to stop writing in the middle of a particularly steamy scene, fresh from the keyboard, and go pull the plank. Yeah, just like the comedian who laughs at his own jokes, I get turned on by my own lewd and sordid imagination. I's human, Poppa!

That said, shall I move it along? OK.

Some years back, my wife Barbara and I got into the swinging scene. The group and orgy sex set, if you will. Didn't start out that way, but it sure got there mighty quickly. It all started with our first threesome. With our neighbor, a guy I'll call Joe, that Barbara confessed to me one night, kiddingly to be sure, that she had the hots for. Can't say I blame her as Joe was a hunka-dunka, if get me.

Joe stood 6' 2ish" and was the muscular, semi-barrel-chested type, with lightly-haired legs on him that Barbara said she wouldn't mind licking up and down on. She liked to talk that way at times. Especially right after sex. And this was right after sex. Great sex, which we managed to achieve slightly more times than we failed.

Well, my curiosity piqued, I asked her if she could (or had she all ready), picture herself with him doing the nasty. I expected a demure little nod, maybe, or an equally demure no-no shake of her head. I'm stupid that way sometimes. I leave the door wide open to her playfulness.

"Fuck him? Fuck Joe? That godlike adonis? Fuck, I'd give a tit to fuck him!" She laughed, in that evil way she has sometimes and quickly added, "If I can have my hair permed and my nails done first, that is!" Playful is her middle name.

But playful or no, I had the feeling there was a nub, a kernel, of truth in her statement. And, the knowledge of this had actually got my motor going again. It turned me on, our carnal playing with fire. And I was getting another woody growing on me.

So I fucked her again, but this time I added some Joe chat to the act. I asked her if she thought he had a big dick. She said she did as she had seen a bulge on him on more than one time. I asked if she'd like his big cock in her mouth. In her pussy. In her ass. She play-acted (ha ha) and said yes to all three orifices suggested by me.

I asked her if she would enjoy swallowing his cum. Again, she was in the affirmative. Well, man, we were both in heat about it all. The talking was firing us up in a way we hadn't felt before.

Now, Barb was usually a quick-on-the-trigger cummer, usually having three or four good ones during even our quickies, but this night she was orgasmic beyond both our imaginations.

At one point, just to give you a good idea, and as she was cumming, she hotly whispered in my ear: "Oh, God yes, I'd suck Joe's big prick and let him cum in my mouth!" And also, "And, if Joe wanted, I'd suck on his balls and lick his ass hole!" And, "Oh, God, Arthur, I'm becoming a fuck slut! I so want to fuck Joe! Would you like to see me fuck Joe? See his big cock in my mouth?" Man! My ass was on fire, fire with a capital F.

I remember breathing hotly into her ear and whispering, as I fucked her heatedly, "Oh, yeah, darling, I'd love watching you suck and fuck Joe. It would turn me on immensely." Then I took the plunge and outright asked her, half hoping she'd disagree with me, "Want me to set it up? You, me, and Joe? Huh, should I? You want that, baby?"

I was cumming right after the words were out of me as I heard her say, quite clearly, quite distinctly, "Yes, honey, set it up! Let's both do Joe. OK?" I nodded my head into her neck and collapsed on top of her. Our fate, as they say, was sealed. And though Joe didn't know it yet, his was, too.

Well, with the heat still hot in me, and wanting to strike while the iron was hot, so to say, I showered, got dressed, and went and knocked on Joe's door. He invited me in and I pussy-footed all around the purpose of my visit, but Joe wasn't the stupid type. He got my implications real quick like, drawing the correct inferences in less time than it takes to type this sentence.

A short while later, and there we were, the three of us, in our bedroom. I had set the overhead light's dimmer switch to low the minute Joe and I had entered the room. Joe, being behind me, got to see his first look at a naked Barbara as she lay there on our big, king-size bed in all her feminine glory, the low lighting casting eerie shadows all over her.

What a sight! She looked as sexy as hell with her nipples looking up at the ceiling, her knees slightly raised up toward her chest and just slightly closed as if being coy and demure about it all. I knew she had douched during my absence and I could now see a slight dewdrop or two on her pussy, what little I could see of the cute, hairy little thing.

"Hi, honey," I said. "You remember Joe, don't you?" I'm obvious at times.

"Hi, Joe!"

"Hello, Barbara, fancy meeting you here! Cum here often?" Joe could be playful, too, it seems, for he had stressed the word cum, just so no one confused it with the other spelling.

The ice broken, ha ha, we got right to it. Joe and I stripped, to Barbara's oohs and aahs, which were said rather hoarsely, if I recall. Before he and I could approach the bed, Barbara got up and came to us. Without saying a word, she dropped to her knees and took two pricks into her hands. Two pricks, his super-fucking-hard, and mine, for some reason, not quite there yet. Still in the semi-boner stage. Nerves, I guess, from the newness of the whole thing. Here's a Polaroid I took of Joe sometime later on:

As you can see, neighbor Joe hadn't been cheated in life. And see the position his dick's in? That is its home base. Pull it down, let it go and it springs rapidly back to home base. Lots of strong penile pressure there. Pressure that most pussies will tell you they likey, likey. At least Barb's said so and I've yet to hear it lie.

Barbara told me one time that if she was sucking on Joe and let go of the base, she could feel his cock strongly pressing upward on her lip. Which my dick, being more the curvy-downy sort, didn't do to her. I felt a tad envious, but not at all jealous. Unless she fell in love and ran away with him, my attitude was: Hey, let her enjoy it, we only live once. I'm funny that way.

Well, she sucked us both a while and then I watched as the two of them simply devoured each other. No other word for it. Shit, I felt left out here and there and a tad of the old evil jealousy, too. But I was there to play and it had been my brilliant idea from the start... eh? So I joined in wherever it felt right and let myself go, even in spite of them kissing each other so passionately you'd swear it was their honeymoon night.

And then Joe started fucking her, in the usual missionary style. I watched, fascinated, my cock in Barb's hot mouth in between their quite real kisses, as Joe introduced his iron-like rod to her pussy's entrance.

At first, he gave her just and inch or two, as if teasing her, which had that effect on her for I heard her say to him, my dick an inch from her lips, "Cock me, Joe, all the way! You're driving me crazy, Joe!" She then grabbed his head in both hands and planted a wet, sloppy one on his lips. It appeared, ho ho, he returned the hot kiss, while bumping his forehead against my cock in the doing. I decided to play watcher and let no noise from me distract the two new lovers.

I slipped out of bed, got a chair, and positioned it on one side of them. I now had a front row seat to my own live porno show, with my wife as the star. And a neighbor as her costar. With the smell of sex heavy in the air.

And, as Joe fucked her, no, he really fucked her, I had the feeling, a sensation if you will, that neither one of them knew I was still in the room. Or, if they did, they didn't give a rat's ass. Not judging from the way they fucked. Man, did they fuck. Him pumping his ass ferociously, her bouncing her legs up and down, way out wide to the sides of him. My dick was flying in a furnace! And they were both moaning up a storm.

At one point, she threw her legs around his back, squeezed him, and then drove them up on his frame as far as she could. The moan that came out of her was un-fucking-earthly. She was cumming, no two ways about it.

Then Joe grunted and, without a word, appeared to be cumming, too, almost to the same second she had. They were cumming together, and me, the dick-holding audience, soon joined them, spurting my red hot seed into my hot, little palm. Without making a sound.

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