Trina, My Sister-in-Law

by MacDaddy

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, True Story, Cheating, Incest, InLaws, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: An unexpected encounter with my sister-in-law leads to my greatest fantasy coming true...

Chapter 1

My sister-in-law, Trina, is the most beautiful lady I have ever seen. Seriously. Yes, I love my wife, and think she is beautiful too. But, in all honesty, if I had met Karen's sister first, I would have pursued her. I am sure of it.

As it turned out, I didn't meet Trina for almost seven months after I met Karen. But when I did, I was blown away. Trina stands about 5'5", weighs about 120 lbs., has the prettiest face I have ever laid eyes on, dyed-red hair, smooth creamy skin, a nice ass, and DD tits. Yet, despite her relatively small frame, she does not look out of proportion. And this is all when she was only 17! She used to flirt with me, but I took it only as my (at the time) girlfriend's younger sister wanting to make a noticeable impression.

Three years later, Karen and I had been married for almost a year, and it seemed as if the three of us started hanging out a lot more together. Trina was now 20, and looking better than ever. She started wearing clothes to accentuate her amazing figure, and I used to sneak peeks all the time. We had a wacky friendship, often making fun of each other, in an obviously joking way. We could fight like cats and dogs, but everyone knew we were just being silly.

It was around this time that Trina was about to be forced out of her apartment. Her roommate was a complete bitch, and out of the blue moved out before the lease was up. Trina couldn't afford to live there by herself, and somehow got out of the lease. But she had to move. She asked Karen and I if she could live with us just for a little while. She had plans to move out of state, to where her boyfriend, Stan, lived. He had left town to go to college, and she was thinking about moving up there with him. Karen and I didn't mind, knowing that we all got along well, and it would help us with paying some of the bills. Besides, we had an extra bedroom that was practically empty, and she didn't have that much stuff. A few days later, she was all moved in. She never slept in the bedroom, however. She would always sleep on the couch in the living room. There was no cable TV connection in the bedroom, and she couldn't fall asleep without a TV on.

Being the weird girl she was, she used to get in strange moods and do things that were meant to be comical, like mooning us, or she'd start humping the leg of the couch, complaining she wasn't getting enough action with humans. Just silly college-age stuff. But I would enjoy seeing her hot bare ass, and analyzing how she moved. It got to the point where she would bare her ass and smile where only I could see her. I would of course look and smile too, until Karen would come back into the room. I really started to think she was flirting with me.

A couple of times, her boyfriend would come into town for the weekend and stay with us. We didn't mind, cause we both liked him. He was a really cool guy, and we got along well. But each time after he left, she would complain that the sex was lackluster. She said he only thinks about himself, and rarely engages in any sort of foreplay. I would always keep those words in mind, just in case...

I was between jobs, and was running a newspaper delivery route to make money. Not the best job, considering I have a college degree, but it has its good points. Of course, I would have to get up around 1 a.m. every single morning to get myself ready and pick up my papers.

On one particular day, I got up out of bed, 1 a.m. as usual, got dressed, keeping quiet so I didn't wake up my wife, and walked into the living room to get my wallet and keys and head out the door. There on the couch of course was Trina, sound asleep, TV on, with almost no volume. I often would look at her for a few minutes before leaving, just to absorb as much of her beauty as I could.

This time, I got a great view. Her blanket was on the floor, and she was wearing a long nightshirt that had ridden its way up to her waist. It was clinging to her huge breasts, and they were rising and falling as she breathed. She was on her back, with her right side against the back of the couch. Her right leg was straight, but her left leg was spread, with her left foot on the floor. The effect: there she was with her legs open and only her thong to cover herself. I'd never seen this much of her before, but I stood there for a while, enjoying this rare moment.

My mind, in its lustful state, recalled that her boyfriend never gives her foreplay. It had also been about a month since he had visited, so I assumed she wasn't getting any at all. As my gaze fixated on her crotch, I wondered what her pussy really looked like. I could tell she shaved from the skin that was exposed, but knew there was more to behold. My brain presented me with an option. I wondered if she would wake up if I gently moved her thong aside so I could see better. I pondered that briefly, before deciding it was too big of a risk.

Some would say my next idea was even more risky, but I figured that, in a strange way, it was safer. What if I knelt down slowly in front of her crotch, then, in one motion, pulled her thong aside and moved my face right in? She would awake to the pleasure of the oral sex she missed and craved, not to her brother-in-law peeping on her. I thought about that delicious prospect (pun completely intended!), and reasoned to myself that it just might work. But what if it didn't? What if she yelled, and woke up my wife? Even if she didn't yell, she would probably tell her, and that would be the end of my marriage, and probably my house and most of my belonging as well. Damn, what a risk. But, my God, what a beautiful woman...

I was getting hard just from the idea of what I could do with my sister-in-law. After a moment of deliberation, I decided to go for it. The risk was high, but I was hoping that the eating out she would get would supercede any desire to get me in trouble.

I slowly moved toward the couch. I was afraid she would move a little, altering her position and perhaps making it impossible for me to proceed with my plan. But she remained still, and I got down on my knees, just inches from her soon-to-be-released pussy. I took a deep breath, calmed myself down, and in my head, I said "Now!"

Within a second, I had pulled her thong aside, and my mouth was on her lips. She remained motionless for about five seconds, and then started to writhe a little. My tongue began probing her hole, and my fingers found her clit. Suddenly, she lifted herself up on her elbows and she bent at the waist. I continued my feast, and looked up at her. Her eyes were filled with both amazement and lust. She simply said, "Oh wow!" and laid back down, spreading her legs even more. I knew everything was going to be good, and my nervousness subsided. I began to really attack her pussy. I switched my hand and tongue, putting two fingers inside of her and flicking her clit with my tongue. She put her pillow over her head to muffle her moans, which were becoming more persistent.

It occurred to me that I hadn't actually seen her pussy, so I removed my face from her snatch for just a moment to get a good luck. She was well shaved, and her lips were perfect. I told her she was beautiful, and she moaned again. I started pumping my fingers, and resumed my licking. She tasted great, too. The picture was now complete: the perfect pussy for the perfect girl. I began to suck hard on her clit, and she started to writhe even more.

I stopped for a second to remove her thong. As I did, she lifted up just enough to get the nightshirt off as well. She wasn't wearing a bra, and there were those tits. I had almost forgotten about them, being so fixated on her pussy. I moved to her side and kissed her deeply. She was a wonderful kisser, using her tongue with expert skill. Once the kiss broke, I began to nibble her neck and shoulders, and I reached my hand back down to her pussy. My fingers returned to her cunt, and I began to suck on her left tit. Her areolas were huge, in proportion to the large breasts, and her nipples stuck out about half an inch. With my free hand, and grabbed and squeezed the right one. They were firm and full, more than my hand could hold. I continued to nibble the nipple in my mouth, causing her to lift her chest, pushing more of her tit into my mouth.

As I stretched across her body to start sucking on her right tit, I felt her left hand grabbing at the front of my jeans. Her right hand was stroking the hair on my head. She started caressing the bulge that was forming, making it larger and harder. I still wanted more of her pussy (I love oral sex!), and somewhat reluctantly moved out of her reach and repositioned myself between her legs. She didn't seem to mind, because as my tongue rediscovered her clit, her legs tightly wrapped around my neck and back. She was getting really wet, and I was licking up all of her sweet secretions. The taste was intoxicating, and my tongue shifted into high gear. I was licking her from her clit to her ass, up and down, rather quickly. She started humping my head, and before long she was moaning with the pillow tightly pressed to her face, cumming all over my face, dripping down her legs and my neck.

As I moved away from her slick snatch, she grabbed my arm and pulled me closer. I moved beside her again, this time right in front of her face. She undid my jeans and lowered them to my knees. She got off the couch and knelt in front of me. One hand found my cock, the other started grabbing my ass, and her lips explored my crotch. She kissed and licked my thighs and finally found my balls. She stroked my hard rod and started slurping on my nuts, alternating from one to the other. My wife never did that to me, and I was enjoying every second of it.

Finally, she was licking up and down my dick, from the head to the base. She would wiggle her tongue into the slit on the top, and then lick down to the base again. It felt great, but I was ready to pop the whole thing into her mouth. As if she read my mind, I felt a hand grab each ass cheek, and she pushed my hips toward her open mouth, allowing most of shaft to go down her throat. I probably could have cum right then, but I took a deep breath and was able to resist. Her tongue was all over the head while the shaft plunged in and out of her mouth. It was the best blow I had ever experienced. I was suppressing my moans so as not to wake my wife, but I was getting really close. I looked down, made eye contact, and said I needed to pull out, because I was about to cum. She closed her eyes and sucked harder. That did it. I clenched my teeth so as not to make a sound, and I shot wad after wad of hot cum down her throat. She gulped it down like a pro, without spilling even a drop. Probably because my cock was so far into her mouth, there was nowhere for it to go but down her throat.

As my cock slowly exited her mouth, it jumped as her teeth lightly grazed the tip. She looked up at me with a smile, and whispered, "I've wanted to do that for so long now." I just smiled back, and assumed it was over.

Before I could get my jeans back on, she quietly said to me, "Well, you need to get hard again so you can do the other thing I've always fantasized about."

"What is that?" I naively asked.

"I want to ride your cock! Do you have time before you have to leave?"

"Sure I do!" I didn't need to look at the clock. It didn't matter what time it was; I was staying!

"Lay down on the couch. I need more of your tongue first," she ordered.

I took off my shirt and shoes and was now completely naked. I got on the couch and Trina immediately got on top of me in a 69 position. My hands grabbed her great little ass and began massaging away. She was still very wet, and I lifted my head so our 'lips' could meet. As I licked her, I noticed that it wasn't only her pussy that was shaved, but everything down there. There wasn't a hair to be found on her body, and I was enjoying her smooth skin on my tongue and face. At one point, I started flicking my tongue across her tight asshole. I don't think she had ever felt that before, but she sure did seem to like it. Whenever I did it, she seemed to suck my cock harder. It was already standing tall, ready and waiting for that slick puss to engulf it. But, in the meantime, I sure was enjoying the sucking she was providing. I could feel her huge rack resting on my stomach as she lay upon me. Somehow she was blowing me differently than before, more delicately and teasing. It felt great, and was a good intermission between the rough blow from before and the ride I was soon going to get.

When my member was stiff enough for her, she got off of me, turned around, and straddled my standing tool. She lowered herself and slammed my cock into her sweet hole. We both moaned as it happened, just loudly enough that we looked at each other for a second and covered our mouths, realizing our error. Then she started to move. Damn, she was a good fuck! She was rocking, swaying, thrusting, riding, and just going to town on my cock. Her tits were swinging so fast, I thought they were going to fall off! She lost her balance, and fell on top of me. She made up for that by putting her arms around me, locking lips, and pumping me like there was no tomorrow. Her kisses muffled her screams as she started to cum. I could feel her wetness get heavy, and it started to drip along my cock and down my balls. When the moment ended, she collapsed on top of me, caressing my face and shoulders.

I kept pumping my hips, closing in on my orgasm. As I told her that it was almost time, she lifted off of me, knelt on the side of the couch, and slurped my rod back into her mouth. She sucked me like the first time: determined to drink all my seed. I exploded into her mouth, and again she amazed me by gulping it down. My sister-in-law sure loves to drink cum! When she was through, she looked up and said, "We taste really great together," alluding to the fact that she just drank some of her juices as well.

Suddenly, our senses returned, and she said, in a matter-of-fact tone, "You're late!"

I looked at the clock. It had only been one hour, but I was late. We both got dressed quickly, and we were giggling and commenting on how lucky we were not to have gotten caught. I look at her for a minute and said, "I have wanted to be with you since I met you."

"Me too," she affirmed. "We need to find some future opportunity to do this again."

I agreed, kissed her, and walked out the door.

Chapter 2

Since my early morning experience with Trina, all I could think about was her.

Actually, I was keeping myself busy. I found a better job the day after the Trina encounter, one using my skills and working in an office environment with normal working hours, not the get-up-at-1 am, seven-days-a-week crap the paper route provided me. The only downside to the new job is that I never saw Trina alone anymore. Karen was also looking for work, so she was home all the time, and the opportunities just weren't there.

Trina still found plenty of chances to flirt and pass wanton glances back and forth with me. I knew she would be interested in a future rendezvous, but the chance never presented itself. She constantly found ways to rub up against me and grab my package, getting me turned on instantly. One thing I can say positive about all of this: my sex life with my wife was great! Of course, it wasn't my wife I'd see lying there on the bed...

So, as I am sure you can figure, it was tough to get her off my mind. I almost hoped that she would move out, just so I wouldn't have to see her everyday, walking around in the tank tops and short shorts she wore around the house. And she never wore a bra when it was just us. Every time she'd bend over or move suddenly, her tits would almost fall out of the small tops she'd have on. It was difficult to not stare. Karen didn't seem to care, because as far as she knew, I only thought of Trina as my sister-in-law. How wrong!

The most "activity" I got from Trina since my career change occurred about two weeks after I got the job. I had written the phone number to my office on a sheet of paper, kept handy in case Karen needed to contact me about something. Well, my phone rang and I assumed it was a work related call, but to my delighted surprise, it was Trina on the other end.

"Karen is at the grocery, so I thought I'd call you and make you cum," she said.

After dropping the phone, I brought it back to my ear and said, "Um, how do you plan to do that?"

"I am going to talk dirty to you. My hand is already on my clit, so I can cum too."

"Oh, well, um, I am at work. I could get caught."

"Don't do anything now. Just listen to me get myself off. That'll get you going."

Trina proceeded to play with her cunt while I listened. I closed the door to my office, and began grabbing myself though my pants. I was still afraid to actually jerk off in my office, but the sounds of Trina's moans and whines, coupled with her describing how she was rubbing her clit and squeezing her tits, were certainly arousing me.

Just as I decided, "What the hell," and was about to take my now quite rigid cock out of my pants, Trina blurted into the phone, "Oh shit, I think I hear Karen. I better go. Sorry!!" Then the phone hung up. I understood, but was still excited. I made a little visit to the men's room to finish the job. The sound of Trina's voice and the things she had said to me were racing in my head, and I finished in no time at all.

But I still needed more. I needed to have a face-to-face encounter again.

I got my wish just about a month later.

Karen's best friend, Christie, lives across the country, and on a couple of occasions we'd made the long drive and spent some time with her, her husband and the kids. Well, Christie had just come into a large sum of money, and offered to fly both Karen and I up to see her and the family. Karen of course was extremely excited, as it had been some time since we'd last visited. But I had just started that new job, and I didn't have any vacation time available. My wife asked if I'd mind if she went alone. I was hesitant at first, but then it hit me: Trina and I would have the entire house to ourselves for a week. Suddenly my mood about the whole thing changed, and I was very supportive of her plan to go alone. Of course, I still worried about her flying alone, but once she got to her destination, I knew she'd be fine.

On the morning of my wife's flight, I drove her to the airport, and saw her off. I headed to work, and began a usual day at the office. Around 3 pm, I got a call from Karen, saying she was there, safe, and with Christie. I was glad she called, and told her to have fun, and I'd talk to her later. Once I hung up the phone, all I could think about was Trina. Remembering that Trina's classes were over by now, I decided to fain sickness and take the rest of the day off.

I pulled into the drive, and saw that Trina was home like I had figured. For some reason, I started to get nervous. We had never spoken directly about the pre-paper route moment of indiscretion, and I started to wonder if she would be interested in any future "get-togethers." There was the phone call, but that wasn't the same. I took a deep breath, calmed myself, and reminded my brain that I was just going home, to my own house, and if nothing happened, so be it.

I quietly opened the front door, so as not to startle her. As I walked into the house, I could see that she was sitting on the couch (which faces away from the door), talking on the phone. I stopped and listened to what she was saying.

"I miss it too. It has been so long since I've seen you." Oh, crap. She was talking to her boyfriend, who was away at college. "Stan, what?... Yeah, she's out of town... No, no one is here right now... Oh that sounds nice... Okay... hang on."

She put the phone down and stood up. I ducked behind a nearby chair, which was also behind the couch, still watching and listening. Trina began undressing, which didn't take long, because all she was wearing was a tank top and a thong. Man, Trina was about to have phone sex with her boyfriend. And here I am, trapped behind a chair.

She sat back down and picked up the phone. "Okay, I am ready. Are you?... Good... What do want me to do first?... Okay... mmmmmm..."

I could tell from my weak vantage point that she was rubbing her tits and squeezing her nipples, and trying to hold the phone to her head with her shoulder.

"Stan, wait. They have a headset attachment for their phone. Let me get that, it will make this whole thing a lot easier. Hang on."

She got up, and I watched as her beautiful naked body walked over to the table on which the headset was sitting. She picked it up and plugged it into the phone, then put it on her head. She looked like a porn-star-turned-receptionist! It was actually very cute.

"OK, now I am really ready! Where was I?" she said as she used both hands to effortlessly grab her tits again.

As I watched the show, I started to get an idea.

I got up, and walked over to the couch. My view was getting better, and when she saw me, she reflexively jumped and made a loud noise. I mouthed out, "Sorry. Don't move," and she sat still.

"No Stan, I'm fine, I thought I heard something, but it was just the dogs in the yard."

I just nodded in approval at how she handled that, and I knelt down in front of her legs. She got a wide smile on her face. I remembered that the microphone on the headset was rather weak and only picked up the voice talking directly into it, so I whispered, "Just keep going with your conversation. Talk to Stan. Tell him what you want." Then my tongue met her clit. She suppressed a moan, and said into the phone, "Stan, I want you to eat me... no, you dummy, pretend... it's phone sex!" I held in a laugh, and looked up at her with a smile. She smiled back and laughed, then I continued with my licking.

"Oh yeah, baby, now you've got it," she said into the phone. I guess Stan was finally playing along with what she wanted. Little did he know her brother-in-law was providing a little hands-on assistance.

She started really getting into it, playing with her nipples while I ate her out. "Oh God, that's nice! It's been so long," she said, really to me, but as far as Stan knew, it was his words that were providing the stimulus. I figured I could handle this, as long as she doesn't say his name or anything like that. I could forget that there was a person on the phone.

She leaned back on the couch and spread her legs wider. She kept one hand on her tits, but the other hand reached down and found her clit. She started playing with it while I inserted my tongue into her sweet tight hole. I was holding up her thighs and she dangled her feet, using them to rub my back as I licked her.

Letting her legs rest on my shoulders, I moved my hands between her legs. I opened up her lips, letting her hard little numb poke right out at me. I dragged my tongue across it slowly several times, making Trina writhe with desire. As I licked, I stretched my left hand up towards her huge DD-cup tits, feeling their weight in my hands and pinching her nipples. My tongue kept working, and I started to fuck her pussy with my tongue. Her thighs squeezed against my face, pushing it even closer to her snatch. My face was buried in her warm, sweet muff. Her moans were getting louder, and I felt one of her hands grab the back of my head.

"Oh God, oh yeah, oh, ah..." she started yelling wildly. Within moments, she came hard, drenching my lower face with her sauce.

I backed up a little, and watched as she sat on the couch, legs still up in the air, twitching from the aftershocks of her intense orgasm.

After catching her breath, she said, both to me and into the phone, "I gotta suck that cock now!"

I took her place on the couch, and she knelt in front of me, arranging the headset cord so that it was out of the way. She was saying, "Yeah, honey, that felt great," and other things like that into the phone to appease her boyfriend, who obviously thought he had a bigger part in her orgasm than he really did. "Now shut up so I can suck you!" She was looking deep into my eyes when she said it.

She kept the headset on, but extended the microphone a little so it was more to the side of her face than in front of it. Then she leaned in and licked the tip of my already hardened dick. It made me twitch as soon as she did it. She smiled, let out a cute little laugh, and grabbed my dick. She started giving me a hand job, pumping me fast, and then started to lick my balls. She was really stretching, but she even reached her tongue to my ass, which surprised me. I had never had someone lick my asshole before, but I see why some chicks like it. It really is sensitive there.

She finally readjusted herself, and started to lick my cock from the base to the tip. She would run her mouth up the sides, licking along the way. It really impressed me how much my sister-in-law liked to lick my rod. Apparently, Stan said something to her on the phone, cause she replied, "If you think that sounds realistic, wait till you hear this!" At that moment, she opened her mouth and plunged my entire length into it. She sucked it hard as she worked her way back up, making little sucking sounds along the way. Damn, her boyfriend just didn't know how realistic this really was!

She was pumping my cock with one hand while sucking it, the other hand cradling my sack. She would stop every now and then and say things like, "You like it?" "Umm, you taste good," and "Your cock is so big." After she would say something, she would again plunge my cock all the way into her mouth, and blow me like it was keeping her alive.

Suddenly she stopped sucking and started jacking me hard. She kept talking through it, saying nasty things, both to me and into the phone. She was stroking my dick from base to tip, using her saliva like it was lube. Watching her look at me, hearing her voice, and feeling her hand... it was all too much. I shot load after load, right onto her face. She scooped it up with her hand, and started to lick it off her fingers and around her lips. She used her shirt to wipe up the excess. Amusingly, she said into the phone, "No, I don't want you to cum yet. You still need to fuck me." We both whispered a laugh, knowing that, at least for me, it was a little too late to say that.

I was, however, still rock hard and as excited as ever. Knowing this, she laid down on the floor, and spread her legs, still talking on the phone. "Enter me now, baby. Fill me up with your huge rod." She laughed as she said these things, but was ready for it to happen. I knelt down between her legs, and rubbed my cock along her clit. Liking this, she said, "Rub your cock on my clit, baby. Oh that feels so nice. Now stick it in me. Fuck me now!"

Even though she wasn't talking to me, I did as she said, and rammed my cock inside her. She moaned loudly, so loud in fact that after it, she said, "Oh sorry about that." I guess he was complaining about the volume. What a dickhead. I would love to hear my woman moan like that!

I started thrusting my dick inside her, feeling her tight walls gripping me. She was moving her entire body in time with my thrusts, fucking me back with all her strength. My hands found her swaying tits, grabbing them and rubbing her nipples and areolas. I leaned over her and started sucking on them, still ramming her with long and fast strokes. She was being noisy and I loved it. Her constant moaning was new to me, considering last time we did this, we had to keep as quiet as possible.

"Fuck me, baby. Fuck me hard! Faster! Oh God, yes!" Stan was certainly getting an earful. I could care less if he was enjoying it or not. I was certainly having a good time!

Trina's moans got even louder and her movements faster. She started to scream, "I'm cumming!! Aaahhhhh..." She was flailing about wildly as her orgasm hit. Sweat was pouring all over her body, and she was screaming with delight. When she finally calmed down, she looked at me, and said, "You are the best!"

Into the phone, she said, "Oh, I am not done yet either." Apparently Stan was bitching that he hadn't finished yet. Hell, I wasn't done yet either, so I was hoping for more as well. Then I heard her say it:

"I want you to fuck my ass."

She was looking at me as she said it, too.

I had never done this before (Karen wouldn't even consider it), and I was surprised that this was something Trina had obviously done before. I nodded to her, and she assumed a doggie style position.

My cock was soaked with her pussy juices, and I started rubbing it along her crack. Her ass was awesome, just the right size. I grabbed her cheeks as I ran my rod along her slick crevice for a minute or two. "Please, stick it in me. I need it now!"

I pointed my staff at her tight little asshole. As she was completely shaved, it was a beautiful sight. I started to push the head of my cock into it, and, after a moment, it popped right in. As soon as it did, she moaned again. This girl just cannot get enough! Once the head was in, the rest slid in much easier than I expected. The feeling was great, so tight and warm. I started to fuck her ass slowly, and she reached a hand up to her clit and started flicking it. Her moans were even louder now, and I started pumping faster. Her huge tits were swinging madly, so much so that I could see them swaying underneath her. They made a great sound when they smacked each other. I reached around her and grabbed each one of them.

Gaining leverage by holding on to her enormous rack, I started pumping even faster. She was moaning constantly, and I was starting to feel it building up in my balls. I knew it was almost time to unload again. Pumping furiously fast now, and held my breath so as not to make a sound, and sprayed her inner walls with my fluid. Her hand went nuts on her clit, and she started to cum again as well. Her moans were so loud now that, if I had moaned too, no one would be able to hear it. It was the most intense orgasm I ever had.

I guess Stan was done too, because Trina breathlessly said into the phone, "OK, uh, yeah, I will talk to you later," and hung up. She pulled the headset off, and turned over onto her back. She opened her arms, and I laid down next to her and put my arms around her. We kissed madly, and then just fell asleep.

The rest of the week went by rather fast. Trina and I spent a lot of time together, fucking and sucking every chance we got. It was truly a dream come true, for both of us.

When Karen got back, everything went back to normal. In fact, within the next month, Trina found a part-time job, broke up with Stan, and, using financial aid money, moved out and got her own apartment. Of course, we all remained friends and went out together a lot. But we never had the chance for sex again...

Chapter 3

Trina was so glad the day after graduation from college. She knew it was finally her time to shine and excel in her life!

One month later, she wasn't feeling so chipper. She still couldn't find a job anywhere.

It was a Saturday night, and Trina, Karen and myself, along with their brother, Danny, and his wife of six months, Rachel, were out at a local fancy pool hall, eating wings and shooting a few games. We were all having fun, except for Trina, who mostly just sat back and wondered how she was ever going to find a good job. She still had the part-time job she had through school, but, without her now-defunct financial aid, she knew she couldn't make it much longer.

Rachel and Trina started talking, and Rachel told her there was an opening where she worked. It wasn't exactly what Trina was looking for, but she was qualified for it, and decided she would apply.

Let me stop here for a minute and tell you about Rachel. Since she is married to my brother-in-law, I guess that makes her my sister-in-law as well. She is originally from England, and she has the sexiest accent you have ever heard. She stands about 5'7", weighs around 130 lbs., very pretty face, short blonde hair, and has a very fair complexion. Her bra size is about a B cup, but it's her ass and legs that do her justice. Her legs are very shapely, just about as perfect as can be. To some, her ass may be a little too big, but to most people, and me, it is a sight to behold. Perfectly round, it just begs to be grabbed.

Well, a week later Trina found out that she got the job. She started work the following Monday. After working together for about a week, Rachel and Trina got much closer. They even drove each other to work, each week taking turns. They started going out together for drinks after work, just laughing and gossiping away. They would share stories about all of their co-workers, and spend hours together. This didn't bother Danny, Rachel's husband and Trina's brother, because he was a salesman and on the road a lot.

One particular day, while Danny was out of town, Rachel asked Trina if she wanted to come over after work and just hang out and keep her company. Trina agreed, and, come five o'clock, that's where they headed. Rachel offered to make some dinner, and Trina kicked back and started flipping channels on the TV. About an hour later, they enjoyed a great meal, and both sat back on the couch and started watching a movie.

After the movie ended, Rachel asked Trina if she wanted to just stay the night, offering to lend her something to sleep in, and even some clothes she could wear to work the next day. Trina, full from dinner and already somewhat settled in, decided that sounded good. Rachel went to the bedroom to change, and came out in only a tank top style nightshirt, just long enough to cover the thong she was wearing.

"I have another one of these if you'd like," Rachel said to Trina.

"Oh, that looks really comfortable. That'd be great!"

"Okay, just a sec."

Rachel went back to the room and came out rather quickly with the nightshirt. Trina started changing right there, and Rachel couldn't help but watch as her sister-in-law's shirt came off and her bra-clad DD breasts were revealed. Trina saw her staring at her tits, and she started to become a little uncomfortable.

Rachel sensed Trina's discomfort, and said, "Oh, I'm sorry, I've just always wished my breasts were large like yours."

"Oh, guys love 'em, but they can be a pain... usually in the back," Trina laughed.

"Are they that heavy?"

"Oh yeah. It's hard to find really sexy bras too, because I need the ones with four hooks and full cups!"

Out of the blue, Rachel pulled her nightshirt off to reveal her body, now nude except for her thong. Her pink nipples were hard as rocks. "Look at these little things. I wish mine were big like yours."

Now it was Trina who was staring. "No, I think they are cute," she said, as her eyes remained fixated on the smaller but attractive rack, wondering just how firm her nipples were.

Rachel, surprised at the words coming from her sister-in-law's mouth, replied, "You do, huh? Even with those jugs you got?"

"I think smaller breasts are more attractive and probably easier to play with."

Rachel realized she was getting turned on by the conversation, and wanted to get that bra off Trina. "Can I see yours, without the bra? You don't wear a bra to sleep in, do you?"

"Well, no, not usually. Okay." With that, Trina reached her hands behind her and unclasped the many hooks, finally letting her bra fall and exposing her lovely globes. As soon as the air hit them, her nipples hardened. It added to the excitement she was starting to feel.

"Wow, those are awesome! Can I feel how heavy they are?"

Trina never thought another girl would ask to touch her breasts, but at this moment, she could think of nothing to say but "Yes."

Rachel slowly got closer, and raised her hands. She cupped Trina's breasts lightly at first, letting her thumbs graze her taut nipples. She looked at Trina's face, and saw her eyes close and felt her chest rise with an anticipatory breath. She squeezed her hands around the monstrous globes, lifting them a little to feel their weight.

"Hmm, I see what you mean. They are kind of heavy, " Rachel laughed.

Without saying a word, Trina's arms lifted, and her hands were upon Rachel's tits. "These are so much nicer."

Rachel was still looking at Trina's face, and when Trina lifted her head, their eyes locked. "Have you ever been with a woman before, Trina?"

"No. Have you?"

"Twice, back in England."

"Did you like it?"

"Well, I did it twice, so I guess so."

"Oh. What do you do?"

Rachel answered nonverbally by bringing her lips to Trina's. First they kissed very lightly, then their mouths opened and began to kiss each other a little harder, leading into tongues mingling. Arms began to wrap around each other, tits pressed against tits, and they found themselves in a tight embrace.

"I could get used to this," said Trina, "but I need you to show me the ropes."

"My pleasure, sweetheart."

Rachel began to kiss her new lover's cheeks, working her way down her to her neck and shoulders. She could feel Trina's hand running through her hair, obviously enjoying the sensations. Rachel didn't want to rush, but she could barely wait to get those tits in her mouth. She lowered herself slightly, and began kissing the tops of her breasts, nuzzling her nose in the ample cleavage, and then finally finding a nipple with her mouth.

Trina's head was spinning. She never even dreamt of making love to a woman, but now all of a sudden, it felt very natural. She couldn't wait to discover more of this. Just having her tits sucked by Rachel was getting her pussy wetter than it had been in a long while.

"Let's go to bed," Rachel suggested.

They both headed toward the bed, and Rachel took off her thong as well as Trina's. "We won't be needing these, sweetheart."

Trina laid down first, on her back, watching as a naked Rachel was examining her crotch. Rachel knelt on the bed and headed toward Trina's soaked pussy. She gently spread her legs open, and began planting her lips all over her thighs and calves. She even sucked Trina's toes into her mouth. Trina was lying there, tweaking her nipples, eyes closed, and feeling pure ecstasy.

Rachel finally had enough of the teasing, and dove in for the kill. She spread Trina's puffy lips, and found her clit peeking out. As soon as her tongue hit it, Trina started making little moans, squirming on the bed. Rachel began to lick Trina up and down her damp little crotch, enjoying how smooth and slick it was. It didn't take long for Trina to start cumming, and as she did, she started moaning and moving louder and faster. She soaked Rachel's face with her juices.

"Well, you seemed to enjoy that!" Rachel exclaimed.

"God yes! I haven't felt that good since..." She realized at that moment that Rachel knew nothing about her past escapades with her sister Karen's husband.

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