Anderson Road Group

by Chuck

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Desc: Sex Story: Anderson Road group is a four couple wife swapping group. In this particular story I tell the events of our first fishing trip after an agreement is made that lets the other wives go on shopping sprees if one of the wives will stay behind and take care of us husbands. This means feed us, get us our beers, but most of all sex.

Hi my name is Chuck and I've decided to write a series of short stories about the wonderful experiences me and my friends are having together. We have formed a four couple wife-swapping group, and it is just wonderful. I truly couldn't imagine life without it. It all started with weekend parties we were having. At these parties we'd play loud music, dance, sing and get high on beer, wine, and marijuana. It didn't take long before we started waking up with different partners. It seemed to just happen, and we all loved it. At first it was just one on one sex in different rooms, but as time passed the sex become more and more out in the open. A year or so after the group had formed the sex surpassed my wildest dreams.

Let's start with how we all meet, and a quick description of the group. We had all moved into our new homes during the same month. New single houses that are very private because they are located in the rear corner in this community of new custom built homes. Anderson Road is really just a big loop street, with four single homes on it. Myself and the other husbands of what became our group are all in our early thirties, the wives are all still in their twenties. We all enjoyed doing thing together and spent a lot of time together. Being together felt like the most natural thing in the world.

The other husbands and I may not be movie stars, but are all good looking men, if I do say so myself. Like I said before my name is Chuck, and I have straight black hair, that is cut very short. I'm 5'11" tall, the shortest male in the group. Bill is a curly haired blond and the tallest at 6'3". Steve and Ray have wavy brown hair, and are both a little over 6'. We are all average build, and have average size dicks if average is about 6 inches.

The wives are all very good looking, all of us guys agree about that. My wife Patty is 5'6" tall, has light brown hair, with firm breast that turn up. She also gives just amazing head, and is a big time exhibitionist. Bill's wife Rita at 5'11" is a tall, thin black haired beauty, who will lick your ass if you get her drunk enough. Ray's wife is a blond named Sue. Sue has the biggest tits in the group, and always seems to be horny. Steve's wife Helen also a blond, is a little on the masochist side, she likes it rough, and up the ass after just a few drinks. Sue and Helen are both about 5'8" tall.

We all have a lot in common, but each of us guys has his own special hobby. Ray has a show room restored 1966 Corvette. Steve is our computer, video, and stereo guy. If it is electronic Steve has it. Bill is an out doors men. He owns a house on a lake, in the woods and has filled it with hunting and fishing equipment. I have always been into custom vans. I buy a new one every two years and get it plush and loaded. The van is my baby and no one drives it but me.

The girls have a special interest also, shopping. I'm telling you they live and breathe to shop. They like to go as a group, and that's fine with us guys because we all hate to shop. The bills they run up are of course astronomical. We did however come to an agreement. We agreed to a once a month big time group shopping trip, if one of them stayed behind and took care of us man. This meant feed us, get us our beers and of course sex. This is the best deal I have ever been involved in. Believe me, I have many great stories about the fun we've had with the girl who stayed behind, and most of it caught on video thanks to Steve.

As I said at the start, I'm just going to write short stories about specific events that I hope you will find interesting, humorous, and maybe even a little arousing. I'm going to start with a short story about my wife Patty and the first fishing trip taken under the shopping agreement. My van is the only vehicle any of us own that having sex on the road is reasonable. Patty is the only wife that feels at ease having sex in the van, so Patty is almost always the one to go on any road trips.

The trip to Bill's house on the lake takes about an hour. The fishing equipment is kept there, so all we had to do was pack a change of clothes with enough food, beer, wine, and marijuana for an over night stay. We are not real fishermen, and can never seem to get started before 9:30 in the morning. First stop was the diner for some breakfast. When we returned to the van, Ray took shotgun so Patty couldn't sit there. They of course wanted her in the back. Ray then swiveled his chair around so he was facing the back.

This is when the fun for everyone but me started. Being the driver I have to wait till we arrived to start partying. I watched thought my rear view mirror as the guys cracked open their beers. One of the guys gave Patty one of her wine coolers, and fired up a joint. The smell of the marijuana smoke filled the van, and I watched with more then a little envy as the partying started. They finished smoking the blunt and joked around as they drank their beers. When Patty had finished her wine cooler, Steve quickly gave her another one. This was not an act of politeness, getting the girls drunk and high meant great sex. Ray looked at Patty with lust in his eyes and said to Patty "I'm really glad at list one of you girls is willing to have sex in the van." We all smiled and looked at her. Patty laughed and said "I don't mind keeping up my end of the deal, in fact I have my eye on a certain necklace for the next shopping trip with the girls."I said "ouch." And everyone laughed.

I could see that after smoking the blunt, and drinking one of the wine coolers, that Patty was well on her way to getting really fucked up. Her eyes already looked red, and her speech had slowed noticeably.

Then Patty said "Since my husband refuses to let anyone but him drive his precious van and truck drivers can see the front seats, he'll have to wait till we get to the lake for his blowjob." All the guys clapped and cheered, we had all been blown many times by all the wives, but you just never seem to get tired of having your dick sucked.

Bill kicked off one of his sneakers and slipped one leg out of his pants and jockey shorts. Seeing Bill sitting spread eagle, with his dick hanging out, Patty got out of her chair and sat on the floor between his legs. "That's cheating!" Ray shouted and picked up Bill's sneaker and threw it at him hitting him in the chest. "Hey!" Bill yelled, "You could have hit Mr. Happy." I laughed, but feeling the affects of the smoking and drinking, they went into hysterics.

When the laughing had died down Patty started to slowly stroke Bill's dick. Steve quickly got his camcorder and started taping. Bill bent over and grabbed the bottom of Patty's top and pulled it off over her head. We all clapped when Patty removed her bra showing off her perky set of tits. Bill quickly got a hard on and pulled Patty's head towards his dick. Patty kept stroking, and started kissing and licking the head.

I heard the loud steady honking of a car horn so I looked up and noticed I had drifted out of my lane a little. I corrected this and looked over at the guy in the car next to me. He was shouting something, and showing me his middle finger. "Keep your eyes on the road." Ray said with a smile. I agreed, but with Patty back there fucking and sucking it wasn't going to be easy. The radio was on, but I could still hear Patty doing her thing "slurp suck pop." Patty gives the loudest blowjobs you can imagine.

Steve was sitting on the floor next to Patty with his camcorder so he could get it all real close up. "Let's get them pants off." Ray said, and started pulling on Patty's pants. Patty pulled Bill's dick out of her mouth with a pop, and quickly slipped out of her pants and panties. Then Ray got on his back and slid his head between Patty's legs so that she was sitting on his face. Patty gave a loud "OOO" as Ray started eating her pussy. When she went back down on Bill he started moaning and saying shit like, "oh yea, that's it, suck it baby." I'm sure you understand why I was having a tough time keeping my eyes on the road.

Ray must have been doing a great job, because I could smell her pussy juice and hear Patty moaning even with Bill's dick in her mouth. About ten minutes latter I heard Patty going "MMMM" and the slap, slap, slap of her little hand as she worked the shaft of Bill's dick. This of course meant he was squirting his load into her mouth. Patty always does this when you cum in her mouth. She keeps the head of your dick in her mouth and works the shaft with her hand. She doesn't just lick the head of your dick she rubs her tongue all over the head as you cum. Patty's blowjobs are just amazing. I could see Bill's face in my mirror and he looked like he was in pain instead of ecstasy. I think we all look this way when we cum really hard. Then Bill smiled and just kind of sank into his seat while he gently rubbed the side of Patty's head. Patty pulled her head back and Bill's dick popped out of her mouth, she swallowed, then kissed and licked his dick a little more.

Ray was still lapping away on her pussy, and you could tell she was real close to an orgasm. Patty's moaning started getting louder, and louder. She was squeezing Bill's thigh with one hand and had a handful of Ray's hair in the other. Then she started grinding her pussy hard into Ray's face and screamed "Yes, my pussy, yes." as she had an orgasm on Ray's face. I must admit, my dick was so hard it hurt.

Patty gained her composer after a few seconds and got back into her chair. We all clapped for her, and Patty bent at the waist like she was taking a bow. I could tell by her big smile she really loved us showing our appreciation. Steve told Patty it was hot, and that he had gotten it all on tape. "Would you like to see it?" he asked. Patty told Steve she would like that, so Steve pulled some cables out of his equipment bag and hooked up his camera to the TV so they all could check it out. Bill passed out fresh beers and lit another joint. Ray move to the back so he could see the TV too, and I was left up front alone with my hard on.

As the tape played I could hear again the sounds of Patty sucking and Bill mowing. The guys made jokes and comments like look at Patty go, and she could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. Patty just sat naked in her chair, sipping her wine and laughing at the jokes Patty always enjoys watching herself in these tapes. When Ray came into the scene the other guys booed and then clapped when his face disappeared between Patty's legs. "That's better." Bill said. "Fuck you." Ray yelled back with a laugh.

When it got to the part where Patty yelled "Yes, my pussy, yes", Patty hid her face in her hands to hide a blush. We all laughed at her, and Steve got her another wine cooler. There was now a wet spot on my pants and I couldn't even see the tape. Dam what a hard on I had.

Patty took another hit off the joint they were passing around and sat naked sipping her wine. "Anytime you're ready to return the favor Patty. I'm here for you." Ray said to Patty while he rubbed his dick through his pants. Patty laughed and told Ray she'd suck him off after a little more wine.

I took a good look at Patty in my mirror and smiled to myself. Getting the girls drunk and high had always led to great sex and Patty was almost there. Her eyes looked red from the hits she had taken from the joints and she was on her third wine cooler. The wine coolers were small and only had about as much alcohol as a 12 oz. beer, but this was a lot for a girl Patty's size in this short amount of time.

Patty finished about half of her wine cooler and asked Ray if he was ready. Ray said he was born ready, so Patty slid out of her chair and knelt in front of Ray. "Well we'll have to get these off." Patty said, as she helped Ray get out of his pants. Ray's dick was already standing at full attention, so after a few strokes with her hand, she slid it into her mouth and stated sucking.

Steve told Bill to get the camera as he took off his pants and got behind Patty. Bill started tapping as Steve was rubbing his dick up and down on Patty's sweet ass. Patty turned her head around gave Steve a big smile while she guided his dick into her pussy and then went back to sucking Ray's dick.

I don't know if you can imagine how hard it was to concentrate on driving. In the corner of my eye I could see Patty's head bobbing up and down on Ray's dick. In my mirror I could see Steve's face and how much he was enjoying doing Patty doggy style. Bill was crawling all over the floor videotaping the action, and on top of all this Ray kept poking me in the arm telling me how good Patty was at sucking dick. I'm telling you my dick ached it was so hard. It was a good thing we were getting close to Bill's house.

It wasn't easy, but I did manage to keep my eyes on the road most of the time. The sounds however were a different story. Patty was making sucking and slurping sounds as she sucked Ray, with an occasional popping noise when Patty would come up to high and his dick would pop out of her mouth. There was also the slushing sound of Steve's dick sliding in and out of Patty's wet pussy and the slapping sound of Steve's hips and Patty's ass coming together. Even the smell of the van was a distraction. The van smelt like beer, wine, marijuana, sweat and pussy. The van smelled like a good time.

It went on like this for a long time, but finally Ray's moaning became louder. Patty stopped bobbing her head, and started jerking Ray off into her mouth. Ray shot his load and sank into his chair as Patty was swallowing his load. "That was great." He said to Patty. Then Steve picked up the pace of his humping, and let loose with a loud groan as he unloaded into Patty's pussy. Steve then slumped back and Patty kind of slid out of Ray's lap onto the carpet. "Is everybody having a good time so far?" she asked with a smile. All the guys laughed and told Patty what a great start she had given to this trip.

When Patty noticed I hadn't said anything she said, "My poor baby, you must feel so left out." The guys of course started making fun of me going "Awe poor baby." We all laughed and Patty promised to suck my brains out though my dick when we got to the house. I said, "Thank you baby, I need it bad." Which I really did, I had leaked so much pre-cum my pants had a wet spot.

Finally we pulled into the driveway of Bill's lake house. The guys and I got out of the van, and with out a word took a leak on the grass next to the driveway. Patty laughed and said, "You guys don't know how lucky you are." When Bill was done pissing, he unlocked the front door and Patty headed for the first floor bathroom. I watched her walk across the living room and could tell she was more then a little tipsy.

Steve, Bill and Ray unloaded the van in just two trips. I grabbed a beer and sat in one of the big chairs in front of the big screen TV in the living room. I lit a joint and Steve popped the videotape copy he had already made with the van's VCR, of our ride here into the VCR. Patty came out of the bathroom and sat on the sofa. I looked at my pretty Patty and smiled, she could still easily pass for a pretty college freshman.

Bill and Ray said they were going to get a little fishing in, so then got some fishing equipment and grabbed a few beers then headed for the lake.

Patty looked at me with those half shut red eyes and asked me if I was ready. Then she gave me a big smile and I could see she was more then just high, she was pretty stoned. "I don't think I've ever been more read." I told her as I kicked off my sneaks. Patty and Steve laughed while Patty removed her top and helped me out of my pants. Steve loaded a new tape into his camera. Patty pulled off my briefs setting free my hard and sticky dick. As usual Steve was right there getting it all on tape.

Patty knelt between my legs and started licking the pre-cum off the head and said "Oh baby you weren't kidding when you said you were ready." I smiled and said, "I need this bad sweetheart." Patty then slipped my dick into her mouth and started to gently suck while slowly bobbing her head up and down, it felt fantastic.

I spread my legs wide by putting one leg onto the arm of the chair, so Patty had plenty of room. I took a sip of beer, and another hit of the joint. It was great I just sat there totally relaxed. On the TV I was watching Patty sucking Bill's dick and grinding her pussy into Ray's face, at the same time I was watching Patty passionately sucking my dick. I was afraid I'd blow my load right away, but after another hit on the joint I could feel myself become more relaxed. But the marijuana wouldn't save me for long, not with all the build up I had on the drive up. Patty was taking it as deep as she could now, sliding it down to the back of her throat, the giving her head a little turn, and sucking hard on the way up. Two or three quick bobs and back in deep. Occasionally she would let it slip out of her mouth to lick and suck the head. My dick was so hard the head looked swollen and purple. It was also leaking pre-cum like a fire hydrant. Before she'd go back down she would ask me shit like, "Does it feel good, did I like it when she sucked me." I, of course was telling her how great it felt and that it always felt great when she sucked me. Patty like hearing she was doing a good job and then she'd go back down on me.

I did my best to make it last, but of course it had to come to an end. Bang, I want off like a gun. I was as surprised as Patty, my dick just exploded into her mouth. Patty's head jerk back a little, but she still managed to keep my dick in her mouth. She immediately started pumping my dick with both hands, while I let go with gush after gush of cum. Cum started leaking out the corners of her mouth and ran down to her chin, but Patty kept sucking the head and jerking me off into her mouth. When my load finally came to a conclusion Patty pulled her head back and my dick came out of her mouth with a pop. Patty did a big swallow then said "Oh baby you really came a lot." Then she leaned back and gave me a big opened mouth smile. I'm telling you it was one of the sexiest things I have ever seen in my life. Patty topless on her knees between my legs, with cum dripping off her chin. I could see strings of cum crisscrossing in her mouth from her teeth, tongue and lips. Her eyes were red and half shut from smoking weed with a very drunk expression on her face.

I will be forever thankful to Steve for preserving the best blowjob I had ever been given on video for me. He has made a DVD cop for me and I watch it often. If Patty isn't home to have sex with me I jerk off, honestly it's that hot. Steve truly has a talent for video, you can always tell his work when you play it back.

Patty continued to stroke my dick licking up the small amounts of cum that oozed out of the hole until I started to get soft. "That was just great." I told her. She smiled, gave my dick one more kiss, wiped the cum off her chin with her hand and got up. "I hope that will hold you for awhile." She said. "I really need a nap." I told her I was fine now and that she deserved a nap after a blowjob like that. We all laughed and Steve followed Patty with the camcorder as she drunkenly walked to the stairway. She wasn't quite staggering, but was very unsteady. "Are you alright?" I asked. "I'll be fine after a little nap." She said with a laugh, as she slowly made her way up the steps. Then Steve brought the camera back to me and said "Please do me a favor and put your pants back on." We both laughed as I put my pants back on.

Steve and I loaded a cooler with beer and got our fishing rods and boxes. I took a quick peek in on Patty who was out like a light. Then we headed for the lake for some fishing. Like I said before, we are not really fishermen. We use barb-less hooks and release the little fish we catch. I don't remember anyone ever catching a fish over four inches long. We just have a great time sipping beers, smoking joints and going though the motions of fishing.

We fished for maybe two hours, then returned to the house with the blind screaming munches. A lot of the food we had brought was junk food that went well with beer. You know shit like pretzels, potato chips and corn chips. If it came in a bag and was ready to eat, we ate it. Now with our stomachs full and pretty fucked up it was naptime. I slipped into bed with Patty who was still sleeping and went fast asleep.

When I woke up, Patty was gone. She must have gotten up over on hour earlier because she had shower, cleaned up the mess we had left and started cooking diner, what a girl. Steve and Bill were sitting in the living room rolling joints and watching the news on the television. "Hi honey." Patty said, "Dinner will be ready in about thirty minutes. Can you go and wake Ray up?" I went back up stairs yelling for Ray and found him in the middle room. I told him to get the fuck up and he told me to kiss his ass. We laughed and I went back to the master bedroom and jumped into the shower.

When I came back down Patty asked me to set the table and then stay out of the way by watching TV with the other guys. "I'll call for all of you when everything is out." She said. I set the table then grabbed a beer and sat watching the news with Steve and Bill. Ray came down after he had finished his shower and by that time dinner was ready. We all enjoyed a nice home cooked meal and thanked Patty for preparing it. Patty laughed and said it was no trouble at all and that it was all part of the deal. Remember while we're here your wives are out shopping. Steve, Bill and Ray all let out loud groans. "Don't remind us." Ray said, "I just hope I don't find anymore ceramic dogs in the living room." (This was a reference to a very ugly four foot tall ceramic dog that Sue bought sometime ago. She loves it and paid a lot of money for it.) We all laughed grabbed a beer and went out the back sliding doors to the rear porch that overlooks the lake.

We sat on the porch furniture sipping our beers and talking guy talk, you know sports, politics and work. Patty cleaned up the kitchen and dining room and then joined us on the porch. When one of us finished his beer, Patty would take the empty away and dutifully get him another. Bill lit one of the joints he had rolled with Steve and passed it around. This was excellent weed and even after just one joint between the five of us, you felt nice and mellow.

It went on like that for around two hours, us guys drinking beers, Patty sipping wine coolers and all of us smoking weed. It was dark now and had turned into just a beautiful cool night. The moon was less then half full and you could see an amazing amount of stars.

I started watching Patty and could see that all the guy talk was starting to bore her. When she looked my way I smiled and winked at her while holding up my empty beer bottle. She got up and did her sexy, shaking everything walk over to me and asked in a low sexy voice if there was something I wanted. The guy conversation just stopped dead, because she certainly wasn't taking about a beer. She then took off her blouse and walked that walk though the back door. Without a word we all got up like the stoned mindless zombies we were and followed her to the living room.

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