Holland 1

by CloseShaveHer

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Desc: Sex Story: True Story of Shaving Two Sexy Girls in Amsterdam

Copyright September 17, 1994

(A Pair of Smooth Cunts on Two Sexy Ladies)

I've worked overseas for the past fifteen years. For nine of those years I worked in the Middle East Oilfields and flew back and forth to work through Amsterdam. I always spent at least two or three days, and often as much as a week at a time, there, both going to work and coming home from leave. I also spent several entire leaves there, thirty days each time. The people in the Middle East Oilfields normally work either one month on and one month off (28-28) or two months on and one month off (56-28). I was able to spend quite a lot of time there in nearly seven years of travel through Amsterdam making four to six roundtrips per year. I have several stories to tell about some of the Ladies that I met there over the years and the experiences that that we had together.

There were two Men's Clubs (High Class Cat Houses) that I used to frequent over the years. There was also a rather strange place called "Hairotic". It is on a little side street just off the Nieviendike, a main pedestrian street, in central Amsterdam. The buildings in the "Centrum" are over 400 years old, most of them are very narrow and three to four stories tall. "Hairotic" occupies a very narrow and very shallow building. The entire floor space is no more that 1200 square feet spread out over 3 stories. As you walk inside the open foyer, there are a pair of small rooms on the right where you can get your hair professionally cut by a Beautiful Nude Female Barber.

I never got a bad haircut there in the 4 or 5 haircuts I got there, over the years. Let me tell you haven't had a hair cut until one of these gals sticks her erect nipple in one of your ears while cutting your hair or her tits just cover your face as she straddles your waist, while you lean back and she washes your hair before she starts cutting your hair. If you are really horny you can get your hair cut by one nude girl while watching another girl play with herself and maybe feel you up to get you in the mood, then you can both, or if your barber is willing, all three of you can, go upstairs to a room with a big tub and have a nice hot bath and then fuck your brains out. The Nude Haircuts only cost about US $15.00. This was at a time when normal haircuts cost $6.00 in the States. The extra girl only cost a little more.

On your left, as you walk in, is a metal spiral staircase up one floor to a small bar area farther left, maybe 12 feet long by 8 feet wide. This is where you make your appointment with the barber. I never saw less than two girls there, some times three, plus one who acted as a bartender / manager, etc. Two or three of the barbers, over the years, also went upstairs with the customers. The drinks were reasonable and if you ordered the girls a drink, you could watch it being mixed out of the same bottles that your own came out of. There were two rooms upstairs neither much larger than a extra long, extra wide tub and a double bed could fit into. Nothing fancy, but the rooms were clean and the beds always had crisp clean sheets.

One time I talked one of the girls into letting me shave her pussy while upstairs that was my first attempt at bushwhacking. Another time one of the girls, Lisa, and the barber, Eva came to my hotel room. I got a haircut and had one of the most erotic times of my life there.

Lisa was a pretty Spanish girl about 25 or so with smooth creamy skin. She had large brown eyes and small nimble fingers. She was about 5 feet 3 inches tall with long dark black hair. Lisa was carrying about 5 pounds extra on her short frame; that additional roundness made her one of the sexiest little things that I have ever run across. Her generous tits were topped with large dark nipples, the massive mounds were made to smother a hard cock between them, as it stroked inside the hot tunnel she could create during a tittie fuck. She had a nice set of legs and a round ass that was created to be fondled. Her chubby mons carried a long slit with short meaty lips that hid her high mounted clit within their folds. Her cunt hair was a thick black mass that was confined mainly to her mound and the crack of her ass. Her cunt fragrance was strong and musky, a wonderfully heady aroma. Her vaginal muscles could tighten her cunt into a exquisitely tight sleeve that caressed and milked your cock till it would explode with scalding white cream.

Eva was Dutch, about 23 to 24. She was a little taller than Lisa, with medium long, light brown hair. Her blue eyes were clear and direct, her lips full and kissable. She had a pretty nice pair of tits herself, large round firm masses that stood out from her chest without the need of a bra. Her nipples had large pale aureole with small erect tips set high on her breasts. She had long shapely legs and a small tight shapely ass. Eva was slender with a wide hips and prominent cunt mound covered with dark brown hair that stretched from her anus to her navel in a thin line. Her pussy lips were large and full, her clit small, hard and very sensitive, the vagina itself small and tight and smelled delicious. Her taste was tart, her juices flowed freely when she was excited, running in tiny rivers down her legs. She had a license to cut hair and was pretty good at it, but she was even better at sex.

We had a few drinks first then we all got into the shower. I washed Lisa and Eva, while they washed me, stroking my cock to hardness, kissing me, first one, then the other, then all three of us swapping kisses, all three tongues dueling one another. My hands reaching out to touch and caress whatever that could find, and they found plenty. First fondling Lisa's massive tits and Eva's smaller one's. First kneading one ass, then the other. I spent many moments dipping fingers into one cunt, before exploring the other equally as well.

I sucked on one Lisa's tits and fingered her cunt while Eva sucked my cock. After a short while they switched places and Lisa sucked me until I was almost ready to come while I stuck to a pair fingers into Eva's slimy cunt and she fed me her tits. Reluctantly we adjourned to the bedroom where Eva still nude proceeded to cut my hair as I sat, still nude, in the desk chair. Lisa crawled under the apron and kept my pecker up by sucking, stroking and squeezing anything she could reach until Eva told her to stop making me squirm and let her finish cutting my hair. Lisa backed out from under the apron and moved behind Eva and started playing with Eva's tits and fondling her own cunt. That wasn't much better since every time Lisa pinched one of Eva's tits or goosed her cunt, Eva would suck in her breath and I started worrying about whether I would have enough hair to comb. I told Lisa to go play with herself until Eva finished and I rinsed off the hair. Lisa lay on the bed and picked up the dildo that I had laying there. I am not too proud to admit that I might probably would) need help to satisfy these two horny females. Lisa played with the vibrator until Eva finished with my haircut and when we came back from the shower Lisa was having as good time stroking the plastic cock in and out of her hairy pussy. She was still a long way from coming, although she was enjoying herself.

I decided that I wanted to shave both of the girls pussies. I had shaved Lisa's several months earlier on another trip so I knew she would let me and we both convinced Eva to let me shave hers. I got a large brown towel from the bathroom and spread Lisa out on it. There was a small Bowl in the kitchenette that I filled with warm water and I got my shaving gear form my suitcase. I used the small scissors from Eva's case and trimmed Lisa's bush to about 1/4 inch. I then lathered her up with shaving cream (Menthol), and after I put on a new blade, I very carefully started to shave around her chubby little cunt lips and anus. I reached down to stretch out her lips I slowly teased a finger up and down her slit. She moaned a little and said that the shaving cream made her pussy hot. As I shaved Lisa, Eva held Lisa in her lap and played with Lisa's nipples. Eva did pay close attentions to what I was doing since she would be next. Lisa did not want to be totally bald, so I shaped the hair above her clit into a small Vee about 4 inches wide and maybe 3 inches tall. I left the hair just long enough that you could say there was hair there. Most 12 year old girls probably had more hair than Lisa.

Now it was Eva's turn. I trimmed Eva and lathered her the same way I did Lisa. And Lisa held Eva in her lap, paying back the favor of pinching Eva's nipples and kneading her tits. When I started to play with Eva's pussy before I shaved her she started to moan and hunch her hips on my fingers. I stretched out her cunt lips and carefully shaved around them and then roundabout her clit. I asked her to turn over on her knees so I could shave about her anus since she had a little more hair around hers than Lisa. I could not resist slowly slipping a finger inside her ass. She pushed back a little for one finger, but wasn't eager to take two. Damn, no assfuck today! I couldn't convince Eva to got totally bald either, so I trimmed her hair into a heart shape. Neither one of these pussies had enough hair left to do more than decorate them, it damned sure didn't hide anything. I then finished up by rubbing baby oil over both nearly bald pussies.

I could not get over how good those bare cunts looked. I convinced both very reluctant girls to let me take some pictures of them and their naked pussies. They finally agreed, but wanted their faces hidden. I got a close up of each girls cunt and a shot of both girls together with their faces covered and their legs spread wide open before I got too horny and had to try and ease a severe case of "LACKANOOKIE'! Man, that was some sight! My prick still gets hard remembering those two kissable mouths, four erect nipples crowing four luscious mounds of tit flesh. Those two freshly shaven cunts pouring copious amounts of pussy juice across two puckered assholes and into the cracks of two glorious asses before soaking the sheets, caused me to climb into bed between these two lovely young women with my rock hard erection poking at everything it touched.

I kissed Lisa who was on my left, while Eva slowly stroked my super hard dick. I lay back and both girls began kissing me, their lips nibbling on mine as their hands stroked my prick and cupped my balls. Finally Lisa moved down to kiss the head of my cock and then began to suck it in earnest as she wrapped her cunt around my left foot. I slowly wiggled my toes into her slippery sex as they toyed with her inner lips and stroked her clit. Her juices covered my foot with her slick fragrance as she stroked her pussy along the convenient projection.

Her hot wet mouth worked its way down my shaft as she stroked my leaking prick deeper and deeper. I moaned with pleasure as her tongue laved my hard pole. She began to thrust her head up and down my aching pole as she gently sucked the precum from straight my balls. One hand teased my scrotum as the other jacked the rest of my prick that her lips couldn't envelop in their downward plunge.

I pulled Eva up and across my face as I reached up to pull on her nipples. I could hear her groan as the pressure on her tits started to make her pussy tighten. The smell of clean cunt turns me on as nothing else can. The tangy taste of her cunt juice made my mouth water. I slowly and licked my way up and down Eva's slit as Lisa gobbled more and more of my prick into her greedy mouth.

The next thing I remember is Lisa's warm wet mouth leaving my pole waving in the air until she engulfed it with her hot tight cunt. I remember feeling the cunt slime cooling on my foot as she removed her weeping slit from it. Lisa pulled Eva back until her tits pressed against Eva's back and Lisa's hands fought mine over Eva's hard breasts. Their tongues dueled with each other as they hungrily kissed one another.

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