Sex at Gunpoint

by Hornylene Dk

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Rape, True Story, Cuckold, BDSM, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Sex Story: We advertised for a guy to "rape" me in front of my helpless hubby and we got that for sure

Chapter 1

I had sent a letter as reply to the answers I got to an ad in a Danish adult magazine called Weekend Sex, we were seeking a man to tie my husband and "rape" me! The headline in the ad said: TIE MY HUSBAND AND RAPE ME!

1 1/2 month had gone without getting any answer from him. (In the following I will call him Steen). His letter was rather naughty and I was interested in meeting him. I send him a new letter.

3 days later he phoned me, he had been send to work in Norway by his company, and could not answer my letter. But now he really wanted to meet me and fuck me. We arranged a meeting the following weekend.

He arrived at 8 PM Saturday evening. He played a salesman who sold books about sex. We played along, and my husband said to him: "We are not interested in books about it. We are doing it instead reading about it."

That was a sign for Steen telling him he was approved.

Now Steen was ready for action; he took a gun (a "fake" that was what he had told me on the phone) and threatened us to go in the bedroom, where my husband was told to take all his clothes off.

I was told to tie him to a chair, while Steen stood with the gun pointing at us. I handcuffed my husband's arms behind the back of the chair, and put straps around his ankles and the chair.

When I had finished the job, Steen told me to take my clothes of.

I slowly took my clothes of.

Then he forced me at gunpoint to suck his dick.

After that he told me to lie down on the bed.

He then tied me up, arms over my head, and my legs spread. My pussy was fully exposed to him and now soaking wet.

Now I just wanted a big cock, to fill my pussy. He again forced me to suck his dick, until it was big and hard as rock.

He then forced his way up in my pussy, and fucked me hard.

He was so eager and horny, that it only took 4 thrusts before he squirted all over my belly and tits. He smeared it all over my tits and belly with his hands.

Then he let me loose and took the gun again and said; "If you don't do as I told you, I'm going to shoot your husband and then you."

He handed me a big dildo and told me to use it, while he was watching.

I obeyed him, he told me to spread my legs even more, so he better could se the dildo moving in and out of my wet and tight pussy. A little after he took an anal vibrator and stuffed it up my ass. He was squeezing my tits as he used the vibrator.

That was too much; I felt my body exploding in a big orgasm.

Again I got tied up.

He used 2 fingers in my pussy, then 3 and 4, and a little after I got his hand up my pussy. It was hurting, but very exciting as well.

He again squeezed my tits and kissed my belly. A little after I got another orgasm.

He then took a bottle of champagne and poured it over my body and licked it up, he poured it over my pussy and drank it from it. It tickled very much and was very exciting and it felt really good.

After that he let my legs loose and then he penetrated my hungry pussy with his big cock, and forced it to the bottom. That was not enough, he put my legs up on his shoulders and penetrated me even deeper, and it was great. He fucked me hard for a long time. I got an orgasm more before he pulled his cock out.

He sat down on my chest and fucked me between my tits. After a little while he squirted all over my head and tits, he smeared the sperm all over my tits squeezing them.

Then he let me loose, and I released my husband.

We got a cup off coffee and a little talk. Steen then vent to sleep in the guestroom.

My husband fucked me when I came back from installing Steen in the guestroom.

The next morning I woke up real early, horny as hell.

I looked at my husband he was still sleeping. I stood up and tiptoed to the guestroom. I opened the door silently.

Steen was awake. He pulled me down on the bed and kissed me, his hand found my pussy and a finger slide up in my pussy, and he played with his finger in my pussy for a while at the same time he was kissing me and squeezing my tits. Then he pressed his hard cock up in my real juicy pussy, and fucked me again.

He fucked me until we both came.

I kissed him and went back to bed; I could feel the juices running down my legs.

I took my panties and dried my pussy and legs before going to bed beside my sleeping husband. He was still sleeping, and didn't know what had happened before now when I write this story.

Chapter 2

One day Steen phoned me and asked me if I would see him again.

My pussy immediately became wet, I remember the horny and "dirty" young man who had fucked me so good.

I said yes without any hesitation.

He asked me if I would try something new.

I said yes, my pussy became soaking wet with the thought what is he up to.

He told me that he knew a deserted wood, in the neighborhood of where we were living. He suggested that we should take on a picnic on the next Saturday, he then would "assault" us.

And under gunpoint force me to tie my husband and so on.

I agreed.

When my husband came home I told him the story. He got so horny that he fucked me right on the kitchen table; we were just finished when the kids come running home.

The following Saturday we had "disposed off" the children and were now sitting on a blanket in a deserted wood.

The weather was fine and warm autumn weather with high sky and not a cloud in sight.

We were drinking our coffee when a masked man with a silenced gun jumped forward. He then told me to tie my husband to a tree.

He stood watching me real carefully as I tied my husband to a tree, there was nothing to do, the man stood with a gun and it was pointing right at my belly.

When I had finished tying my husband the "gunman" said; "Take your clothes off you slutty bitch!"

I slowly removed all of my clothes while I could feel my horny pussy getting warm and wet, in a little while I was going to get "raped".

Steen forced me to suck the silencer of his gun.

I had to do it like it was a real dick he said. He nearly forced it down my throat, when he was satisfied with my humiliation (sucking a gun like a dick), Steen took off his jeans and showed me his large dick with the words; "Suck it you horny slut, if I'm fully satisfied I might let you live. If I'm not satisfied I would tie you beside your husband, and then shoot you both in the gut, and watch how you slowly die."

It was an exciting role-play, I like sex under force and my pussy was so horny and hot I could feel the juices ran from it, and down the inner side of my thighs.

I kneeled in front of Steen and sucked his dick the best I could.

It was rather bizarre; here I was a happily married woman, sucking a stranger's big dick at the point of a "fake" gun.

A horribly thought entered my mind, Was it fake, it looked really realistic, what if it was real and he really intended to shoot us. I asked Steen; "Is the gun a fake?"

He laughed and said; "That are the big question Lene, if you don't do your job to my satisfaction you might realize it, suck you horny slut!"

That was very reassuring. I don't think that the gun was real, but there was just a little suspicion left in my mind. Had we ran into a mad man?

I realized I was a perverted slut the "terrible thoughts" just got me hornier, and after a little while Steen gasped; "Swallow it you little whore!"

I swallowed his slimy juice and then licked his big cock clean.

He said; "That was really god Lene, I'll let you live a little longer, as long as you pleases me." He took me to the blanket where we sat down.

He said; "Pour me a cup of coffee bitch."

I poured the coffee and he drank it slowly, still pointing at me with his gun. When he had finished the coffee he took a condom and put it on the big black silencer and the barrel of the gun.

He pushed me down on my knees and elbows and commanded me to spread my legs while he was pressing the gun against my head. It was both frightening and a strange kind of exiting. I still didn't know if the gun was real or not.

He then pressed the hard cold steel up in my soaking pussy. I moaned and Steen pressed the silencer all the way up in me. He pushed it around in me and after a little while he pulled it out. Then I felt it being pushed up my ass, I moaned and said, "No don't Steen it hurts."

He laughed and said; "Shall I pull the trigger now you horny slut!"

I moaned; "No, no don't I'll do just as you tell me!"

The gun was beginning to get warm, and after a little while it all gets too much, I screamed as an orgasm shivers my horny body.

Steen pulled the gun from my ass and removed the dirty condom.

He now pressed his big dick up my pussy and while he conquered my pussy with his big cock, he put the gun against my head.

I was realizing that I was really perverted It was a great feeling with his big fat cock forcing its way up my horny pussy. Then he "fucked my brain out"; hard deep thrusts on and on he went. I got 2 more orgasm before he pulled his big cock from my pussy and squirted over my tits and in my face.

Then he pulled me over to the tree where my husband stood.

He said to me, "I'll tie you and then take a nap." He tied me against the same tree as my husband.

When I was tied up god, he said; "I'm sorry Lene you were a really great fuck you little horny slut, but I can't leave any witness so I'll have to shoot you both."

I begged for mercy, but he saw me right in the eyes and said; "Goodbye you lovely little horny slut!"

He pointed the gun right at my belly. It was a very strange feeling, I was very frightened and tried to get away from his gun, but in vain, I was unable to move as much as an inch and the thought of my "FINAL CLIMAX" made my horny pussy soaking wet.

I was trembling when the orgasm hits me, while I frightened saw how he slowly pulled the trigger. I felt my belly draw together. Suddenly I heard a "click"! He laughed and said. "Just kidding Lene!"

He then untied my hands and walked away.

At that time I was really angry; I could not see anything funny in his last stunt, a stunt only a deeply perverted young man could find funny. Until he was doing that stunt with me, I was willing to fuck with him again and again, but that was too much. I untied my husband, and we vent home. I told my husband that I would never fuck with Steen again.

That was nearly the end of me, and the end of my sixth affair.

Steen phoned me 2-3 weeks after wanting to fuck me again, but no I was still angry about his last stunt so I told him to "fuck off!"

Was that the last time I met Steen, you guess?

Chapter 3

Several times since I told Steen to fuck of my mind have crossed Steen and his naughty fantasy and every time I did I became real wet in my pussy, in my mind it seemed like a mistake that I had told him to fuck of, but said was said and my pride forbid me to write him again.

The 17 of August 1988

10:30 AM the phone rang, it was Steen he said: "Hi Lene remember me - Steen?"

I answered: "Yes Steen I remember you, you are the guy who like playing with guns!"

Steen laughed and said: "Yes Lene that's me, care for another round?" - "if you do I have a splendid idea I have boroughed a weekend cottage, you go for a ride in your car and pick up a hitchhiker that will be me after a few miles I pull out my gun and tell you to drive to the cottage and THEN... !"

He stopped speaking.

My mind played with the idea in my head and I felt how my pussy got wet and hot.

Then Steen continued: "Well Lene what do you say to that?"

I answered: "It sounds exiting Steen but I have to talk to my husband about it first, phone me later today let's say after 10 pm tonight, then I know if it's OK with him!"

Steen said: "That's OK - I hope the answer will be yes because I want to fuck you again so bad Lene!"

When Steen have hung up I simply had to use one of my dildo's to get some rest in my horny body and mind and I got a real good orgasm while my mind was back in the wood being raped by Steen.

When my husband came home from work I told him about Steen's telephone call, he was OK with the idea.

10:10 pm The phone rang, I picked it up and it was Steen again.

He said: "Well Lene is it OK?"

I answered: "Yes Steen it's OK now where do we pick you up?"

Steen told me a time and a place where he would be and continued: "I'll wear a black leather jacket and black jeans, do you still drive the car you had last time?"

I confirmed that and we hung up.

The 20 of August

At noon we left home for our destiny. On the way to the rendezvous I was very exited and before long I was soaking wet.

We reached the place where we should meet Steen and in the distance we could see a guy all dressed in black standing beside the road.

When he saw our car he got his thumb up to get us to stop we passed him a bit and stopped. Steen walked to the car and said: "Can I get a ride to Varde?"

My husband said: "That's OK!"

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