Asian American Waitress

by Shackster

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Desc: Sex Story: He always had a thing for her. Going to a concert with her and her boyfriend gave him the opportunity to be closer to her.

Tasha worked at the club where I was bartending. We always got along well. There was always a lot of flirting going on between us, but nothing ever happened since she was dating Brett at the time. I made it quite clear on many occasions, that I would love to spend some intimate time with her if she ever freed herself of him. She would usually give me a sexy look and wink at me saying something like "I'll keep that in mind, Stud".

Tasha was one of the sexiest women I have ever lusted for. She is an Asian American girl with long, straight, black hair. She was about five feet tall, and maybe 100 pounds soaking wet. Her breasts were about B cup in size and topped with dark nipples. The uniform that she had to wear was a white blouse. There was a certain bra she would wear occasionally that would let the dark nipples show through slightly. I loved my job those nights.

She was never shy about anything. She freely talked about anything including sex. But she also made it clear that she would only have sex with Brett. I heard many stories about their sexual encounters. I got to know Brett, as he would spend quite a bit of time at the club while she was working. We became the kind of friends that patrons usually do. We didn't spend time outside of the club very often, but became acquainted just the same.

There was a concert (Pink Floyd) coming to Madison and we all wanted to go. The tickets were hard to come by and on a bartenders salary; they were a big dent to my check. It was just after I got my tax refund, so I decided to do it right. I asked one of the waitresses to go but she couldn't make it. I was talking to Tasha about not having anyone to go with. She suggested that Brett would love to go and it would be fun for the three of us. She suggested getting a hotel room so we could do some heavy duty partying. I immediately felt like I would be a third wheel, but decided to go along with the plan since I really wanted to see the concert. By splitting the cost of the room, we could afford a really nice one.

We checked into the room and were amazed at the size of it. It was huge!

And it had a four-person hot tub! We checked in at noon and started partying. At about 4:00, I suggested hitting the hotel bar for happy hour. They agreed, but said that they would meet me at the bar in about an hour. I had a pretty good idea what they wanted to do.

The concert was the best we ever saw! We got back to the room and kept on partying. Brett was pretty wasted. We knew that he wouldn't last long before passing out. Sure enough, he did. I figured that was the end of the night. Tasha said that she didn't want to crash yet. That was music to my ears! Even if I couldn't do anything sexual with her, I loved spending time with her. I went into the bathroom to change into some sleeping attire. That's when I heard the faucets being turned on in the hot tub. YESSS!!!

I practically ran out of the bathroom.

Tasha said, "I hope you don't mind, but it seems like such a waste not to use it."

My heart leapt at her words.

"Sounds great!" I replied, "but I didn't bring a swimming suit."

She smiled and said, "neither did I, but I'll just wear my bra and panties if you can keep your eyes in your head!"

For lack of anything better to say, I said "what makes you think I'd want to look?" it was said with an obviously teasing tone. She gave me that sexy wink, but said nothing.

This was my chance. She would have to undress and then get in. I figured that I better get in the water before I saw her and the tent in my shorts gave me away. The tub was three quarters full, so I took off my tshirt, stepped in and sat down. Unfortunately, she got undressed behind me.

I was disappointed even more when she said "turn on the jets and close your eyes while I get in."

She said it in a tone that didn't allow for a rebuttal. So, I turned the knob and the tub filled with bubbles. I heard her step into the hot tub and sit down.

"Okay, you can open them" she whispered.

I did just that. I locked my eyes on hers. I tried in vain not to look down at her breasts. She saw my plight. She giggled at my expense. I blushed.

"We're both adults here? You can look at my tits if you want. Just no funny stuff!"

I was relieved and gazed at her breasts that were poking at her thin bra. I let out an audible sign and shifted in the seat to make more room in my shorts for my growing cock. When I looked up, she was smiling in a very sexy way, blushing a bit. She knew the effect she was having on me and seemed to be enjoying it. We sat there in an awkward moment. I had to say something to break the moment.

"So... if you don't mind me looking, why did you make me close my eyes?" I asked.

"Wouldn't you like to know" she said.

"Yes I would." I said, playing her little game.

"Well, I just shaved myself and my panties would be a little too revealing" she purred.

This was the ultimate tease on her part, and she was using it very well. I kept shifting around in my seat.

"Having trouble getting comfortable?" she said slyly.

"uh huh" I mumbled. I reached over and turned the knob to 30 minutes. I figured the bubbles would prevent her from seeing how hard I was. Gathering up my courage, I lifted my ass off the seat and slid off my shorts dropped them on the side of the tub with a wet plop.

She was visibly surprised at my forwardness. "Hey! I don't want to give you the wrong idea here. I said no funny stuff."

I assured her that my taking off my suit meant nothing and that I would put it back on if she wished. I also told her that the bubbles felt really good. She giggled at that and tried peering through the bubbles in the area of my crotch.

I did the same and even used my hands to push away the bubbles on the surface for a better view, but it didn't work.

"Damn!" I said in a teasing tone.

She caught me looking at her breasts and looked down. She blushed when she realized how hard and extended her nipples were. Her nipples were right at the water level.

"The bubbles tickle" she admitted, blushing.

"Your bra is practically see-through, so you might as well take it off and enjoy the bubbles." I said.

Tasha looked at me and thought about it for a moment. The long night of partying must still have been having an effect. The next thing I know, she undid the clasp and her firm breasts didn't drop a bit. I loved how dark brown her nipples were. Must be the Asian blood in her. Between the sight of her breasts and the swirling bubbles, I was throbbing hard. I had to stop staring.

I laid back, spread my legs, closed my eyes and enjoyed the many sensations I was feeling. My senses seemed very acute even with the quantities of alcohol I had consumed. I heard her move and then the unmistakable sound of her panties making that wet plopping noise on the side of the tub. I half opened my eyes. She was looking directly at me. She locked her fingers together high above her head in a stretch, arching her back giving me a beautiful view of her breasts. Then she settled down in the tub so the water was at her neck, as was mine.

After a few minutes she whispered, "promise to stay on your side?"

As much as I wanted to lunge across the tub and take her in my arms, I said "yes, you have my word."

With that said, she smiled and spread her legs letting her heels rest on the sides of the tub and let out hushed ummmmmmmmm. I did the same. Her gaze now locked on mine. We both looked over at Brett who was snoring quietly. Our gaze met again and I whispered, "are the bubbles reaching all the right places?"

She smiled and nodded yes. I was so damn horny. I wanted to cum so bad.

I didn't want to ruin the moment, but I was so hard. There was no way I was going to push anything sexual between us. I'm not that kind of guy. I couldn't help it. I moved my hand off side of the tub and it was pretty obvious that it moved through the water and found my throbbing cock. Our gaze seemed to intensify, locked tighter on each other than ever. She just watched me as I stroked my cock under the cover of the bubbles. It was so erotic. She slid up in the water high enough so her breasts and nipples were visible as if to help me enjoy the pleasure I was giving myself. I moaned when they came into view.

My heart skipped a beat when her hand disappeared into the water. I knew the moment her fingers found her pussy, since her back arched slightly and she inhaled deeply. We were now somehow connected. The sexual energy between us was growing by the minute. I was deliberately stroking my shaft slowly. It would be easy to cum, but I wanted to prolong it as long as possible.

The sight of this Asian American beauty across the tub from me sensually masturbating was making my head spin. Her large round eyes were getting that far away, glazed look of sexual stimulation. The water was now at nipple level and I could plainly see her arm moving from what had to be the sensual circles her fingers were making on her clit. I had to stop stroking. I didn't want to cum yet. Her brow furled a bit when I stopped (she must have been watching my arm move too). I put my hands on the seat and moved my body up in the water slowly, teasing her. She quickly looked over at her passed out boyfriend then back at me and smiled, and licked her lips. When my cock appeared out of the water, she moaned. I supported my weight with one hand, and I picked up my hard shaft with the other holding it straight up.

"Oh damn..." she breathed in a throaty whisper. "Nice... cock..."

I remained like that, with her eyes fixed on my throbbing cock. Her breath was coming in short gasps. I knew it wouldn't be long. Her whispers were now quiet short breaths.

"you... wanna watch... me cum... don't you..." she continued on, "gotta be quiet... then I get to watch you."

I just nodded in agreement. I started slowly pumping my shaft from base to tip. She seemed mesmerized by it. She brought her hand to her mouth and made a fist. Her teeth closed down on it to keep from crying out. Her body started to move in a thrusting motion and the movements of her arm became more erratic. Her nipples had darkened even more and looked ready to burst!

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