My Beautiful Cousin Geetha

by Rajendran

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Desc: Sex Story: I am doing my higher Education in Australia and recently came to konw about this site. So I decided to submit my real story to you. So hope you will enjoy it. Requesting your vaulable comments regarding my story.

Hi, Friends I really enjoy the stories and experiences on stories section while surfing as a part of my study so I decided to share the best sex experience [I am happy to send a true story for all readers] of my life and I hope you will enjoy this terrific experience. Let me tell you about myself, I am Rajendran aged 22 from Kerala near Kozhikode and I was around 17 when this real incident happened. Now I am in Melbourne, Australia completing my higher education in Computer. People say about me that I am quite handsome and obedient. I am 5. 8" tall, 56kg, very fair and good-looking. Actually this real incident happened to me 5 years back when I was in 1st year Pre degree. Let me first tell you about Geetha [I called Geethechi. Because we used to call elder ladies]. She was aged 23. She was the most beautiful teacher in that College. Every body had a crush on her since she is very sexy. She was just like the identical twin sister of Shilpa Shetty, the sexy Indian actress. Really I always fantasized about her after watching her so many movies. Geetha was my uncle's daughter [My mother is from Tiruvanaikoil, Trichy. Tamilnadu and uncle is settled there] and had her pre degree education in Kozhikode since my uncle went to U. K on an assignment for two years. I was studying in 5th STD when she joined there. I used to sleep along with her in one of the big bedroom because she was afraid to sleep alone in our big house. Really it was Ettukettu [having two courtyards and lot of rooms], a traditional Brahmin House and we called it Illam. Really She was very cute looking with good shaped boobs and well-shaped buttocks and all are well proportioned. There was a very big bed and we used to sleep together. At that time many beautiful things happened between us. While sleeping together she used to embrace me very tightly and will cover me with kisses. While she sucking my lips like taking juice out of a ripe mango it felt very nice to me. It happened mainly during the rainy season. Sometimes while sleeping under bed sheet her hands will reach my abdomen and will cuddle my cock. It felt very sweet to me even though I was not aware of sex. I was very happy to get my cock cuddled by her since I felt really extreme pleasure from that. My age was around 11 that time and I was not aware of sex relations. She used to allow me to crush and suck that beautiful pairs while sleeping in that big bed. She also enjoyed it very much. While giving those breasts to my mouth she told me "Raj. My sweet boy you should not tell this anybody. If somebody knows this we can't continue this Ok". But I never seen that breasts in light and she never seen my cock also since we done this under bed sheets and without light. While holding within hands it was full in my hands. Anyhow I enjoyed all these verymuch and that two years ended very fast and she returned to Trichy in Tamilnadu for higher studies when my uncle returned from U. K.

When I was studying for Predegree she joined again in our College after taking Msc and M Phil in Mathematics. During 5 years we met each other 3,4 times but nothing happened like this. Our college was from 8am to 1 pm [shift basis]. She used to come home from College, have her lunch, sleep in afternoon and then have a bath before my tuition started. Sometimes she even took a bath while the tuition was on. She used to give me some problems to write and used to tell me that I should complete those problems before she comes out of the bath. She was staying near my bedroom. In our big house I was staying with my mother and my elder brother was employed in Dubai as Electronics Engineer. My father expired when I was 2 years old. At College she always used to wear normal blouses but they too couldn't hide the shape of her lovely boobs. She was used to wear churidar, Long skirt and blouse or long gown in house. I used to masturbate of thinking her perfect round shaped boobs, buttocks and deep navel. Some times I thought of the old sweet days but to a certain extent she kept a distance from me. May be she felt that the things happened before 5 years were wrong. She used to wear sari just below the navel and I used to watch that deep erotic navel whenever she used to wear little transparent sari. But at home some times she used to wear sleeveless blouses or sleeveless gowns. I liked that. During the tuitions I often used to get lucky chances to take a look at her cleavage through her low cut gown or blouse while studying and I loved that sight and always used to wonder how her boobs were under the blouse after long 5 years because the shape from outside I felt that it became more round and perfect. Once while studying as usual I was looking at her cleavage through her blouse. That day her blouse was somewhat low cut than usual and I got a beautiful glimpse that perfect pairs. Her saree fell a little bit from the right side and I saw the top part of her big firm and shaped boobs. I could not see them fully. I was able to see the big and deep valley created by her two perfectly shaped boobs. She had all her attention in the explaining the equation and I had mine in her valley and suddenly She asked me a question. I didn't hear the question because I was busy looking at her beautiful assets. Suddenly she scolded at me covering her breasts. "Raj. Naughty boy. Where you are looking?" I was very much ashamed while hearing her question. Because after5years she is with me as a grown up woman and I also changed from that age. I repeatedly said sorry to her but she didn't stop scolding me. And finally she said that she wasn't in a mood to teach such a boy who was interested in watch things while studying. So I didn't say a word and left. I was frightened that Geethechi would tell this to my mother.

I was even frightened to face her so I faked some illness to my mother and didn't go to college next day. While going to college she came to my room and asked me regarding my illness. I told her that I was not feeling good and I would come the next day. Thank God Geethechi didn't tell my mother about that day. So the next day I attended tuition but I couldn't even look at Geethechi while she was teaching. I was ashamed and frightened as well. In the evening She smiled at me when she entered my room. I thought that her anger must have gone. We sat on the study table. Then she asked me why I didn't come that day. I said that I was not well. She smiled at me and said "I know you were alright but were just afraid of facing me after that incident, right?" I nodded my head and told yes. Then she told me "Listen you can do whatever you want but while studying you should only study and not to divert attention to anything else. "

I was relieved when she said that. I said sorry to her again and said I will study hard from that day onwards. After finishing that days tuition Geethechi told me to sit for a while because she wanted to talk to me. I was surprised and didn't know what will she ask now. She then asked if I have any girlfriends. I said "No". Then she asked, "You want to see me fully naked? Come on. Tell me the truth. I hope you have not seen even me naked. " I frankly said that I haven't seen any girl or woman naked apart from girls in magazines. Geethechi laughed at that and asked me are you doing masturbation and while doing who is the lady that I am thinking and told to tell truth only. I was little shy and kept silent but she forced me to say the truth. I told her name and she asked me whether I am telling really the truth. Shyly I said " yes. " At that moment for the first time that day I realized that Geethechi was looking stunningly beautiful today. Bright red colored blouse and same color sari. She looked really sexy in that sari. I think she had worn that for the first time. Then she asked me which I would never forget in my life. She said "You will get an unforgettable gift if you get better marks in math's. Do you want to?" I was stunned by that question. I said, "Yes". At that she said "not so easily. If you will score good marks in math's model exam then you will be able to get it and that will be me. But till that time you have to concentrate on your studies only. Ok. "

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