Winning a Bet

by Hornylene Dk

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Desc: Sex Story: How I won a bet getting a sun tan and a stranger's cock

Getting a suntan and a strangers cock in a public wood!

One of my online friends have dared me to let a complete stranger fuck me, and we have made a bet, I had to make it to a public wood and get some sun and lure a stranger to fuck me.

I was allowed to have my husband watch what happened and keep me from harm.

The following hot and sunny day we drove to a nearby wood, I had a bikini under my dress and a bag with a blanket, a termo with coffee some sun-lotion.

I was both a little nervous and exited; my belly was full of butterflies when we stopped at a clearing beside a little lake. The weather was nice and warm, no clouds in sight. We walked together at the little path to the spot my husband had in his mind. I spread the blanket on the ground and my husband kissed me and said; "Have fun love!"

He pointed up at the hill and said, "I'll be right up there, if you want to go home just use this", he gave me a little whistle.

I took of my dress and lay down on the blanket. I heard my husband's footsteps on the little path and a moment after there was silent beside the birds singing.

When I think he were in place I took of the top of the bikini and lay down on my belly. Nothing happened for half an hour, then I heard footsteps at the path, I looked at the path just through the corner of my eye, it were a couple 30 years old with two kids. A shame, he looked just like a man I wanted to fuck me, but a shame with the kids and wife.

I wanted to turn around and get some sun on my belly and tits, but wanted a man to help me with the sun oil and see if that could get him hot, so I kept on lying on my belly.

I think 15 minutes had past when I heard heavy footsteps on the path. I took a short look and saw a man, about 50 years old, 185-188 high and a bit chubby, he looked at me and I spread my legs a bit more, maybe he could see the wet spot on my bikini panties.

When he was about 6 meters from me I turned around, I had decided to take a the chance, he should be the one, if he would have me.

I sat up and looked at him, my belly felt like being empty and a strange feeling possessed it.

I said; "Hi, can you help me!"

He looked around, then he said; "Me?"

I said; "Yes you, can you help me with my sun-lotion??"

He licked around his lips and looked at me, then he looked around to see if anyone were in sight and said; "OK I'll help you!"

I gave him the sun-lotion and lay down on my back. I closed my eyes and felt him pour some lotion on my chest right between my tits. In my mind I knew it's going to happen now he is caught.

His hands rubbed the lotion out between my tits and down on my soft belly. It felt nice and I hoped he would continue, as I have planned.

He deliberately had avoided my tits, and at last I said; "I think my tits will be sunburned if they don't get some lotion too!"

I looked him right in his eyes, and he poured some lotion over my tits right at the nipples. Then he rubbed it in, he kneaded my tits, I took a quick look and could see his dick was hard and tried to get out in the open.

I looked at him and said; "I think I will have some sun all over my body, if we move the blanket away from the path, will you help me get lotion ALL over the front of my body???"

He looked at me with his eyes wide open and said with a strange voice; "Yes I'll help you, if you tell me your name??"

I smiled and said; "Lene, what's yours?"

He groaned; "Peter!"

We took the blanket and moved it out of sight from the path, but not out of sight from the hill.

I took of my bikini-panties and lay down on my back again.

He poured some lotion out on my belly between my bellybutton and my pubic hair, he rubbed it in and my pussy was getting even hotter.

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