Good Neighbor

by D. L. Tash

Copyright© 2003 by D. L. Tash

Sex Story: Watching the girl next door goes rapidly to the next level when Linda asks a favor of the voyeur who has been watching her.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   True Story   Oral Sex   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

© 2003

It was nearly Autumn. How depressing.

I hate fall. Women begin to wear long pants and coats, hiding their lovely bodies. The weather changes, and so do they. They aren't as carefree, as happy, as flirtatious, as if their blood had cooled with the change of season.

But all that summer had been very different. When our next door neighbor's daughter Linda came home, after spending her Freshman year of college away in a dorm, it had set off a wonderful chain of events. The Colemans had a pool, and most days Linda was out there, swimming or sunbathing.

Linda had grown up. The little girl with braces had blossomed into an eighteen year old silver-blond Amazon Princess, slender, tall, with high, proud little breasts and her hair cut saucily short.

In short, she was beautiful. And very desirable.

I would watch her swim, her lithe, athletic body, clad in the tiniest suits imaginable, wet and gleaming in the sun. Or watch her, with her skin oiled and glistening, as she tanned herself. She often took her bikini top off to tan her back or rolled over to tan those round, beautiful young breasts when she thought no one was looking. And, more than once, she had discretely removed her tiny swimsuit bottom, and laid out naked, her legs apart, to get an all over tan.

Then her friends began visiting as well. Imagine watching six girls, playing and splashing and swimming in the pool, all wearing the briefest suits imaginable. Then they would lay out and sunbathed. Often one or more would take off their suit and take advantage of the sun.

Sometimes, on the frequent evenings her parents weren't home, they would have a few beers. Soon, they started dunking each other, which led to "stealing" swimsuit tops (and sometimes bottoms) and tossing them out of the pool.

The poor swimsuit owner had to scramble out to rescue her suit, then run for the water to put it back on. They were completely exposed while doing so, though the tall fence at least gave the feeling of privacy. But even if they tried to cover their boobs or pussy hair, I still got a real eyeful.

And watching the girls wrestling in the pool, dunking each other and fighting to pull off (or keep on) their swimsuits was great. Just imagine what that did for an old guy (I'm 43) who likes to watch.

But I didn't have to imagine. I could sit out on my bedroom balcony overlooking the pool and see every detail. The big willow tree blocked me pretty well from view.

At least, I thought it did. But there was one time I had to wonder. Linda had been sunbathing nude, her little pussy glistening under the hot sun. She got up and walked away, then bent over to pick up her towel.

But she continued to bend, her legs spread, until her shaven pussy puffed out from between her thighs, completely exposed.

Linda looked right at me from between her legs.

And smiled.

I liked to think she knew I was there. And deliberately bent over, showing me herself like that!

Honestly, I figured it was a fluke. She was just getting her towel. That's probably all it was.

But it was a nice fantasy: It excited me to think she knew I was watching, and liked it.

There were other odd things too. Linda would invite over a new flock of girls... well, women, to swim. They were of that wonderful age where they were both: Childlike and playful, yet fully grown and very sexually desirable.

Oftentimes, Linda would start the "snatch the swimsuit" game, wrestling with a girl in the water, pulling the girl's bikini top off and throwing it out of the pool and it's owner, trying vainly to cover her breasts, would run out and get it.

But more often than not, Linda would throw the suit top (or bottom!) toward my side of the yard. It would land just under where I was sitting, right beside the fence that divided our property.

And a half-naked girl would climb out of the pool and run right at me. If it were her top, her breasts were exposed getting out of the pool and her breasts would peek out as she tried to conceal them as they ran. If it was both, she might cover her pussy with her hands, and her breasts would bounce as she ran.

And running back to the pool, her ass was fully exposed, right down to an occasional glimpse of her pussy hair between her legs.

Some girls, assuming it was just the others who would see her, wouldn't bother to cover themselves at all.

Needless to say, it was a pretty wonderful summer.

One hot August night, I had just gotten home after a long day working. I opened a beer and went out onto the patio to drink it.

The yard lights were off next door, but the pool was lit from beneath. I could see Linda swimming in the pool, totally naked.

I watched, entranced. Linda was a vision, like a wonderful erotic movie: Her short white/blond hair, beautiful features, very full lips and that exquisite naked body.

But that was just the beginning.

She reached the edge of the pool and got out, drying her short hair with a towel, facing me.

Her tits were perfect, small but well-rounded. Her belly was flat and muscled, and a tiny ridge of blond hair led from her navel to her pussy.

I absolutely loved that pussy. She shaved the hair on her mons to a tiny line, and her pussy was completely shaven. The outer lips were full, so it puffed out a bit. It invited someone to take it in their hand, or their mouth.

Yeah, I loved it. I realize I sound like a pathetic old pervert, spying on the girl next door, zeroing in on her oiled, glistening pussy and checking out every crevice.

Well, I live alone. And everybody needs a hobby.

So I watched her.

Her ass was so nice, rather small and tight. Her legs were long and perfectly shaped. She was just lovely. She could have been a model or an actress.

But she was next door, naked, not twenty feet from where I sat.

She dove back into the water. I was watching her swim when I realized she was not alone. Another woman walked out of the house, wearing a small swim robe. She stepped into the light of the pool and my cock jumped. She was small, Oriental, with long black hair. Her features were delicate and exquisite. She opened the robe. She too was naked.

Her breasts were small and well-shaped, with large soft nipples. Her pussy hair was pitch black, her skin golden. As she walked towards the pool I watched her ass, small and nicely rounded.

Then she dove into the pool and swam to the opposite side. Linda swam towards her.

When Linda got to the edge, she pushed herself up and sat on the edge of the pool, her lovely tight brown nipples dripping water into her lap.

The Oriental girl turned and pulled herself up out of the water too. She sat beside Linda and I looked at them both, so sexy and so exposed.

Then Linda seemed once again to look right at me. I tensed, afraid she would leave or, worse yet, scream.

Instead she turned to the Oriental girl and kissed her.

It wasn't just a kiss. Their mouths were open and working at each other. I could see their tongues as they kissed openly and wetly. Linda's hand traced up the darker girl's body, sliding over one of her firm breasts and kneading it.

The Oriental girl moaned (I could hear her from where I was!) and opened her legs. Her pussy was deep bronze, its smooth folds tinged with black. She was lovely and succulent, and Linda snaked her hands over the girl's body, her other breast, her belly, then down to grip her pussy. I could see Linda's fingers working at her pussy, sliding inside, and the Oriental woman began to writhe.

Linda suddenly stopped and got up. She moved to the other side of the girl (and closer to me) and knelt down. She lay the girl back and spread her legs. The Oriental girls loins were facing right towards me, and I could see the red gash of her cleft against her dark pussy lips.

Linda looked over her shoulder (making sure I could see?) then lowered her head and began to lick and suck the Oriental girls pussy.

At the same time, Linda spread her own legs, exposing her small, puffy womanhood to me. Her hand slid between her own legs, her fingers sliding up and into that marvelous smooth pussy. She frigged herself until her own cunt glistened.

The Oriental girl was moaning and almost sobbing in pleasure. Her back arched up as she had an orgasm.

At the same time, Linda came. She straightened up and cried out as her orgasm hit her. Then Linda fell onto the girl, both of them kissing and groping each other in an ecstasy of passion.

The phone rang next door. They both looked up, then the Oriental girl ran for the house, her delectable little nude body glistening in the pool light.

Linda watched her go sadly, then got up.

She turned towards me again, shrugged those beautiful shoulders, and walked naked towards the house.

I watched the empty yard in shock. She had to know I was up there. Now there was no doubt about it. Linda was helping me girl-watch and even made love to that girl, deliberately positioning her so I could watch!

I waited a few minutes, but they didn't come back out. Whatever the call was, it had broken the spell.

Finally, with a sigh, I went back into the house. I headed downstairs. I was still excited by what I had seen, but hated to just go jack off again.

The doorbell rang. I looked up at the clock, surprised. It was nearly ten.

A brief thought that someone had complained went through my mind. I imagined being hauled off by the cops for peeping over the fence, and making the cover of our little local paper: "Local Man Arrested! 'Peeping Pervert' caught in the act!"

I went to the door and looked through the peephole.

It was Linda.

I checked myself quickly. The hard-on wasn't too obvious. I put on my best "Nice old guy next door" face and opened the door.

Close up, she was unbelievable. Her makeup was freshly applied, and she looked more like she was going out on the town than over to her neighbor's. Her blue eyes were accentuated by dark makeup and her full lips glistened wetly with lipstick. Her short white/blond hair was still damp from the pool.

She had on a pair of white bikini bottoms and an allover lace white top. Her nipples stood out, both outlined and visible through the weblike material. It was obvious she wore no bra.

On her feet she wore white high-heeled braided leather sandals, their laces sweeping up her calves.

I couldn't help it. I stared at her, inhaling the chlorine and sweat and damp cotton and tanning oil that combined into an incredibly erotic summer musk she seemed to emanate.

Her head tipped and she smiled.

"Aren't you going to invite me in, Tom?"

I stood back from the door.

"Sure, Linda, come on in."

She stepped by me and turned.

"Close the door, Tom. Please?"

I did and she stepped very close to me.

"Katie had to go home. Did you enjoy watching?"

She did know! I just managed to look confused and stupid. But she smiled slyly. And ran her long fingers up the crotch of my slacks, touching my hard prick through the material.

"I know you watch," she said. She was so close I could feel her tight, small breasts press into my chest. "I know you know where my mouth has been," she said.

And she kissed me.

I could taste the Oriental girl's pussy on her lips. Then Linda opened her mouth and slid her tongue brashly into my mouth, deeply and wetly, with the smell and taste of another girl's pussy on her tongue and breath. I responded eagerly. It was the most exciting first kiss imaginable.

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