Geetha, a Terrific Experience

by Raju

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Desc: Sex Story: This is a real experience for the readers from my life. Hope you will enjoy this.

I am nearing 21 and am from Kerala, India. My name is Raju and I am a graduate in B.A and I always had a fantasy regarding aged ladies since I had a terrific experience during my school days. I got my first sexual experience, as a gift from Sulochana.She was aged 23 and was my cousin brother's wife. After that we had several wild and beautiful love making occasions. She taught me various love positions, how to control ejaculation for 7 to 8 minutes and how to take a woman to the extreme orgasm. She also enjoyed perfect and 100% pleasure from her young lover. She was more interested in oral love making than normal one due to safety factors so she taught me how to take a woman to the heights of totality in love making through oral sex and she loved more to suck my cock since it was giving her more orgasm than normal and told me that taste of my cum was really terrific and intoxicating. I also enjoyed sucking her sweet cunt since while doing she was reaching the extreme and top heights of pleasure. She taught me how to control ejaculation up to 7 to 8 minutes so that I take my love partner to the exotic and extreme pleasure, which she never received before.We, enjoyed all kinds of poses of Kamasutra but she was much interested to fuck from behind like a bull. We enjoyed all the positions on various occasions. Moreover she given me Rani, her uncle's daughter and Suma, her friend and both of them were virgins. I got a rare chance to deflower one girl aged 17,Rani and her friend Suma aged 23 with in my age of 18 and Sulochana also enjoyed threesome with both of them. The 4 years were very nice since I always got so many occasions to make love with both of them when She used to take me to Palghat [her native place] occasionally and it came to end when she shifted to Madras and shortly she delivered a boy. Meanwhile I completed my graduation and I went to Madras for an interview in a Financing Co. When I reached Madras cousin brother was on tour for 10 days and she especially very happy.

Chechi was really turned on and really become mad because she was going to enjoy me after a gap 9 of months. Moreover for almost 6 moths she never had sex with her husband. That night she undressed me and got hold of my big cock and cried" My boy. Come inside fassst!" She was roaring like a tigress and every movement of her made me mad. I pressed my teeth on her shoulders and made marks there. There was tremendous heat in her cunt and the inner walls crushing against my cock made me mad again. I rammed my cock to the beautiful cunt again and again and loaded the whole cum inside my Chechi [I used to call her this. Means sister or brother's wife] at the end of a terrific climax and at the same time she also a terrific climax. And it was a fantastic climax for both of us. Her body was still rocking from the force of my thrusts and after getting discharged I fell on top of her. Bathed in a mixture of sweat and cum, we found comfort in each other's arms. Holding Chechi's nude body close to mine was a great tonic. I stayed in Madras for one week and I got my appointment as a Junior Executive in Ambala Branch [North India]. She told me that her friend is there In Ambala named Geetha.I looked her mischievously and she covered me with sweet kisses and told"Yes.Raju.i know what you are thinking. She is aged 24 and a sexy woman just resembles Silk Smitha, a famous South Indian actress. You can enjoy and deflower a third woman in your life. She is rather interested in Lesbian relation ship since she is waiting for a perfect occasion".

We slept there for at least half an hour.She was in heaven and still cherishing the best moments of lovemaking since this was the best one she enjoyed recently after a gap of 9 months. I got up while she was still lying there in full moonlight Her breasts stood vigorously in moonlight that was coming to room through big window. Her thunderous thighs, perfect abdomen everything made me mad. I licked all the sweat drops from that naked body and covered her breasts, deep navel and love triangle with my sweet kisses. That scene was really erotic. I sat near that terrific naked body and just spend much time in eagerly gazing that amazing sexy body and it was really a perfect creation of God. I got a rare chance to explore each and every corner of the body again. She told me to lie near her and I put my head between her thunderous thighs. I slowly started squeezing her breasts and I took her nipple in my fingers and started pressing them. She started moaning now. I brought my lips down to her boobs took her nipples in my mouth now she had her fingers in my hairs and her eyes were closed. I started sucking both breasts one by one. And since she was breastfeeding his son milk was flowing to my mouth. I started sucking her breasts mercilessly and she was moaning with great pleasure and her hands were pressing my head to the breast very hard. The flow of milk from her breast made really me mad and I continued it till both of them become empty. After that I buried my face between her fabulous breasts and I done that with full pleasure and she covered me with her hands and legs and we slept till 8 in the next morning. Next morning I woke up and seen Chechi showering passionate kisses allover my body whispered in my ears."Kanna let us have a morning show". Raju I will get you for only one week. I want to enjoy you again and again."

Next seven days we were alone in that big house and we tried so many lovemaking positions and she was enjoying her younger boy with all freedom. He was also in heaven since a perfect body was there for him to do anything.

After one week during the last day we lay for a long time after an erotic and terrific lovemaking and after a few minutes, She rolled and laid on her back. I was suddenly stunned to see her lying, her beautiful breasts flat against her, Suluchechi looked as beautiful as ever. I couldn't but to start squeezing those big beautiful mounds again. I then knelt next to her, my cock already rock-hard once again. I moved over her, one knee on each side of her abdomen, lowering my cock to her chest. She took my cue and as I pushed my cock down between her breasts, she took the honey from side table and poured it on my pulsating cock and then took one boob in each hand and smashed them against my shaft. The feeling was incredible. Her soft, warm breasts enveloping my engorged penis. Slowly, I began moving between them fucking the most beautiful tits on the planet. "Oh, cum for me" she said, watching my cock slide between her breasts. "Cum in my mouth." The feeling was incredible, and I knew I wouldn't last long. I began pumping harder, feeling my orgasm building. I looked into her eyes and nodded. She understood. She sat up quickly, taking the cock in both hands and stroking with all her might, bringing the tip into her mouth. I began coming furiously. I could hardly believe I had any cum left, but soon her mouth was filling with it. She smiled up at me, opening her mouth wide so I could see it filled with my cum. She then sucked my cock fully to take the entire cum and some cum fallen on breasts also. She made it all over it by saying that it is good for shape of her breasts. While resting my head between those perfect twins after a bath I was hearing the heart beats of Chechi with much happiness and it felt as lullaby for me.

Geetha, was staying in a big bungalow owned by her father Brig.G.K.Menon and at the moment he is in UN Peace Force in Africa.I reached Ambala and she was there in Station. I have seen her for the first time. She had a terrific perfect body and she was just like the twin sister of Silk Smitha, a famous actress of South India [She was in my dreams since she had a very sexy body] She had a perfect buttock and it was just like the back of Veena. Her Breasts were perfectly round shaped and exactly resembles breasts of naked statues of temples. Her navel is very deep and a perfect one. Her beautiful and luscious lips were driving me mad and I always fantasized of sucking it fully and also fantasized of circling that lips around my thick and well shaped cock [Later it circled my cock and sucked it numberless times] She had a perfect figure from top to bottom. I couldn't keep my eyes off her beautiful big perfect twins that keep giggling with her footstep. I couldn't stop staring at her butt swaying left and right in an inviting manner. But I controlled since she was friend of my Edathiamma and it was the first day only. She was aged 24 and was working in as a Teacher in Women's College. She was staying in that house alone for the last one month since her brother also left India for higher studies. She was staring at me in an unusual manner and I felt something in my heart. Really she was drinking me with her eyes. Her eyes [really like laser rays] were traveling all over my body and I couldn't resist that and I blushed. Really we become soon good friends and we discussed several matters including sex while talking and she told me that she still a virgin. At that I kept mum since I want her to take the initiative. When she came to know that I am a good videographer she told me to take video camera also to Pinjore and Simla. That day was Thursday and she told me that we can go to Pinjore Gardens and Simla during the weekend and I happily agreed to that since it is journey of 7 hours in bike to and fro and I can feel her perfect boobs touching my back. We decided to go to next weekend.

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