What A Night

by Jefferson

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Desc: Sex Story: A short but largely true story of a single night with my beautiful wife.

The crafts show hadn't gone as well as we had hoped. It seemed to my wife and I that a lot of people seemed to misunderstand the meaning of a Seniors Craft Show. Apparently people thought only Seniors could shop there, instead of only seniors could sell there. Now, with me being thirty four, and my wife is younger than me, you might be wondering how we ended up selling our wares at this seniors craft show up at the town recreation center.

That story is simple. My father in law loves the Town Recreation Center. He's up there almost everyday working out or running or something to get in shape to referee the High School Basketball games he adores so much and still hoping to get called to do an NCAA game. He's the one who told us about this seniors craft show. He also happens to legally, be a senior citizen. He signed us up with a little encouragement from his wife, my mother in law.

My mother in law is another story. She's is the main reason we were at the crafts show at all. I've never been an arts and crafts type of guy. My wife is, but only to a point. So, why were we at a crafts show? About six months ago, my mother in law, a nurse by profession, who had been suffering with a bone spur in her shoulder for the better part of a year, finally decided to have the necessary surgery to fix it. She would have to take at least three months off of work. She needed something to do. So, when she went down to a town festival and met a young woman there who sold stone bead jewelry with magnetic clasps, she bought a few, some for her and some for my wife, and then started to talking to this young woman, who was from a neighboring state. The young woman, we'll call her Mary explained how the bracelets were made and told my mother that she had a good source for cheap magnets. My mother in law, needing something to do for the next few months, called the woman a few days later and bought some beads and some magnetic clasps off of her. My wife and I watched as my mother in law made the first stone bead bracelet, and being who we are, we just had to try it. It quickly grew. Soon we had twenty, then thirty and then forty bracelets. Then we moved on to necklaces and finally my mother in law began doing earrings. That's how we ended up in the jewelry business.

My mother in law returned to work after her shoulder healed and she chose to take some of our jewelry with her. She sold bracelets for eight dollars, necklaces for fifteen and earring for either four or six depending on whether they were made from fourteen carat gold or stainless steel. We couldn't keep the stuff in stock. It sold like crazy at the local hospital. It's been about three months since my mother in law returned to work, the stuff is still flying out of that house. We can't make it fast enough. Then we found out about this crafts fair.

We manufactured jewelry like crazy for a few weeks, my mother in law stopped selling up at the hospital and we managed to put together over 100 bracelets, a couple dozen necklaces, over fifty pairs of earrings and ten or so complete sets of matching bracelet, necklace and earrings.

So, Friday night we took all of our jewelry up to the town rec center and set up a table. No one came. We didn't even make back our entrance fee. But it was Friday night and we were only open for about three hours. Saturday rolled around and we were up and ready to go at eight in the morning. The day went okay. We made our investment back and made a little profit, split three ways, about forty dollars each. Not bad for ten hours work over two days.

The crafts fair shut down at three Saturday afternoon and my wife and I followed her mother to her house and we all sat there talking about the day and watching a movie that I really can't remember. My mother in law went out first. She fell asleep on the loveseat. I was next. I passed out on the couch. My wife had been on the computer chatting with online friends. When she saw me stretched out on the couch, she came over, pushed my feet to the back and laid down. Her feet near my head, her head at my feet and out she went. I'm not sure when, but my mother in law woke up and covered us up.

I woke up about three hours later. We ate dinner and then spent the evening there watching TV and typing at the computer there. At eleven, as usual, my wife and I got in the car, made a quick stop at the local supermarket for some sodas and then came home.

My wife was getting ready to get on the computer after saying hello to her beloved and spoiled cat when I asked her if she was interested in cuddling for a while. We hadn't gotten to spend much time together, alone, during the day and I had missed kissing and touching her. She went about telling her online friends to hold on for a while, went and used the bathroom and ruined my plans.

You see, I had every intention of cuddling my beautiful wife but I was also kind of hoping to make love to her. I was hoping to fuck the hell out of her honestly. The lower brain was taking over. Then she asked me to get her a new pair of panties and I remembered... The crafts fair wasn't the only thing that had started on Friday. My wife's period had also started. I watched my dreams go down the drain as I tossed the little purple panties to her.

Nonetheless, I got in bed and soon enough, she joined me in nothing but her panties and a pair of shorts. We got under the covers and we kissed, I caressed her, fondled her beautiful breasts and rubbed her thighs trying to get her going. It's a reasonably easy thing to do now that we've been together for over six years. I know just how and where to touch her. The fact that she is a little sex fiend doesn't hurt either. I was my wife's first. She was mine. We learned about sex together. Soon we were caught up in passionate embraces and long kisses. We moaned and groaned into each others mouths and talked quietly about the day. As usual we argued about who loved who more and about whether she was prettier or if I was cuter. That arguments been going on for six years. I doubt it will ever be settled.

After about twenty minutes of this, my cock was rock hard in my briefs and I couldn't stand it anymore. I told her I wanted to fuck her, that I wanted to get inside her. She said that she wanted it too, more than anything. But we both knew it wouldn't happen. She then said that she would do whatever I wanted until one in the morning. I don't have the faintest idea what time it was when she said it but it made me smile.

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