Dominating Charlene

by Powerone

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Reluctant, True Story, BDSM, MaleDom, Spanking, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: This is two stories of Charlene as she learns that she loves to be dominated.

Copyright 2003

This is two stories as told to me by Charlene.

One of the most amazing things that has ever happened to me when I was 18 and went on a boat, not a big one, it held about 6 people. I was with my friend, Amy and her 45-year old father, Michael. I look back now and what I really knew I liked was being dominated. It turned out that the propeller on the boat broke as we were heading off to this island about 2 hours from where I lived. We ended up going very slowly to the island, it taking us over three times as long to reach our destination. Michael called the mainland and ordered a new propeller to be sent over, but it would take a week to arrive. The trip had only been planned to be a 3-day cruise. Amy had to be back home for school at the university on Monday, so she left the day after we got to the island. She went home with the other mates on the boat. I had nothing to do, so I thought, hey I am staying to soak up the sun and swim with the fish.

The day turned dark and Michael and I sat up on the deck, playing cards and getting very drunk. The loser had to scull and of course I lost more. Now I think about it I might have been set up. After we had been playing for a few hours, it was my turn to scull once again, I turned to Michael and said "Michael, are you trying to make me lose, and get me drunk".

His reply was "are you accusing me of something little girl?"

I denied everything, but he didn't think I was being serious. He said "right downstairs, its bed time, I've had enough".

I thought, ah well I am too drunk to play anymore, I need sleep and followed his lead. My bedroom was underneath the deck, a huge bed, king size. I closed the curtain to my area of the boat and I undressed to my bra and g-string and climbed into bed. My voice sung out, "night Michael", and slowly drifted to sleep with the rocking of the boat. I was almost asleep when I heard Michael stirring. I peaked out the curtain to see him walking toward me wearing only his boxer shorts. I quickly laid down pretending to be asleep. The curtain slowly moved to one side and I could sense Michael's body on the bed. I started to panic, not knowing what was about to happen, was he just wanting to share a bed. No, no, as if that was it. I knew what he wanted. I should have stopped kidding myself, but I didn't want it to happen. My back was facing him so he couldn't see that I wasn't asleep. My eyes were shut. Next I felt his hand running up my side and I thought, no I have to stop this. I stirred a little and then rolled over and said "Michael, what are you doing?"

He boomed "you know what I am doing and you will let me little girl". I was totally shocked. No one had ever spoken to me with such disrespect before. I didn't know what to do. I just looked at him. He started talking calmly. "Now Charlene, I know you're not as innocent as you look, I know you like to please men."

I didn't know what to say. The only time I had ever been with a man was against my will when I was 13 and I was horrified by it. Michael began to run his hands over my bra, feeling my nipples beneath, squeezing them. This felt great. I didn't want him to stop.

"Sit up," he ordered me.

Like a schoolgirl I immediately did. I couldn't control myself, I felt he was dominating me. My body was full of fear and terror, but I loved the emotion he had me feeling.

He reached behind me, unclipping my bra, letting my breasts fall free. "You have lovely, young, firm tits, little girl". Michael leaned down to my nipples and he began to gently bite them. I could feel myself getting wet. He bit down harder, my pussy started aching.

"You like this don't you little girl?"

"Yes Michael I do," I managed to murmur.

"No, No, No, call me Sir," Michael boomed out.

"Yes Sir, I do like this feeling, but..."

Michael interrupted, "No buts and No No's, do as I say."

I was in shock, no where to run to and not a thing I could do. I didn't know if I wanted to stop this.

"Wait there," Michael said as he left my cabin. With rope, clothespins and an empty vodka bottle, Michael made his way back in. "Take off your panties off".

I stood up and removed them. He too removed his boxers, his cock already hard and erect. "Lay down on your back with your hands above your head. Spread your legs wide". He took the rope and tied my hands together. Kneeling down between my legs with the bottle and clothespins he grinned saying "are you ready for a hard fucking little girl?"

I didn't know what to say, so I said nothing.

"I take that as a yes then." He pinched my nipples hard, making them stick out, hard and erect. I groaned in pain, squirming on the bed. He took the clothespins and placed one on each nipple. "Don't even think about trying to get them off." Then came the bottle. He started rubbing my clit, then leaning down and licking it, and pinching it. I was soaked by this stage. He took the bottle and started nudging it in my pussy. It was cold from being up on deck. I shuddered as he started playing me with it, soon the bottleneck was fully pumping my pussy. He pulled it out and licked the bottle. "Mmm little girl, you taste so sweet, are you ready for me yet?"

I just nodded slightly, still not sure, but so horny.

"Roll over," he ordered me. He took his cock and rubbed it up and down my pussy then so hard and so fast, slammed it deep inside me.

I let out a scream, it really hurt, but felt also fantastic. I loved all 9 inches of his lovely dick. Then I felt his finger move over my asshole, wet from my juices. I braced my body as it slowly forced itself into me, my asshole gripping it tightly as it sank into my asshole. I could feel the build up in my body and I wasn't sure if I should be feeling this good for my friends dad. What if someone found out? What would I say? After pumping me for about 10 minutes, I felt his cock twitch a little. He removed it straight away and also removed his finger from my ass. Then with one hard pump his dick was in my ass. I screamed in pain and pleasure. This felt so lovely.

Then "Slap! Slap".

"OUCHHHHHHHHHH stop that sir please, it hurts".

"Your my slut, little girl, shut up and do what I say, I will stop when you have come". His hand reached around to rub my clit.

I was so close to coming and he knew this. He reached forward and ripped the clothespins off my nipples. With the pain and warmth running through my body, I began to come, screaming, shuddering, exploding all over his fingers in my pussy. Meanwhile he is still slapping my ass with his free hand. "SIR I'M, I'M, cominggggggg," I screamed.

He flipped me over and started slamming my pussy and biting my nipples. "You're such a slut, now make me cum you slut."

I clenched my pussy around his cock, he jerked a little and exploded inside my warm pussy. His body slumped on mine as we both lay, spent from the fucking.

I was left tied up until morning. He pinched, slapped, flogged and fucked me all night long. By morning I was so sore.

He untied me and said, "don't put clothes on again until we are home. You're mine for the week and you will be in so much pain when you get home, but all you will want is me, me looking after you and me pleasuring you. Now go and clean up, I want a clean pussy to fuck over again".

For the week I was with Michael I serviced him, and learned to be a good sub. I began to enjoy the pain so much, that I ended up becoming a real brat, by doing things to annoy him, so he would punish me, and that he did and I enjoyed every second of it. Still to this day, Michael and I take off on the boat occasionally and no one suspects anything, they just think he is Amy's dad and we get on well together. But truthfully, I am poked, pinched, slapped, over and over again, not only by him, but sometimes his brother. Let me tell you about that.

Sam, Michael's brother is incredibly handsome and at that time only 28. He is a lawyer, single, and funny. I met him once at Michael's house for dinner and we hit it off. I think Michael knew this, as only a week later, Michael rang me asking me to come over for the night. When I got their Sam was there. I wasn't bothered, but delighted. Michael poured me vodka, not even having to ask me what I wanted. He just knew, or was it more that I just accepted what he prepared for me. Sam and Michael had bourbon. We all sat in the lounge on the blue leather lounges, the conversation was semi-boring to me. Forgetting my place in Michael's life, I got up to turn some music on. I walked to the stereo system and proceeded to look through the CD collection.

Next I felt the male touch on my hips and warm breathing in my ear, then I hear the faint but words, "what are we goin to fuck to Charlene?"

Assuming it was Michael, I softly said "anything you like sir" and turned my head to see Sam's face nuzzled into my neck. I immediately pulled away, not knowing how to handle the situation

I heard Michael voice "Little girl, answer my brother".

I replied, "I'm not sure sir". Sam leaned past me and chose a CD and placed it in the stereo.

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