Growing Up With Animals

by edmondl

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including True Story, Bestiality, .

Desc: Sex Story: The story of a boy growing to adulthood with animals as a teacher.

In between the years of playing with my sister there was a period of an alternate sexual activity. My actual sexual activity didn't start with my sister. It began within the first few weeks of my starting full time work on a farm.

This part of my life contains beastiality and may not be reproduced without my permission. I first went to work on a farm as a ten year old on weekends. I didn't know a lot about animals or animal husbandry.

I finished school at the age of thirteen after an argument with the headmaster. I vowed never to return and since that time I have never passed the school. ( period of 51 years.)

Chapter 1

It was somewhere between the ages of 9 and 10 that I had my first erection. I awoke toa tingling sensations in the head of my cock. Some time in the early hours I ended up with an erection, my first. My cock was actually throbbing when I awoke. It wasn't painful just anoying because it wouldn't subside and it was very obvious. I didn't realise at the time that I was heding toward puberty. My pubic hair had begun to grow at about that time. I started taking more of an interest in the opposite sex. Not just any girl, I had a fixation about with my own sister. Just thinking about what was under her dress was enough to cause a stirring in my groin. Nothing developed at that time except my sexual urges which I didn't know how to handle.

I was a naive thirteen year old (nearly fourteen), when I went into the workforce for the first time. I knew nothing about sex. I didn't know that it took a male, be it human or animal, to fuck a female to get her pregnant. I just thought that offspring was born at the same time every year. I knew nothing about castration. I learned about animal sexuality very quickly. I soon learned the difference between breeding males and non breeding males. After watching the bull for the first time I took a lot more notice of what was happening around me.

I watched the farm animals whenever the chance arose. My interests quickly turned to the females. It didn't matter to me if they were cows, pigs, horses or sheep for as long as they were female. If I saw one urinating I watched closely especially if it was a mare. I liked to watch a nare's fanny winking at me. Thinking about sex quickly became one of my best fantasies. Then the day came when the rams had to put in with the flock of ewes. Just watching them single out a ewe jump on her and shove his cock into her was enough to get me embarassingly hard. That day I remember wishing that I was one of those rams.

Then fantasy turned into reality. I was driving a two horse team pulling a hay rake, raking straw into rows. It wasn't the first time that I'd noticed that horses lifted their tails when the walked or were working. I had noticed it when my boss and I were driving the team out into the paddock. He showed me how to operate the rake mechanism and then left me to complete the task. I am sure that he knew that I was watching the mare as she walked.

With her cunt in full view, it wasn't long before my thoughts were running amok and I ended up with an erection. The more I looked at her cunt the more I wondered if I she'd let me touch her cunt. My curiosity finally won out over being frightened of being kicked. I had to find out once and for all. I had gone over the small hill in the paddock which blocked me from view from the homestead. As there was no one close enough to see me. I stopped the horses for a spell.

Climbing up onto the centre pole between the two horses, I supported myself along side the mare's rump Reaching over I pushed my hand up under her tail and felt for the long slit of her cunt. I started by rubbing my hand up and down the outside of her long hot slit. A few moments later she raised her tail. Once her tail was out of the way I had a clear path to her cunt. Rubbing my fingers up and down her slit I slowly inserted them. Pushing my hand a little harder against her cunt I was able to get my hand into her without any difficulty. My cock by this time was at full erection and throbbing. Having satisfied my curiosity, for the time being I put the horses back to work again.

I lost control of the thoughts going through my mind. It wasn't long before I started wondering if I could get my cock into her cunt. The more I looked the randier I became, was as if she was telling me what to do. My cock was hard and throbbing.

Realising I was out of sight again, I stopped the horses. Having received minimal resistance from the mare the first time. I climbed onto the pole again, undoing my belt as I moved, letting my trousers drop to my ankles. My erect cock poking out and upwards from my groin. holding onto her harness as best I could and I started thrusting my cock at her cunt trying to get into her.

It wasn't a very successful move because I wasn't directly behind the mare and I was too low to reach her cunt with my cock. I was barely able to touch her cunt with the tip of my cock. Stopping I quickly rearranged some of her harness so that I could get higher up and directly behind her. Climbing up behind her again I was at the right height Taking a firm grip I started thrusting my cock at her again. I couldn't guide my cock with my hand because I would have lost my balance The mare had clamped her tail down again covering her cunt. I just kept poking and jabbing my cock at her. A few jabs later I was able to get the head of my cock between her rump and her tail. As my cock made contact with her hot cunt she lifted her tail and I slid all the way into her. As I buried my cock into her cunt I found that the inside was hot and wet. Instinct took over and I was quickly thrusting my cock in and out of her.

A few strokes later I felt my balls tighten, and the strangest feeling came over me, something thicker than urine was forcing its way through my cock. Then my stomach tightened and as I shoved my cock all the way into her again the head of my cock was tingling. It felt like I had a stomach full butterflies and as my cum spewed out the end of my cock it. it felt like a thousand butterflies had shot out of my arse at the same time as I emptied my balls into her cunt. It is a feeling that I have never forgotten.

It was then that the realisation hit me, we didn't have a stallion on the farm. I was really scared, what if I had put her in foal? What would it be? Would it be a foal or would it half man and half horse.

After I worked the horses for a while I put all the fears out of my mind. The power of her cunt was stronger than my own fear Having once succeeded in fucking the mare, I decided to try it more often, so every time I stopped the team for a spell, I got up behind the mare and fucked her again. This went on every day until all the raking was finished.

The female farm animals were to become my main source of sexual activity for quite some time.

Having started into bestiality, I didn't want it to stop, I was well and truly hooked and I still am. Married or not I still like a bit of beastiality.

Chapter 2

I hadn't really noticed but my genitals had matured quite dramatically since I had first begun my animal sex escapades. My sex drive since starting had reached a level, insatiability the more I fucked the mare the more I wanted. The result was that when I got an erection I'd stop the horses and fuck my cock into her. Some times as many as eight or nine times a day. Not ejaculating Every time but certainly getting relief.

Having finished the harvest season. I was left without a source of sexual satisfaction. I wasn't tall enough to reach the mare's cunt by standing behind her. So I tried a couple of other farm animals without success. I tried a sow, no luck there because her vagina was way too small and besides she wasn't in season. In case some readers may not know a sow is like a female dog she swells when she is in season and unlike a dog her vagina opens up hence the saying open like a rose. Trying a sheep (ewe) was out of the question they were also too small.

Masturbation at that time hadn't entered my head, until one night after feeding the horses. I was feeling randy so I stood beside the mare's hind legs reached up and pushed my hand into her cunt. The amount of lubrication in there gave me an idea. Getting as much on my had as possible I coated my erect cock with it. The sensation was tremendous. That was the first time I ever masturbated. It was to become a form of release for a while.

Being sexually active was posing a problem. Girls didn't really interest me at least not sexually at that time. The mare that I had been fucking wasn't broken in as a dray or buggy horse. So I couldn't get at her that way, standing on a bale of hay hadn't been successful either. I thought of a cow. But when I got close to one and reached to touch her she just moved away. In any case I was happier with horses. So masturbation became a source of release for me.

Then I got the chance to try another mare, it happened early one morning. My chance came after I had finished hand feeding a flock of sheep by spreading a mixture of chaff and oats from the back of the dray. The mare pulling the dray was quiet and walked along in a straight line as I emptied the bags of fodder onto the ground. Having finished the task I took up the reins and turned the mare towards the stables. Watching her as I headed back to the home paddock I noticed something about this mare that I hadn't seen in any of the other mares, except that once with the first mare I had been successful with... Her clitoris was winking as she walked.

Stopping her I knelt of the floor of the dray, reaching over the front board I fondled her cunt. Unlike the first mare who had clamped her tail down tightly at first, this one just lifted her tail higher. Heartened by the prospect of having another mare as a sex partner, I climbed over the board and positioned myself behind her.

And unlike the troubles I had with the first mare this one was easier. Positioning myself behind her by standing on the trace bar I found that I was in the perfect position. My groin was directly in line with her winking cunt. Leaning forward I lay up over her rump and dropped my arms over her flanks. Standing back up again I undid my coveralls and dropped them to my ankles. Standing behind her completely naked apart from the coveralls down at my ankles. Assuming the position that a stallion would I started thrusting my cock at her cunt. As the head of my cock parted her cunt she seemed to tighten and a hot sticky liquid gushed out and coated my cock and balls.

The mare's cunt felt different it seemed tighter. My cock had over the past weeks grown a little but not enough to fill a mare's cunt as a stallion could. Pushing my cock all the way into her I held still for a few moments and then I felt something new. The mare was opening and closing her clitoris which in turn was creating a sucking motion. at he base of my cock and my balls were being sprayed with her warm lubrication. With each thrust her winking clitoris was massaging the base of my cock. I had over the preceding weeks learned how to hold off from ejaculation for some time. A few minutes later I felt telltale tingling going through my cock, with a final shove I drove my cock all the way into her as I squirted my cum into her. I kept sliding my cock in and out of her until I started losing my erection.

The feelings I had felt with this mare were sensational. I wasn't about to lose contact with her. The result was that whenever I required a horse to ride or pull a wagon or cart I picked this one. Sex with one or the other of the two mares wasn't a daily ritual, it was taking the opportunities as they arose.

Sunday was always my day off and that was the day I normally went riding. Up until one particular Sunday I had taken a lot of chances but this day proved to be different.

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