by Scott Wolf

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, Coercion, Blackmail, Heterosexual, True Story, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Swinging, Oral Sex, Water Sports, .

Desc: Sex Story: A novice bountyhunter has an unusal birthday. One of the first episodes in a series. Kelly is a real person and this one's based on real events. It's kinda tame, but truth is sometimes more interesting than fiction.

My birthday has always been a source of joy for me. Ever since I was a child I have had a blast on my special day. As long as I remember I've had parties that justseemed to turn out well. Maybe I just wanted to have a great time and convinced myself that it was real. Maybe I just have selective memory. Whatever the case, I have had some great times.

One of the wildest happened on my 19th birthday. I had just moved away from home. I had a job, ergo money to spend. A girlfriend, ergo pussy. My friends were pretty much in the same mode of party all night and work all day. What the hell, I was 19. Anyway, it had the makings for a good evening. Little did I know how good it was going to be.

In my neck of the woods, February is the time of year when even groundhogs don't know what kind of weather there will be from one day or even one hour to the next. It's always astonished me how quickly a blue northern can move in from across the great plains to stall out on top of me. It makes for some "Oh Shit" weather.

Let me take you back to February, 1984. The day started out like any other. I had woke up in my own bed ( Yes, that's unusual) and roused my girlfriend by sliding under the covers and sucking on her tits until she woke up and wrapped her arms around my head holding me to her breast and making those glad to see you noises.

I quickly found myself on the way down to her cunt with her pushing my face into her snatch. I have always loved eating pussy. That works out real well because most of the women I know love to have their pussy eaten. Some of them even like to eat a little now and again themselves. Kelly was one of them that liked all things sexual. If it was physically possible she was game. And she was very limber so there things I had only seen in dreams before coming true almost every night.

This morning, she was in a hurry and held me between her legs until she came. She humped her hips and rubbed her snatch on my face covering my chin with her juices. When she relaxed she crawled out of bed to run for the shower leaving me with a 19 year old hardon that wouldn't quit until I fucked something. She was naked and the water was warm when I joined her in the shower stall.

"We don't have time for this.", she said with a look of quilt.

"Wish me a happy birthday.", I said and gave her my best whipped puppy look.

"Oh my god, I forgot. Happy birthday!", she hugged me and turned around to begin washing her curly blonde hair.

I hugged her back as I pinned my erection between us rubbing it between the cheeks of her firm, pretty ass. I was no slouch in the cock department and it extended onto the small of her back. This went on as she applied shampoo and rinsed. She finally gave up, realizeing she would never get ready with a horny teenager holding on to her.

"Ok, but make it quick.", she was so romantic when she was rushed.

Taking my cue to get this over with, but fast. I let her ease back and lean over a little exposing her snatch to me from between her beautiful ass cheeks. I had no problem entering her and driving deep into her warm folds. She gasped as I spread her tight little cunt to take my thickness. She was a snug fit even when she was warmed up to the task. She had to take it all now or she would be even later than she already was.

I stroked all of my meat into her shoving her against the stall each time I filled her resisting cunt. She moaned," Damn why do I let you treat me this way?", as she began to respond to my constant rhythm. She began pushing back as she accepted me more willingly. My balls were swinging between her legs as she exploded into her second orgasm of the morning.

I couldn't restrain myself any longer. Her pulsing cunt pulled on my throbbing member as I released my load deep within her convulsing body. She called out my name as I continued to pump into her sending every drop of my seed onto her cervix. She began talking dirty as she recovered enough to reclaim her senses. I slowed my ravaging attack on her willing cunt and slow stroked her until I slipped out, spent for the moment.

She rinsed herself and just shook her head as she stepped out of the shower leaving me to finished and follow her back to the bedroom," I'm late for work."

"Tell him to suck your cunt if he gives you a hard time.", I said it knowing she didn't like the man.

"That's not funny. I think he would if his wife wouldn't divorce him and ruin him in the process."

"So let him, and get some pictures for his wife. She'd pay plenty to get the dirt on the leech and cream him in a quit divorce settlement."

Kelly looked at me as if it were the first time I had ever mentioned it. The truth was I had been urging her to torpedo the bastard ever since he had started in on her. He was a well to do old fart of a deacon in the local "I'm special church of well to do."

The TV evangelist Jimmy what's it didn't look any more sorry than this guy would be if he got what he really wanted. I knew how he felt though. Kelly was a little sex kitten and dressed the part all the way down to the skin.

On impulse I pulled my new digital camera out the nightstand and snapped pictures of her as she dressed in thigh high stockings and snapped them into the straps on her garter belt. She had no panty lines on her ass or strap lines on her shoulders. The thong panties blended well with the push up bra and shaped her to perfection, but it had a lot to work with. She was in fine shape.

I picked a dress for her and lay it on the bed as she rushed trying to beat the clock. She stopped in her tracks when she came to it," Are you trying to get me arrested. You know how that makes me look. I may as well hang a price tag on my ass."

"Wear it. It's my birthday after all. I'll come by so you can take me out to lunch."

"I know what you want for lunch and it ends up running down my leg before I get back to work."

"Make the old bastard lick it clean if he says anything about it."

Kelly shook her head disapprovingly as she slipped the silky one piece over her head. The spigette straps on her shoulders held the whole thing off the floor. It would have slid right off of her if she leaned over to far. It was short enough to see the tops of her stockings when she sat and crossed her legs. She was always a lady, even when she was being a tramp. She looked good enough to eat, again, and must have read my mind.

She went to the closet and put on a jacket that tamed the whole thing. After she had the jacket on she stepped into a pair of black high heels that made her legs look even longer.

"I'll see you for lunch.", she said giving me a smile that would melt the polar ice caps. I had a much simpler explanation for global warming. Kelly had grown into a woman and had started melting the whole planet with her charms.

I had to get ready and get to the office, even if it was my birthday. I stepped out into the sunlight of a spring-like day. It was about sixty degrees out and the sun felt warm on my face. I drove to the office wearing the smile of a person who life by the tail, and who had just got some of it.

My mentor greeted me with a one hundred dollar bill and wished me a happy birthday. John was a good man to work far. I would have killed for him. He was respected in the community and had no tolerance for lying. That was the one rule you didn't break. No matter what the case he would rather hear the truth and deal with a mistake than hear a load of crap and have it bite him in the ass later. I never lied to him.

"What kind of birthday plans do you have for the day?" he asked in a soft confidant voice. He seldom raised his voice, and if he did it would leave you in fear for your life. I had heard it when he took down a skip only the week before. The guy was shaking on the ground near wetting his pants as he looked into the barrel of a.45 that must have seemed as big as a cave.

"I intend to have the best time of my life.", I replied without a doubt.

"You kids are always so sure of yourselves. Wait till your as old as I am and you'll be happy just to take a satisfying piss.", he was bullshitting me. He could still kick ass with the best of them. He had always told me surprise was a key element in our profession. I knew if someone tried him they would get a surprise they could talk about for the entire length of their sentence.

"You may as well take the day off. There's nothing happening today that I can't handle. Maybe you should go home and take a nap. You won't have your mind on business today anyway.", I knew better. He was giving me the day off just because he enjoyed living well and he like to see his people live well. You never knew in this business when that could end, badly.

I pulled my new camera out of my fanny pack and said," I'll get pictures."

John smiled and waved me out as he picked up the phone that had just broken the calm of the office. I left wondering where I was going to spend my morning. I decided to go check out the new year model bikes. I had always loved riding. There nothing like a hog between your legs.

My truck had seen better days, but it was all I could afford at the time. Taking Kelly out seemed to eat most of my paycheck. Money really didn't mean much to me. I ate when I was hungry and had a dry place to sleep. I didn't need much. I was only 19.

I should have went home and taken the nap. I was like a kid in a candy store at the dealership. The chrome and black leather called to me, whispering in my ear," You want me. Take me home. I'll never disappoint you." How true it sounded. I just didn't have the money.

I must have looked brokenhearted as I looked at price tags and stroked gleaming chrome and touched a particular bike on display. A salesman I had known in high-school, came around and said," I have almost the same bike at home. I didn't think I could afford it till I went to work here."

"I don't work here, and I'm sure I can't afford it. I do like to look though.", I said it and knew I sounded pathetic. What kid in his right mind wouldn't be disappointed after having seen paradise.

"I'll make you a deal you can't refuse. My name's Steve and I think we went to school together didn't we."

"Yeah, your right. I can't remember if we had classes together but I remember seeing you around campus. What kind of deal can you make?"

"The best kind. Free for the taking, if you have the balls.", Steve whispered the last statement.

"That sounds illegal."

"Only if you get caught."

"What's the next best deal?", I was hesitant to ask.

"The same one I got, and then they can fire me from this stinking job."

"You would loose your job over a sale to someone you barely know."

"No, I would loose my "stinking" job over making a man's dreams come true and putting someone on this bike that belongs on this bike. She shouldn't belong to some old, beerbellied, fart that only rides on weekends after he's excused for his chores."

He had me hooked. If there was any way in the world I could, I was leaving there on that metal wonder. She whispered to me again," Go with him, he speaks the truth. Take me home. I want to go home with you."

"OK, tell me the deal. Just don't hurt my feelings."

Steve smiled as he knew he was about to loose a job he didn't want and make two people happy in the process," Let's go do the paperwork. Just look worried and agree with me no matter what anyone asks. Agree with me and we'll both be out of here in a half hour."

"That's a lot to ask a person you just met.", I was still skeptical.

"I'll explain as we go but you have to have some faith that I won't do you wrong."

"OK, where do I sign."

"That's the beauty of it you won't owe a dime."

"Huh.", I must have seemed like a hayseed.

"I'll handle it just trust me.", Steve could have sold ice in Siberia.

We went to his desk in the sale's department and he busily prepared several forms to make the sale ready. His super visor walked into his office to confirm his suspicions that the young man he had he doubts about was in fact making a sale.

"Everything ok in here Steve?"

"Yes sir, I've talked this young man into the Virago. She's quite a machine and he like's the feel of her."

"Just be sure to cross the T's and dot the I's. We want this to go smoothly.'

"Yes sir, I'll be sure to double check everything."

"Thank you for doing business with us. I'm sure it will give you many years of faithful service.", The fat man walked out wringing his palms like a miser.

"We'll be out of here in a few. Let me get the VIN number out of the computer and file some papers then you can take me to lunch."

"It's kinda early for lunch isn't it?"

"Trust me. You don't want to be here after the sale goes through.", Steve was smiling like a person who has just rid themselves of a burden that had weighed to heavy for to long. He was enjoying himself more than I was.

I was buying a new bike and I was scared to death I would end up in jail because of it. If I had to sit there another minute I would have got up and left without it. Steve noticed my anxiety and held up a hand and said," Just a minute more."

He turned to run some papers through a fax machine. When that was done he handed me a set of two keys and said," It's yours."

"How? I haven't even heard the deal yet."

"Just walk out of here and crank that bitch and ride to the restaurant at the only end of town near the interstate and wait five minutes for me. I'll explain the deal when I get there."

I was stunned, but for some reason I trusted him. I stood and walked, like a robot on auto-pilot, to the gorgeous machine I had been pineing for only minutes before. I straddled the beast and cranked it. The fat man opened the door for me and I rode her out of the showroom. I kept waiting for someone to call after me and try to stop me from taking my beauty home. They didn't, and I was on the road. Nothing held me back.

The black beauty between my legs shouted as I opened the throttle and released her ponies," Free at last. Free at last. Thank God almighty we're free at last."

I had never been so scared in my life. I expected the police to arrive before Steve showed, but they never came. Steve did, finally, riding a bike that could have been a sister to the one I had just bought.

"So what's the deal? What have you gotten me into?", I asked on the verge of not wanting to hear the answer.

"You now own that bike free and clear. It's registered and everything. You'll get the title in about six weeks."

"You mean I just stole it and you helped. Right?"

"No. I mean there must have been a mix-up in the paperwork or something. That bike was removed from stock as defective and a invoice shows it was returned to Japan this morning. It will be probably have to be rebuilt and a new VIN number attached with a new date, serial number, and everything. That bike doesn't exist anymore."

"How can it be registered then?"

"Because I registered it before I shipped it back to Japan. They will never trace it to you. Your name isn't on anything and if you like I'll help you change the numbers on it just to make you feel more at ease."

"If I have nothing to fear, why change the numbers?"

"Then don't, but you still aren't going to get out of buying me lunch."

I looked at Steve for several seconds before I agreed to buy him lunch. Even if it was only to find out more about what had just happened. It sounded good, but I was still unconvinced. I wanted to hear more. He laid it out for me until I was convinced. We ate and drank coffee until I relized I had spent the morning stealing a nonexistent motorcycle.

"So now what?," I asked finally.

"So now I hope I can ride with you from time to time and maybe we could just enjoy our lives. By the way I need a job. Do you know of anyone hiring?"

"I think I know someone who could use a smart guy like you. We'll talk to him tomorrow. Meet me at my apartment at around seven this evening. There's someone I'd like you to meet."

We went our separate ways. I had a lunch date with Kelly and I had something to show her. She was going to flip. She loved bikes and looked good on a bitch seat. I had just thought of the first thing I wanted to do on my new bike.

Kelly was standing outside her office when I rolled in to pick her up. She stared open mouthed for only a moment when she stepped on board. Her skirt hiked up showing off her long legs. We rode straight to the park and I parked behind some brush in a remote area seldom visited by anyone in February. That is unless they were looking for an out of the way spot to fuck on their lunch hour.

She stepped off and waited as I set the bike on it's kickstand and dismounted before she had to ask the obvious," Where and how did you get this monster?"

"It's a interesting story, but I have no intention of spending the next few minutes explaining it. I want some pussy and you've got the job."

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