Sex for Visa

by Granpinto

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Desc: Sex Story: Getting sex for Visa

I had a Polish girl friend for about five years and our relationship was pretty good. Sometimes we lived together, sometimes not. She was proud to have an English boyfriend with power, influence and money. She showed me off to her friends. We lived well.

She always asked me to sponsor her friends into the country and most times I arranged marriages for them with contacts in the underworld. At first this was a boring chore but then I realised that it was a good source of new girls for sex. The Polish community is very tight knit and word soon gets around that a guy can arrange visas and marriages for willing young girls on tourist visas.

Most of the girls were between 20 and 25, usually friendly and seemed to be eager to try western culture, especially sex, as they live in a closed and restricted society at home. Here nobody knows them and its easy for them to have sex without too much inhibitions. Also it was very easy for me as I had a nice car, plenty of money and could really treat them in ways they could only dream about in their own poor country.

So what was originally a chore and a favour for my steady girl friend became an enjoyable hobby. To these new girls I was a Mr Big who could fix things. My girlfriend knew I had sex with these girls but knew also that I wouldn't leave her for any of them. Anyway she blamed the girls for throwing themselves at me. (which wasn't true as most were quite virtuous until I seduced them).

After about three years my girlfriend sent a young girl about eighteen to see me in my office. Right away I didn't like this girl and I know she didn't like me. She looked ok, quite pretty and young looking but without any humour or interest. She was obviously nervous but at the same time defiant.

When you arrange marriages its important to have some rapport with the girls so that you can explain the system and the requirements in a humorous manner but still get the serious message across. After all its not very legal and if mistakes are made then serious consequences can follow.

So I rang my girlfriend and said I didn't really want to help in this case as I didn't like the girl or her attitude. So we left it that. Several days later she called me back to say I must help as the girl was a friend of the family. So I agreed to meet her again. She came to the office and I explained the drill. She said she had about six thousand dollars saved and was willing to pay more if needed. The going rate at the time was about four or five thousand dollars down payment and about two thousand later on when formalities were completed.

The drill is simple, you pay the middle-man the cash and he arranges for a suitable groom, usually simple working guys or sometimes retired guys. The fee is agreed with them, usually one or two thousand dollars for the marriage and some few hundred more for each visit to the immigration dept, paid on the day of the visit. The middle man takes control of the arrangements and takes about 30% percent of the fee. Most of the guys are nerds and would marry the girls for free if they had the chance. Most of the girls are very pretty, young and way out of the guy's league. When they get married its important that the girl spends some time with the guys at home because the Im.Dept ask simple questions about living arrangements in order to verify the applicants bon fide.

So when you find a suitable guy there is no problem persuading them to get married when they see the photos of the girl that is going to be living with them for a few days a month prior to the Im.Dept interviews.

After a few months the Im. Dept grants an indefinite leave to stay and multi- re-entry visa. Then the girls can apply for a work permit and nationalisation with passport. After this they can get divorced and lead the lives they want.

One important point is that the girls cannot remain virgins after they are married, so I took advantage of this to ensure that they had sex to prove the point. In any event I only met one virgin and she lost it to me within one week. So this was my perk and interest. Most of the girls were happy to be wined and dined and then seduced. They looked upon it as a western freedom and were grateful for the arrangements I made. Most thought it was fun.

Anyway I arranged to meet this girl after office hours at a nearby pub. I explained the drill to her but after some difficult discussion she decided she couldn't go through with it. So I left it at that again. My girlfriend called me some time later and said the girl had changed her mind and wanted to get married after all. I was pissed off but met her again a few days later. This time she insisted on making her own arrangements with the groom and trying to cut me out of the deal. I met my girlfriend and told her to keep this girl away from me and not to bring her around any more as she was obviously trouble. She didn't need me and could make her own arrangements.

After some months we had a party at my house and a lot of the girls came with boyfriends or alone but not with their legal husbands. I had stayed friend with most of them and helped them with other matters like jobs, papers and accommodation. Then I spotted the eighteen year old sitting alone as usual unsmiling. I spoke to my girlfriend and ask why she had come, she replied that the girl had not been able to make her own arrangements and her visa was about to expire and she would have to leave the country soon. My girlfriend said the girl was now willing to go along with any arrangements I could make for her and was willing to pay more. I said the money was not the most important thing but willingness and a good attitude was essential, otherwise it would mean disaster for all. I turned her down.

Next day the girl arrived at my office at closing time and asked to meet me again. This time she was still defiant but looked desperate also. I thought Ok I'm gonna teach you how to do it the hard way. We went to the pub again and I explained the drill. I asked her if she was a virgin she said yes. I could well believe it with that attitude. I told her she couldn't stay a virgin when she got married as the marriage would need to be consummated. I also said that she had to give it to me to make sure. She got up and left. I thought well 'fuck-off sour face' but I knew she would be back. The battle had started. She was demure, dressed nicely in a student fashion, was feisty and didn't like me at all. She was independent and hated this dirty business but knew it was a necessary evil to endure. She didn't approve of the loose way the other girls lived and how they got their papers but she knew she had to do the same or be deported. She really was a snotty cow.

She rang the next day to ask to see me but I didn't take the call. First round to me. I refused the calls until some days later. Then I was curt with her and told her that I was too busy to see her for some time. I already new her visa expiry-date so I could calculate the last possible date for action. In the meantime I had contacted a suitable groom, by this time I had a small pool of guys to select from.

My girlfriend then called me and said I must help as she was now very desperate. Now is the time to close the trap. When she called again I told her to meet me uptown near an apartment block I owned. It was difficult for her to get there but I thought fuck it you messed me now you get it hard.

I drove to the restaurant, probably passing her on the way, she had to get buses and metros in the dark and cold rain. I sat in my nice warm Jaguar. She was late arriving and looked miserable. Second round to me. Good game this! I told her to get her own food from the waiter. She wasn't hungry. I looked at her. She looked nice. Dressed like a student again. Short black skirt. Thick black pantyhose. Sensible flat shoes. Black crew-neck sweater. White blouse under neath. Breasts looked about 34b. She was slim with good legs. Short blonde hair, done in cheap Eastern European style.

She still had the defiant look on her face. She offered me more money to do it her way. But I brushed it aside. I ordered a long cigar and smoked and watched her through the smoke. Savouring her obvious discomfort. I dropped my napkin. When I bent down to pick it up I peeked at her legs. They were clamped tight together. I sat up and looked at her across the table. I thought well you're going to give it to me or I am going to take it anyway. I've made up my mind.

I paid the bill and we got into the car. Now we were close and she tried to pull her skirt lower as she sat next to me. Nice legs. My cock was slowly throbbing now. She wasn't enjoying this ride. We got to the apartment block and we rode up in silence to an empty flat. It took some time to find the right key and then we went in. It was warm inside and I took my coat and tie off and sat on the large sofa. She sat opposite in an easy chair. This was not going to be easy. I got up and found a half bottle of scotch and poured myself one. She didn't drink or smoke. I asked her to take her coat off and sit next to me. She shook her head. I was enjoying this. In her own mind she had already committed the crime because her so-called friends and fellow Poles would never believe that she had gone to a flat alone with me and not had sex. They would never believe that she was still a virgin. Round four to me.

She started to plead with me again offering more cash, up to ten thousand to do it her way. No deal, even though I knew I could collect as I usually held all the papers. I asked her to site next to me again, she refused. I tried another approach. I explained that in this business confidence was every thing and it if she upset the system then the future would be a mess for everyone. I said 'Look, I promise I won't have sex with you if you do some small things for me, and I will tell everybody that you are still a virgin' She didn't look convinced but asked what it was. I said come and sit next to me and we will take it easy. If you don't want to do anything we will stop. She asked again what was it I wanted. Dam this is hard, my cock is hard also. Just talking and looking at her made my heart thump. The feeling was coming on strong. I knew what to do.

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