Wendy, Julie and Me


Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Heterosexual, True Story, Swinging, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: A chance interlude with a close friend of our crowd. A sexual fantasy come true. Shared with my dear wife.

My Honey and I had parties and went to parties all the time. Usually on weekends, early in our relationship.

Once, one of the single girls at our party got a little too drunk and went to sleep in our bed. Everyone had thought she just left and went home. After the party, my wife & I were both quite drunk also, and I thought she went to take a bath. I went out to move our cars back into the driveway, and then just went in the bedroom, took off my clothes and got into bed in the dark bedroom. As usual, I reached over to hold my wife's tits, and pull her close to me,

In the dark, I could sense something about the smell of her hair that was different, but went on caressing her tits anyway. Then I realized it wasn't my wife. Two things happened almost at once. The girl reached behind her sleepily, for my cock, and started playing with me. Then someone came into the bedroom, and in the faint light from the hall, I could see that it was my wife. Uh Oh!

I sat up, and said "What the hell?"

There was our friend, naked and pretty laying next to me. My wife looked and said "What the hell is going on???"

I told her I thought it was her, and then all three of us sat on the bed in the dark laughing and talking. Still half drunk up from the party.

The girl said she was so embarrassed. She thought she was at home. And then my wife said, "Well, he's always wanted to "do" two women at the same time"...

I was really surprised hearing her say this.

Then she said, "he's probably too damn drunk to get a hard on anyway!"

She reached for my cock between my crossed legs, saying, "See...

Now I got a good look at this girl's body, with tits that stood a little tighter and higher than my wife's 34 c's.

While my wife's hair was longer, this girl had a Pixie type, and damn cute. I took the bold move of touching her tit in front of my wife. The dim nightstand lamp was now on, and I could see and feel the girl shiver as I touched her.

My wife just sat there on the bed cross legged. The girl ( Wendy) was still sitting up half under the blanket. I looked seriously at my wife, as I caressed Wendy's tits. She didn't give any sign of disapproving, so I got bolder and pulled her close and kissed Wendy.

My hand still massaging her tits as I did. My wife, reached over and played with my cock, pulling on it, and sure enough I was getting hard.

I could feel Wendy's nipples getting hard to my fingers. I kissed her again, and reached under the blankets and slid my finger up and down her pussy.

I could sense that Julie was still pretty boozed up. She liked drinking scotch, which I could never learn to like. My wife was now laying down and said, "I'll get him ready for you." and started to suck on me.

I almost died. My wife actually going along and with my touching this woman. Now, even dared to suck me in front of her! I held Wendy close in my arms and we both watched as my wife began to really get into sucking me.

Wendy said, "Oh My God!"

I asked Wendy softly if it was OK with her? Her head on my chest, she just nodded yes, and put her hand over my hand caressing her tit. Then, after watching my wife suck me, she said, "OOOOHHH You're getting ME all hot and bothered, Julie. Watching you do that to him. Let me try that"

Holy Shit!, I thought. I couldn't believe this was happening. Julie looked up at her and smiled. Then they switched, as Wendy got between my legs and played with me, giggling that she was really horny anyway.

She only did it a couple of times with her old boyfriend.

I pulled my wife close, laid flat on my back, and kissed her deeply as Wendy got into it. I was still in amazement. My wife was amused watching her, and reached down to hold my cock and stroke it while Wendy sucked on it.

Wow. I was getting sober fast.

"Suck his balls Wendy," she said. "He loves that."

She did, and my wife leaned over me and kissed me hard, rotating her tits as hard as she could across my chest at the same time. "Go for it baby," she whispered. I asked her to give me her tits to suck on and she did. Kneeling over to the side of me

I was in heaven. My fantasy coming true at that minute. Finally, I pulled my wife up so that I could eat her.

Wendy must have gotten excited because she started to suck me harder and faster. I had my mouth glued to my wife's clit, holding her tight, and sucked and licked it hard, as I was getting near cumming. She was humping my mouth fast, my tongue trying to get inside her. Then I came. I must have shook quite a bit. Wendy did something new for me... she massaged my balls rapidly and jerked me with her other hand as I was cumming into her mouth!

Her hand squeezing my cock tight as she tried to empty me.

My wife usually jerked me up and down faster with one hand and sucked me hard when she knew I was ready to cum. This time it was so different. My balls were being massaged too. Wendy came up and leaned against the headboard and watched as I continued to eat my wife. I let go of her waist, and reached up to caress her tits and she started to shake and I knew she was about to cum. I licked her faster and pinched her nipples a little more, and bingo! My wife let go with a moan and shook with her big O.

I stayed glued to her pussy lips hard. Licking her softly as she finally settled down.

My wife finally rolled over and laid next to me, and I kissed her deeply. We didn't need any words then.

I laid there, on my back between them, and slid my arm under Wendy's head pulling her closer so that her head was on my chest. Her tits against my side and chest felt great. Her nipples were very hard. I remember that.

I stroked her head and told her it was a fantastic bj, and she whispered thanks. I pulled her head up a little and kissed her for real for the first time. Then my wife started to play with my cock again. I moved Wendy so that I could suck on her tits and run my hand over her pussy, all the while, my wife trying to get me hard again.

This was really heaven for me. My wife sat up and started using both hands on me, while I had my finger sliding in and out of Wendy. I reached up to kiss her again, and my wife said.

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