by Grey Beard

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, True Story, Safe Sex, Masturbation, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young Graduate Student harvests semen samples, from an older man.

It was a Saturday morning and I had just walked out of a computer class when I heard a friendly voice. " Hey Bob, how about some coffee and donuts... My treat ". I turned around and saw an attractive woman, with bright blue eyes and a blond ponytail waving at me. Kim was almost 30 years old, but still half my age. We had been computer lab partners all summer session. She was working on her graduate degree in Microbiology, which required a lot computer work, and I was brushing up on my data collection skills. I was always happy to share a few moments with her over a cup of coffee or maybe an occasional lunch.

Kim was all excited because she just gotten a grant from a large medical laboratory to develop more precise automated methods to count live sperm cells in semen, for use in at sperm banks. " So, how is the project going" I asked as we finished our coffee in a quiet corner of the lunchroom. I watched a slight glow of red flare up her neck from her open shirt and on to her face as she stammered a bit, and finally said, " well there is a problem, and I was sort of hoping you could help ". To calibrate the equipment, I need to establish a base line, and that requires human semen." I just smiled, and said " there must be lots of men who would just love to help you with that project." She blushed again and said " yes, you are right, but what I really need is semen that does not contain any sperm cells." She just looked into my eyes and bit her lip and finally with some hesitation, she asked me if I would provide some samples. I am not sure when or how the subject had come up, but Kim know that I had been fixed shortly after my second child was born

With compassion in my heart, but lust on my brain, I smiled and said "of course I'll help". Her bright blue eyes widened and she said " oh you are a real doll" and she starting digging in her in backpack. " Here are some sterile plastic bags that you can use and some antiseptic wash rags." I said " wait a minute, my dear, if you want my semen, you will have to collect it yourself." Kim started to stammer again " but,, can't you just do it at home and... ". " No ", I said. " After all, I am not asking for anything in return for this favor, and besides after my wife left, I learned that volume is directly related to arousal, and quite frankly, I have run short of interesting fantasies." Kim blushed again and said " but Bob, you are a real great guy, but... well I am sorry but you remind me of my Father, and I could never... ". It took some convincing, and after I bought lunch, we talked as we walked along the river running through the campus, but finally, I found myself lying on her bed with my pants off.

Kim was dressed in loose walking shorts, and a shirt that covered her small taut, but bare breasts. She kneeled on the floor next to me and watched intently as I showed her the sensitive ring just below the head of my circumcised penis, and the little bump on the bottom side of the shaft that when pushed just right seem to improve ejaculation. Kim was not a virgin, but apparently her few encounters were brief, and mostly in the dark so she had never really " studied " the equipment before. She carefully, and just maybe with a little more time than required, cleaned my penis, than my scrotum which did not need cleaning, and finally she applied a coat of KY Jelly to my penis, and some to her middle finger. When I convinced Kim to collect the sample herself, I told her the story of how years ago, a surgical prep nurse had helped to increase my flow by massaging my prostate gland through my rectum.

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