Girls Having More Fun

by jogen

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Lesbian, True Story, .

Desc: Sex Story: A girl tells her boyfriend about her adventures

This believe it or not is a true story. I had been teasing my girlfriend Rachel for weeks about her self confessed attraction to girls. We have always had an erotically charged relationship and from almost day one, had teased and excited each other with erotic stories from our pasts and fantasies.

I had confessed to a couple of ménage à trois experiences at college and she had told me of a wild period in her teens when she had discovered sex and gone through a dozen boys in as many months.

Curiously our trust and passion for each other made this an exciting, not a jealous experience, just spurring us on to higher peaks of mutual stimulation.

I had been working for a couple of years and she had just left college and was living with me fulltime over the summer before starting a dull and very serious career in the autumn.

Left on her own at home for the summer, she began to amuse herself by exploring my collection of adult magazines and our newly acquired video camera. I returned one evening to view the premier of the best porn film I have ever witnessed.

Dressed in silk underwear and stockings she proceeded to slowly strip and play with every inch of her slim young body, teasing her dark and amazingly pert nipples, slowly licking the tip of each one in turn. She then treated the camera to a horny display, using her hair brush and a seven inch dildo, an embarrassing joke present from the previous Christmas. An investment now repaid many times!

She then reached down from the bed to retrieve a number of specially chosen magazines from my collection and then proceeded to discuss her favourite stories, while slowly teasing her clit and nipples as she read aloud.

Her taste was quite specific, as she thumbed through a number of contact mags, commenting on the women she liked and why. She found one in particular that caught her eye, promising faithfully to answer the ad from a horny looking young couple from North London who were looking for a little 'extra fun'.

By now I could have torn her clothes off and made love to her there and then, in front of the screen, but she insisted I watch on as she played with me to relieve my by now painful erection.

I watched on and was stunned as she began to confess to an adventure that she had experienced, not years ago, but the previous month, when she had visited one of her college girlfriends in Manchester.

There on screen, freed from all inhibitions, she described how they had been out on the town clubbing, drinking more and more cocktails. They had both been chatted up by two or three men but each had rebuffed their advances out of loyalty to their partners at home.

However, by now their libidos were in overdrive, as they became less and less inhibited, getting more and hornier as the evening wore on.

Two new lads made one last attempt to part the girls from their underwear and started to chat to them in a dark corner of the club. They soon retired to the gents, no doubt to discuss their tactics, when Cathy placed her hand and Rachel's leg and declared she fancied her more than either of the lads and she had got frustrated enough for one evening and could they go home?

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