Caught In the Act

by Cvlryman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Masturbation, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Vanquished lover gets caught taking care of himself.

Janice and I had split up nearly two weeks ago, after nearly 18 months of living together. She had moved out of our shared apartment, although she had not removed all of her things and checked back periodically to pick up her mail.

On a Friday night I found myself at loose ends. No plans to share with friends, and to make matters worse, two weeks without Janice had brought me to a particularly horny state. I drove to a nearby video store with the intention of picking up an action video, but I soon became distracted by the adult section. After eight or ten minutes of perusing the titles, I selected one that looked particularly interesting. I rented it and made the short drive home.

I took the video to the bedroom that was set up as a den/family room and put the video on the VCR. I sat down and hit the "play" button, and as is usually the case, the film wasted no time in getting to the action. The "heroine" was an unusually pretty thing with a set of 38DD (my estimate) tits that looked genuine. In the first "action scene" she was sunbathing in her backyard, lying on her belly with her bikini top untied and her firm ass "concealed" only by the narrowest of thongs.

Shortly after her boyfriend joined her, she turned onto her back without tying her top and rubbed generous amounts of suntan lotion over her tits. Her boyfriend's attention quickly turned to her, and he took over the lotion applying duties. Within seconds he was fingering her clit with one hand, while he worked hard at sucking the lotion off her nipples. I had removed my shirt, wearing only jeans and socks. I slipped my cock out the fly of my jeans and stroked it as I watched the video. It was quickly at full length and hardness.

As the action in the video shifted to a scene involving the girl and her girlfriend, along with the girlfriend's boyfriend, I decided I needed to improve the conditions. I put the video on pause and went to my bathroom. I pulled a surgical glove from a drawer and a bottle of lotion from the cabinet... then returned to the den. I slipped out of my jeans and boxers and turned the video back on. The boyfriend in the video had both girls lying side-by-side on a bed, while he stood on the floor in front of them. He was alternately sliding his cock into one... making a few strokes... then pulling out and sliding into the other. The "inactive" girl would caress his balls and the tits of the girl who was being fucked.

In a moment of inspiration I turned the sofa around - facing away from the TV. Then I got onto the sofa on my knees, facing the TV screen. I squirted some lotion into the surgical glove, then slipped it between the two back cushions of the sofa. Then I slid my rigid cock into the rubber glove and began thrusting my hips back and forth, sliding my cock in and out of the firm slit formed by the two cushions at the back of the couch. My eyes were fixed on the video as I "fucked" the cushions.

Janice drove up to a dark house. She assumed that I was out for the evening and used her key to enter via the front door to check for her mail. After entering she heard voices from the video toward the back of the apartment. She walked quietly toward the back and as she entered the hall to the back bedroom, she could see me in the dim light cast by the TV. She gasped quietly but moved soundlessly to a position where she could watch. The video was arousing enough, but she was even more aroused by seeing me on my knees on the couch, my hard cock sliding methodically in and out between the cushions.

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