Hooked on a Feeling

by Ray1031

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, True Story, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: Told in four Parts and loosely based on the song it was titled after: The story of a trip from Michigan to California, a man, a woman and a Volkswagon Van. The locations are as much a character in this story as the man and woman are. I will include the songs Lyrics at the end of part four.

Chapter 1

"I-I-I-I'm Hooked on a feeling... I'm high on believing... that I'm in love with you..." I sang along with the radio as I wheeled the old Volkswagen Transporter into the highway rest area. I turned off the headlights as I slowed, there was a full moon out and the area was street lighted, so I could see and my parking lights would allow others to see me. I didn't want to disturb anyone who might be trying to sleep. Sleep was on my agenda as well, but first I needed the men's room. I'd been holding it for a while, and the johns at the last fuel stop had been closed. Between the pressure on my bladder and the fog of having been up for twenty-one hours this stop was mandatory.

I saw her standing inside the building as I parked the old micro-bus. She was looking up at the wall map, her back to the floor-to-ceiling glass front wall, a green military-style duffel beside her on the floor. A pair of loose, short-style coveralls over a tube top on her slim body was allowing lots of bare leg, mid-riff and shoulders for view. I liked what I saw.

I watched her as I locked up the van, a nip to the early October air reminding me that I needed to get through the Rockies before the first snowfall. There was something about her arms as she stood there but, tired as I was, I had covered half the distance to the glass doors before I realized what was going on. Her left arm was inside of her coveralls, and from the slight movements of her elbow, she was either rubbing or scratching at her crotch. Rubbing I thought, though I couldn't be sure at this angle. Her right arm was also under her coveralls, but higher and I couldn't see that it was moving. I kept watching as I approached the door and saw a twitch seem to start in one shoulder as her elbow movement became momentarily more pronounced. Then I was at the door and as it opened her hands suddenly jerked free of whatever they had been doing.

She seemed to be intently studying the map as I approached and raised her right hand as if tracing a route with her finger. But, I had already seen the dampness on the fingers of her left hand. As I came abreast we glanced at one another, her eyes seemed somewhat glazed. I smiled.

"You know I could probably help you with that if you were interested," I said, and mentally kicked myself for such a stupid line. But mother nature reasserted my reason for stopping and I was freed from the embarrassment of further conversation as I entered the men's room. The stalls were mostly trashed, of course, only the handicapped stall seemed clean enough for use. I used it.

I think it was about five minutes later, the worst was passed, I had already flushed once and the air was clearing when there came a light rapping on the stall door. Announcing that it was in use, I was surprised when the rapping came again and was followed by the appearance of a hand, over the top of the door, holding a pair of light blue frilly panties that exactly matched the polish on the nails. I remembered the young woman from the foyer then and unlocked the door, even though that was probably a stupid thing to do. It 'was' her though and she pushed open the door entering the stall, nude. She was dragging her duffel with her right hand and carrying her clothes in her left as she seemed to pause, showing off before me. I thought she was manna from heaven at that moment.

Tall, lithe of form with reddish blonde curly hair and widest brown eyes. Her narrow form was high breasted with flaring hips and a lighter, finer thatch of pubic hair than I would have anticipated. Long slimly tapered legs ended at long toed feet with nails the same color as her fingernails and her panties. The only mark I saw anywhere was an appendectomy scar. Without a word she closed and locked the stall door pushing her duffel against it. Hanging her coveralls from the door mounted hook, she pushed the tube top and panties into one of it's pockets, then looked quickly at me and the stall itself.

Handicapped stalls are somewhat larger than the standard men's room stall and have hand rails mounted on the walls to either side for the assistance of those with physical problems. The toilet seats are also somewhat higher and wider than normal for greater comfort.

She sniffed the air once and made a small face but shrugged her shoulders and smiled as she leaned close kissing me lightly, once, closed mouth. Nudging my right leg with her hand I shifted my position around to the left as she placed her left foot on the seat beside my leg. Using her right hand on the dividing wall for support, she raised her right leg and placed the foot on the hand rail, sliding it past me as she crouched and stretched, adjusting her position above and before me.

Reaching between her legs, I placed my left hand under her buttocks, partly to assist in her support, but mostly so I could further guide and position her to my liking. My right hand I placed across her upper thigh and abdomen as my thumb found the apex of her labia and pressed, beginning a pronounced circular movement. Her mouth opened and her eyes closed as she made the first sound I'd heard her utter, a low growling sound deep in her throat.

"What? No foreplay? No endearments? No candle-light dinner?" I joked.

"Shut up and eat," and she wrapped the fingers of her left hand in my short hair, pulling my head forward for emphasis. "And I hope you prove worth the discomfort of this position."

I looked at her treasure for the first time then. I mean really looked at it since I'd earlier been more interested in her movements as she positioned and supported herself within the stall, partly for her safety but mostly for mine. Considering the offer being made, I had really given very little thought to the comfort factors of her position and was not going to follow that issue and have her change her mind.

I had been home to Michigan for my baby brother's wedding. I'd flown home, and during my stay there had bought the old van I was driving. It had been too good a deal to pass up. A little sanding at some rust, some dent repair here and there and I had what I expected to be a lasting and reliable vehicle. The repairs and repainting had taken longer than anticipated though, and I now found myself with only three days to drive to the west coast.

But the offer before me now was foremost on my mind, especially since I'd not had sex for almost two months, I was horny enough to have fucked my ex-girlfriend again, though the dose of the clap she'd given me was the end of that relationship.

Her pubic hair, as I'd earlier noted, was much finer and sparser than I would have expected in a woman in her twenties. Long fine red-gold hairs that appeared almost groomed as they curved between her legs and over her pubis. I found that she had parted and opened with her position and moving my thumb aside I found myself with a fine view of her cleft. Her urethra was the first thing I took note of, the tip of a whitish tube protruding marginally from the surrounding flesh. Her Vagina was next, a partially opened tunnel which seemed to curve back, away from me and up into her recesses as it closed with depth. Then I saw her clitoris, or rather just the barest tip of it where it was peeking from beneath the V of it's protective hood, just below where my thumb had been playing.

I leaned forward then, opening my mouth. My right thumb returned to it's earlier position and ministrations, my left thumb slid forwards and began playing against the opening of her vagina, slowly sinking deeper into the warmth of her as it became moistened with her lubricating fluids. My mouth and tongue I used to cover my own right thumb and her upper valley as I explored a line from her urethra to her clitoris, repeating the movements over and over again, feeling the jolt that passed through her each time my tongue or teeth came into contact with either of those sensitive protrusions. Once my left thumb was fully buried within her I did not fuck her with it, but rather moved it in circular motions within her vagina as I sped up my oral ministrations.

She must have really been horny as it was only a matter of minutes before she was nothing but a quivering, jerking mass of flesh trying to bury itself deeper within my mouth. Her hand in my hair was now a fist that threatened to bald me as she held on for dear life and balance. I didn't care, wouldn't have cared if she had, at that moment. God, I love the taste of pussy.

I don't know how long that really lasted, I lose all sense of time during such moments, but I am sure that long minutes passed, at the least, with us locked in that position before she used her grip on my hair to pull me away from her.

I had to help her down and for long seconds, after she'd regained the floor, she leaned against the wall for support as her eyes cleared and her breathing became more normal. She simply gazed at me, a rather ridiculous looking grin on her lips as she recovered herself.

At some rime during our shenanigans, I'd finished my business and I used the toilet paper to clean myself then reached behind me to flush without rising. As I shifted, my hardened cock sprang into view from where it had been trapped between my thighs. She was looking at it when I turned to face her once more.

"Fair is fair," she said with a slightly contralto voice and stepped forward to position me to her liking. She had me slide forward on the seat and pushed on my shoulders until my back rested against the exposed steel plumbing of the stool. This had me as close to stretched out as I could get under the circumstances and allowed my cock to stand more erect. It also allowed more of it to rise above my thighs and she used a piece of toilet paper to rub and dab at it before she straddled my thighs.

She put spit on her fingers and spread the saliva over the head of my cock before guiding it to her entrance and slowly sliding down it's length. Once seated, she wriggled her hips and I spread my thighs slightly, allowing a little more inside until she was satisfied she had all she was going to get. She stopped moving then and took her own nipples into her hands, mine were holding the rails to either side, supporting me in this awkward position. She closed her eyes then and in a few moments I felt the first twinges of movement within her vagina.

Her muscles were contracting and relaxing, a little awkwardly at first, but quickly increasing in surety as they manipulated themselves against the invading cock they surrounded. First came an all over pressure, a squeezing and tightening that soon relaxed to be replaced by a more delicate squeezing, like a ring, only at the base of my cock. this slowly moved upwards, over most of my length, as if trying to stretch me deeper within in a sucking, pulling motion. Over and over these movements repeated, first the squeeze, then the pull as she remained perfectly still and milked me where I sat.

I didn't last long, no more than a minute or two, but the eruption that followed and the tightening of the muscles in my legs and abdomen lifted both of us from the seat. How I managed to keep my legs bent and my feet beneath me, how I kept my hold on the rails when my arms wanted to relax even as my legs tightened, is a minor unknown miracle in itself.

When I was empty and my relaxing muscles once again allowed me to settle back onto the cold plastic beneath me, she stood up and away from me. Even as I sank back to the seat below I was withdrawing from her and she stepped away. Gathering her clothing it was but the matter of a moment or two and she was covered once more. Pulling her bag away from the door and opening it, she looked out into the room beyond before turning to me once more.

"Thanks, you have no idea how much I needed that."

"Nor you I, but you are welcome." Then she was gone, dragging her duffel behind her.

I took long minutes at the sinks, washing my hands and face, rinsing my mouth, before standing over the hot air hand dryers. When I emerged from the men's room, she was exiting the ladies and we smiled at one another.


"Yeah, which way are you headed?"

"I'm heading west as soon as I reach Moline and Interstate Eighty."

"So am I, can I get a ride?"

"You are more than welcome, but I won't be leaving for a couple of hours. I've been up or driving for most of a day and need to catch a nap and recharge before I go on. There's room in the van if you want to sleep as well."

"I'd love to, but I'm in a bit of a hurry. If I'm still here when you wake up, I'll take you up on your offer, I can sleep while you drive."

Returning to my van I lowered the rear seats so they formed a bed and crawled in. From the back seat I retreived a large Teddy Bear I'd bought specifically for the van. He was my travel pillow and companion, someone to talk at if I became over-tired while driving. I was quickly out like a light.

It was almost five-thirty when a bunch of noisy travelers, parking next to my van, woke me up. At first I wished they had parked further away, yet I rose and moved to the driver's seat. I looked for the girl as I poured coffee from the thermos into my travel mug, but she was nowhere to be seen. Must have gotten a ride already, 'Damn! I liked that girl, she was kinky." I hoped to get past Moline before the morning rush hour started and snarled traffic.

The coffee was barely lukewarm... Oh well, I'd get more once I was past town.

Chapter 2

It was at a greasy little truck stop outside Waverly, Nebraska that I saw her again. I recognized the loose ringlets of her curly reddish-blonde hair immediately when I walked into the place. There had only been two trucks sitting outside when I'd pulled in, while the Truck Stop across the street was packed... not the best recommendation for a restaurant, but they were advertising the cheapest gas prices and the lack of crowding should mean faster service, so I chose this one. I was driving into the setting sun and it was blinding me, So I thought I'd gas up and get something to eat while the sun set.

She was in a booth with what I took to be the driver of one of the trucks when I arrived, chatting amiably over a slice of pie. I decided not to disturb them, besides, I didn't really know her, not even her name - we'd shared an experience at a rest area in Illinois, but beyond that neither of us knew the other.

She glanced over as the waitress brought me a menu and it seemed her smile broadened as she nodded at me, but she immediately turned back to her companion and their discussion, so I wasn't sure. A quick burger and fries, a glass of juice, and a refill for my thermos and I went to the Cash Register to check out as the sky beyond the lighted gas pumps finally darkened. Handing my bill and money to the woman there, I glanced at the collection of small signs on the bulletin board behind her. It was the usual assortment of church picnic announcements, for sale ads, auto repair and towing service offers. But among them I saw a gem, "Shower available - ask cashier'. I asked, paid my five dollars for using it, and accepted the key she handed me before turning for the door.

The young woman from the rest area was standing by the door, her duffel on the ground beside her. She was still wearing the same Coveralls and tube top combination she'd had on last night. "Is that offer of a ride still good? Are you still heading west?"

"Yes on both counts." I picked up her duffel and she held the door for me as we exited. "But before we leave, I'm going to take a shower." I waggled the key at her, "Care to join me?"

"Oh yum! A shower sounds wonderful, but all of my shower things are buried at the bottom of my bag."

"Got a change of clothes near the top?" She nodded. "I have some extra towels and shower goodies in the van, including an unused toothbrush if you need it. You're welcome to use them if you like."

"Oh, I like. I really like! I've been on the road for almost three days, mostly waiting between rides, and my poor body thinks I've forgotten what soap is."

Locking her bag in the van I dug out an extra towel and wash cloth then grabbed my shaving kit and we walked around the end of the building to a door marked 'Shower'. Considering the generally run-down condition of the restaurant and the rest of the place, the shower was a pleasant surprise. It was immaculate, an ante room with a wall to wall bench against the back wall, the front wall held two new looking porcelain sinks mounted below a wall to wall mirror. The shower room itself was somewhat smaller, maybe five foot square with a central drain, there was a shower head in each of three walls, each with individual controls. The floors and walls of both rooms were covered in stone tile, and everything was so clean it gleamed.

The door had a very efficient looking pin bolt lock and she locked it behind us as I stepped to the sinks and opened my toiletries bag. I began laying things out on the small shelf beneath the mirror as my companion looked around the rooms and whistled softly. When our eyes met in the mirror before me she nodded, an approving expression of her face, then she glanced at the items I'd laid out on the shelf before me and moved closer. Touching my injector razor and the small can of Edge shaving gel she asked if she could use them to shave her legs as we showered. I was reluctant, but relented asking only that she remind me to inject a new blade when she was finished.

I passed her a new. still wrapped toothbrush but she pulled her own from a back pocket. She did use my toothpaste though as I began lathering my face for a quick shave. She stripped and entered the shower turning on all three shower heads and adjusting their temperature as she brushed her teeth. She washed her lower body then and stepped to the shower entry where she lathered and shaved her legs as I brushed my own teeth. Both done, I took a cap full of mouthwash and passed the bottle to her before stepping into the shower. She had them a tad hotter than I generally liked, but I figured I'd live as I spat the mouthwash onto the drain and reached for my soap and wash rag. She stopped me and took them from my hands.

Kneeling before me in the spray she began with my feet and washed my body from bottom to top. being gentle when necessary and rougher when the territory she traversed could take it. Before washing my hands, she sucked each of my fingers individually, and did the same with each of my nipples. When she had reached my shoulders I used the cloth and soap to wash my own face as I passed her an unmarked bottle and said "shampoo". Once I was rinsed, it was her turn and I followed her example in returning the favor, beginning at her feet and working my way upwards until I reached her shoulders. Passing her the cloth I began on my own hair as she scrubbed at her face. Both clean, she moved easily into my arms and we stood under the spray and began necking.

Pushing me back against the wall she lowered herself to her knees before me and took me into her mouth. She sucked at me for a few minutes as she slowly fucked her mouth over about half of my length. Pulling her head back for a second she said, "Warn me." then returned to her self appointed chore, sucking, kissing and licking at my cock and balls with pleasure as she reached up one hand and began jacking me as well.

Soon enough I was warning her and she quickly moved aside as she jacked me faster and I began spurting onto the floor, my semen being carried towards the drain in the flowing water. She washed her hands again and embraced me anew as she said, "I do love the taste of a cock and the feel of it in my mouth, but only when I know it's clean. Will you fuck me now? I'm horny as hell."

"I'd love to, shall we go out to the bench?" I hadn't softened in the least so when, at my question, she opted for the top position I settled myself on my back on the bench. She lowered herself over me without pre-lubrication, it wasn't necessary... she was hot and wet enough that I slid in easily and was fully buried with only a couple of strokes. There was no milking this time, as I reached for her breasts she began bouncing in place, driving herself downwards and sliding her clitoris forward through my pubic hair with every plunge. She lowered herself onto my chest and we kissed, first on the mouth, hungrily with tongues dueling wildly as we each wrapped our hands in the other's hair and tried for control. Then we shifted, kissing one another's cheeks, jaw, ears before settling into nuzzles and kisses on each other's necks and shoulders and my hands returned to her breasts. Our movements were becoming more frantic as I began thrusting up to meet each of her downward plunges and her weight forced me back down to the bench, with each contact.

We didn't come together, though we weren't far apart either as I was the first to empty my load. Before I was done though I felt the muscles of her pussy beginning to grasp and pull at my draining cock as she joined me in crossing the edge.

We lay together for long minutes, relaxing and simply holding one another as we came down from the place our orgasms had carried us to. It was she who moved first. pushing herself into a sitting position, her hands on my chest, feeling my still hard cock, still within her, shift deeper inside as she straightened over it. "Oh, wow! It's nice to find a man that stays hard, but shouldn't we be getting on the road? I need a couple of minutes for another quick shower after that, and a bathroom, but I do need to be traveling. Like I told you in Illinois, I'm in a bit of a hurry."

In the shower once more we were all business as we cleaned ourselves quickly and began to rinse.

"It's Devlin," I said.


"Devlin. My names Devlin. If we are going to travel together we should know each other's names."

"Michelle," she said with a smile, sticking out her hand for a shake. "Nice to meet you Devlin."

I shook her hand and we both laughed as we turned off the showers and reached for our towels. A quick stop in the restaurant to return the key and use their bathrooms and we were driving out of the lot. Michelle fiddling with the radio soon had the cab filled with the sounds of B.J. Thomas singing "Hooked on a Feeling"

Michelle yawned widely as I entered the highway and pointed the old van westward once more. "Tired?"

"Yeah, guess I am. Haven't slept at all since I saw you at that rest area. My last ride smelled bad and kept trying to touch me if he thought I was asleep, he gave me the creeps!. That's why I approached you when I saw you in the restaurant."

I pointed to the curtains separating the front and back of the old van, "Seats are all folded down into a bed back there. Not the most comfortable place to sleep, but there's a blanket and a big Teddy Bear you can use as a pillow."

"Teddy Bear?" She inquired with a grin.

"Yeah," I grinned back. "He's my travel pillow and I talk to him if I'm on the road for a while and get tired. it helps me to stay awake and drive longer. If you want to introduce yourself, his name's Ted."

She crawled into the back and I lowered the radio volume so she could sleep. She shifted about a bit as she settled in and must have been laying with her head right behind my seat as I heard her say "Hello, Ted. I'm Michelle. Can I rest my head on your tummy for a while?"

'Lucky Bear, ' I thought and smiled as I drove on into the darkening night.

Chapter 3

The old van was trying to run apeshit on the downslope and I found myself lightly riding the brake as we drove down the mountains on I-80 towards Salt Lake City. It was snowing heavily and I was fiddling with the radio dial as I drove, trying to find a station that would last more than fifteen minutes in these mountains. I was about to give up when one suddenly came in strong and clear, advertising Prell shampoo, 'So thick... So Rich... Drop a pearl in Prell and watch it float to the bottom'.

"Yeah right!! I needed music or something to help me stay awake, and I get commercials," I muttered to myself. Trying not to talk too loudly and awaken Michelle sleeping in the back. I had picked her up hitchhiking in Wyoming, actually the second time I'd seen her on this trip, and she'd been so exhausted she'd crawled into the back to sleep as soon as we were on the road. After the hours I'd been driving, I was the one who was exhausted now.

The commercial ended and the station identified itself as Salt Lake City's home of Rock and Roll. Good! Maybe it would last a while. Soon the mellow tones of B.J. Thomas and "Hooked on a Feeling" were filling the van as I drove. It must have been the fifteenth time I'd heard that song in the last two days, but it was in the top ten and it 'was' music.

"I-I-I-I'm finally believin'... This song is deceivin'... It's just fuckin' with me!" I softly sang, twisting the lyrics of the song to relieve the tension I felt driving through the thickly falling snow.

The curtain I'd put up behind the driver's seats, separating the van into a front and back section, parted and Michelle stuck her head through the gap.

"G'Morning," she said. "It's getting too cold back here to sleep."

"Sorry, I guess I should have opened the curtains when the weather changed, but the heater in this old thing is having trouble just keeping the front seats warm and the windows clear."

She slid to her knees between the seats and closed the curtains behind her as she peered out the windshield. The van was buffeted by a stray wind gust and she placed one hand on my thigh asking, "Can you see all right? All I see is swirling snow."

"I can see, mostly. Look to the right a bit and down, you can make out the ridge of the road edge through the snow. There's that, an occasional cliff face and other things like signs and road markers that let me know I'm staying where I belong on the road." I looked at her and smiled as I placed a hand over hers on my leg. "You'll find a box in front of the passenger's seat with a thermos of coffee in it. Could you fill my travel mug for me? You can use the thermos cup if you like, it's clean, though you'll have to drink it black. The last place I filled it was out of cream and sugar packets."

"Black is fine, though I'm more hungry that thirsty right now."

"It'll help warm you a bit, at least, bring the blanket forward if you get chilly."

"Only if you'll get in it with me," she quipped as she slid into the passenger's seat and leaned forward to examine the box.

"After we stop, maybe. There's a bag of cookies, a couple of Slim Jims and a tub of Cottage Cheese in that box, oh and some pepper packets, as well as the coffee. Might be a Cola left too, but it will be warm. If you want the cottage cheese, there's a box of plastic forks."

"Cookies sound good. Where are we? How long has the weather been bad?"

She handed me my travel mug and I took a sip of the still hot coffee. "Oh, thank god! I hadn't put that box so far away originally, but it slid over in a curve a while back and never came into reach again. The weather changed almost as soon as we got past the big ridge back in Wyoming. It's the highest pass on the road west, and is kind of a dividing line in the eastern Rockies. It's a natural weather divider as well, this time of year it holds much of the nastier weather on the western faces. Once I was through the pass, the weather got nasty and has been getting nastier with every mile since. That was close to two hour ago, and for the last hour I've been doing only thirty-five miles an hour."

"So why didn't you stop, or at least wake me, I could have kept you company."

"Can't stop yet." I said, looking across at her then quickly back to the road ahead. "Radio reception has been sporadic, but each time I found a station they were talking about the closing of an exit and all highway access for someplace we'd just passed. I was too afraid if we left the highway we wouldn't be allowed back on. We'd be stuck until the storm passed and they cleared the roads again. Once we reach the lower portions, around Salt Lake City, we should be fine though."

"So where are we exactly?"

"Don't know if it will mean anything to you, but we should be coming up an a highway split any time now. Interstate Eighty will turn south and Eighty-Four will go north. Once past that, we drive a winding route for another fifty or sixty miles descending into Salt Lake. Beyond that, is the lake itself and the Salt Flats. A long, straight, level run to just this side of the Nevada Border. I Figure another hour and a half to Salt Lake. We'll gas up and get something to eat there before pushing on again."

"Any chance we'll have time for a little sex in Salt Lake? I woke up horny, too."

"Maybe, what did you have in mind?"

"I wish we had time to get a room with a bed. After what we've already done, I'd love to see what you are capable of with a comfortable bed and no reason to hurry. Realistically though, we can get twenty or thirty minutes of rough and tumble in the back of your van"

"When do you have to be in California, Michelle?"

"Before midnight, tomorrow."

"Little over a day and a half then. Sorry, no time for a room. If we split the driving and run straight through, we can probably make it in fifteen or sixteen hours. If we stop to play a couple of times, add a few hours."

"Sorry, but I can't drive, that's why I'm hitchhiking... no license. I grew up in Pittsburgh, the city proper and never needed a license."

"The trip will take a few hours longer then if I am doing all of the driving. Even with a constant coffee intake, I can only drive safely for so long, then I need a quick nap to recharge. The problem I have is that without a proper sleep, each recharge gives me less time than the last one. I can't drive quite as far before running out of energy again. My nap the first time we met only lasted about ninety minutes, then a bunch of loud kids parked next to me and woke me up. I caught another hour or so parked behind a gas station before I met you again at Waverly. Attendant said I could sleep for a few hours, then changed shifts and he didn't tell his replacement I was there - a cop knocked on my window. I wasn't in trouble, but I was asked to move on. I've been up for over two full days now with only about three hours sleep. Most of it driving time and I'm starting to run out of energy again."

"I'm sorry, is there anything I can do?"

"No, I'm really just thinking out loud right now. When I get too tired my mind can distract itself so I talk through a problem to concentrate on it more."

The old van rounded a curve in the mountain face and a gust of wind buffeted it suddenly from the side - causing us to change lanes and I gently adjusted the wheel so we moved back into the center of the road.

"That was fun!" she said with a frown, her face seeming to pucker in the reflected glow of the headlights, off the swirling snow surrounding us. "Are you sure we're all right?"

"We are fine Michelle, relax, enjoy your coffee." I saw something through the snow ahead, a deeper darkness beyond the edge of the road. "Street sign," I announced, pointing for a moment. Then we were close enough for the headlights to illuminate it through the falling snow. "That's what I was looking for. The highway division is only a mile ahead and the snow seems to be letting up a bit. We may get to Salt Lake sooner than I thought."

"You're sure something will be open in Salt Lake City? Isn't that a big religious community? I mean, what time is it?"

"It's going on four AM now, but Salt Lake is a city, just like any other. I've driven this route a couple of times before, and the truck stops are always open. They have twenty-four hour markets and restaurants as well, Denny's and McDonalds and such."

"So, what are the plans after the truck stop?"

"Once we get there, I plan to gas up my piggie here," I said slapping the steering wheel. "Then get myself something to eat. After that," and I added a leering tone to my voice. "I'll think about food and coffee."

"Promises, promises... smart-ass."

"You're the one who's already made the promise and the offer. I'm just letting you know I plan to accept once we get off the road." She stuck her tongue out at me in the dimness. "But to answer your question; I think I'll last long enough to reach the rest area on the far side of the Salt Flats, near the Nevada Border. If not, I'll at least make it to the one in the middle of the flats. A two or three hour nap before moving on again and I'll be good to go. From the radio reports I've heard, the only snow falling is what we are passing through now, a dip in the jet streams or something. Further west in Nevada and California things are warmer and it's all rain. We'll find out when we get there. To be safe though, while we are at the truck stop, I plan to buy a set of tire chains for this thing."

"I may have to stop one last time, somewhere around Reno, in Nevada, for a last nap before the final run into California. Reno is about forty-five hundred feet in elevation and there is a last Hog-back set of ridges to cross in California near seven or eight thousand feet. From there, it's all downhill to the ocean. Figure twenty-one or two more hours with one nap, and twenty four or five with two. But we'll get there sometime tomorrow night with plenty of grace time on your schedule."

"Sounds good, though I wish it could be quicker, just to get the trip over with. What happens if the van breaks down? It is kind of old."

"It won't break down."

We chatted for a few minutes longer and Michelle said she was getting chilled from the old vinyl seats. Dropping to her knees between the seats she stuck her head and shoulder through the curtain and began dragging her duffel from under the first rear seat, where we'd put it. I heard the clip hook coming free and knew she was opening it for other clothing.

She was still dressed in the mini-skirt and too small sweater she'd donned after our shower back in Waverly, Wyoming. The sweater really wasn't too small, it was the way it was designed. Tight across the shoulders and upper chest, a single button held it closed just above the breasts. From there, it 'veed' open down the front of her until it's hem barely came past her sides. It covered her adequately enough, for modesty's sake, and though it seemed to always hint at possible accidents and exposure, the only thing you ever really saw was a little cleavage and the flat expanse of her trim stomach. Now though, it was her butt and the bottom edge of her bikini panties that I was seeing. As it wiggled in the air beside me and that short skirt rode high. I reached out with my hand.

"Oh, Hey! What are you doing out there?" I had flipped up her small skirt and was gently running my hand over her tight cheeks as my ring and middle fingers slid down the tightly stretched material between them, to the thick rising ridge of her pussy below.

"Whatever do you mean? I'm simply driving the van and resting my hand on this new arm rest between the seats." I rubbed a little more firmly and continued, "Damn nice material too. Feels warm and firm, yet silky."

"Yeah, well no fair! You shouldn't be examining the upholstery unless I can too. Now let me up." I removed my hand and returned it to the wheel as I heard the snap hook click once more and she pulled herself from the back. She slipped her arms into a heavier sweater, pulling it on over the lighter one she already wore.

The weather really was clearing. The snow had almost completely stopped falling and the snow on the ground was becoming less and less the further down the mountain we traveled. Slowly, since passing the interchange, I had been increasing speed once again and was now almost back to full cruising speed. I had mentally revised my estimate to only another forty minutes of travel before we stopped.

This side of the curtain and still on her knees, Michelle reached for me. Her right hand went slipping across my chest and under my left arm, behind my shoulder, as her left pulled my head sideways. She leaned into me for a kiss, partly trapping my right arm and completely blocking my view of the road with her head. I quickly curled my right arm under and around her, reaching for the back of her head and shifting it slightly, while holding her curly hair down with my fingers. At least I could see the road again as I slowed the van a bit while the kiss continued.

She held that position for almost three minutes as we hungrily kissed one another and silently made our promises for later. Finally though, she pulled back and rested her head against my shoulder. That only lasted a moment though as she pulled her head away and brought her fingers to my neck.

"Someone has a love bite."

"What? A Hickey? Damn! Well, we were both a little carried away after our shower. There's only the one I hope. What about the other side?"

She leaned across in front of me, keeping her head lower this time as she took my chin in her hand and moved my head this way and that examining the rest of my neck. "Nope, No more. Only the one on the right side, and it's not too big. I never asked, I hope there's not a Mrs. Devlin or a jealous girlfriend who's going to see that."

"No. No wife and my last girlfriend is definitely a thing of the past." I was thinking about those shots in the ass I'd gotten as I spoke.

"I'm sorry, rocky relationship?"

"Naw, not really. It was very casual really, but something happened and I left her." I wasn't about to tell her about the dose of clap my 'ex' had given me. Besides, it had been treated and cured. "You have a love mark of your own - left side, looks far enough back that a blouse with a collar will cover it. Gonna make trouble for you with someone?"

"No one in my life at the moment, though you could become a habit if the situation didn't make it so temporary."

"Maybe we should exchange addresses before we part. If we're both going to be in California we could arrange to get together once in a while."

"Maybe." but her tone of voice didn't make the proposition seem likely.

At the truck stop, I filled the tank and added a quart of oil to the engine. We drove among the big diesels to park and crawled into the back, leaving the engine and heater running while we made love. Slow and gentle this time with both of us having agreed to take our time and promising no more love bites. She asked that I don't come inside her this time since she'd run out of birth control pills and was now concerned with thoughts of unwanted pregnancies. I took my bandana from my back pocket and took it to bed with us.

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