The Lake

by Abbygayle

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, True Story, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, School, .

Desc: True Sex Story: Three friends make a trip down to the lake to blow off some steam during finals, and it turns into a lot more than anyone expected.

It was the weekend between finals and we all needed a break. The first day of tests had just finished, and there would be three more days of hell before the semester would be officially over. That Friday afternoon in May, two male friends and I, decided to head out to a secluded spot at a not so near by lake to get away from the stress of the campus.

We drove for about an hour before we came to the turn off and went around the "Road Ends" sign and barricade and stopped at the spot that was best to leave the car. We set up a blanket, brought down the cooler and gathered wood for the fire from the surrounding forest. Once we got the fire started, I pulled out a little pipe and packed the bowl with marijuana. All 3 of us were stressed and knew that a bowl would loosen us up and allow us to enjoy the night without thinking about what was awaiting us back at campus. We smoked and talked, and when we finished the bowl, swam in the lake for a while then came back to the fire to dry off and warm up. It was getting late, and we decided to have the sandwiches we packed for dinner. We ate and drank, and generally enjoyed each other's company. By then the sun had set, and we added more logs to the fire to keep the mosquitoes away.

It was a beautiful night on the lake. The stars reflected in the still water, and the fire burned low on the beach. The moon was about first quarter and gave just enough light that we could see each other when we were within 2 feet. Outside the small circle of light given off by the fire, there was nothing but darkness. The crickets and birds had all quieted down, and the only sounds were the fire and the gentle lapping of the lake at the shore. Standing near the fire after a few too many hits on the pipe, I felt a hand on my breast. Another hand turned my head to the left for a kiss. An all-consuming fire ran down my spine to lodge in my pussy. The hand on my left breast tweaked and pinched at the nipple causing it to become instantly erect.

While we were kissing, another hand found my right breast, and began to knead it insistently. The last hand reached for my butt to knead and rub it through the light shorts that I was wearing. It was becoming difficult to tell whose hands were where. The only things that mattered were the wonderful sensations. When the kiss ended, my head was turned to the right to take up the kiss from another source. By now, my pussy was aching for attention; my hands were full of male flesh, and each had a hand pressing and grabbing a buttock. There was a mouth on my nipple, and a hand down my shorts. Whose? I'd lost track. The sensations that rippled through me were incredible. It was like one lover with two mouths, four hands and two incredible penises. I had to release both of them to get the buttons and zippers unfastened. In no time, I had two bare cocks in my hands. Both were hard and waiting for the attention that I was eager to give them. With a hand pulling and rubbing the right, I bent and twisted to the left to engulf the head of that gorgeous cock. It was sweet with the slight hint of male musk.

I knew that this was not planned, so I was amazed that they were willing to share. But, both had been my partners in the past, so they knew that I was more than willing with either of them. Nothing was rushed, and the playful atmosphere held. Still I had the velvety stiffness of a cock in my hand and one in my mouth. There were hands on both of my breasts, a hand on my ass and a hand working its way into the front of my shorts.

A mouth replaced the hand on my right breast, and a hand opened the button and zipper on my shorts. A hand on either hip pushed down both shorts and panties giving free access to my overly excited pussy. By now I was marinating in my own juices. A finger moved to part my lower lips, and make its way to my throbbing clit. It circled my clit a couple of times, teasing me before dipping slightly into my hole. Neither type of stimulation is ever enough to bring me over the edge, but this time it me to moan around the cock that had taken up residence in the back of my throat. The moan provoked twitches and shakes from the man attached, and he pulled his rod out before he had a chance to cum. I quickly looked for the other cock to fill the empty space, and found it re-imprisoned in a pair of underwear. I quickly pulled the underwear down, and gulped the second cock down. This one was slightly longer with a distinct curve. I needed to move to get the curve positioned to go all the way down my throat. When I moved, it brought my body out of alignment with its owner's hands, and there were only two hands on me now.

One hand had worked its way into my cunt and was busily pumping 2 fingers in and out while the thumb strummed my clit like a guitar. The other hand was pinching and pulling on my right nipple, while the mouth was biting on the left through my shirt and bra. The intense pleasures coming from my pussy and clit were starting to make their way to my brain, and cause a short circuit. I was totally engrossed in the feeling of the fingers moving in out of my pussy and the feeling of the cock head moving in and out of my throat. The pleasure was coming to a head, and had to find some release. My breathing was becoming harder and deeper, my head buzzing, and my nipples were on fire. Then the explosion came from below. The muscles in my jaw locked open and I pulled back from the cock in my throat. My pussy started to spasm around the fingers in it, and my back arched as my breathing turned into moans of pleasure. I felt two hands pulling me upright away from the mouth that was still biting on my nipple. Two lips meet mine, and a hand crawled under my shirt and bra to pinch the sensitive flesh of my nipple directly. The climax seemed to go on forever. I was floating in a pool of sensation. The fingers in my pussy slowed down, but the thumb on my clit was still working overtime to bring the very last bit of the orgasm out. By now, I was shaking and having a hard time standing. The hands that were once on my breasts were supporting me through the last bit of my orgasm. When the thumb on my clit finally slowed, the tremors began to decrease. The fingers in my pussy slowed to a stop, but remained to provide me a sense of fullness that he knew would have me ready to go again in a few minutes.

Finally the fingers came out, and were sucked greedily by both men. "Mmmmmm... just as good as I remember" the first said throatily. I was still dazed, and my second friend helped me to sit on the blanket by the fire. He removed my shoes and socks, then pulled off my shorts and panties. His hands went under my shirt and slid it up my body and over my head. As the shirt exposed my bra strap, a second set of hands deftly unhooked it and waited for my arms to be free of the shirt. As soon as my hands came down, he slid his hands under the shoulder straps, and pushed my bra off my shoulders. With my bra in my lap, he reached around from behind and cradled both breasts in his hands. Another set of hands moved the bra from my lap and spreads my legs. The sensation of one lover with four hands was back, and I lost myself in the feel of skin on skin. There is a hard chest against my back and a pulsing cock lying against my lower back. A mouth kissed my inner thighs, and hands messaged my hips. I turned my head to kiss the man behind me and was totally lost in his mouth. His lips pressed against mine, his tongue first stabbing then licking the inside of my mouth. His hands were still kneading my breasts and the nipples were so hard that they were beginning to hurt. I was rapidly approaching another orgasm, and the mouth on my thighs finally reached my lips. His tongue slipped out to part my nether lips and grazed my clit. Electric fire ran through my body. My hips snapped forward trying to get that last bit of stimulus needed to bring me over the edge, but the tongue circled my vulva instead, teasing. Then the tongue moved in again, and parted my lips, this time missing my clit, and heading for my cunt. Like a small cock, it thrust in and out of my dripping hole, pushing me closer to the edge. Two fingers, bent at just the right angle, replaced the tongue. The response was instantaneous. I groaned, the urge to urinate becoming unbearable. I knew that if I just held out for another few seconds, it would pass and I would have one of the best orgasms of my life.

The lips on my mouth moved to my neck and began small bites, wandering from my neck to my ears then moving to the other side to lick, bite and blow on all of the most sensitive skin they could find. The lips below moved to my clit and assaulted it with an amazing vigor. Licks, sucks, stabs, and bites were driving me to the edge with an intensity that could not be denied. The fingers on my G-Spot pressed harder and moved slightly. That was all it took. With a loud moan, the orgasm washed through me. Waves of pleasure spasmed from my cunt and rolled through my breasts to my neck only to reflect back down. As I shook and moaned, my pussy clenched and sucked the fingers inside it, while floods of cum rushed out to coat the hand and face that were inflicting such wonderful feelings on me.

Finally after what seems like hours, but could only have been a few minutes at the most, I began to come back to reality. Both men were still holding me and whispering to each other.

"Damn, I have never seen her cum that hard. I don't think I have ever seen anyone cum that hard," the first says.

"I know, the first time that we got the G-Spot right, I thought that she was going to drown me, but the incredible thing is that in about ten more minutes, she will be dying to have a cock in her. As good as those are, they just make her want more. I hope you are up for it, because, I may have just unleashed a monster", the second said.

"Oh, come on, it can't be that bad. She's usually satisfied with two really good orgasms, we've already given her one good one and one that was amazing, so maybe two more, but I would guess that the last one'll be small."

"Nope, you won't believe what this does to her. Just be prepared"

"Hey, sleepyhead, how about doing something to take care of this unnatural swelling?" The second said as he noticed that I was finally recovering.

"Grrr... umlph", I leaned over and took his entire cock into my mouth.

"Ummmmm... ohhhhh... ah... ah... ah, oh god", as I licked the base of his prick while the rest was buried in my throat. I began to bob up and down, swirling my tongue around the shaft and head, coating it liberally with saliva, while fondling his hairy balls. While I continued to bathe his cock he grabbed my nipple and began to pinch and pull. The other set of hands had made their way back to my pussy and were idly stroking the smooth lips occasionally pausing to flick my clit in their progress. Pausing to enjoy the sensation of having four hands on me I pulled of the cock in my mouth, I said "Umm... That's nice" and went back to noisily sucking and licking the beautiful cock in front of me. The finger that had been stroking my nether lips slipped between them and exposed my clit to almost constant contact to a thumb. Again I felt intruders enter my sex and begin a strong in out rhythm. I increased the suction and tempo on the cock in my mouth wanting to relieve the pressure that had been building all night. The fingers deep in my pussy were bringing me closer to the edge yet again. I was lost in the stimulation. The cock in my mouth was keeping my mind focused on something other than the orgasm that was building in my body, so when it hit, it took me by surprise. Like the last one, this one started deep within. My mind was conscious only of the pleasure that it was feeling. The hard cock stuffed down my throat was adding to the feeling of being full and the orgasm had me seeing bright spots by the time that it passed. Finally, I was rewarded with the twitches that I had been expecting, and buried my face in his crotch, taking his cock all the way into my throat. I milked his cock and swallowed every last drop. Each swallow caused him to shudder and moan. When he could take no more, he pushed me off of his ultra-sensitive cock, and lay down beside me.

I was too worked up to cuddle, and turned to the man behind me. I leaned in to kiss him, and was surprised to find his tongue searching out the last of the cum that was in my mouth. I happily pushed it to him, and got lost in his mouth yet again. My pussy was again pulsing with my heartbeat, and my juices, which just a few minutes before had begun to dry, were now running freely down my legs again. I looked down at the fat cock attached to my current lover and licked my lips suggestively.

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